Alex's Farm (Expanded)

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 This article will detail the progress of the farm from 0.3 onwards, including its many expansions and constructions the player can add to the farm. It will not include previous content; however, most content from before 0.3 are still available.

Alex the Farmhand
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Editor's Note: Include ONLY 0.3 content onwards. Do not include events that were added before, that's what the (Original) version of this page is for. Please do not restore pre-0.3 content, that is NOT what this page is for.

Alex's Farm, otherwise referred to as simply the "farm" for short, is one of several places of interest the player can visit. It is located within the Farmlands network. The owner is the aforementioned Alex, a struggling farmer.

This page is considered to be the "part 2" to the Alex's farm arc.

With the help of the player, Alex has put themselves on the map. Continuing from where the player left off, Remy has made their intentions very clear - and seeks to sabotage the competition by any means necessary. There is no limit to the kind of havoc they will cause.

As such, the player must build up their defenses, and prepare for what is to come.

This is an extensive area that is shaped by the player's actions, and one of the most content-heavy areas in the entire game.


"You are on Alex's farm. A rustic farmhouse overlooks a yard and chicken coop. Other buildings nestle between trees and hedgerows."

How to Enter

A "part 2" to Alex's Farm, the location and how to gain entry has not changed. It can again be easily accessed from the Farmlands. If the player unlocks Alex's Cottage, the player may ride a steed to and from Alex's Farm directly (refer to #Saddling a Steed for further context).

First Steps

The expanded content picks up a set time after the player has met Alex's parent. A prime time for the event-chain to appear is when the player is half-way through clearing out the fourth field, although it may also occur after the player has cleared said field.

Something's On Fire

At some point when the player is at the farm, Alex will emerge from their shed with a worried expression. They ask if the player can smell something burning, stating that their "neighbour might have let a bonfire get out of control." They scan the horizon for smoke, before asking the player to check the sheds while they "skirt" the farm.

Alex keeps their tools in this shed. As the player enters, they hear a click behind them as the door shuts. Despite the player's attempts, it seems they've been locked in.

A face appears at the small window, blocking the player's view of the yard. It's Remy. They observe the player a moment while tugging on a black glove, then walks away. Goons replace them, jostling for a peek.

The player has two options:

  • Warn Alex
  • Try to break the door down

Both options will vary slightly, with the first option having the player calling out for Alex's help - unsure how well their voice carries. The second option has the player shove their weight against the door, but remains firm nonetheless. Alex is seen struggling against the grasp of two goons, with one grasping each shoulder. They push Alex in front of Remy, and force Alex to their knees.

Remy crouches in front of Alex, and holds their head up by the chin. They speak, but Alex spits in their face. In response, Remy retaliates with a backhanded strike. Alex remains defiant regardless.

Remy responds with a backhanded strike. You hear the thwack from here, but Alex remains defiant. Remy mounts their steed, and spurs away as their goons close in on Alex. Alex manages to wrest an arm free, and smacks one of Remy's assailants in the face. The blow sends the goon reeling, but the other thugs don't seem concerned. The second goon grasps Alex from behind.

Escape the Shed!

Alex won't be able to fight them off alone. You need to get the door down. You could also distract the goons to give Alex some breathing space.
— A prompt in-game.

There are two options:

  • Bash the door | Physique
  • Search the shed

In most cases, bashing the door down will be shown to the player as something "impossible." A prompt appears, stating that it rattles with each strike, but doesn't feel any weaker. This however is untrue, and given enough time through choosing the same option, the door will be busted down eventually - meaning that it is in fact possible to escape using this method - but it will take many turns to do so!

Searching the shed has five options: Shelves, toolbox, cupboard, rakes and a sheet-covered object. The shelves and stack of rakes will have nothing of use, but the others will contain items that could come in handy:

  • Toolbox: Contains a large hammer, and a screwdriver. This gives the player two options to either bash the door down directly with the hammer, or remove the door's screws, and open it that way. The screw is the more consistent option, while the hammer has the potential to progress faster, based on physique.
  • Cupboard: A can of petrol. It is noted that while burning down the door would be unwise, the fuel has some other use. The petrol is required for another method of escape.
  • Sheet-covered object: Reveals a chainsaw. A science check must be passed, however this is the recommended option.


Door durability: (Ordered by number of actions required)

The large hammer from the toolbox is used to break down the door. Continue to bash the door with each turn! Succeeding a physique check leads to double progression that turn.

  • (0) The door is solid.
  • (1) Thin cracks have appeared in the door.
  • (4) The cracks in the door have widened.
  • (7) A draft penetrates the thick cracks in the door.
  • (10) The cracks in the door are almost wide enough to fit an arm through.
  • (13) The door is a mess of splinters. It won't withstand much more.
  • (14) With a final smash, your fist breaks right through the wood. You feel around for the hatch, unlock it, and kick the door open.
Door looseness: (Ordered by number of actions required)

The screwdriver from the toolbox is used to unscrew the door. Continue to unscrew with each turn.

  • (0) All the door's screws are intact.
  • (1) Most of the door's screws are intact.
  • (3) Many of the door's screws have been removed, but it's still sturdy.
  • (5) Many of the door's screws have been removed. It rattles in the wind.
  • (7) Most of the door's screws have been removed.
  • (9) Only one screw keeps the door in place.
  • (10) The last screw rattles against the floor, and the door swings open, only the locked hatch keeping it held to frame.
Alex's defense: (Ordered by number of actions required)

In the midst of all of this, Alex will be fighting off Remy's goons. The longer the player takes, the more Alex has to endure from the goons' assault. If the player takes too long, Alex will be overwhelmed!

