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Alex the farmhand is the eponymous owner of Alex's Farm, a struggling farm in the Farmlands network. They're strong-willed but often overwhelmed with the hard work that comes with running a farm on their own, and they're eager to accept an extra pair of hands.

They serve as one of the player's potential Love Interests, available once the player has worked on their farm long enough to restore its prosperity. Even if the player chooses not to pursue them romantically, Alex is content to keep them around as a friend and partner.


Alex's description will remain consistent, regardless of what sex they are determined as. They are described as wearing a large hat (presumably straw), its brim covering Alex's face which they push up when someone is around. They are also said to have a red fringe, and be about the same age as the player. Should the player successfully peek while Alex bathes, they will also notice that Alex's body is toned, and their skin is visibly more tanned where the sun can hit them, like their face, arms and legs.

Unlike many other Named NPCs, Alex's backstory is greatly expanded upon. They will mention several tidbits about their life, such as them being part of a very large family - being one of twelve other siblings, and that they were taught by the parents to become a farmhand - with their older siblings pitching in to help as well.

During certain scenes, Alex will show their boyish nature - stating "they are faster than all their siblings" and frequently using curse words. They will also react strongly to the player spying on them while showering, calling them a "perv."

First Meeting

The player can ask for work in the farmlands. Upon doing so, they will head to the nearby farmhouse. A person emerges from behind a chicken coop opposite of the farmhouse, carrying a large bale of hay on their shoulder. They tell the player they'll be with them shortly. As soon as they are done putting the hay away in a nearby shed, they walk towards the player, sweat glistening on their forehead. As they wipe their fringe away from their eyes, they ask the player a question: "Tea or coffee?"

Both options do not amount to much, but tea will have a Stress reduction and coffee will have a Fatigue reduction. The player notes the interior as rustic and cosy, but Alex will then insist on not discussing why the player is here until their drink is ready. It's noted that Alex is about the player's age, although the player has never seen them at the school.

The person introduces themselves as Alex, asking if the player is interested in their eggs. The player refers back to the sign, in which Alex replies with wanting to show the player around. Alex will then give the player a tour around their farm, showing them all the animals they take care of, and giving the player instructions on what is required for a farmhand. They show the player the chickens, the pigs, the horses/centaurs, the cows, and finally, a field beyond a fence lined by rows of green plants, explaining that they are potatoes while beaming with pride.

In the midst of this, Alex tells the player they can come to work at the farm whenever they like between dawn to dusk, and they will pay the player £15 an hour. They go on to say that they will pay more, but the farm is currently "breaking even." They leave the player with an affirmation that maintaining the farm is hard work.


Alex is a robust and hard-working person who toils hard under the sun every day for the sake of their farm. They do not seem to have a strictly specific schedule, though. The activities they partake in alternates from day to day, varying between several actions and activities they will proceed to do for the day.

Alex has the same options for working at as the player. They may spend a lot of time on one scheduled action compared to others, which will be much shorter in length. The player has the option to help Alex in whatever activity they are currently working on, and that helps them get it over with sooner. The player may also take care of another activity.

A full list of activities Alex will do throughout the day is listed below. If these do not happen in one day, they will happen another day. Activities may occur earlier or later in the day.


Please note that the listed times below are not definitive, and are only there for convenience. Alex's schedule will very likely alternate each playthrough, such as activities taking place much earlier in the day in one instance in comparison to another. More options is also unlocked once the player unlocks their cottage and Alex will stop tending to the fields, having given said fields for the player to tend.

