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Alex the Farmhand
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This article details progression on the farm up to the third field. For an in-depth overview of farm management after that point, see Alex's Farm (Expanded), though be warned that it may contain spoilers for this section.

Alex's Farm, otherwise referred to as simply the "farm" for short, is one of several places of interest the player can visit. It is located within the Farmlands network.

The owner is the aforementioned Alex, a struggling farmer. With the help of the player, Alex will be able to establish themselves as a major player in the farm network, although there are rivals who have not taken kindly to this new-found competition.

This is an extensive area that is shaped by the player's actions, and one of the most content-heavy areas in the entire game.


"You are on Alex's farm. A rustic farmhouse overlooks a yard and chicken coop. Other buildings nestle between trees and hedgerows."

How to Enter

Alex's Farm is easily accessed from the Farmlands. When the player stumbles across the Farmlands for the first time, they will notice a sign. This opens up a new option, above the usual options at the Farmlands - "Ask about farm work"

First Steps

When the player asks for farm work, they will head to the nearby farmhouse. A person emerges from behind a chicken coop opposite of the farmhouse, carrying a large bale of hay on their shoulder. They tell the player they'll be with them shortly. As soon as they are done putting the hay away in a nearby shed, they walk towards the player, sweat glistening on their forehead. As they wipe their fringe away from their eyes, they ask the player a question: "Tea or coffee?"

Both options do not amount to much, but tea will have a Stress reduction and coffee will have a Fatigue reduction. The player notes the interior as rustic and cozy, but Alex will then insist on not discussing why the player is here until their drink is ready. It's noted that Alex is about the player's age, although the player has never seen them at the school.

The person introduces themselves as Alex, asking if the player is interested in their eggs. The player refers back to the sign, in which Alex replies with wanting to show the player around. Alex will then give the player a tour around their farm, giving them instructions on what is required for a farmhand.

First things first, the horses needs lots of care. They need brushing every day, and feeding twice a day - and lots of exercise too. Alex leads the player over to a field beyond a fence lined by rows of green plants, explaining that they are potatoes. They beam with pride as they go into detail about them, stating they are about halfway along. There are three more fields like the one before them, but they are covered with weeds - looking after the animals should be the priority.

In the midst of this, Alex tells the player they can come to work at the farm whenever they like between dawn to dusk, and they will pay the player £15 an hour. They go on to say that they will pay more, but the farm is currently "breaking even." They leave the player with an affirmation that maintaining the farm is hard work.


After introductions are out of the way, a new prompt will appear, stating the following:

"Alex has all the farm options you do. Covering chores will free them to perform different tasks. Getting the other fields running will improve your wage. Alex may also give you a cut of profits should there be an exceptional yield."

"Some options are only available at certain times of day."

With that in mind, the player can now begin work on the farm. As stated above, covering for Alex will have them perform different tasks. The player must get the other fields running to advance in the farm sequence, with Alex rewarding the player for doing so.

  • From the get-go, the player will earn £15 for each hour worked. To earn a maximum output, the player must continue to work there for the entirety of the day.
  • Several prompts will appear, stating to the player what needs to be done to the farm. Each action will take up to twenty minutes of in-game time. This may include, but not limited to:
    • "The pigs root around the mud for leftover scraps." - Gives the player the option to "Feed the pigs (0:20)"
    • "The horses/centaur need brushing." - Gives the player the option to "Brush a centaur (0:20)". Adds +Tending.
    • "The cows pace uncontrollably. They need milking." - Gives the player the option to "Milk the cattle"
    • "The dogs watch the gate to the field, eager for their meal." - Gives the player the option to "Feed the dogs (0:20)"
    • "The crops need tending." - Gives the player the option to "Tend the crops (0:20)". Adds +Tending.
  • Every morning, the player can check the perimeter for damage.
  • After 9PM, Alex will close up the barn. Until 6AM, the player can choose to sneak into the barn and milk themselves. The option "Milk yourself (0:30)" becomes available upon adequate Deviancy. This requires Deviancy 2 or higher.
    • This has the player attach the milking machine to their sensitive parts, drastically increasing Arousal. It builds up to the point of the player orgasming, causing the player to lactate from their breasts or release semen. Once semen/milk is added to a glass tank, this can greatly improve Farm yield. Producing enough milk to fill a whole bottle of milk will produce a bottle of milk for the player. Otherwise, the player mixes their milk with the cow's milk to increase Farm yield.
    • The player can repeat this action for as long as they wish, but the bonus for Farm yield only occurs for the start of the day. Subsequent milking will only increase Farm yield slightly, as a decent amount may already be there in the glass tank already.
  • Alex can discover the player milking themselves, leading to a small scene. After that, the player will have the hability to milk themselves even during the day. The event might have to be triggered after many times of milking during night, or just depend on odd chance. This small scene goes like, Alex emerges from the shadows. "So that's where all the extra milk is coming from," he says, blushing, "I know I asked for your help, I just didn't expect you to go this far." | + Love | + Lust He turns to leave, but pauses, "As long as the cattle aren't neglected, I don't mind."
  • Two Feats are associated with Alex's Farm: "Farmhand" and "Farmer". Earning the Farmhand feat requires the player to help Alex expand the farm by clearing one of the weedy fields to completion for the first time. Earning the Farmer feat requires the player to clear all fields and restore the farm to its former glory.

