Alex's Cottage

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Alex's Cottage is located within Alex's Farm. It is an unlockable location the player can discover by helping them. Alex resides here.


"You are in Alex's cottage. It's tight, and cozy. There's a kitchen with modern appliances, and a small table, as well as a living room with a sofa and armchair."

How to Enter

Alex's Cottage is accessible once the player helps Alex clear the fourth field, after which they get attacked by Remy, the player locked in a shed. After which they find their fields burned, and Alex ask the players if they can help them.

In order to gain access, the player must have completed a prerequisite needed: NOTE: this is likely incomplete and needs more info

  • Clear the fourth field of the Farm.
  • Meet Alex’s parent
  • Get the event where Alex’s farm was set ablaze. After completing the event, Alex will allow the player to share ownership of the farm

First Steps

Once the player clears the fourth field in the farm they will begin to notice something, before getting locked in a shed by Remy, Alex gets into a fight with their goons, where the player needs to break down the door.

After breaking out Bailey will come in, causing the goons to flee, after which they notice smoke and finds their fields burnt, the crops gone but the field still useable.

Here the player can comfort them or offer a cup of tea, both leading the player to their cottage. Where they can ask what Alex knows about Bailey, apologise, or suggest teaming up, the latter two will have Alex tell the player there's a room they can stay, but after what happened they ask if the player can handle the fields, where the player can thank them or protest.

For more details see Alex's Farm (Expanded)

NOTE: likely needs an expansion


  • Currently, this is one of three complete safehouses in the game, with the other one being the Orphanage and Eden's Cabin. As a safehouse, it offers the player access to a bed for sleeping, a wardrobe for changing clothing, a mirror for knowing how other people view the player, the option to change Attitudes and some other settings to adjust gameplay.
  • Alex's Cottage is comprised of three main areas: the player's room, Alex's room, and the immediate outside of the cottage. There are a few points of interest inside:
    • Two beds, one in the player's room and the other in Alex's, for the player and Alex to sleep respectively, the player can also sleep in Alex's bed
    • Wardrobe
    • Mirror
    • Attitudes
    • Settings
  • There are also a few activities available to the player outside of the cabin:
    • A shed to bath/masturbate
    • 4, up to 9, tillable fields with good quality soil
    • A kennel where the player can interact with the dogs
    • Alex's Farm
    • Alex's lab, unlocked after clearing the sixth field
    • The player can also saddle a horse to ride to town if their thigh skill is D or above


Life at the Cottage

All of the cottage is accessible to the player once unlocked. Where they can choose to live with Alex and them in the farm, the player can work for the benefit of their life together with Alex in the following ways:


If the player wakes up or enters the cottage from 5 to 6 am Alex will notify the player for breakfast, and if the player is naked, or their clothes are wet, they will pretend not to ogle them, increasing their lust.

Downstairs the player has two options in this timeframe:

  • Help Alex make breakfast (0:20) | + Love | - Stress | - Fatigue
  • Eat breakfast (0:20) | - - Stress | - Fatigue

Once either option is chosen the player can then:

  • Thank Alex | + Love
  • Chat | - Trauma
  • Eat quietly | - Stress

Afterwards, Alex will watch TV. The player will have the option to either cuddle with Alex (+Love) or watch TV (-Stress).

Choosing to cuddle with Alex will occasionally lead into a conversation about starting a family. Ater this conversation, if Alex is female, then the player can ask Alex to go off birth control. This will start a consentual encounter, which will end with Alex saying "I'll stop using contraceptives, so you better be sure of this, mate."

A Cup For You

Sometimes in the morning after breakfast Alex may offer to make a cup of tea for the player.


A Cup of Tea

Sometimes in the morning after breakfast Alex may ask the player to brew a cup of tea for them, where the player can: NOTE: Not sure if its random or if there is a specific trigger, needs verification

  • Make a cup of tea (0:05) | + Love
  • Make two cups of tea (0:05) | + Love | - Stress
  • Refuse | - Love | - Alex's Dominance

One Cup of Tea

The player makes Alex a cup of tea. No sugar, a little milk, as he likes it.

"Cheers," he says as you hand him the cup.

Two Cups of Tea

The player makes a cup of tea for them and Alex before they sit down and watch tv.

Sometimes they may also smack the player's ass as they turn away, where the player can:

NOTE: this may be dependent on Alex lust and/or if they're the players lover but this needs verification

  • Get angry | - Love | - Alex's Dominance | - Stress
  • Ignore | + Alex's Dominance
  • Goad | Promiscuity 2 | + + Alex's Dominance

If the player choose to get angry, the player's response depends on Submissiveness stats.


If the players ignores Alex they walk away. NOTE: May need more details

If the player goads Alex. they will tip their tea onto Alex's thigh, leading to Alex lightly spanking them. After which the player can either tell them to spank harder or stop. If asked to be spanked harder, they will gain pain but reduce trauma, this can be done up to three times with an increase in pain but equal reduction in trauma each time, and after asking for a third time Alex pushes the player's head between their legs to service them, where they can either lick or refuse. Licking will lead to consensual oral sex while refusing is TBA.