  • (0) Alex kicks the thug grasping them, and manages to struggle free.
  • (1) Alex ducks under a swing from a thug.
  • (2) A thug grasps Alex's arm, but they manage to wrestle it free.
  • (3) A thug swings their fist at Alex, but the young farmer ducks at the last moment.
  • (4) The thugs keep Alex penned between them. They're hesitant to approach, but Alex is tiring.
  • (5) The thug makes another attempt to grapple Alex, and another thug backs them up. Alex dodges the former, but the latter grasps their arms from behind. | - Alex's Dominance
  • (6) Alex struggles against the thug's grasp.
  • (7) The thug approaches the struggling Alex from the front. Alex manages to keep them at bay with their feet, but the other thug forces Alex to their knees. | - - Alex's Dominance
  • (8) The thugs kick at the kneeling Alex while their arms are held from behind. Alex endures them with a grimace.
  • (9) Alex can endure no more. They fall to the ground and curl up. | - - - Alex's Dominance
  • (10+) Alex remains curled up on the ground, kicked and pummelled from all angles.

The last prompt will endlessly repeat until the player finds a way out.

If the player has reached the last prompt, make sure to distract the goons to easily reset the turn counter back to the first prompt.

An alternate option occurs if the player successfully distracts the goons:

  • (Any) Alex dodges a launch from one goon to their left, but the other goon follows it up, and knocks Alex off-balance. The thugs close in.

Lewd Distractions

If the player takes ten turns or more, Alex will remain curled up on the ground, kicked and pummeled from all angles until the player either escapes or distracts the goons.

The options to help Alex by distracting the goons will open up after Alex begins fighting back (indicated by them ducking under a swing). Here the player can help Alex, depending on their Exhibitionism stat, by exposing themselves through the window.

Note that each option can only be once, the goons will not fall for the same trick twice!

  • Expose your chest through the window | Exhibitionism 4
  • Expose your ass through the window | Exhibitionism 3
  • Expose your pussy/penis through the window | Exhibitionism 5

If successful, the player will expose their chosen body part through the window of the shed.

  • Chest exposed: The player taps on the glass for good measure - although the thugs are already turning away from Alex.
  • Ass exposed: That gets the thugs' attention.
  • Genitalia exposed: The thugs drop everything to ogle.

A prompt appears: "They're too busy ogling to notice Alex gain distance, and ready themselves for more violence."

This buys Alex (and the player) some more time, with Alex managing to weave between the thugs surrounding them - jabbing the thugs whenever they get close - as well as allowing the player to continue their method of escape.

As stated in the "Alex's Defense" sub-section, if the player (against all odds) fails to either meet any required checks, failing to find a way out, or used up all distraction options, Alex will be endlessly kicked and pummeled from all angles (at worst) until the player manages to find a way out of the shed. No alternative event regarding Alex will occur in this case.

Chainsaw the Door

The recommended method of escape is to use the chainsaw, discovered beneath a sheet. First the player will have to work out how to switch the chainsaw on - this requires a Science check. If successful, it's noted that the chainsaw needs fuel.

This is where the can of petrol comes into play. If the player did not already grab it before picking up the chainsaw, search the cupboard to find the petrol. Once done, a new option to refuel the chainsaw will appear. Choose to do so, replacing the cap that was removed to discover the chainsaw's problem.

The option to chainsaw the door appears. The player pulls the cord, and the chainsaw revs. The cord is pulled a second time, and the "teeth" roars into life, with one of the goons throwing a worried glance at the shed. The player shuts their eyes as they assault the door, reducing the wood to simply a pile of splinters and ruined planks - the remaining wood is kicked apart before the player steps through.

Greeted by the Smell of Smoke

After breaking down the door, The smell of smoke greets you. Followed by Remy's goons reacting, depending on how the Player broke out.

Bash the door:

The thugs turn to face you, letting Alex get some distance. They walk closer.

"The girl/boy is a tenacious sort," one of them says. "Maybe Remy could put them to work."

"Nah," the other person add, closing in. "This one won't be able to walk once we're done with them."

Bash the door with hammer:

The thugs turn to face you, letting Alex get some distance. They step closer, though throw wary glances at your hammer.

"The girl/boy found themselves a toy," one of them says.

"Put it down," the other adds, stepping closer. "And we'll go easy on ya."


The thugs back away from you, and from Alex. They stare at the roaring chainsaw in your hand, afraid to get any closer.

"Sh-shit," one of them cries. "Where the fuck did they get that?."

"Easy there girl/boy," the other person says. They sound calmer, and takes a step closer "Put the toy down."


The thugs turn to face you, letting Alex get some distance. They step closer, and seem unconcerned about the screwdriver in your hand.

"Clever clogs here got out of her cage" one of them says.

"Soon they'll regret it," the other person adds, closing in.

But before they can attack the player hears a familiar voice.


It's Bailey.

Seeing them the goons freeze and walk away as Bailey greets the player, with Alex thanking the player and Bailey, even telling them they'll make some tea, but Bailey says they came to check on their ward, the player, and leaves, telling the player, I'll be visiting.

Afterwards Alex will notice a smell, looks over, and sees A plume of smokes rises not so far away. And hurries to the fields, the player following behind. And finds Alex kneeling at the edge of the field, his face buried in their palms. The field beyond is charred black.

"M-my potatoes," Alex says. Their voice cracks. "My brother/sister was right. I can't do this."

