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Alex the Farmhand
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(DISCLAIMER: This page will contain spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.)

Alex's interactions with the player will generally involve the player working alongside them as a fellow farmhand. As such, they will make many appearances within their own farm. The player will need to work together with Alex to shape the farm into a successful one.

Alex's Downtime

In the afternoons from 12PM to 1PM, Alex will take a break from their busy schedule and relax by a tree. The player has the option to join them, increasing their Love, while reducing Trauma and Stress.

As the player approaches Alex, they recline beneath the boughs of a tree. They flick up the brim of their hat when they hear the player approach, inviting the player to join them. If the player joins them, they will proceed to sit and lean against the tree with Alex, prompting Alex to begin conversation.

Once Alex is ready to continue their work, they look at their watch and reclines, pulling the brim of their hat over their face. If the player spends more time with Alex, they sigh, stating they should get back to work while rising to their feet, but thanks for the player for their company.

A full compiled list of the things Alex will talk and/or ask about is found below:

Life at the Farm

These tend to provide insight about the farm's history as well as it's surroundings, as well as what Alex thinks of the animals.

  • Farm Dogs: Alex chats with you, and talks about the farm's dogs. "They aren't pets," they say at one point. "Don't be afraid to keep them in line."
  • Farm Fields: Alex chats with you, and talks about the fields. "There are nine in total," they say at one point. "Or were. The forest has reclaimed most of them. It's almost like trees have sprung up over night." They laugh.
  • Farm Cattle: Alex chats with you, and talks about the farm's cattle. "They're big buggers," they say at one point. "But docile. Wish the other animals were as easy to manage."
  • Farm Pigs: Alex chats with you, and talks about the farm's pigs. "Hauling all their food over is rough," they say at one point. "The truffles are worth it though."
  • Farm Horses: Alex chats with you, and talks about the farm's horses. "Most of their owners are rich townies," they say. "They need to be kept active and healthy."
  • Sea: Alex chats with you, and talks about the sea. "You don't need to walk far," they say. "If you know the paths."
  • Moor: Alex chats with you, and talks about the moor. "Don't go there at night," they warn. "Or at all if you can help it. People have disappeared."

Life Outside the Farm

These will provide a backstory to Alex, giving the player an idea of the type of person Alex is. They will mention tidbits about their life, such as them having twelve siblings, and their feelings about their own farm and the town the player hails from.

  • School: Alex chats with you, and asks about school. "Parents taught me," they say at one point. "Sometimes my older siblings helped."
  • Town Thoughts: Alex chats with you, and asks about life in the town. "I don't think I'd like the noise," they say at one point. "I guess you get used to it."
  • Family: Alex chats with you, and talks about his/her family. "I've twelve siblings," they say at one point. "Dad/Mum doesn't know what to do with us all."

Life of the Player's character

  • Alex asks about you. You tell them that you also wait tables at the town's cafe. "I'd probably be fired on my first day," they says. "I don't take kindly to harassment."
  • Alex asks about you. You tell them that you also work as a chef at the town's cafe. "Sounds like a good hustle," they smiles. "We should have a cook-off sometime."
  • Alex asks about you. You tell them that you're also a dancer. They laughs for a good while. "I think I'm pretty good at it myself. Drew up quite the crowd." You don't think they meant the same kind of dancing you do.
  • Alex asks about you. You tell him that you massage clients at the spa in town. "I'm overdue for one," he says. "Ever had a mud bath? I'd recommend it."
  • Alex asks about you. You talk about your modeling work."Don't let it get into your head," he teased. "If I saw you on TV, I would definitely yell out."
  • Alex asks about you.You tell him you're still a docker. "Watch your spine," he warned. "Trust me. I am very experienced. "

Drinking With Alex

After clearing one of the farm's fields to completion, Alex will grow fonder of the player and may offer them a drink while they are relaxing under a tree. They will pull out a bottle of fairly strong beverage, remarking that drinking should not be done alone, and playfully asking the player not to tell their mum. This may suggest Alex has a drinking habit.

The player can either accept or refuse. Accepting will increase Alex's love stat in addition to making the player woozy. Alex may offer a second drink as well.

If their Lust is high enough, there is a chance they might grope the player during this event. This may also happen if the player is exposed. If Alex's Lust is high and the player is exposed, it'll be more likely that Alex gropes the player.

Allowing Alex's groping will require Promiscuity 2, which will lead to a consensual encounter. Refusing will lower Alex's Love and Lust.

Shower Peeking

In the mornings, (from 6AM to 7AM) the player hears the sound of running water in the shed besides the farmhouse. It's noted that Alex is taking a shower. At this point, the player is given the following option: "Spy on Alex (0:20)"

Pulling this off successfully requires a decent amount of Skulduggery.

If the player fails the check, the following happens: The player sneaks up to the shed, and pushes the door open. The door slams shut before the player gets the chance to see more than a sliver of bare skin. "You perv," Alex shouts from behind the door. "Leave me to shower in peace." | - Love | - Alex's Dominance | + Lust | + Stress

On the other hand, passing the check has the following happen: The player sneaks up to the shed as before, pushing the door open. They peek through the gap, seeing Alex. Their eyes are shut, and they have not noticed the player. Rivulets of water run down their nipples, and over the rest of their toned body. Their face, arms and legs are much darker than parts protected from her days in the sun. Adds Arousal. A draft blows through the gap in the door. Alex opens their eyes, but the player is already gone. They shut the door, none the wiser.