The players response depends on Submissiveness stats.

  • Defiant: "I'm not your servant," The player says. "Get your own tea."
  • Neutral: "I'm busy," The player says. "Sorry."
  • Submissive: "I-I have other things to do," The player says. "And I can't make it as well as you."

"Fine," Alex says, stretching. "I'll remain parched."


Fitting for a farm, Alex has fields where they grow crops, but after having their fields burnt by Remy they give the fields to the player.

At first the player will have four fields with good quality soil at the start, with five others completely strangled by weeds. Only after repeated efforts will the farm plot be free of weeds. But clearing each field will not only allow more crops, but also gives other benefits and increases the strength of Remy's attacks and the number of fields needed to defend.

  • Fifth field: The player can now build additional structures to improve the farm, like a training facility for the dogs, better milking machines, a watchtower to increase the farm's defense, and hire guards to help in the defense and man the towers
  • Sixth field: The player now has access to Alex's lab
  • Seventh field: Alex gives the player a net, allowing them to catch Lurkers for the lab
  • Eighth field: Alex discovers a strange purple flower growing on the farm, allowing the player to grow strange flowers
  • Ninth field: Remy is no longer interested in exploiting the farm seeing that you have cleared all nine fields. They will now commit even more during his assaults!

Alex's Room

Here the player can sit on a desk to look over ways to either improve the Farm's defense against Remy's attacks or increase the farm's productivity, and the player can also help Alex with some of the farms finances when they are inside, increasing the farms yield if they succeed.

Initially, the player will only be able to upgrade the wall surrounding the farm. Additional defense and upgrades to productivity can also be bought once the player clears the fifth field, note that some of these will come with drawbacks in addition to benefits. Certain upgrades must also be bought in succession; for example, the player cannot purchase searchlights without the watchtower already being built.

Security Upgrades

  • Wall:
    • Full repair - The stone wall surrounding the farm is old, and has vanished in places. Repairing these sections properly might deter intruders.
      • Slightly slows Remy's encroachment.
      • Slightly slows attackers during an assault.
      • Costs £3500.
      • Will take a week to build.
    • Reinforce - The wall is sturdy, but could be stronger still. Reinforcing it with cement would make it harder to sabotage.
      • Reduces the impact of Sabotage, making the wall easier to maintain.
      • Further slows attackers during an assault.
      • Costs £10000.
      • Will take a week to build.
    • Metal fence - A metal fence could be built atop the stone perimeter. It would take more effort to climb.
      • Thwarts some intrusion attempts.
      • Further slows attackers during an assault.
      • Costs £25000.
      • Will take two weeks to build.
    • Barbed wire - The fence could be crowned with barbed wire, making it impossible to climb without special equipment.
      • Thwarts many intrusion attempts.
      • Further slows attackers during an assault.
      • Costs £5000.
      • Will take a week to build.
  • Security
    • Watchtower - A tower could be built to watch over the fields at night. You'll need to employ someone to staff it.
      • Slows Remy's Encroachment.
      • Gives information during assaults.
      • Needs to be staffed to fully function.
      • Costs £20000.
      • Will take two weeks to build.
    • Searchlights - Searchlights could be affixed to the watchtower, making security more effective.
      • Further slows Remy's encroachment.
      • Makes spotting during assaults easier.
      • Only functions while staffed.
      • Costs £5000.
      • Will take a week to build.
  • Kennel
    • Outfit with training facilities - The kennel could be outfitted with facilities for training guard dogs, letting your hounds help with farm security.
      • Slows Remy's encroachment.
      • The hounds will be more disciplined during assaults.
      • Training the hounds to take down humans will make them harder to control.
      • The aggression will agitate the cattle and steeds as well.
      • Costs £15000.
      • Will take a week to build.
      • Notes: Gradually decreases the Respect of the farm's hounds, steeds, and cattle over time.

Productivity Upgrades

  • Woodland
    • Purchase - Woodland surrounds much of the farm, and could be annexed to give the swine more room to root.
      • Increases truffles produced.
      • Needs to be managed.
      • More freedom will make the swine harder to control.
      • Costs £10000.
      • Will take three days to extend the fence.
      • Notes: Creates new chore tend to woodlands (0:20)
    • Purchase more - Some of the nearby woodland is fat with fruit, nuts and edible mushrooms. Annexing it will add a space to forage.
      • Lets you forage on the farm.
      • Needs to be managed.
      • Costs £20000.
      • Will take five days to extend the fence.
      • Notes: Allows the player to forage (1:00) on the farm, Woodlands take more time to tend (0:40)
    • Purchase even more - Even more woodland could be annexed, giving you and the swine more room to forage.
      • Increases truffles produced.
      • Increases forage produced.
      • Needs to be managed.
      • More freedom will make the swine harder to control.
      • Costs £50000.
      • Will take a week to extend the fence.
      • Notes: Woodlands take more time to tend (1:00)
  • Barn
    • Outfit with new milking equipment - State of the art milking equipment could be installed in the barn, increasing your yield.
      • More milk from your cattle.
      • Lets you milk yourself faster.
      • Costs £5000.
      • Will take two days to build.
    • Expand - A bigger barn means room for more cattle.
      • More cattle, and more milk.
      • More time spent milking.
      • Costs £20000.
      • Will take ten days to build.
  • Coop
    • Expand - A bigger coop means room for more chickens.
      • More eggs produced.
      • Costs £2000.
      • Will take five days to build.
    • Expand again - An even bigger coop means even more chickens.
      • Even more eggs produced.
      • Costs £5000.
      • Will take a week to build.
  • Irrigation
    • Build Field irrigation - Irrigation channels from the local river.
      • Adds irrigation to a field so that you no longer need to water the crops.
      • Costs £5000.
      • Will take three days to build.
      • Note: Per field, meaning it would take £45000 and 27 days to add irrigation to all nine fields.