Here the player is given two options:

  • Encourage
  • Offer a cup of tea

Both options varies slightly and ends with Alex climbing on their feet, saying they don't want the player to see them like this, and leads them to their cottage. Where Alex ask if Bailey is the orphanage caretaker, which the player nods, and Alex saying they shouldn't be surprised with Remy dealing with their sort.

Here the player is given three options:

  • Ask what Alex knows of Bailey
  • Apologise
  • Suggest teaming up

The first has Alex telling they just heard rumors about Bailey, and noting that some may be true after seeing what happened, and the latter two varies slightly but ends with Alex saying. "I want to share control of the farm with you."

Here the player can either:

  • Thank
  • Protest

Alex tell the player it's a small cottage, but there should be room for you to stay here as well. Then hesitates, before asking the player if they can handle the fields from now on, not wanting to look at them. Afterward the player gets two messages.

Remy will attack in force 30 days from now, and attempt to burn the fields again.

Alex will defend the farm alone, but is more likely to succeed with your help.

With this the player unlocks Alex's Cottage as a new safehouse, giving the player a place to live akin to the Orphanage or Eden's Cabin, four fields, and Alex as a love interest.


As Alex's partner, the player claims joint ownership of the farm. While they'll no longer receive hourly pay from Alex, they gain access to a number of new utilities around the farm.

Once Alex's cottage is unlocked the player will be given 4, up to 9, tillable fields with good quality soil. In time, they can also unlock a lab to produce drugs to sell and discover a strange flower they can grow.

The player's new life on the farm does not come without hardship, however. Their newfound success has rendered Remy more vindictive than ever, leading them to launch attacks on the farm roughly once a month, during which the player can take up arms alongside Alex. For more information on defending the farm, see Farm Assault.

Clearing the Fields

The primary factor in tracking the player's progress on the farm is the number of fields they've cleared, with nine being the maximum. As the player clears more fields, they'll slowly gain new opportunities to develop the farm further, such as new upgrades to purchase.

Unlike with the first three fields, the player no longer needs Alex's help to clear the fields (though they will still do so if they don't have any other chores to attend to), instead gaining the option to Clear a field alone (0:40). This takes twice as long as clearing a field with Alex, provides twice as much Fatigue, but boosts Physique by a bit more. The player can clear a field at any time of the day - even at night - provided there's no other work to be done at the farm.

Each field the player clears provides them with a new plot to grow crops in. See the Tending the Fields section below for more details.

Fifth Field: Hired Help

You observe the fifth field. It was a tangled mess not long ago.

The player hears an unfamiliar individual speaking with Alex. "It is expensive," the man/woman nods. "But if it's security you want, you get what you pay for." The stranger departs, leaving the player alone with Alex, who tells them they've been looking into security for the farm. They direct the player to their desk in the cottage for further details.

You can now buy further upgrades for the farm from Alex's bedroom.

This unlocks several new upgrades, including a watchtower and a guard to operate it. For a complete list of everything the player can purchase for the farm, see the Farm Upgrades section below.

Sixth Field: Alex's Proposition

You observe the sixth field. It was a tangled mess not long ago.

A bang erupts from Alex's shed as a multi-limbed creature bursts through the door. Clutching an empty cage, Alex gives chase. The player can either leave it to Alex or attempt to catch it (initiates a Dancing check; + Love if successful, + Pain and + Dominance if unsuccessful).

Regardless of the outcome, Alex asks to show the player something, leading them to the stone shed.

"This is my lab," Alex says, placing the cage on the table then turning to face you with hands on hips. A beaker rolls onto the floor and shatters. "It was more organised before the explosion," he/she adds.

The player can react in one of three ways:

  • Be impressed | + Love
  • Be curious | + Love
  • Be dismissive | - Love | - - Dominance

No matter the player's reaction, Alex goes on to discuss their project. "These creatures," Alex continues. "Remy hunts them. I wanted to know why. I tried eating one. Was like leather. But they produce this fluid."

They show the player a glowing purple vial, asking if they know what it is. If the player's Awareness is at 4/7 (Your knowledge of sexual depravity extends beyond that of most people.), they can correctly identify the substance as a drug - an aphrodisiac, specifically (- Dominance). Otherwise, they'll simply shake their head, leaving Alex to fill them in (+ Dominance).

"It's a drug," Alex says. "Remy must be making bank. We will too." The player can either agree or object to Alex's moneymaking scheme. If they agree, Alex hands them the phial and directs them to a compound on Elk Street, where they've already got a buyer willing to purchase it for £1000. Refusing slightly decreases Alex's Love, but they'll leave the offer on the table, placing the vial in a box and storing it in the lab. Should the player change their mind, they may retrieve it whenever they feel like it.

After this scene, the player can visit Alex's lab at any time of the day. However, they won't be able to interact with it much until they clear the next field.

Seventh Field: Alex's Net

You observe the seventh field. It was a tangled mess not long ago.

The player hears a rustle as a lurker bursts from the ground, only for a net to unfurl from behind the player, capturing the creature. The player follows a rope attached to the net to find Alex. "It works!" he/she exclaims as he/she holds up the squirming net. "These blighters are hard to catch." The player can act impressed (+ Love) or dismissive (- Love | - Dominance).

In any case, Alex announces that they made the player a net, too. They explain how it works, instructing the player to bring any lurkers they manage to catch to the lab, where Alex can "extract something valuable" from them.

You've gained the "Capture" ability, available during encounters with lurkers. The bestiality and lurker toggles must be enabled in Settings for lurker encounters to appear.

For more information on capturing lurkers and their use, see the section on Alex's Lab below.

Eighth Field: Strange Flowers

You observe the eighth field. It was a tangled mess not long ago.