On the other hand Alex may also peek on the player showering if the player is Alex's partner:

The player remove their clothes, and wash until they're squeaky clean. They hear the door creak open, and light streams in. The player covers their exposed body with their hands. The player feels a warmth build despite the embarrassment. It's Alex. They look away, but their eyes flit back to them, stealing glances. | + Stress

"S-sorry," he/she says. "Didn't know you were in here."

  1. Scream | - Love | - Stress
  2. Ask Alex to leave
  3. Let Alex watch (0:05) | Exhibitionism 4 | + Lust

Screaming will make Alex slam the door in panic and apologizing to the player and running off.

Telling them to leave however leads Alex to step further and close the door behind them asking the player if they're sure, giving the player two options to continue and lead to consensual encounter or shove them away making Alex apologize and saying they misread them and leave.

What the player says when telling Alex to leave depending on personality.

  • Defiant: "Leave," you say. "Pervert."
  • Neutral: "Please leave," you say.
  • Submissive: "D-don't look," you say. "Please leave."

If the player has D or higher exhibitionism they can let Alex watch them wash themselves as Alex watches with an embarrassed longing, you can invite them to wash you or finish. Inviting Alex will get the player giving the sponge to them and they'll wash the player's back without a concern of their wet clothes.

Player inviting Alex:

  • Defiant: "Make yourself useful,"
  • Neutral: "Could you wash me?"
  • Submissive: "W-would you like to wash me?"

While scrubbing the player's back Alex will fondle the player's chest and gives the player two options:

  • Allow | Promiscuity 2 | + Alex's Dominance | + Love
  • Shove | - Love | - Alex's Dominance

Allowing will lead to a consensual encounter and shoving will make Alex say the same thing when shoving them after asking to leave.

Exposed Body

If the player is at any point nude while at Alex's farm, they can choose to flaunt their body. The player steps out from their hiding place, just as Alex enters the yard.

"Thanks for he-" They are cut off as they look the player's way.

The player will say the following, depending on whether or not their upper and lower body are exposed, and their gender appearance is not deemed as male.

  • Defiant: "Eyes are up here," you say. Didn't want my clothes ruined, but that doesn't mean you can look as you please.
  • Neutral: I don't mean to startle," you say. "But I was worried about my clothes tearing."
  • Submissive: "I-Is something wrong?" you ask. "I was worried about my clothes tearing, so I decided to wear less."

Otherwise, they will say the following:

  • Defiant: "Eyes are up here," you say. "My clothes will only get wet again. I'll soldier through."
  • Neutral: "I don't mean to startle," you say. But I'm fed up with having to change wet clothes all the time."
  • Submissive: "I-Is something wrong?" you ask. I'm fed up with changing wet clothes all the time."

Alex looks away again, blushing. "A-Alright," they stammer, stuttering on their words - stating to be careful as well. They continue in a hurry, but the player suspects Alex will be sneaking glances later.

If the player flaunts once more, they will step out from the hiding place as before, ready for work. Alex will walk by, pretending not to look.

Delivery for Alex

A van will pull up outside the farm, with the driver waving at the player. They remove two unmarked brown boxes from the back of the van, but not before informing the player that it is a "delivery for Alex". The courier helps carry one up to the farmhouse, leaving it on the porch. They hold out a notepad, telling the player to sign here, before returning to their van shortly afterwards.

This leaves the player with two options:

Taking them inside will have the player leave it on the kitchen table. However, opening the package will have the player open up one of the boxes, and reveal the box's contents, which foreshadows Alex's lab:

  • "There's a variety of sundries the local grocers wouldn't sell. There's more of the same in the second, with the addition of a lewd magazine tucked away in the corner."
  • "There's a variety of sundries the local grocers wouldn't sell. There's more of the same in the second."
  • "There's a variety of metal and glass equipment. Pipes, tubes, and containers. You're not sure what it's for. The second box has more of the same."
  • "You find several bags of yeast. You check the other, and find more of the same."
  • "There's a variety of seeds. Is Alex trying to get more to grow? There are more seeds, in the other box. Some of them quite exotic."

Once done, the player closes the boxes and repairs the damage the best they can, before carrying the boxes inside and leaving them on the kitchen table.

Fetching Groceries

At some point, Alex will walk up to the player and ask them to take care of groceries. They hold out a shopping list, along with some money. The player can do as asked, increasing Alex's Love stat. Refusing will have no severe consequences, with Alex stating they will go themselves later. However, there are reductions to the Love and Dominance stats.

Once the player agrees to Alex's request, they follow their instructions which leads them to a small shop besides an old train station, and if they were naked beforehand will also be given a towel to wear. The grocer greets the player as they enter, spotting the shopping list in the player's hand. They take the list, then proceed to gather food and sundries into a basket on the player's behalf, running everything through the cash register. The amount is randomly-determined, it can be a small amount or larger amounts.

At this point, the player has four options:

  • Pay
  • Snatch and run | Crime | Athletics check
  • Seduce and deceive | Promiscuity 1 | Crime
  • Pay with your body | Promiscuity 2

Choosing to pay simply has the player hand over the money Alex gave them, picking up the basket and leaving. The player returns to the farm, with Alex meeting them halfway in the yard. They instruct the player to leave it in the kitchen afterwards.

The second option has the player grasp the basket, and run. The success rate is determined by the player's Athletics skill. Should the player fail, a non-consensual sexual encounter will happen.

  • Failed: You grasp the basket, and run. "Oi!" the grocer shouts, rushing around the counter in pursuit. You escape onto the road and make for the farm, but the grocer catches up and tackles you to the ground. "Fucking thief," they say. "I'll show you what we do to your sort around here." (triggers a non-consensual sexual encounter)
  • Success: "Oi!" the grocer shouts, rushing around the counter in pursuit. You escape onto the road and make for the farm, leaving the grocer well behind.