  • 5AM-6AM - Alex opens up the farm. They may begin the day gathering hay or follow the border of the farm checking the walls and fences for damage. They may also be found bathing inside the house, giving skulduggerous players a chance to peek. Once the player unlocks the cottage they wake up around 5 and make breakfast, which the player can help and/or eat with them, they may also ask for the player to make a cup of tea or make a cup of tea for the player, (NOTE: this needs verification) depending on their dominance, afterward. And, if they have time, will watch tv until 6 before showering, which the player can peek like before.
  • 7AM - Alex clears the yard of fallen leaves, or follows the border of the farm, checking the walls and fences for damage.
  • 8AM - Alex lets the pigs into the outdoor pen, and is cleaning their sty.
  • 10AM - Alex carries heavy buckets of pig feed across the yard, in which the player can choose to help feed the pigs. Alternatively, they are found brushing the horses.
  • 11AM-12PM - Alex is found relaxing under a tree - the player can choose to join them, increasing their Love stat and lowering trauma and stress. This is a static action, meaning it will always take place.
  • 1PM-2PM - Disappears into an old stone building, locking the door behind them. The player cannot reach them until they unlock the cottage and cleared the fifth field. Once the requirement is met the player finds out that the building is a lab, which they use to extract an aphrodisiac from the Lurkers in the Moor, with the player now able to help them make more to sell. NOTE: Must have both bestiality and lurkers enabled to catch said lurkers
  • 2PM-3PM - Leaning on an upper story windowsill of the farmhouse, talking on the phone. Once the cottage is unlocked the player finds them handling the finances of their farm and can choose to help, increasing farm yield if they succeed.
  • 3PM-7PM - Alex tends to the crops, or battling the weeds that strangle the old fields.
  • 7PM - Alex is found feeding the farm dogs as the final activity of the day. This is a static action, meaning it will always take place.
  • 9PM - Alex closes the barn for the day, giving the player their earned amount - the player will need to attend to receive the money. This is a static action, meaning it will always take place. Once the cottage is unlocked this is changed to them going to bed, which the player can join.

From 9PM onwards, the player can sneak into the barn via using Skulduggery. Otherwise, they can use the milking machinery with Deviancy 2 to either milk their breasts or their penis. Doing so will make the player orgasm repeatedly and store their milk/semen for the benefit of the farm, increasing Farm Yield. How much milk or semen the player produces will determine just how much their fluids will increase Farm Yield.


Like the other love interests, Alex has three stats to keep track of - Love, Lust, and Dominance.
  • Love is increased naturally when helping Alex with chores, or spending downtime with them such as resting under a tree. Few choices lower love, only when the player acts mean towards them. Getting caught while peeking on them will lower Love.
  • Lust is primarily increased by working at the farm while nude/exposed near them. Willingly entering the farm nude or working at the farm even though the player is drenched by the rain will both require Exhibitionism 5. Players will have the option to ask Alex for new clothes, or continuing to work exposed. Both instances increase Alex's Lust, but choosing to continue working exposed will increase it more. Also, there is one random event that occurs when the player chooses to help Alex in feeding the pigs. One such pig may try to bite off Alex's pants/skirt. If the player chooses not to help and simply watch instead, the pig will rip off Alex's clothes, revealing their underwear. This will also increase Lust.
  • Dominance is increased any time the player relies on Alex for help, such as calling for help when handling the animals or screaming during a non-consensual encounter. However, this will often also lower the animals' respect towards the player, as they can tell the player can't handle them alone. Very few instances can increase Alex's Dominance without decreasing the animals' respect.

It is possible to initiate a lewd encounter with Alex, but this will require the player to increase Alex's Dominance and Lust stats to a high amount. Once done, there is then a 50% chance of triggering a sexual encounter, when the player chooses to offer a hand while working at the field, or when choosing the option to relax with Alex in the afternoons. More information below.

Losing the "Virgin" trait to Alex will result in the player obtaining the "Alex the Robust" feat. Successfully making them orgasm during a sexual encounter will obtain the "Alex's Partner" feat.

Alex's Opinion of the Player

Alex's opinion of the player will change depending on how much work they have put on the farm

  • Default:
    • Love is 10+: Alex is glad to have help.
    • Love is -10 and lust is 10+: Alex thinks you're a pervert.
    • Love is -10 and dom is 10+: Alex wants a new farmhand.
    • Love is -10: Alex thinks you're a bother.
    • Otherwise: Alex has no strong opinion of you.
  • Cleared second field:
    • Dom is 10+: Alex thinks you're responsible.
    • Dom is -10: Alex thinks you're capable.
    • Otherwise: Alex likes having you around.
  • Cleared third field:
    • Dom is 10+: Alex respects you.
    • Dom is -10: Alex admires you.
    • Otherwise: Alex appreciates you.
  • Cleared fourth field:
    • Dom is 30+: Alex is in control.
    • Dom is -30: Alex relies on you.
    • Otherwise: Alex can't be more grateful.
  • Love Interest:
    • Lust is 60+ (day): Alex wants to ride until sunset.
    • Lust is 60+ (night): Alex wants to ride until sunrise.
    • Dom is 30+: Alex is in charge.
    • Dom is -30: Alex depends on you.
    • Otherwise: Alex thinks you're (his/her) partner.