The player finds Alex kneeling by the farm's perimeter, examining a strange purple flower. "Seen weeds like this before," he/she says. "Can't find them in any book, and never found one seeding." He/She rises. "Do you think we could get them to take? Remy grows them. They must have value."

In response, the player can be confident or advise caution. In either case, Alex holds the seeds in front of the player (+ Arousal and hallucinogen). "The farm needs the money," he/she says. "It's up to you. You're in charge of the fields."

You can now grow strange flowers.

The player can now grow their new crop at any plot. They take around 28 days to grow, and sell for £10 each.

Ninth Field: A Job Well Done

You observe the ninth field. It was a tangled mess not long ago.

Alex stands at the player's side as they observe the pinnacle of their work. The player can hold hands with Alex (+ Love, takes the player's handholding virginity if present) or simply pat their back.

"It was a wonder to restore the old fields. I'm not sure when the whole thing was last cultivated. I-" he/she pauses. "I'm sorry I haven't been much help." You look at him/her, and he/she averts his/her gaze.

The can player can then reassure (+ Love) or embolden (+ Dominance) Alex. Both cause Alex to momentarily perk up, only for the sound of a horse galloping nearby to cut them off. The player turns to find Remy, flanked by two goons. They taunt Alex and the player, asking if they've reconsidered their offer. At this point, the player is prompted to intercede (- Dominance) or let Alex handle it (+ Dominance).

In the ensuing scene, Alex or the player (depending on whether the player chose to let Alex handle it or not) whistles for the farm's dogs. If the player purchased the upgraded kennels, it's noted that Remy's steed is intimidated; otherwise, neither Remy nor their goons are fazed by the hounds (the difference is cosmetic; it has no effect on the scene itself). In any case, Remy turns to leave, sarcastically wishing their rivals good luck.

Remy is no longer interested in exploiting your farm. You've become a threat. He/She will commit even more during his/her assaults.

As the warning implies, Remy will drastically increase the pressure during their assaults, sending five groups of thugs to ransack the farm.

Tending the Fields

Upon gaining access to Alex's Cottage, the player is given complete control over the farm's fields. Alex will no longer tend to the crops, leaving the entirely in the player's hands.

For the most part, the fields act as an advanced version of growing crops elsewhere, such as the Orphanage garden. The work needed to maintain a field is far more tiresome than tending a simple garden plot; planting seeds in a field takes 3 hours per field, whilst watering them takes 1 hour. If the player can withstand the strenuous labour, however, they'll be able to reap bountiful rewards, acquiring thousands of any given crop after a harvest.

The player can shorten the amount of effort needed to sustain their crops by purchasing irrigation from Alex's desk in the cottage, available after clearing the fifth field. This removes the need for the player to manually water their crops. Each installment costs £5000, totaling at £45,000 for all nine fields.

For more information on growing crops in general, see the Tending page.

The Kennel

Also unlocked alongside the cottage is the ability to enter the farm's kennel, where the player can interact with Alex's dogs. The player has the option to give the dogs treats, play with them, or - assuming they've purchased the upgraded kennel - train them.

The kennel serves as a way for the player to effectively increase the dogs' Respect, which is particularly useful after upgrading their security capabilities.

The first time the player enters the kennel, the dogs will exhibit a unique reaction based on the player's current transformation, if they're in the fifth or sixth stage of the transformation in question. Only applies to the four beast TFs, and only occurs on the player's first visit to the kennel.

  • Wolf characters evoke curiosity among the dogs, before one barks its approval. | + + Respect
  • Cat characters will be met with hostility, their catlike scent betraying their presence. | - - Respect
  • Cow characters causes the hounds' noses to twitch, the scent of the player's milk putting them at ease. | + Respect
  • Harpy characters result in the dogs to backing away in fear, the player's appearance reminding them of something terrible. | - Respect

The player can only perform one activity in the kennel per day. Each option has different outcomes depending on the dogs' Respect for the player.


At the pet shop in the Shopping Centre the player is able to purchase dog treats for £1 each (up to 500 at a time). This allows them to give treats to the hounds, with different options based on how many treats the player is willing to give.

  • Feed all (20 treats) | + + Respect
  • Feed half (10 treats) | + Respect
  • Feed some (5 treats) | + Respect
  • Feed one (1 treat)

If the dogs' Respect for the player is incredibly high ("The dogs respect you."), the player gains three additional options after choosing the "feed all" option: hug (+ Respect), seduce (Deviancy 2, leads to a sex scene, + + Respect afterwards), or breastfeed (Deviancy 3, requires the player to be lactating).

If the dogs' Respect is incredibly low ("The dogs see you as a fucktoy."), attempting to feed them treats will result in one rushing the player, triggering a nonconsensual encounter. If the player becomes overwhelmed with pain during the encounter (- - Respect), the dogs will tear into the bag of treats, eating 100 of them. Beating them or making them cum has them back away from the player, allowing them to hand out treats uncontested. Defeating them with defiant acts has the additional effect of increasing Respect.


Rather than feed the dogs, the player has the option to play with them. Each option takes 1 hour.