If the player triggers a non-consensual encounter, they must then fight off the grocer, or make them orgasm. If the player proceeds with the former, they shove the grocer into a ditch and waste no time running towards the farm. However, should the player proceed with the latter, the grocer will state the following line: "Let that be a lesson to you," before leaving the player on the side of the road, to return to the farm.

Choosing the third option, the player will have to pass an Attractiveness rating to successfully deceive.

The last option will trigger a consensual encounter.

Should the player choose not to pay (not choosing option 1), when the PC returns to Alex, there will be two more options:

  • Give Alex the money | - Alex's Dominance | + Love | - Trauma
  • Keep the money

Giving Alex the money has the player stop Alex in their tracks. They turn around, in which the player hands them the money. They stare at it for a moment, before realizing what it is, with the player reassuring them. Alex shrugs, stating that's "some deal" but they are not going to complain it. Nonetheless, they thank the player for their efforts, before entering the farmhouse.

If the player chooses the second option, they will simply pocket the money as Alex enters the farmhouse.

Breaking Down To Alex

If the player is not exposed and ends with high pain (≥60) with the description, "You are crying", when the player returns to Alex, they will notice the player's tears and ask if the player is alright. There will be two options:

  • Break down (0:20) | + + Alex's Dominance | - - - Pain | - - Trauma | - - Stress
  • Say you're okay | + Stress

Choosing to break down will have the player open their mouth to speak, but be unable to, instead sobbing and staring at their feet. Alex will wrap an arm around their shoulder, reassure them, and usher them inside the cottage. As the PC sits in the kitchen, Alex will make a warm drink and tries their best to comfort PC. They will start apologise for being bad at it again and again but the PC will feel better regardless. Once the PC is better, Alex will make sure they're okay one last time before returning to work.

Saying you are okay will have Alex nod, though they don't look convinced. They will take the basket and turn toward the farmhouse, the player can either choose to give Alex the money or pocket it like above.

Look Out!

Alex calls to the player from above, telling for them to watch out. The player looks up in response, to see a hay bale bearing down onto the player. It may be too heavy for the player to catch, causing them to be left on their back. This increases Pain and Stress.

Alex laughs, dropping to the ground. They apologise, stating they "couldn't resist" before hefting the bale onto their shoulder, freeing the player. This adds to Alex's Dominance.

The player has two options here:

  • Laugh it off | + Love | - Stress
  • Get angry | - Love | - Alex's Dominance

If the player laughs it off, they will do just that, not proceeding to get angry at Alex. They say they need to get the bales in storage to "keep the weather" off.

The latter option is also self-explanatory.

  • Defiant: "Fuck off," you say. "I could've been hurt." You climb to your feet.
  • Neutral: "That was rude," you say, climbing to your feet.
  • Submissive: "I-I could've been hurt," you say, climbing to your feet.

Alex apologises, but grins all the while. They once again state they need to get the bales in storage, before the damp gets to them.

Startled Alex

When the player helps Alex clear the invasive weeds, there is a good chance of the player hearing Alex shout in surprise. They rush over, and find Alex lying on their back, stating that a "blighter startled me."

The player has two options:

  • Offer your arm | - Alex's Dominance | + Love
  • Get back to work

Choosing the former option has the player help Alex up to their feet. They brush themselves down, thanking the player, before informing them to keep an eye out for any "critters" - and if it comes to it, the player should not be afraid to give them a "good whack."

The latter option simply has the player return to work, leaving Alex to recover from their clumsiness by themselves.

Alternatively, Alex can grope the PC if Alex has a high Dominance stat. If the action is done, the PC's arousal will increase. The PC has an option to get angry, lowering Lust, Love and Dominance, ignore or grope back at Promiscuity 2.

If the PC chooses to grope back, the PC will grope Alex's penis (breast if Alex is a girl), and initiate consensual encounter.

Race to the Woods

"Race you to the woods!" Alex says, coming up behind the player.

At some point when working at the fields, Alex will decide to slack off a bit and challenge the player to a race. They rush past the player, giving them three options:

  • Race (0:05) | Athletics | + Love
  • Just walk after Alex (0:02)
  • Refuse | - Love

If the player refuses to race, they will leave Alex to run into the woods alone. Not too long afterwards, Alex will return to doing a specific activity.

Choosing to give them a race has the player run after Alex. Depending on the Athletics skill, the player may win or lose. If they do not have good Athletics, they will fail to catch up to Alex's agility. However, if the player has a good amount in Athletics, they will manage to catch up to Alex halfway through the field. Alex speeds up when they spot the player, but so does the player - causing them to be level with each other right up to the forest's edge.

In the Woods

Both options that are not refusing the race request will lead into the nearby woodlands.

  • If the player walks, they pass through the fields on the way, finding Alex resting against a tree with the brim of their hat pulled over their face. They push it up as they ask what took the player so long, before they are interrupted by a growl.
  • If the player manages to catch up to Alex, the two keep running deeper into the forest, with the victor unclear. Alex lags behind a little, then a little more, before coming to a stop.  | - Alex's Dominance

Continuing from the latter option, Alex will curse, leaning against a tree while panting. They state they are faster than their siblings, about to congratulate the player before they are interrupted by a growl.

Regardless of the player's actions, Alex will either push themselves from the tree or leap back up to their feet, before rushing over to the player's side for protection. The growl in question originates from a nearby bush.