Farm Management

Managing the farm will require the player to participate in a wide range of activities. The player's duties consist of caring for the many animals and ensuring the farm is in tip-top shape. Alex will work at the farm all day, and will have the same options as the player. This means Alex will take care of the activities the player has not. In some cases, the player can choose to assist Alex with an activity, often increasing Alex's Love. But not all of Alex's activities offer the player the option to help out.

Players can drop by any time of the day and there will be something for them to do. However, certain activities will only be available at certain times of day. If the player has completed all available activities at a specific time of day, that doesn't mean there won't be work at a later time that day. The farm requires constant care.

All activities will take twenty minutes each, letting the player decide how to spend any given hour. Payment will be made only after an hour of work is complete. The game keeps track of how long the player has worked on the farm, so even if the player leaves the farm without having completed an hour of time, the next time they drop by and resume work, they will receive their payment accordingly.

In addition to the original payment of £15, the player will receive a bonus depending on Farm Yield increase every day, which could be somewhere between £50 and £200, or even more. This makes Farm work a fairly profitable line of work, if the player is dedicated and hard-working.

Clearing a field to completion will result in Alex increasing the hourly pay by £15. This means the maximum pay the player will receive is £60, after clearing all of the farm fields.


Players must ensure the farm remains in good shape, especially its borders. Over time, as Alex's farm prospers, another farmer will grow jealous of its success: Remy. There is a stat that is directly tied to the Farm's success: Remy's Encroachment. As Alex's farm continues to grow, the perimeter may receive damage more frequently or even be vandalized by Remy's goons. The player will be notified of the perimeter's health if it has been damaged:

  • The perimeter is in dire need of repair.
  • The perimeter is in need of repair.

How much damage will determine how long the player will take in repairs. The player may end up spending up an hour of in-game time repairing it.


The yard may end up covered in leaves, which the player can help clear. This will take twenty minutes, like all other farm activities. Alex can be found clearing the leaves themselves, but the player will not have the option to help Alex.


Chickens are by far the easiest farm animal to care for. They require little attention and no skills in particular.

  • The chickens cluck at the edge of their coop, eager to be let out. (Let them out. Occurs in the early mornings.)
  • Hungry chickens follow you across the yard. (Feed)
  • The chickens avoid the growing shadows. (Lead them back into the coop)

There is one possible danger while working with the chickens: The player may end up getting trapped in a fence while chickens hold them in place, letting a dog initiate a non-consensual encounter with the player. This event will not be particularly difficult, however, since screaming will have Alex rescue the player, and there are plenty of opportunities to regain Control by means of Deviancy.

When the chickens are being herded back into their coop by the end of the day, there is a possibility one of the chickens gets lost. The player can go look for them, taking ten minutes. Having the Cat Transformation, the player can find the lost chicken instantly. Otherwise, it decreases Farm Yield.


Pigs will not be as demanding as other farm animals, but some pigs may be unruly. The player will benefit from having good Tending or Athletics.

