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 This page will focus on the adult shop following its grand opening. For information on its early stages and the steps taken to unlock it, see: Dilapidated Shop

The Adult Shop is located on Elk Street. It is one of few locations in the game that is inaccessible at the start, and the second location that can be altered by the player's actions (the first is the Cafe via the Cafe Campaign).

The shop makes sex toys more popular among NPCs. Once the shop is open, sex toys will appear more often during encounters.

How to Enter

After renovations have been completed, the Adult Shop is open Monday to Friday from 4pm until 9pm and Saturday from 9am until 9pm. The clothing shop remains available at daytime, but sex toys are only purchasable during open hours.

At night, the player will be able to enter the shop with Skulduggery and lockpick the register like other stores. They will be able to access the clothing shop like other locations, however they will not be able to steal sex toys.

First Steps

Each week, Sirris and Sydney work on renovating the shop. Without the player's help, it takes them 22 weeks to complete renovations. The player can speed this process up by helping them work on the shop on Fridays after 4pm. The shop will naturally open without the player's help on February at the latest (from new game start). If the player helps out consistently with setting up the shop, it will open much sooner in November.

Once opened, Sydney will work here every Friday afternoon.

  • The player can accompany Sydney from the school or temple to the shop, provided they have sufficient relationship with them.
  • This will unlock many new scenes with Sydney.
  • Corrupt Sydney will work here on weekdays instead of visiting the temple. The number of weekdays Sydney works there changes based on their corruption level.

Sirris will work in the Adult Shop during opening hours.

Named NPCs

Love Interests

People of interest



The clothing shop is open at daytime. Aside from some normal clothing, the clothing shop also contains fetish clothing that isn't available in clothing shop. Refer to the clothing list for more descriptions of these clothing.

  • Outfits: Split dress
  • Tops: Tie-front top
  • Bottoms: Micro-pleated skirt
  • Under Outfits: Bunny leotard, See-through swimsuit, Shibari ropes
  • Under Tops: Mesh shirt
  • Head Accessories: Bunny ears
  • Face Accessories: Muzzle, Gag, Doggy muzzle, Bamboo muzzle
  • Neck Accessories: Bunny collar, Gold choker, Leather collar with leash, Leather collar
  • Hand Accessories: Gold bracelets
  • Legwear: Gold anklets
  • Shoes: Platform heels, Stripper heels

Sex Toys

The player can purchase the following sex toys from the shop. They can also choose the colour for most sex toys.

  • Dildo
  • Small dildo
  • Anal beads
  • Butt plug
  • Bullet vibe
  • Strap-on
  • Horse cock strap-on
  • Knotted strap-on
  • Stroker (fleshlight/onahole)
  • Aphrodisiac pills
  • Lube
  • Breast Pumps

For more info see: Sex Toys

Work as a Clerk

The player can approach Sirris at the counter to ask about working. This job offers £15 per hour with the potential to earn extra tips, and can raise Sirris' Love.

The player may encounter the following events while working:

  • The shift passes uneventfully. (+ Sirris's Love)
  • The player converses with customers.
    • With Awareness 4 and Promiscuity 5, the player gives good advice to customers and converse with ease, which will give them extra tips. (+ Control | - Stress | + Sirris's Love)
    • Otherwise, the player manages the conversation but finds them uncomfortable nonetheless. (- Stress | + Fatigue)
  • A person wearing expensive-looking business attire walks into the store. As they make eye contact with the player, they turn to leave while whistling a tune. (+ Sirris's Love)
  • The player almost slips on some sex toys while stocking a shelf. (+ Sirris's Love | + Fatigue)
    • Normally this gives + Stress. If the player is wearing shoes with "High-heeled" trait, the player falls and sprains their ankle, giving an additional + Pain.
  • A customer compliments the player and leaves them some tips. (+ Sirris's Love)
    • If the player is wearing clothing with "Fetish", "Costume" or "School" (only at a chance) trait, the customer leer at the player and complements the player's outfit. (+ Stress | + Control)
    • If the player is wearing clothing with "School" trait, the customer grab their crotch and say they have a lesson for the player. (+ Stress)
    • Otherwise, the customer can just say the player is doing a great job ( - Stress | + Control) or they make a lewd remark on the player's chest. (+ Stress)
  • The player helps a customer select a range of products. The customer thanks the player profusely and tries to get handsy, but the player deflects them. (+ Stress | + Fatigue) They leave the player a tip. (+ Sirris's Love)
  • A small group of students enter the store. Depending on the player's status, they will compliment the player (- Stress), wonder if they know the player from school and laugh it off (+ Stress), or make fun of the player (+ Stress | + Trauma | - Status). (+ Sirris's Love)
  • A customer leads another person with downcast eyes around the shop by their leash and purchases several sex toys. A player with Awareness 4 can see that the person with downcast eyes trembles in sexual ecstasy. The customer leaves the player a tip. (+ Sirris's Love)
  • If the player has low school status, a student laughs at the player. The student plans to tell the others unless the player is willing to convince them.
    • With Promiscuity 4, the player can offer their body (+ + Stress | + + Trauma), which starts a consensual encounter. If the player makes the student cum, they will keep the player's secret.
    • If the player's speech attitude is Bratty, they can demand the student to leave (- - Status | + Stress | + Control). Sirris scowls but says nothing. (- Sirris's Love)
    • If the player choose to endure (- Status | + Stress | + Trauma), the student takes a picture of the player then leaves. (+ Sirris's Love)
  • A customer approaches the player with some dildos and asks for a demonstration.
    • With at least Promiscuity 3 and Awareness 3, the player can offer to show them. The player needs an overall seduction rating of B to succeed.
      • If successful, this starts a consensual encounter and the customer will have a dildo in hand. The customer leaves a tip for the player afterwards.
      • If unsuccessful, the customer either leaves (+ Stress) or says they only want cleaning instructions. (+ Stress | + Trauma | - Control)
    • If the player is Defiant, they can get angry before Sirris butts in and helps the customer. (- Trauma | - Stress | - Sirris's Love)
    • If the player choose to deflect, they show the customer a pamphlet. (+ Sirris's Love)
  • An embarrassed customer tries to ask for something but is lost for words.
    • If the player has at least Awareness 3, they understand the customer and points at the product they are looking for, and the customer leaves the player a tip (+ Sirris's Love).
    • Otherwise, the player gets confused. The customer demands to see the manager (+ Stress | + Trauma) then points out the player is stupid for not knowing. (- Sirris's Love | + Awareness)
  • If the player possess a divine transformation, a person stops and stare at the player with wide eyes. They mutter a prayer before leaving. What they exclaim depends on the transformation:
    • Angel: "Please forgive me."
    • Fallen Angel: "I hope that never happens to me."
    • Demon: "Is this what I have become?"
  • If the player possess the Angel transformation, a customer stops and does a double take at the player. They want to ravage and defile someone as pure as the player, which starts a non-consensual encounter.
    • If the player beats the customer up and Sirris' Love is more than 40%, Sirris will help the player pick up the fallen merchandise (- Stress). If Sirris' Love is lower, they will ask the player to clean up and the the cost of damaged merchandise is taken out from the player's pay (+ Stress | + Trauma).
  • If Whitney is available as a love interest option and has at least 50% dominance, and Sydney isn't working in the Adult Shop, the player feels a blunt object poke their bottom (+ Pain), and Whitney can ask the player to come outside. This event is available once per week.
    • If the player agrees (+ + Whitney's Dominance | + + Whitney's Love | - Sirris's Love), this starts a consensual spanking encounter where Whitney flogs the player.
    • If the player refuses (- - Whitney's Dominance | - - Whitney's Love), Whitney says they'll leave it to another time, shoves the player against the shelves and leaves. (+ Stress | + Pain)
  • If Sydney is working in the Adult Shop, there is a chance to trigger one of Sydney's events.
  • On Fridays or Saturdays, Leighton can walk into the store and browse the shop's products. They wait until Sirris is at the counter before making the purchase.
  • If swarms are enabled and the player has Awareness 4, there is a small chance that the dildos start shaking as the player is stocking a shelf. The player hears a breathless voice whisper to them. Pale hands grasp the player and pulls them in a dark room. Dildos wriggle, elongate and grow eyes. This starts a swarm encounter with dildo snakes.
    • Here are words the Wraith can say to the player:
      • "And sheep stand around. They think no shame of us."
      • "Not to the deaf we sing. The forest answers all."
      • "The rose. On dark wings."
      • "More cursed. Writhe."
      • "Maelstrom, tirade."
      • "A heartbeat is a privilege."
      • "Hear them echo. Here they echo."
    • After the encounter, the dildo snakes dissipate into mist and spectral hands haul the player out of the void. Sirris glares at the scattered dildo around the player but says nothing. (- Sirris's Love)


  • Every time the player enters the adult shop, they have a 1/100 chance of seeing the full shop name, titled "Erotic Adult Toys: Aubergine's Sensual Secrets".
  • Customers in the Adult Shop has their own set of descriptions that are different from generic NPCs.

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