Alex will state that whatever it is, it is "probably" harmless. The bush rustles, and a fox emerges, darting across the ground covered in leaves, before disappearing beneath a mound of earth. As the fox disappears, Alex sighs - asking if the player was scared.

This will lead to three options:

  • Yes | + Alex's Dominance
  • No
  • Not as scared as you | - Alex's Dominance

If the player answers with "yes":

  • Defiant: "Only a fool wouldn't have been on edge," you say.
  • Neutral: "I was," you say. "Weren't you?"
  • Submissive: "I-I'm still scared," you admit.

Alex puffs out their chest in response, stating they were not "scared in the slightest" before leading the player back to work.

If the player answers with "no":

  • Defiant: "Of course not," you say.
  • Neutral: "I'm braver than that," you say.
  • Submissive: "N-No," you say. "I knew you'd protect me."

Alex states they "wasn't either", puffing out their chest in response. They lead the player back to work afterwards.

"I wasn't either," Alex says, puffing out her chest. "Come on, let's get back to work."

If the player answers with "Not as scared as you":

  • Defiant: "Not as scared as you," you say. "Thought you were gonna leap into my arms."
  • Neutral: "Not as scared as you," you say.
  • Submissive: "N-Not as scared as you," you say.

Alex will reply with an "Oi!". They state indignantly that wild animals are to be taken seriously, and that even a fox can be vicious. They lead the player back to work afterwards.

Troublesome Pigs

When the player helps Alex feed the pigs, there is an odd chance that the pigs may not be content with their food, and the player learns this when they hear Alex telling one "Down!". They are grasping a piece of Alex's clothing in their mouth, giving the player two options.

  • Scold the pig | Tending
  • Watch | + Lust | + Arousal

The player will require a decent amount in the Tending skill to succeed with the latter option.

If the player fails the Tending attempt, the player tells the pig to get down, but they ignore the player. The pig proceeds to tear Alex's lower clothing off their body, exposing their underwear (for example, black and red boyshorts if female). Alex responds by covering the front of it with one hand, whacking the top of the pig's head with the other. They state how the pig is "in trouble now," as the pig trots away with their new-found prize. Alex turns to the player, a hint of blushing on their face - they tell the player they have to get themselves another piece of lower clothing before the "perverts" see. This will increase Alex's Lust, and increase Arousal.

If the player succeeds the Tending attempt, the player will tell the pig to get down, with the pig listening. They drop Alex's shirt before trotting back to the others. Alex thanks the player while laughing, stating the following line: "As if we don't feed them enough already." | + Love | - Alex's Dominance

If the player instead chooses to watch, this will repeat the fail scene, with Alex's lower clothing once again being torn from their body, exposing their underwear to the player.

Targeted Harassment

There is an odd chance that during the leerer event (more information found here: Fence Leering) Alex will be the target of harassment instead of the player - once again the question of what a cute boy/girl like Alex is doing working a farm.

Alex will have several variations on how they react to the leerer:

  • Alex ignores the badgering.
  • Alex turns to them. "Fuck off," they say. "Or I'll use you as pig feed."
  • Alex turns to them. "I'm busy," they say. "You might have more luck in the kennel."
  • Alex turns to them. "There's a river nearby," they say. "Go cool yourself off."
  • Alex doesn't look at them. "I'm busy," they say. "So fuck off home."

Regardless of Alex's reaction, the leerer throws up their hands and says "Alright, I'm going," before turning and walking away.

Farm Build-Up

These sequence of events reflect the state of the farm. Build it up to progress events at the farm.

A New Helper

"What do we have here?" says a voice. The player turns to face the source, a person leaning against the fence at the edge of the farm. They state how Alex got themselves a "helper", and for them to bring "that ass" (the player's) over to them.

Alex will interject with a "Fuck off," while glaring at the intruder. It is assumed that Alex has had a run-in with this person before, as they state they told the intruder what would happen if they trespassed again.

The intruder throws up their hands in response, but shows no fear. They state they are not in fact trespassing, and they and the "boys/girls" (depending on their sex) is wondering if Alex has reconsidered their offer. Alex responds by stating they do not need the intruder's help, stepping besides the player. The intruder belittles Alex by stating the following: "You think this town girl is enough? This'll be funny." They take their leave shortly afterwards.

Once the intruder is out of sight, Alex seems less tense. They apologize to the player, stating they were not the first to respond to Alex's sign. There are nasty types around, and advises the player to stay clear of them. Alex reassures the player, saying they were relieved when the player showed up, before saying they should get back to work.

Second Field Cleared

"We've done it," says Alex. This marks the clearing of the second field.

Alex acts triumphant, smiling all the while - despite them sounding tired, their clothes torn, and their hair matted with sweat.

The player is lead to the field in question, stopping at the fence. Alex gestures for the player to follow as they sit down, stating they could not have done it without the player, before taking a swig from a glass bottle. They pull another from their pocket, offering it to the player.

The player has two options:

  • Drink | - Stress
  • Refuse

If the player chooses to drink, they take the offered bottle and take a swig. It's said to be a bitter spirit. If the player chooses the latter option, Alex will simply put the bottle away.

Alex states that it will be more work, but they will be making a steady profit in due time - and that the player will receive £30 per hour from now on. They then point over the hedge beyond the cleared field, at the tangled mess beyond - declaring that's the next target, before dropping off the fence and enthusiastically saying they are eager to get started. This adds a large boost to Alex's Love stat.

Remy's Arrival

"It's done," Alex says, leaning against the wall of the farmhouse. "Another field ready to go." This marks the clearing of the third field.