  • The pigs are restless. (Let them out. Occurs in the early mornings.)
  • The pigs root around the mud for leftover scraps. (Feed)
  • The pigs have some food, but not enough to sate their appetites. (Feed)
  • The pigs huddle close together for warmth. (Lead them back into their shed. Occurs by the end of the day)

Two events can occur while the player or Alex works with the pigs, and in both cases a pig takes an interest in the player's or Alex's pants/skirt. If the player has fairly decent Tending, they can scold them and the pig will shy away. Athletics will let the player shove the pig away. In Alex's case, the player can either help, or simply watch. Choosing to watch will result in the pig ripping out Alex's pants or skirt, revealing their underwear. This increases Lust without the player being exposed.


As the horses/centaurs are larger animals, they will require higher stats from the player in order to care for them best.

  • The horses/centaurs pace around their stalls. (Let them out. Occurs in the early mornings.)
  • The horses/centaurs need brushing. (Brush them.)
  • The horses/centaurs need more brushing. (Brush them.)
  • The horses/centaurs seem agitated. They need "special" attention (The horses/centaurs will be aroused. The player can service them manually (Deviancy 3), orally (Deviancy 4), or let them mount the player (Deviancy 5)
  • Some of the horses/centaurs lie on the grass, worn out for the day. (Lead them back into their stalls. Occurs by the end of the day)

While brushing the horses/centaurs, some of them may be unwilling. The player can seduce them with Deviancy 2 or higher, and decent Seduction. An aggressive horse/centaur can be escaped from with good Athletics. If the player misses their escape, a non-consensual encounter will occur with the horse. As usual, though, the player can easily escape from this encounter by screaming for Alex's help.


The farm dogs will help the player in their various assignments, like herding the cattle back into their barn. They require little care other than feeding them.

  • The dogs watch the gate to the field, eager for their meal.

While feeding the dogs, one of them may take a liking to the player, humping against their bottom. The player can scold it with Tending, or welcome the dog's advances with Deviancy 2 or higher.


Cattle consists of cows and bulls that need to be milked of their fluids. They will trouble the player no further than that.

  • The cattle moo from their barn, eager to be let out. (Let them out. 0:20. Occurs early morning)
  • The cattle pace uncomfortably. They need milking.
  • The cattle crowd around their barn, fearful of the growing shadows. (Lead them back into the barn. Occurs by the end of the day)

The number of cattle to milk will increase as Alex's farm grows and succeeds. The player will have the option to:

  • Milk them with the machine (0:20 | + Tending)
  • Milk them by hand (Up to 0:30, depending on skill | Deviancy 1 | + Farm yield | + Tending | + Respect)
  • Milk with by mouth (0:03 | Deviancy 4 | + Tending)

Using Deviancy to milk them manually or orally will increase the player's Arousal in addition to the other stats, but it is worth noting that they will not dirty themselves with lewd fluids when doing so. Milking cows by mouth will also result in the player inevitably swallowing a little milk, lowering Purity.

If the player chooses to milk themselves at night and are discovered by Alex, it will unlock the ability to milk themselves during the day once all the cattle has been milked.


An assortment of crops will require the player's attention for a sizable fraction of the day. Players will need to remove weeds, examine for pests and disease, water and tend the crops repeatedly. The player does not require any particular skills to work on these. Alex can be found tending the crops, and the player can help out.

  • The crops need tending. (Tend. | + Fatigue | + Tending)

A few events can occur while the player works on the crop field.

  • The player may trip on something, but be unsure as to what was it. This will increase Pain and Stress.
  • A leering NPC can come and try to flirt with the player, to which the player can welcome the advances or refuse. The event is fully described further below.
  • Something dark may burrow near the player. When they look around however, they won't spot anything. The event may end there, but there is a probability the creature in question lunges at the player. The event is fully described further below.
  • Some plant shoots may coil around the player and restrain them. The player can try to calm it with Tending, forcibly remove it with Athletics, or scream for Alex's help, greatly increasing NPC Dominance. Should the player fail in escaping the shoot, a non-consensual tentacle encounter will ensue.
  • If the player has an S in Tending, they will be able to share tending tips with Alex while they work on the crops together. This will increase Alex's Love but decrease their Dominance.

