Alex's Farm

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Alex the Farmhand
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Alex's Farm, otherwise referred to as simply the "farm" for short, is one of several places of interest the player can visit. It is located within the Farmlands network.

The owner is the aforementioned Alex, a struggling farmer. With the help of the player, Alex will be able to establish themselves as a major player in the farm network, although there are rivals who have not taken kindly to this new-found competition.

This is an extensive area that is shaped by the player's actions, and one of the most content-heavy areas in the entire game.

0.3 brings a drastic overhaul to the Alex's farm area. To help readers, this page has been split into two separate articles:

  • Original: The pre-0.3 version of Alex's Farm, see here: Alex's Farm (Original)
    • Includes information about Farm Management, Farm Yield, Farm Respect, Remy's Encroachment, and several random events
  • Expanded: Post-0.3 version, onwards. See here: Alex's Farm (Expanded)
    • Includes information about Farm Upgrades, the kennel, saddling a horse, Alex's lab, and growing crops on the farm.

The "Original" article will no longer be updated, but is preserved for readers. For an up-to-date article, see the "Expanded" article.

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