Alex is about to reach into their pocket, but stops when they hear the clop of hooves approaching from the lane. A horse rides into the farm, a person with pale brown hair riding atop it. Alex's smile vanishes when they spot the horse-rider, indicating the two have possible history with each other.

They introduce themselves as Remy, whom runs the nearby riding school and a farm of their own. Remy then turns to Alex, apologizing for arriving unannounced, but states that they could not get hold of them, and that they are here to discuss business.

Alex seems conflicted, but politeness gets the better of them. They ask the following question: "Tea or coffee?"

Ultimately just as before the choice does not matter, but Alex insists on making the drinks before proceeding with business once inside. Remy thanks Alex for their hospitality, while sipping their tea. Alex, however, does not seem to be amused. They state bluntly how they have work to do, telling Remy to "just get on with it". Remy reclines, stating that they are here to offer assistance, before they are interrupted by Alex - whom then states they already have the assistance they need, gesturing over to the player. Alex informs Remy that they are reclaiming the farm land bit by bit, and that it is going well.

"And you're not getting a piece. That's what you're really here for, isn't it."

Alex catches on to Remy's true purpose for being here. Remy doesn't respond to this, instead taking another spoonful of sugar. A new sternness in their voice prompts them to say "Don't be stupid" to Alex, thinking the player and Alex are incapable of doing it alone. Remy can offer many more hands, not to mention security - to which Alex interrupts once again, firmly asking for Remy to finish their tea then to get out.

It's at this point that Remy will say one of two things, depending on if the player has met them before.

  • If the player has not met Remy: Remy remains calm, taking another sip. They turn to the player, saying they should drop by the riding school sometime - they may have a thing or two to teach. Once Remy is done with their drink, they place their empty cup on the plate. They thank Alex, but still reaffirm that Alex has time to reconsider, and hopes they do for their own sake.
  • If the player has met Remy: Remy remains calm, taking another sip. They turn to the player, saying they should be "wiser" about their choice of employer - stating Alex does not have much of a future.

As soon as Remy is gone, Alex apologises to the player, afraid that they would get a visit like that once the farm started turning a profit, before calling Remy a "fucking rat." Their tense behaviour causes them to shatter one of the cups while trying to clean it out, having the player take over the washing-up while Alex calms down. They laugh, stating they might count on the player "too much". This heavily increases their Love stat.

Alex remains unsure about what Remy will try to do, stating that working for Alex could be dangerous. They understand if the player does not wish to continue, but if they choose to do so, they will pay £45 an hour. They smile, saying they should not let that "idiot" get them down - things are going great, and there's more to do.

Special Visit

The final stage of Alex's farm triggers once the player completes the final field. Rapid footsteps approach the player, revealing them to be Alex rushing towards the player. They are smiling despite nettles sticking to their clothing.

"It's done," they say. The pair have restored the farm, and cleared the last field. Alex slumps up to the farmhouse porch, looking up at the player. They state how they could not have done it alone, and if their parent had not known how dangerous it was, before interrupting themselves and looking away. Alex mentions they wanted to prove they could do it without parental intervention, and now they have.

Alex climbs to their feet, saying they need to tell them "right now" before disappearing into the farmhouse. The player listens in on Alex talking over the phone to their mum/dad (depending on Alex's gender). Alex tries to remain calm, but can't seem to stop the excitement bubbling over them. Once they hang up, they state that their parent is in the area and wishes to drop by, while no longer trying to contain their excitement. They look down at their own weed-covered clothes, cursing and saying they need a change of clothes and a shower, and that they should also get the kettle on.

The player handles the kettle while Alex showers. They have only gone a little over a minute before the player spots them approaching the farmhouse wearing just a towel, with the player noting that they must have left their dirty clothing outside. "Don't look," they say before entering the kitchen.

This gives the player three options:

  • Look | - Love | - Alex's Dominance | + Arousal
  • Don't look | + Love
  • Pull the towel away | - - Love | - - Alex's Dominance | + Lust | Promiscuity 1

If the player chooses to look, they get a better look at Alex in their towel. The fabric is tied low around their chest, almost exposing their nipples, and is barely wide enough to wrap around Alex's body. The top is pulled taut, leaving the side of their body facing the player exposed - giving the player a good glimpse of Alex's toned behind. Alex clutches the towel tight against their body, and says to the player: "Don't be a perv!"

If the player chooses to not look, the player instead looks out the window, respecting Alex's privacy.

Choosing to pull the towel away will describe Alex's body as stated above - with the player once again getting a good glimpse of Alex's toned behind. The player creeps up behind them, grasping the hem, and proceeds to tear the towel off their body. The towel comes off without any resistance.

"Fuck!" Alex shouts, taken back. They reach behind to recover the towel, but the player pulls it away from their grasp. Alex half-turns in the process, exposing their nipples. They cover their chest with one arm, and covers their groin with the other before facing the player.

"F-Fucking perv," they say, their face crimson. "Give it back. And turn around."

  • Return the towel | + Love
  • Refuse | - Love | - Alex's Dominance | + Lust

Returning the towel simply has the player cover their eyes and hold out the towel, with Alex pulling it from the player's grasp as the player turns over to the window to look out for Alex's parent.

Refusing their request will have the player say one of three things, depending on their Submissive stat:

  • Defiant: "I prefer you like this," you say, keeping the towel.
  • Neutral:  "You look pretty good," you say, keeping the towel.
  • Submissive: "B-But you're so hot," you say, keeping the towel.