After clearing the fourth field, and follow up Remy's attack event, this will change to four fields which the player can plant and tend to.

Field Progress

When relaxing with Alex under a tree, they may explain that the territory of their farm is actually quite expansive, but that the surrounding woodlands has reclaimed much of the terrain, invading it with weeds that will have to be cleared out for them to become usable once more.

The field progress is measured by a bar that gradually fills when the player works at the farm. All activities contribute to field progress, including tending the crops. Once the player hits a certain threshold, they will advance up a stage. Clearing a field to completion will greatly increase the "farm yield" stat and consolidate Alex's farm as successful. Alex will then offer a drink in celebration to the player for clearing out a field.

After that, the player and Alex will move on to another field, resetting the field progress statistic.

  • Stage 1: One of the fields is being cleared, but remains a jungle of weeds.
  • Stage 2: One of the fields is being cleared, but little progress has been made.
  • Stage 3: One of the fields is being cleared, but the tangle remains defiant.
  • Stage 4: One of the fields is being cleared, and soil has been exposed in places.
  • Stage 5: One of the fields is being cleared, and is starting to look civilised.
  • Stage 6: One of the fields is being cleared, and is almost ready for planting.
  • Stage 7: One of the fields is being cleared, and is ready for planting!

Farm Yield

Farm yield will affect the payout at the end of the day. On average, Alex will hand the player a set amount. Every time farm yield is added, this will increase the payout to a much larger number. For example, a payment of £45 will now become £162 at the end of the day, or £216, and so on. Alex will determine how well the player handled the animals in general - completing all tasks (resulting in freeing up other tasks for Alex) will grant a higher farm yield.

Other examples of increasing farm yield include things such as milking the cows by hand, and so on. Once Alex wakes up in the morning, they will state to the player how they have earned a better yield than late recently, before giving the player the increased amount before praising them by saying the player has "a way with the animals."

The easiest way to increase farm yield is to sneak into the barn at night (or the day once unlocked), and use the milking machine, This requires Deviancy 2 or higher.

Farm Respect

It is recommended to get on the farm animals' good side by increasing their respect of the player. Doing this will make them more likely to listen to the player when they demand something from them, such as when the player scolds them for bad behaviour.

Farm animal respect is separated into four different categories, depending on the farm animal:

  • Steeds' respect
    • ≥ 20: The steeds of the farm respect you.
    • ≥ 5: The steeds of the farm trust you.
    • ≥ -5: The steeds of the farm are wary of you.
    • ≥ -20: The steeds of the farm have little respect for you.
    • < -20: The steeds of the farm see you as a fucktoy.
  • Pigs' respect
    • ≥ 20: The pigs respect you.
    • ≥ 5: The pigs trust you.
    • ≥ -5: The pigs are wary of you.
    • ≥ -20: The pigs have little respect for you.
    • < -20: The pigs see you as a fucktoy.
  • Cattle respect
    • ≥ 20: The cattle respect you.
    • ≥ 5: The cattle trust you.
    • ≥ -5: The cattle are wary of you.
    • ≥ -20: The cattle have little respect for you.
    • < -20: The cattle see you as an annoyance.
  • Dogs' respect
    • ≥ 20: The dogs respect you.
    • ≥ 5: The dogs trust you.
    • ≥ -5: The dogs are wary of you.
    • ≥ -20: The dogs have little respect for you.
    • < -20: The dogs see you as a fucktoy.

Be sure to refer to the Social tab for more information on tracking animal respect - the full list is detailed above.

Examples of increasing farm respect include: Successfully scolding the dogs when they get rowdy, scolding the pigs when they have the player or Alex's clothing in their mouths, milking the cows/cattle by hand, successfully chasing and then outrunning the steeds when they say they are "not finished" - these are all ways of increasing individual farm animal respect.

Note that these will only be indicated by the "Respect+" in-game, giving the illusion that it is simply one stat - but in reality, it is split up into several smaller stats with the same purpose, but with different farm animals.