Flirting with Alex

If Alex's Lust stat is 10 or more, the player may catch Alex sneaking glances at them when they think the player is not looking every now and then. This gives the player two options:

  • Flirt | Promiscuity 1
  • Ignore

If the player chooses to ignore Alex's glances and continues working, it's noted that Alex can "look all they want."

If the player chooses to flirt, they will say the following:

  • Defiant: "Don't be a wimp," you say. "If you wanna leer, own it."
  • Neutral: "Don't be shy about checking me out," you say.
  • Submissive: "Y-You don't need to pretend you're not looking," you say.

"I-I wasn't!" Alex protests, but their blushing tells a different story. The player catches them looking once again a short while later.

Sex with Alex

To initiate a sexual encounter with Alex, the player must have the following requirements:

  • 1 Field cleared
  • 10+ Lust
  • Must have accepted the alcoholic bottle given to them by Alex

Once achieved, when the player drinks, they may proceed to wrap an arm around the player's shoulder, their hands wandering down the player's chest. This gives the player two options:

  • Push away | - Love | - Lust
  • Allow | Promiscuity 2

Push Away

If Alex is not dominant (has less than 10+ Dominance): The player proceeds to push Alex's arm away from them. They shift away, apologising before stating they "misread" the situation.

However, if Alex is dominant (has more than 10+ Dominance): The player will push Alex's arm away from them as before, but they do not relent. They lay a hand on the player's thigh, before kissing their neck. This gives the player two more options:

  • Push away again | - Love | - Lust | - Alex's Dominance
  • Allow | Promiscuity 2 | + Alex's Dominance | + Love

Pushing away again has the player push Alex again, harder this time. They pull away from the player, stating that they are sorry. They open their mouth to continue, but opts to remain silent.


Allowing their sexual advances will have the player let Alex's hands wander as they please. They brush their fingers over the player's body as they pull them closer. Alex will typically not stop there, climbing to their knees before pushing the player down to the grass. This will initiate a consensual sexual encounter.

However, if Alex has 20+ Lust, they will state the following: "Don't worry," they say, pressing their face against your neck. "No one's watching." before kissing the player's throat. This gives the player three options:

  • Push away | - Love | - Alex's Dominance
  • Allow
  • Push Alex onto the grass | + Lust | + Love | - Alex's Dominance (bonus option, needs less Dominance)

Pushing Alex away as them hold the player even tighter, before the player shoves them again as before, harder this time - they pull away in response. They say to the player that they should not "lead me on like that" before taking a swig of their drink. They sigh, stating they are sorry, opening their mouth to continue but instead opting to take another swig of their drink instead.

Allowing them to continue will initiate consensual sex. It is theoretically possible to turn this into a non-consensual encounter by teasing them - Alex may not be impressed by the player's words. However, Alex will not seem to comment on this, simply acting as if the player made them orgasm normally. Nonetheless, after the encounter is over, the player and Alex fall back onto the grass as they stare at the boughs above. They look at their watch and sighs, climbing to their feet - kissing the player's cheek before walking away. This leaves the player to return to farm work.

Choosing to push Alex onto the grass has the player push Alex onto their back. Laughing, they grasp the player's shoulders and proceeds to push the player onto their back in return, with Alex on top. The player struggles for a few moments, but come to realize that Alex is strong, and soon has the player on their back again, with the player's arms pinned to the ground. This initiates consensual sex.

Becoming a Love Interest

Claiming Alex as a Love Interest requires the player to reach a certain point in their relationship with Alex, and in the overall farm storyline. The specific requirements are as follows:

  • Unlock Alex's Cottage
  • Their love stat must be at 50% or higher

Three days after the player is invited to live with Alex, if their Love is high enough, a scene will play when the player enters the farm:

You return to the courtyard in front of the farmhouse. You hear footsteps fast approaching. You turn just in time to see Alex. With a laugh, he/she grapples and drags you off your feet.