Alex glances at the window with an anxious expression, before turning to the basket. They rummage it with one hand, using the other to cover their exposed behind. They hold the clothes in front of their body as they leave the kitchen.

Regardless of any choices the player makes, all options will have Alex rummage in a basket for a fresh set of clothes, before proceeding to leave the way they came, with the player hearing them climb the stairs afterwards - or the player watches them climb the stairs, depending on whether or not they refused the request to return the towel.

Parent's Arrival

A car pulls up into the yard minutes later, as Alex arrives at the bottom of the stairs. Alex points them out, stating that's them (their parent) and hopes to themselves they look okay.

The player leaves the farmhouse with Alex. Up ahead, climbing from the car is an older, thicker version of Alex. Alex greets their parent casually with a "Hi". They face each other for an awkward moment, before the father/mother steps forwards and grasps Alex by the shoulders.

They pull away from each other, with the parent stating to Alex they "knew you had it in ya". The parent looks over to the player over their son/daughter's shoulder, with them saying that the player must be the "townie" and that Alex has told them all about the player.

Alex turns to the player. "That's right," they state, resting a hand on the player's shoulder, before going onto state that they are "great with the animals." Alex's parent nods in response, with them being impressed by how a farm of this size is managed by only two people. They say to Alex that they need to show them around, but first things first - it seems the parent has something in mind. Alex is already walking towards the farmhouse, stopping at the door. They prompt a question: "Tea or coffee?"

"You know the answer to that." The parent replies.

  • Tea | - Stress
  • Coffee | - Fatigue

Regardless of the player's decision, the player sits at the kitchen table with Alex's parent. They seem to be surprised how a "townie" can be so helpful, with Alex interrupting them. The parent goes on to state that they are more surprised by how cute the player is, with Alex once again interrupting them in embarrassment, slamming a mug of tea in front of their parent. They chuckle to themselves, apologising before thanking Alex for the tea.

Farm Examination

Alex proceeds to take their parent on a tour of the farm, with them insisting the player comes along as well. The parent stops to examine each animal, and seems pleased with what they see. Alex beams with pride as soon as they reach the fields, with the first three fields filled with rows of green potato plants. The last is barren, but still remains clear and ready for planting.

Upon returning to the farmhouse, Alex's parent says to Alex that they have done a good job, and to keep it up. They apologise for them not getting out here more often, with them stating Alex "knows how it is." They reach into their pocket, before saying they left their keys in the kitchen, and asks Alex to grab them. Alex enters the farmhouse, leaving the player and Alex's parent alone.

They turn to the player, firmly stating that "this is for you" as they hand the player an envelope from their pocket, holding it out. They go on to state that the player should open it when they're gone, and to not tell Alex is about it.

Alex emerges from the farmhouse, holding out the keys. They thank Alex, telling them that they are going to give the others (Alex's siblings) their love. They climb into the car, and drives away. Alex watches until the car vanishes from view, with them being glad that they were here to meet their parent - their eyes turn back to the farm, saying there's still work to do.

Special Note

The player nods in response, but hangs back until Alex disappears behind the sty. They open the envelope given to them by the parent - a wad of cash inside, along with a special note:

"Thanks for looking out for my son/daughter. Here's a little something for you. Don't give it to Alex. And don't let him/her pressure you into anything. He/She's a good boy/girl, but dogged."

The player counts the money - £10,000!

Something's On Fire

At some point when the player is at the farm, after clearing the fourth field, Alex will emerge from their shed with a worried expression. They ask if the player can smell something burning, stating that their "neighbour might have let a bonfire get out of control." They scan the horizon for smoke, before asking the player to check the sheds while they "skirt" the farm.

Alex keeps their tools in this shed. As the player enters, they hear a click behind them as the door shuts. Despite the player's attempts, it seems they've been locked in.

A face appears at the small window, blocking the player's view of the yard. It's Remy. They observe the player a moment while tugging on a black glove, then walks away. Goons replace them, jostling for a peek.

The player has two options:

  • Warn Alex
  • Try to break the door down

Both options will vary slightly, with the first option having the player calling out for Alex's help - unsure how well their voice carries. The second option has the player shove their weight against the door, but remains firm nonetheless. Alex is seen struggling against the grasp of two goons, with one grasping each shoulder. They push Alex in front of Remy, and force Alex to their knees.

Remy crouches in front of Alex, and holds their head up by the chin. They speak, but Alex spits in their face. In response, Remy retaliates with a backhanded strike. Alex remains defiant regardless.

Remy responds with a backhanded strike. You hear the thwack from here, but Alex remains defiant. Remy mounts their steed, and spurs away as their goons close in on Alex. Alex manages to wrest an arm free, and smacks one of Remy's assailants in the face. The blow sends the goon reeling, but the other thugs don't seem concerned. The second goon grasps Alex from behind.

Here the player must break down the door to help Alex as they try to fight them off.

For details, see Alex's Farm (Expanded).

Once the player breaks out Remy's goons will ready themselves before hearing someone familiar says.

"enough," It's Bailey.

Seeing them the goons run as Bailey greets the player, with Alex asking them if they want tea or coffee, but Bailey says they're leaving, only coming to tell the player that they will be visiting, before noticing smoke rising up from the fields and runs. Finding that their crops were burnt Remy's goons. And nearly have a breakdown, where the player can either comfort them or make some tea.

Both options leading the player to their cottage. Where they can ask what Alex knows about Bailey, apologise, or suggest teaming up, the latter two will have Alex tell the player there's a room in their cottage they can stay, but after what happened they ask if the player can handle the fields, where the player can thank them or protest. Unlocking Alex's Cottage Safehouse and four fields.