One example of farm animal respect coming into play for an event, if the player has 5+ in Steeds' respect:

  • Alex stands with a broad person beside the stable. The broad person looks at the player. "This must be one of your farmhands," they say. "That's right," Alex replies. They look at the player, and gestures at the broad person. "This is one of our clients. We look after their steed." The steed in question is a centaur, who watches with arms folded beneath her breasts. She turns to you, and nods in respect. "Looks like she likes you," the broad person says. "Keep up the good work." | + Farm yield

Remy's Encroachment

As Alex's farm grows more successful, others see that as a perfect opportunity for their misdeeds. One such NPC is Remy the farmer, known for their appearance teaching at the riding school. A new stat will be increased - Remy's Encroachment. It is established that Remy grows jealous of Alex's success, and seeks to thwart their competition. They serve as a rival to Alex's. Trespassers can be seen trying to gain access to the farm, which the player and/or Alex may catch out.

To trigger this stat, the player must do three things:

  • Clear out two fields.
  • Reach up to £45 an hour.
  • Ensure three fields are operational.

Once these are achieved, this attracts Remy's attention. It increases daily, and enables new events as Remy's goons attempt to sabotage the farm to ensure Alex's farm does not succeed. Successfully thwarting Remy's goons during these events will lower Remy's encroachment, but failing to has a chance to raise it further.

It also causes damage to the farm's perimeter to become more frequent and severe. The player will need to take copious amounts of time fixing up the perimeter.

Refer to the Social tab for more information on when Remy will attempt to sabotage the farm - the full list is detailed below. These info tidbits will vary, depending on how bad the situation turns out to be:

  • Max encroachment: Remy's goons operate in the open, sabotaging the farm and its business.
  • 60+ encroachment: The farm is being sabotaged, day and night.
  • 40+ encroachment: The farm is being sabotaged at night.
  • 20+ encroachment: Something is spooking the beasts of the farm.
  • 10+ encroachment: Signs of intrusion have been found around the farm.
  • 1+ encroachment: Strange people have been seen watching the farm.
  • None: The farm is peaceful.

At max Encroachment, Remy's goons will ransack the farm. If the player successfully fights off the intruders, they will obtain the "Farm Protector" feat.

See more information about the events within the "Walkthrough" section.

People of Interest

  • Alex. They are found doing many chores around the farm here, playing a pivotal role in the efforts to restore the farm.

Walkthrough (part 1)

The following will detail the various events that go on at this particular location. This section is split up into three parts - the first being unique events that are self-isolated from the rest of the other activities available at the farm. The second will cover the farm's progression sequence, following the journey of building the farm up to success. The third and final part will cover events related to the "Encroachment" stat.

Alex's Downtime

In the afternoons from 12PM to 1PM, Alex will take a break from their busy schedule and relax by a tree. The player has the option to join them, increasing their Love, while reducing Trauma and Stress.

See more information on Alex's downtime here: Alex's Downtime

Exposed Body

If the player is at any point nude while at Alex's farm, they can choose to flaunt their body. The player steps out from their hiding place, just as Alex enters the yard.

"Thanks for he-" They are cut off as they look the player's way.

The player will say the following, depending on whether or not their upper and lower body are exposed, and their gender appearance is not deemed as male.

  • Defiant: "Eyes are up here," you say. Didn't want my clothes ruined, but that doesn't mean you can look as you please.
  • Neutral: I don't mean to startle," you say. "But I was worried about my clothes tearing."
  • Submissive: "I-Is something wrong?" you ask. "I was worried about my clothes tearing, so I decided to wear less."

Otherwise, they will say the following:

  • Defiant: "Eyes are up here," you say. "My clothes will only get wet again. I'll soldier through."
  • Neutral: "I don't mean to startle," you say. But I'm fed up with having to change wet clothes all the time."
  • Submissive: "I-Is something wrong?" you ask. I'm fed up with changing wet clothes all the time."

Alex looks away again, blushing. "A-Alright," they stammer, stuttering on their words - stating to be careful as well. They continue in a hurry, but the player suspects Alex will be sneaking glances later.

If the player flaunts once more, they will step out from the hiding place as before, ready for work. Alex will walk by, pretending not to look.