Other Upgrades

  • Stable
    • Expand - The stable could be expanded to give the horses more space, improving their rest.
      • Steeds will carry you to and from town faster.
      • Costs £20000.
      • Will take two weeks to build.
      • Notes: Steeds will carry the player to and from town faster (from 0:30 to 0:15)
  • Parasite Barn - requires Parasites to be enabled, as well as the player to have already birthed at least one parasite
    • Build - A new barn to store your parasites.
      • Parasite Storage.
      • Costs £5000.
      • Will take 2 weeks to build.
    • Expand - A new barn to store your parasites.
      • Upgrades the Parasite barn, providing a little extra space and allowing them to survive on their own for longer.
      • Costs £20000.
      • Will take a week to build.

"Helping" Alex

When Alex is inside, the player will see them on the phone, talking about the farm's finances, here the player can:

  • Offer help (1:00) | Maths: | + Love | + Stress
  • Cuddle Alex (0:30) | + Love (Only available if Alex is a love interest)
  • Crawl beneath the desk | Promiscuity 4

Offering help will increase farm yield if successful, while slipping under the desk requires Promiscuity 4, leading the player servicing Alex orally while they talk on the phone, trying to keep their voice steady. And upon orgasm the caller will note Alex passion and is convinced. Gaining + Love | -- Lust | + Farm yield.

There's a chance when cuddling with Alex, the player will whispered on how they are strong, while feeling up Alex's toned arms. Alex swells their chest, and feel the player's chest after ending a call. | + Lust

  • If the player's physique is slim or lower, "A little soft," Alex remarks. "It's alright. I'm strong enough for the two of us." they plants a kiss on the player's cheek. | + Alex's Dominance
  • If the player's physique is slim and athletic, "Not bad yourself. Could lift a few more hay bales," Alex teases, planting a kiss on the player's cheek.
  • If the player's physique is toned and firm, "You as well. We're about the same," Alex observes, planting a kiss on the player's cheek.
  • If the player's physique is toned and powerful, "You're even stronger," Alex whispers back, admiring the player's muscle definition. "I'm impressed." He plants a kiss on the player's cheek. | - Alex's Dominance

Another thing the player can do is choose to sleep in Alex's bed, doing so at night as lovers might lead Alex groping the player and they may initiate a consensual encounter.

Other Activities

Other activities and events will be available to the player depending on Alex's schedule, such as making breakfast for them, helping them with finance, among others. For Alex's schedule look to their character page, since the changes from the farm are nominal.


Outside of the cottage there is a shed where Alex and the player bathe.

Alex will always bathe around 6AM, giving skulduggery players a chance to peek, and be done around 6:20.

Also when the player bathes there is a chance that Alex might accidently walk in on them, and they either close the door and leave or apologise.

The latter gives the player three options:

  • Scream | - Love | - Stress
  • Ask Alex to leave
  • Let Alex watch (0:05) | Exhibitionism 4 | + Lust

Letting Alex watch will have the player continuing to wash themselves, while showing off their body to Alex, and can either finish, leaving the shed, or invite them to wash the player, where there's a chance Alex might grope them while washing, potentially leading to a consensual encounter.

Shower Masturbation

Just like in the Orphanage bathroom, the player may choose to masturbate in Alex's shower. Upon finishing, there's a chance for the player to notice Alex peering into the room, blushing. If their Dominance is at least at 20%, they'll step inside, asking if they can join in on the fun. Promiscuity 2 is required to take Alex up on their offer, increasing their Love and Dominance. Otherwise, the player will scurry out of the shed, past Alex (+ + Lust).

If Alex's Dominance isn't high enough, they'll instead bashfully close the door without another word, leaving the player to wash up in peace. | + Lust

Bailey's Payments

Similar to the Orphanage, Bailey will come to the cottage every Friday morning, with either the player or Alex choosing to open when they knock, to ask the player to pay their rent, where they can pay up or refuse, with Alex supporting what they choose.

  • Pay: The player pays their rent, after which Bailey tells them the amount they must pay next week and leaves, followed by Alex wishing there was another way.
  • Refuse: The player refuses to pay their rent, which results in Bailey supporting Remy's attacks on the farm. With Bailey's support Remy's encroachment will rise faster and their assaults will be reinforced with a group of elite thugs. For more information see Farm Assault.


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