Remy's Tactics

These detail key events related to Remy's attempts at sabotaging the farm - the "Remy's Encroachment" stat - triggered after Remy is introduced at Alex's farm. Remy, a rival of Alex's, will deploy tactics to get their way - sending goons to do their dirty work. This will detail Alex's reactions and behaviour when the goons seek trouble.

Seizing the Initiative

Should the player possess high enough Skulduggery and trigger the "Sneaky Goons" event, they shiver - something is wrong. This is not a usual pervert. The player glances around, and spots them. Two men/women creeping through the crops, trying to sneak up on the player.

A man/woman catcalls the player, leering at them across the fence. Just as before, they ask what the "cute" player is doing working the fields. However, the player shivers - something is wrong. This is not a usual pervert. The player glances around, and spots them. Two men/women creeping through the crops, trying to sneak up on the player.

  • Scream | + Alex's Dominance
  • Seize the initiative | - Remy's Encroachment

If the player chooses to scream, the approaching pair stop in their tracks. Alex hears the player and runs over, with the leerer stating this "wasn't the plan" before turning and running. The others cease their attempt at concealing themselves, running after the leerer. Alex will arrive just in time to see them run, stating that they had "better stay gone", shouting after them. Alex turns to the player, asking if they are alright. They claim that working the fields without them might be dangerous, and tells the player to be careful before returning to work.

Seizing the initiative has the player rush the leerer, hauling themselves over the fence and kicking them in the face. They fall backwards, tumbling into a ditch. With their plan ruined, the sneaking pair cease their attempt at concealing themselves, and run - they escape the field in a different direction, with the leerer struggling up the other side of the ditch, before following suit. With the situation solved, the player resumes farm work.

Fence Sabotage

At 40+ Encroachment, the player will find two goons attacking the farm's perimeter fence with axes, after the player proceeds to investigate the sound of a series of thuds as well as the creaking of wood. One of the goons nudges their colleague, and they both stare at the player. This gives the player three options:

  • Call Alex | + Remy's Encroachment | + Alex's Dominance | + Love
  • Threaten | English
  • Fight

Call Alex

"I'm coming!" Alex shouts. The pair glance in the direction of Alex's voice, then proceeds to attack the fence with more energy, keen to inflict as much damage as possible.

Alex calls the goons "scum", rushing over as the pair turn heels and run. They shout that Alex is going to feed the goons to their "fucking pigs" when they catch the goons, before saying to the player that it is a good thing that they were nearby - all the while looking at the damage, stating the pair should be able to patch things up. Alex removes their hat, wiping the sweat from their brow before getting back to work.


If the player chooses to threaten them instead, they will need high English to succeed with their threat - saying one of three things, depending on their personality:

  • Defiant: "Put the axes down," you say. "Or you'll be shitting them out later."
  • Neutral:  "This is illegal," you say. "Stop right now, or you'll be sorry,"
  • Submissive: "St-stop that!" you say. "Or I'll call the police!"
Successful Threat

If the threat is successful, the pair look at each other, before one of them speaks first, mentioning Remy. The other interrupts them, stating not to say their name as a warning, with them throwing a glance in the player's direction - going on to state the boss said "not to be seen." The other goon replies that they have already "fucked up that part", but admits defeat. They glare at the player, telling them that they are gone, but warns them that this is not over.

The pair walk away, leaving the fence intact. This gives a big hit to Remy's encroachment, and ensures the fence perimeter does not need to be repaired.

Failed Threat

An alternative option happens if the player's words fail to make an impact. They will say the same threat as usual, the pair will look at each other also as usual once again, although they will instead burst into laughter. They mockingly state "Sure thing" before saying they will get out of the player's hair once they have finished their job - nonetheless, their axes continue to bite into the fence.

It's obvious the player's words will have no effect here, giving the player two options:

  • Call Alex | + Remy's Encroachment | + Alex's Dominance | + Love
  • Attack

The former option loops back into the "Call Alex" section, with the same events occurring. However, attacking the goons leads into the next section.


The player can attempt to fight off the troublesome goons instead. They may do this during the first initial options, or when spoken threats are ineffective against the goons. The player rushes down the pair. They leave their axes buried in the fence's wood, raising their arms to defend themselves.

This triggers a non-consensual encounter. It is a tough encounter, so it is best to be prepared, and exercise caution during the encounter.

If the player fails the encounter and is too hurt to continue, the pair retrieve their axes and continue their work, until an area of fence wide enough to fit a cow is reduced to splinter. Their job done, the pair swagger away from the farm, proud. This grants a big increase to Remy's encroachment, and means the perimeter fence will have to be repaired.

If the player makes them orgasm, they lie on the grass - their strength robbed, for now. The player seizes the opportunity, grabbing one of the axes and pulling it free from the fence. Left drained by their orgasms, and their opponent now wielding an axe, the pair decide to turn and run from the farm. This gives a big hit to Remy's encroachment as a result.

If the player manages to successfully fight off the goons, one of the goons falls into the ditch. The other goon reaches for their axe, but the player kicks their shin and shoves them after their colleague. The player wastes no time as they plant their feet - they might come back for more, after all. Instead, the pair of goons scramble up the other side of the ditch, and run. This gives a big hit to Remy's encroachment as a result.

Lorry Assault

At max encroachment, the player will hear shouting from in front of the farm. They walk over, spotting a lorry parked at the end of the lane connecting to the road. The driver lies on the ground outside, being kicked from all angles by three rough-looking goons. This heavily reduces farm yield.