Panic at the Farm

In a fairly rare event, while the player is dutifully working at the farm, an unspeakable screech tears through the air. It seems to have come from the moor, and has driven the animals into a panicked frenzy. This gives a big hit to Farm Yield. The player does not seem to recognize what sort of creature could possibly emit such a sound, and the reason or cause of the sound will be unknown to both Alex and the player. Alex runs through the yard, rushing to calm the animals down.

Larger animals will require higher Tending than smaller ones. Alex will also be there to help calm the animals down, however.

  • The chickens cluck in a maddening choir.
  • The pigs are a frenzy of squeals. They're trying to dig their way out.
  • The horses/centaur bash against the doors of their stalls, trying to escape.
  • The cows/bulls pace and shiver.
  • The dogs howl at the sky.

At this point, the player has the option to calm each farm animal down individually:

  • Calm the chickens (0:20) | Tending
  • Calm the pigs (0:20) | Physique
  • Calm the horses (0:20) | Tending
  • Calm the cattle (0:20) | Tending
  • Calm the dogs (0:20) | Tending

Calming the chickens: You soothe the chickens. They're slow on the uptake, but calm down once they notice you. | + Farm yield | + + Tending

Calming the pigs: You try to calm the pigs, but they don't hear you. You wrap an arm around the closest, and try to pull them away from their digging spot. You succeed. The frenzy abates, and piggirl's breathing slows. | + Farm yield. You manage to calm the others in the same way. | + Respect

Calming the horses/centaur: You make soothing noises, and the centaur calm down. They're still on edge, but they won't be breaking anything. | + Respect | + + Tending | + Farm yield

Calming the cattle: You pat the cows and bulls, making soothing noises all the while. They remain wary, but their panic abates, and their pacing stops. | + Respect | + + Tending | + Farm yield

Calming the dogs: You grab a dog by the collar, and stroke behind their ear, making soothing noises all the while. Their panic abates, though they continue to whimper. You calm the other doggirls and dogboys the same way. | + Respect | + + Tending | + Farm yield

Note that failing any of these checks will simply have the player try to calm them down, but to no avail. They are simply ignored, as if they did not even hear the player. In the dogs' case for example, they will bite at the player's hand. All failures will result in a bonus to Tending regardless.

Example of a failed attempt: You try to calm the pigs, but they don't hear you. You wrap an arm around the closest, and try to pull them away from their digging spot. They're too strong and wild. You're shoved aside. The pig doesn't interrupt their digging. | + Pain

Frenzied farm animals will calm down on their own after an hour, but calming them down with Tending checks (and Physique checks in the case of the pigs) will reward massive benefits to farm animal Respect, Tending, and farm yield in other cases.


Note: Requires Bestiality and Lurkers to be enabled.

When the player is working in the fields tending to the crops, there is a good chance that when they search for invasive weeds, they spot something dark move low to the ground while digging the earth. By the time the player looks over to investigate, it is already gone. The player thinks it was initially a mouse, until something leaps straight at the player from the crops. They can choose to scream for Alex, or attempt to dodge - the latter requiring a good amount in the Dancing skill.

What's key to triggering this event is to fail the dodge attempt, in which doing so will cause a new type of beast - a lurker - to appear. The player tries to jump aside, but it's on the player too fast, and latches on to the player's face - blinding the player. Attempts to have the creature pulled off has the player struggle to get a grip on its slimy skin, during which the player tries to keep their lips sealed as something presses against their mouth.

If the player has unlocked the ability to capture lurkers by clearing the seventh field and they don't already have one in their possession, they can attempt to hurl a net at the creature. Successfully capturing it requires both a high Dancing and Athletics skill, as well as luck - even an S in both skills won't guarantee the player's success. If the player fails to snag the lurker, it will latch itself onto their face, triggering an encounter.

Fence Leering

When working in the fields, the player may spot a person leering at them across the fence. They call the player cute, asking what they are doing working the fields. This gives the player three options:

  • Ignore
  • Respond politely
  • Flirt | Promiscuity 1


Choosing to ignore has the person become agitated, thinking the player thinks they are "too good" for the person. They heft themselves over the fence, walking towards the player - adding Stress. This gives the player two more options:

  • Resist
  • Call Alex | + Alex's Dominance

Resisting has the player kick dirt in the person's face as they approach, with them sneering in response. This will initiate a non-consensual encounter.