  • Play fetch | + Fatigue
    • If the dogs' Respect is decently high ("The dogs trust you." or higher), they'll be more engaged in the game, resulting in the player getting a good workout (+ Physique).
  • Race | + + Respect | + Athletics | + Fatigue
    • With a high Athletics skill (A or higher), the player will manage to keep up with the dogs, earning extra Respect as a bonus.
  • Private playtime | Deviancy 3 - Requires a neutral amount of Respect ("The dogs are wary of you" or higher), leads to consensual sex with a single dog
  • Play a special game | Deviancy 5 - Requires a moderate amount of Respect ("The dogs trust you." or higher), leads to consensual sex with six dogs
  • Join them as a member of the kennel | Deviancy 5 - Requires a high amount of Respect ("The dogs respect you.")
    • The player strips their clothes and pretends to be a dog, going so far as to eat their kibble and groom one with their tongue. If the player possesses the complete Wolf Transformation, they'll be especially into it, noting at the end that "Sharing this moment with the dogs gives you an odd sense of peace." (- Awareness | - Trauma | - Stress).

If the dogs' Respect for the player is incredibly low ("The dogs see you as a fucktoy."), the hounds decide on a different kind of game, rushing the player down and triggering a nonconsensual encounter. The player must fend off six dogs in succession, after which they escape the kennel. This scene has no impact on Respect, regardless of the outcome.


If the player has purchased an upgrade for the dogs' kennel, they have an additional option to train the dogs. There are three different training courses the player can run the dogs through, with each one taking 1 hour.

  1. Strict | + + Stress | + + Fatigue | + + + Respect
  2. Mild | + Stress | + Fatigue | + Respect
  3. Easygoing | + Respect

Aside from increasing Respect regardless, each training session has different events that occur based on the dogs' Respect.


  • If the dogs respect the player, they'll obey the player's orders without issue.
  • If the dogs trust the player, a dog will approach the player for attention. The player may pat the dog (- Trauma | - Stress) or just wrap things up.
  • If the dogs are wary of the player, one dog will limp over to the player, holding up its paw (or foot, if it's a dogboy/girl). The player may tend to the paw (+ Stress | - Trauma) or wrap things up.
  • If the dogs have little respect for the player, there's a 50/50 chance they'll follow the player's orders (+ Respect) or ignore them (no effect).
  • If the dogs see the player as a fucktoy, the dogs will ignore the player entirely. As a disappointed player leaves, there's a 60% chance the dogs will block their path, growling. The player can force their way through (triggers a nonconsensual encounter), plead (causes the dogs to back down, unless the player has the Meek/Submissive trait, in which case it triggers a nonconsensual encounter), or submit (+ Submissiveness, triggers nonconsensual encounter).


  • If the dogs respect or trust the player, after the session the player has the option to reward the most impressive (Deviancy 3, slightly improves Hand skill) or reward them all (Deviancy 5, + + Respect, leads to a consensual encounter with six dogs).
  • If the dogs are wary of the player, they'll follow the player's orders, with some reluctance. | + Respect
  • If the dogs have little respect for the player, many of the dogs will ignore the obstacles. The player can try to discipline them - 80% chance to succeed (+ Respect), 20% chance that they'll chomp the player's ankle (+ Pain) - or just wrap things up, ending the session.
  • If the dogs see the player as a fucktoy, they'll ignore the obstacles completely. The player can give up, ending the session, or yell, initiating a Tending check, in which an S ensures success. Succeeding encourages a few of the dogs to attempt the obstacle course (+ + Respect), whereas failure results in a nonconsensual encounter with three dogs.


  • If the dogs respect the player, all of them will eagerly pay attention to the player. + Respect
  • If the dogs see the player as a fucktoy, not a single one will follow the player's instructions. | - Respect
  • At all other levels of Respect, the training goes by without any noteworthy happenings.

Choosing the wrap things up or give up options during any session has the player return to the farm without further incident.

Saddling a Steed

Unlocking the cottage also grants the player the ability to Saddle a steed (0:10). After saddling a steed, they have the option to choose a different one, though this doesn't have any effect aside from changing the colour of its mane; all horses behave identically.

If the player is unskilled with their thighs, the horse will buck them off, displaying the following message:

  • D Thigh Skill or higher required. There's a riding school nearby.

Once the player has a horse saddled, they can ride it to the town on the Harvest Trail. Whilst riding, random events can pop up, depending on the steeds' level of Respect.

  • The player's steed begins to tire, prompting them to give it a break (0:10) or push it (Thighs; an S will guarantee success). If unsuccessful, the horse will comply regardless, though the player loses a fair bit of Respect in the process.
  • A passing car honks, startling the player's steed. They're given the option to soothe (Tending), take charge (Thighs), or ignore (+ Stress). Both the Tending and Thighs checks are fairly difficult - not even an S in the respective skill ensures success - and failing causes the player to lose a moderate amount of Respect. Otherwise, the player manages to spur their horse back on the road.
  • The player hears hooves approaching from behind as two of Remy's goons approach. The player is given the option to ride faster (initiates a Thighs check) or confront them. If the player fails to escape or chooses to confront the thugs, the event that follows depends on how high Remy's Encroachment is.
    • At low Encroachment, the goons will simply stalk the player from a distance. | + Stress
    • At moderate Encroachment, the goons will attempt to shake the player down for £50 (+ Stress). Choosing to pay has the pair escort the player to their destination without issue, whereas refusing has them leave the player alone, at the cost of increasing Encroachment.
    • At high Encroachment, the goons will attack the player outright, hurling a lasso at their horse's neck whilst trying to shove them from the saddle (+ Stress). To escape, the player must complete two of three skill checks: punch the closest rider (Physique), grab the lasso (Hands), and reassure your steed (Tending). If successful, the player escapes the thugs (- Stress), earning the "Into the Sunset" feat in the process. If unsuccessful, the player is left in the dirt as the goons chase their steed away (+ Stress | + + Pain | - - Respect), forcing them to finish their journey on foot.
  • At very low Respect (around "The steeds of the farm have little respect for you."), the player's steed may run away from the road into an open field, where it will attempt to rape the player.
  • At moderately low Respect (around "The steeds of the farm are wary of you."), the player's steed may express frustration, demanding that the player fix it. The player can either deny the beast's request and continue on foot, force it to continue with a Thighs check (failing results in the horse complying, though not without a loss of Respect), or satisfy it with a handjob (Deviancy 3).
    • If the player opts to satisfy the steed, there's a chance for the player to be interrupted by the sound of a car approaching. The player can choose to stop (- Respect) or keep going (+ Respect, initiates a Hands skill check). If the player is unskilled with their hands, they'll fail to bring the horse to orgasm in time before the car passes by, increasing Stress, Trauma, and Bestiality fame.