Alex arrives just in time at the player's time, cursing at the sight. They tell the "fuckers" to leave the victim alone, in which they do so - but start walking towards Alex instead, rolling up their sleeves. Alex stands their ground, fearless.

This gives the player two options:

  • Pull Alex to safety (0:15) | - - Farm Yield | - Love | - Alex's Dominance
  • Stand with Alex | + + Love

Pregnancy Variant

The lorry assault has a variation if the player or Alex is pregnant. The player will have the option to fight if Alex is the only one who is pregnant, but this is ultimately an aesthetic choice. Taking this choice simply adds one of the following lines of dialogue:

  • Defiant: "Don't worry, I can take them,"
  • Neutral: "It's fine, I'll deal with them,"
  • Submissive: "I-It's okay, I'll deal with them,"

Alex begs you to stay with them and the player relents, seeing their fear and frustration. Both the player and Alex will retreat to the farmhouse, locking the door and waiting for the attackers to tire. The event continues as if the player pulled Alex to safety, with the attackers destroying the rest of the farm before tiring and leaving. This means if the attack triggers while either of the two is pregnant, it is not possible to avoid extensive damage to the perimeter fence and scared animals.

Pull Alex to Safety

The player grasps Alex by the shoulders, pulling them into the farmhouse. Alex shouts at the player to get off them, before tripping and stumbling backwards as the player locks the front door. Laughter is heard outside, in which Alex responds by climbing to their feet and trying to escape, but the player stands in their way.

  • Defiant: "It's four on two you idiot," you say. "And did you see the way they looked at you. They've come for you. Let's not give them what they want."
  • Neutral: "Did you see how they looked at you?" you ask. "They've come for you. Let's not give them what they want."
  • Submissive: "Y-you're gonna get hurt," you say. "I-I might be hurt too."

Alex glares at the player, but does not try to pass. Instead, they sit in the living room, resting their forehead in their palms while the goons try entering the farmhouse.

The goons try the front door, then the back. They circle the building, looking for a way in, before applying more force to the front door. The player fears they might force their way in, but they do not. Instead, they are heard walking to other parts of the farm, scaring the animals and smashing the buildings. Alex winches at every snap and shatter.

Eventually, at last they tire. The player peeks out through the window, and spots them walking away from the farm. Alex will then leave to assess the damage, and does not say a word. When the player exits outside, they see that extensive damage has been done to the farm's fence perimeter, as well as the animals riled up in a panic.

Stand with Alex

The player stands besides Alex as the goons close in. They plant their feet, before launching themselves at one of the assailants - with another goon rushing to help them, while the other two rush the player.

This starts a non-consensual encounter with very angry and mistrustful enemies. During this encounter, the player hears Alex fighting nearby, but the player cannot  spare any glances, as they must deal with the goons first.

It is a tough encounter, thus the player must do their best to succeed. There are two endings to this event - a good ending, a bad ending.

Good Ending

In either situation the player handles the tough encounter, the pair drop to the earth, either exhausted or too hurt to continue. Tearful, the player turns their attention to Alex - who is trapped in a chokehold by a goon, although another goon lies beaten at Alex's feet.

The player rushes to the rescue, grasping the goon's arms and helping Alex break free from their grasp. Alex twists around in response, headbutting the goon to the earth.

Remy's goons struggle to their feet, except one goon, whom Alex grasps by the ear.

"Tell Remy," they pant. "Tell Remy what's coming if dogs like you keep fucking with us."

This will heavily reduce the Remy's encroachment stat. The player watches the goons flee down the lane as Alex leans on the player's shoulder, stating to the player "dunno what I'd do without you."

Upon obtaining this ending, the player earns the feat- "Farm Protector".

Bad Ending

If the player fails to successfully fight off the goons, the player falls to the ground, too hurt to continue. Alex is about to curse at the goons, but gets themselves cut off by an arm wrapping around their neck from behind. Their attempts to break free result in a swift punch to their stomach, keeling them over instead.

The goons surround the player and Alex, barraging the pair with a flurry of kicks. In response, the player curls up in a defensive posture, and Alex does the same, enduring with a quiet dignity. This will cause great increases to Pain, Trauma, and Stress.

They tire, but continue into the farm. The player hears them roaming around, scaring the animals and smashing up the buildings - with Alex wincing at every snap and shatter. One goon gives Alex a final kick before leaving the farm in a state of ruin.

Left to recover themselves, the player and Alex stagger to their feet once again. Alex says they are "so sorry" as they rest their face in their palms, stating they did not want the player to get hurt. This reduces Alex's dominance stat.

At this point, the player has two options:

  • Comfort | + + Love
  • Berate | - Love | - - Alex's Dominance

Choosing to comfort Alex has the player say the following:

  • Defiant: "Sorry for what?" you ask. "We can't let them walk all over us. Let's fix this mess."
  • Neutral: "We can fix the farm," you say. "They haven't won yet.
  • Submissive: "I-I'm fine," you say. "We can fix the farm. They haven't won yet."

Alex nods in response, looking out over the damaged farm. They stand upright. Alex acknowledges that the player is right, before telling them they should get to work fixing up the farm.

Choosing to instead berate Alex has the player say the following:

  • Defiant: "Do you have a deathwish?" you ask. "We were a bit outnumbered."
  • Neutral: "There were too many," you say. "You should have been smarter."
  • Submissive: "W-We could have been injured much worse," you say.

Alex nods in response, stating that they understand if the player does not want to work at the farm anymore, before looking out at the damaged farm. They say to the player that they have cleaning up to do - but this time with an "I", excluding the player.