You're left on your back. Alex straddles you, and pins your wrist to the earth.

"What's wrong?" he/she teases. "Can't you break free?"

The player has three options:

  • Get on top | Physique:
  • Get annoyed
  • Flirt | Promiscuity 1 | + Love | ++ Lust

If the player tries to get on top and pass:

You shove Alex to the side, pushing him/her onto his/her back. He/She laughs, and pulls you with him/her. You tumble over and over until at last, you pin him/her on his back. He/She tries to push you off, but you hold him/her down. | - Alex's Dominance

  • Defiant: "Right where you belong," you say. "Now what shall I do with you?"
  • Neutral: "I win," you say. "Now how shall I reward myself?"
  • Submissive: "I-I don't know what to do next,?" you admit.

If passed Alex tells the player they should take advantage.

If the player tries to get on top and fails:

You shove Alex to the side, pushing him/her onto his/her back. He/She laughs, and pulls you with him/her. You tumble over and over until at last, he/she pins you on your back again. This time he/she holds you down with more weight. | + Alex's Dominance

Alex then tells the player that they're right where they want them.

If the player gets annoyed:

  • Defiant: "Don't sneak up on me," you say. "I could have punched you."
  • Neutral: "You scared me," you say. "Thought you were an intruder."
  • Submissive: "Y-you scared me," you say. "I thought you were an intruder."

Alex will then tell the player that in any intruder wants the player, they'll have to go through them.

If the player flirts:

  • Defiant: "Maybe I like this position," you say.
  • Neutral: "Break free?" you say. "Not when I can let you do the work"
  • Submissive: "Wh-why would I break free?" you say. "I like you on top."

Alex will then ask that the player won't mind them claiming the player as theirs than.

No matter which option is chosen Alex will then lean in and close their eyes. Where the player can kiss or turn their head away.

If the player kisses then:

Your lips met. Alex's body is tense and his/her pulse races, but he/she relaxes as you kiss again and again. He's/she's flushed by the time you pull away.

"You're my woman/man," he/she says. He/She runs his/her eyes and a finger down your chest. "I'm so lucky."

You return to work together.

At this point, a prompt will appear: "Alex is now your love interest! You can live together, after all."

If the player turns their head away:

You turn your head as Alex leans in. His/Her lips peck your cheek before he/she notices. He/She looks away, crestfallen for a moment, before regaining his/her composure. "I won't give up," he/she says. "You'll be mine. Sooner or later."

She climbs to her feet and returns to work.

At this point, a slightly different prompt will appear: "Alex can now be claimed as your love interest! You can live with him/her, after all."


Note: The following events are not to be considered as a full, comprehensive list of Alex's interactions in the game - but more rather their most notable interactions. As such, minor events may not be listed below. However, more interactions will be listed below as the character remains in development.

Alex's interactions with the player will generally involve the player working alongside them as a fellow farmhand. As such, they will make many appearances within their own farm. The player will need to work together with Alex to shape the farm into a successful one.

For more information on Alex's various interactions and events, see Alex's Events.


There are two feats associated with Alex, these are:

Feat name


Description Requirement Notes Rank
Alex the Robust "No hint featured." "You gave your virginity to them." Lose the "Virgin" trait to Alex. Requires the player to increase Alex's Dominance and Lust stats.

There is then a 50% chance of triggering a sexual encounter, when the player chooses to offer a hand while working at the field.

Alex's Partner "A field of fun." "Made them cum." Successfully make Alex orgasm during a sexual encounter. Requires the player to increase Alex's Dominance and Lust stats.

There is then a 50% chance of triggering a sexual encounter, when the player chooses to offer a hand while working at the field.



  • The name "Alex" is short form for either Alexander or Alexandra. As such, it is an unisex name, in harmony with all other NPC names. The etymology of the name comes from the greek Ἀλέξανδρος (Aléxandros) which means "Defender of the people", or "Helper/Saviour of men".
  • References to Alex were mentioned in the prior update, Version 0.2.16.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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