The player's horse will be available to them regardless of where they left it. If the player left their horse at the farm and returns to the town on their own, they'll find their steed waiting for them at the entrance of the Harvest Trail. The opposite applies if they leave their horse in town and walk to the farm on foot.

Alex's Lab

Alex's lab is unlocked after clearing the sixth field, however the player won't be able to get much use out of it until after the seventh field is cleared, and Alex teaches them how to catch lurkers.

Currently, the only thing the player can gain from the lab are phials of aphrodisiac, extracted from the local fauna.

Capturing Lurkers

Note: This feature requires certain toggles to be enabled - Bestiality and Lurkers

Once the player acquires a net from Alex, they'll be given a new option during encounters with lurkers: hurl net. Success is dependent on the player's "Nets" skill (starts at None, increases every time the player fails to capture a lurker). If successful, the player snatches the creature in their net and stores them away.

An alternate way to net lurkers is to capture them during random encounters while working on the farm. In this case, success is based on the player's Dance and Athletics skills. Note that this option is only available if the player does not already have a lurker in their possession.

The player may only carry one lurker at a time, after which they must drop it off at the lab.

Producing Aphrodisiacs

After catching a lurker, the player can take it to Alex's lab, where they can move their lurker to a cage. There doesn't appear to be a limit to how many lurkers the player may store in the lab; however, Alex will only be able to extract drugs from one lurker at a time.

It takes one week for Alex to produce a vial of aphrodisiac, which the player can take and sell to the Elk Street Compound for £1000 apiece.

Farm Upgrades

In Alex's room at their cottage, the player can sit on a desk to look over ways to either improve the Farm's defense against Remy's attacks or increase the farms productivity.

Initially, the player will only be able to upgrade the wall surrounding the farm. Additional defense and upgrades to productivity can also be bought once the player clears the fifth field. Some of these will come with drawbacks in addition to benefits. Certain upgrades must also be bought in succession; for example, the player cannot purchase searchlights without the watchtower already being built.

Security Upgrades

  • Wall:
    • Full repair - The stone wall surrounding the farm is old, and has vanished in places. Repairing these sections properly might deter intruders.
      • Slightly slows Remy's encroachment.(-5% daily encroachment growth)
      • Slightly slows attackers during an assault.
      • Costs £3500.
      • Will take a week to build.
    • Reinforce - The wall is sturdy, but could be stronger still. Reinforcing it with cement would make it harder to sabotage.
      • Reduces the impact of Sabotage, making the wall easier to maintain.
      • Further slows attackers during an assault.
      • Costs £10000.
      • Will take a week to build.
    • Metal fence - A metal fence could be built atop the stone perimeter. It would take more effort to climb.
      • Thwarts some intrusion attempts.
      • Further slows attackers during an assault.
      • Costs £25000.
      • Will take two weeks to build.
    • Barbed wire - The fence could be crowned with barbed wire, making it impossible to climb without special equipment.
      • Thwarts many intrusion attempts.
      • Further slows attackers during an assault.
      • Costs £5000.
      • Will take a week to build.
  • Security
    • Watchtower - A tower could be built to watch over the fields at night. You'll need to employ someone to staff it.
      • Slows Remy's Encroachment.(-5% daily encroachment growth)
      • Gives information during assaults.
      • Needs to be staffed to fully function.
      • Costs £20000.
      • Will take two weeks to build.
    • Searchlights - Searchlights could be affixed to the watchtower, making security more effective.
      • Further slows Remy's encroachment.(-5% daily encroachment growth)
      • Makes spotting during assaults easier.
      • Only functions while staffed.
      • Costs £5000.
      • Will take a week to build.
    • Tower guard also decreases daily encroachment growth, from 0% to 10% at maximum skill
  • Kennel
    • Outfit with training facilities - The kennel could be outfitted with facilities for training guard dogs, letting your hounds help with farm security.
      • Slows Remy's encroachment.(-10% daily encroachment growth)
      • The hounds will be more disciplined during assaults.
      • Training the hounds to take down humans will make them harder to control.
      • The aggression will agitate the cattle and steeds as well.
      • Costs £15000.
      • Will take a week to build.
      • Notes: Greatly decreases hounds' Respect daily. Slightly decreases the Respect of steeds and cattle as well.

The minimum encroachment growth player can achieve from security upgrades is 65%. While its minor and need a lot of effort to setup, these upgrades can still prove to be helpful as daily encroachment growth is rounded down.

Productivity Upgrades

  • Woodland
    • Purchase - Woodland surrounds much of the farm, and could be annexed to give the swine more room to root.
      • Increases truffles produced.
      • Needs to be managed.
      • More freedom will make the swine harder to control.
      • Costs £10000.
      • Will take three days to extend the fence.
      • Notes: Creates new chore tend to woodlands (0:20). Slightly decreases pigs' Respect daily. Produces 3-6 truffles daily, can be collected from Alex's Cottage.
    • Purchase more - Some of the nearby woodland is fat with fruit, nuts and edible mushrooms. Annexing it will add a space to forage.
      • Lets you forage on the farm.
      • Needs to be managed.
      • Costs £20000.
      • Will take five days to extend the fence.
      • Notes: Allows the player to forage (1:00) on the farm, Woodlands take more time to tend (0:40)
    • Purchase even more - Even more woodland could be annexed, giving you and the swine more room to forage.
      • Increases truffles produced.
      • Increases forage produced.
      • Needs to be managed.
      • More freedom will make the swine harder to control.
      • Costs £50000.
      • Will take a week to extend the fence.
      • Notes: Woodlands take more time to tend (1:00). Greatly decreases pigs' Respect daily. Produces 6-12 truffles daily, can be collected from Alex's Cottage.
  • Barn
    • Outfit with new milking equipment - State of the art milking equipment could be installed in the barn, increasing your yield.
      • More milk from your cattle.
      • Lets you milk yourself faster.
      • Costs £5000.
      • Will take two days to build.
      • Notes: Produces 6-12 bottles of milk daily, can be collected from Alex's Cottage.
    • Expand - A bigger barn means room for more cattle.
      • More cattle, and more milk.
      • More time spent milking.
      • Costs £20000.
      • Will take ten days to build.
      • Notes: Produces 12-24 bottles of milk daily, can be collected from Alex's Cottage.
  • Coop
    • Expand - A bigger coop means room for more chickens.
      • More eggs produced.
      • Costs £2000.
      • Will take five days to build.
      • Notes: Produces 12-24 eggs daily, can be collected from Alex's Cottage.
    • Expand again - An even bigger coop means even more chickens.
      • Even more eggs produced.
      • Costs £5000.
      • Will take a week to build.
      • Notes: Produces 24-48 eggs daily, can be collected from Alex's Cottage.
  • Irrigation
    • Build Field irrigation - Irrigation channels from the local river.
      • Adds irrigation to a field so that you no longer need to water the crops.
      • Costs £5000.
      • Will take three days to build.
      • Note: Per field, meaning it would take £45000 and 27 days to add irrigation to all nine fields.

Other Upgrades

  • Stable
    • Expand - The stable could be expanded to give the horses more space, improving their rest.
      • Steeds will carry you to and from town faster.
      • Costs £20000.
      • Will take two weeks to build.
      • Notes: Steeds will carry the player to and from town faster (from 0:30 to 0:15)
  • Parasite Barn - requires Parasites to be enabled. The player also needs the Anal Mother trait, meaning they must have birthed at least 3 parasites.
    • Build - A new barn to store your parasites.
      • Parasite Storage.
      • Costs £5000.
      • Will take 2 weeks to build.
    • Expand - A new barn to store your parasites.
      • Upgrades the Parasite barn, providing a little extra space and allowing them to survive on their own for longer.
      • Costs £20000.
      • Will take a week to build.
  • Greenhouse – Requires the player to have at least 80% love with Alex. Alex must either be in their room doing admin work or the player must have cleared 9 fields to bring it up.
    • Build - You unfurl the paper. The details have been crossed out, but it looks like plans for a greenhouse.
      • Upgrades the Orphanage Garden. All crops/flowers can be grown year round.
      • Costs £10000.
      • Will take a week to build.


During the duration of an upgrade's construction, there'll be workers on the farm until the project is completed. When builders are present, a number of events can occur involving them while the player is working on the farm, some of which may speed up the construction time.

  • The player hears a wolf whistle from one of the workers, flanked by two friends. The player is given four options: ignore (+ Stress), strut (Exhibitionism 1), get angry (+ Defiance), or threaten (- Trauma, requires the Bratty/Defiant trait). Regardless of the player's choice, the builders get back to work, leaving the player alone.
  • A couple of builders sit by idly, taking a break, nodding at the player as they pass. The player can either encourage them (0:15) or just nod back.
    • Encouraging yields a low chance of speeding construction; sure enough, there's a 1/10 chance they'll be envigorated by the player's words, decreasing construction time by one day. If they're unconvinced, the player can instead try to seduce them (Promiscuity 3). The ensuing Seduction check requires an overall rating of B or higher to succeed, leading to consensual sex if successful. If the encounter ends with the builders reaching orgasm, they'll get back to work with vigor, decreasing construction time by one day.
  • A worker calls out to the player, asking for a cup of tea. The player can make tea (0:05), make tea and chat (0:20), get angry (- Trauma), or simply ignore. There are no consequences or hidden benefits to any of the four options.
  • The player watches a group of builders carry materials across the yard. They're prompted to ignore them or help out (1:00, Might speed construction if successful). The latter initiates a Physique check. If the player is successful, there's a 1/5 chance it will decrease construction time by one day. Otherwise, the workers will simply thank the player for the help.
  • As the player walks by, a worker flicks up their skirt (+ Stress, as well as an additional + Stress and + Trauma if the player isn't wearing underwear) or grabs their bottom (+ Stress | + Trauma). The player can ignore the pervert (+ Stress) or get angry (- Trauma), both leading to them returning to work without further incident.
    • In the skirt variant of the scene, the player can instead flaunt (Exhibitionism 2, or Exhibitionism 4 if the player isn't wearing underwear), briefly flashing the worker.
    • In the groping variant, the player can flirt (Promiscuity 1). The builder follows the player across the yard before being called back by their superior.


Upon clearing all fields, the player earns the unique "Farmer" trait.

  • Farmer - "You know your way around a barn. Your physique is easier to maintain."

After clearing the eighth field, the player unlocks the ability to plant strange flowers. See the Tending page for more information.

Currently there are thirteen feats tied to this area, along with two related to the Watchtower Guard and two related to the Farm Assault event (see their respective pages for more details).

Feat name Hint Description Requirement Notes VrelCoins Added Rank
Farmhand No hint featured. "Help Alex expand the farm." Clear out the second field for Alex at their own farm. Higher skills in Tending will shorten the time required for the field to be cleared.

Exhaust the option to clear out a field until it cannot be done any more for the day.

Alex may also clear out the field as a part of their daily activities towards the end of the day (if they are not occupied doing anything else), choose to help them to quicken the pace slightly.

Farmer No hint featured. "Return the farm to its former glory." Clear out all three fields covered in weeds. Higher skills in Tending will shorten the time required for the field to be cleared.

Exhaust the option to clear out a field until it cannot be done any more for the day.

Alex may also clear out the field as a part of their daily activities towards the end of the day (if they are not occupied doing anything else), choose to help them to quicken the pace slightly.

Cultivator No hint featured. "Claim every field at Alex's farm." Claim all nine fields covered in weeds. The same tips apply: Max out Tending and help Alex with their chores to capitalize on time and clear the fields as soon as possible.

Note that purchasing certain farm expansions may impact Alex's work schedule. The Woodlands, for example, will add to the required work, while the wall upgrades will decrease it.

The Rival Farm No hint featured. "Build a farm expansion." Purchase any expansion to Alex's Farm. After becoming Alex's business partner, the player can buy extensions to the farm. Purchasing any of them grants this feat. 2
The Rival Estate No hint featured. "Build all the farm expansions." Purchase every expansion to Alex's Farm Requires the player to purchase every single expansion and their subsequent upgrades.

The Parasite Barn upgrade is not needed for this feat.

Animal Tender No hint featured. "Earn the respect of all animals at Alex's farm." Max out the "Respect" stat for each individual farm animal. Obtained via means of Tending, Deviancy and not relying on Alex all too much for help (such as not choosing to scream/call for help when given the chance) 2
Farm Protector "Trespassers will be kicked." "Defended the farm from a rival's thugs." Chase off an intruder, and/or fighting off the thugs at max Encroachment. As Alex's farm grows more successful, a new stat will be increased - Remy's Encroachment. Maxing it out will have Remy send thugs to attack the farm.

The player does not need to max out Encroachment to earn that feat, as it can be obtained via chasing off an intruder as well. This is a random encounter that triggers upon gaining a point of Encroachment.

Heroic Victory No hint featured. "Defend nine fields from Remy, lose none." Prevent Remy's goons from torching any of your nine fields during an assault. After clearing the third field on Alex's Farm, Remy will invade about once a month and attempt to burn the crops. This feat requires all nine fields to be cleared.

The player does not need crops growing in all nine fields at the time of the assault; simply claiming all of them is enough to render the player eligible for this feat.

Fully investing in the wall and watchtower will greatly improve the player's odds of success, as will a high Skulduggery skill and Combat fame. See the Farm Assault page for more extensive information.

A Knot to Remember "A most deviant display." "Knotted in the field with people nearby." Have a beast orgasm inside the player while at the farm. Note: This feat requires a toggle to be enabled - Bestiality.

This requires the player to have a male canine (or have it possess a penis as it's genitalia) on Alex's farm penetrate the player during combat, then have finally have the canine orgasm inside and knot the player.

Please note that this will not work with other animals/beasts, and only canines have the ability to "knot" - a 20% chance to do so after combat ends, and they orgasm.

Dealing "Sell Alex's strange produce." "Sold produce to an unscrupulous company." Sell a vial of aphrodisiac to the Elk Street Compound. After clearing the sixth field of Alex's Farm, the player will gain access to Alex's lab, where they'll show the player a pink vial. The player needs to agree to deliver it to the Elk Street Compound. 1
To Watch the Fields "Hire help." "Hired security for your farm." Build the watchtower and hire a guard. After clearing the fifth field, the player has the option of buying a watchtower for the farm. Once the building is complete, a guard can be hired at the Pub. 1
Reliable Employer "Help an employee reach their potential." "Employed an S-ranked guard." Have your watchtower guard's Security skill reach S. Whenever the watchtower guard is paid, their Security skill will increase slightly.

Hiring a guard with a decent starting Security skill at the Pub can help speed up progress.

Into the Sunset "Escape mounted pursuers." "Escaped Remy's goons on horseback." Successfully outmaneuver Remy's goons whilst riding in the countryside. After gaining access to Alex's Cottage, the player can ride a horse/centaur on the road between the town and farmlands. Whilst doing this, there's a chance for the player to be hounded by a pair of thugs.

The player is given the option to ride faster (initiates a Thighs check) or confront them. Choose the latter option; even if successful, choosing to ride faster will not grant the feat. After confronting them, the player must successfully pass two of three skill checks (Physique, Hands, or Tending) to fight off the thugs and earn the feat.



  • This is one of few areas to be affected by the player's actions, with the others being the Wolf Cave, Orphanage, and Hawk's Tower.
  • Working at the farm is one of the easiest ways to quickly increase Deviancy. The player can grind this characteristic when milking cows by hand, since they will only need Deviancy 1. Deviancy 2 can be grinded while engaging with creatures in heat. Progress from there will be easy.
  • Should the player pass out on Alex's farm and be abducted, Alex might come rescue you if their love is high enough. For details see Moor Abduction.


The following images showcase below what the farm looks like at different times of the day.

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