  • If the player makes them orgasm: They leave the player lying on the dirt, climbing back over the fence.
  • If the player fights them off: The person turns and flees. They tumble over the fence, throwing a fearful glance over their shoulder as they escape the scene.

Choosing to call Alex has them respond quickly. The person hesitates, before turning and fleeing the way they came. When Alex arrives, they ask if that person climbed the fence, with the player nodding in response. Alex will then proceed to shout the following at the intruder, now some distance away: "Don't let me catch you round here again,"

They mutter under their breath how the intruder had no respect, before stating they need to get back to work.

Respond Politely

Choosing to respond politely has the player do just that - a response that is polite, but cool. The person leaves when they realise they are not going to impress the player.


Choosing to flirt has the player respond with the following, depending on their personality.

  • Defiant: "Even girls/boys as hot as me need to work," you say.
  • Neutral: "You don't look so bad yourself," you say.
  • Submissive: "Y-you think I'm cute?" you say.

The person glances over their shoulder before saying to the player they should take a break, and that they will keep the player "company."

The robust woman glances over her shoulder. "Why don't you take a break?" she says. "I'll keep you company."

  • Refuse
  • Accept | Promiscuity 2
  • Demand £20 first | Promiscuity 3
  • Demand £50 first | Promiscuity 3
  • Demand £100 first | Promiscuity 3

If the player refuses, they will reply with one of the following depending on their personality:

  • Defiant: "Can't you see I'm busy?" you say. You turn away from them.
  • Neutral: "I can't," you say. "I've lots of work to do." You turn away from them.
  • Submissive: "I-I'm sorry," you say. "I have lots of work to do." You turn away from them.

They may try to get the player's attention again, but soon gives up and leaves. However, the alternative has the event go further. This gives the person to refuse, in which the same events as choosing to ignore them initially will occur here, with them once again claiming the player thinks they are too good for the person to be with. It will also loop back to the same options (Resist/Call Alex) as well, but with an additional option available: "Apologize | Submissive"

This is unique to the player having the Submissive trait, and cannot be obtained otherwise.

This has the player say they are sorry, dropping to their knees. They state they have so much work to do, stuttering on their words - before eventually trailing off, and staring beneath them. This has the person taken aback by this, stopping them dead in their tracks. They accept the apology, as long as the player is sorry - before leaving the way they came.


Accepting the request has the player make sure Alex is not around, before hopping over the fence. The person pounces on the player, initiating a consensual encounter. If the player chooses to stop at any point, the person will call them a "tease" before rising to their feet again.

Regardless of the player's actions during the encounter, afterwards the person will recline against the fence, thanking the player. They tell them that they are a "good lay."

Demanding Money

The player can accept their request, as long as they pay up. The success chance is determinant on the player's Seduction skill.

  • Demanding £20 - requires a Seduction rating of B.
  • Demanding £50 - requires a Seduction rating of A.
  • Demanding £100 - requires a Seduction rating of S.

If the player manages to seduce them, they will reluctantly pay up, before telling the player to "get their ass over here" - with the player climbing over the fence. The person will pounce on the player as before, initiating a consensual encounter. However, if the player fails the attempt, they will angrily state that there are "fucking whores" wherever they go, telling the player to forget it before taking off.

Regardless of the player's actions during the encounter, afterwards the person will recline against the wall, telling the player that it was "worth it" before handing the player the required amount, rising to their feet and walking away.

Another Target

There is an odd chance that during the leerer event, Alex will be the target of harassment instead of the player - once again the question of what a cute boy/girl like Alex is doing working a farm.

Alex will have several variations on how they react to the leerer:

  • Alex ignores the badgering.
  • Alex turns to them. "Fuck off," they say. "Or I'll use you as pig feed."
  • Alex turns to them. "I'm busy," they say. "You might have more luck in the kennel."
  • Alex turns to them. "There's a river nearby," they say. "Go cool yourself off."
  • Alex doesn't look at them. "I'm busy," they say. "So fuck off home."

Regardless of Alex's reaction, the leerer throws up their hands and says "Alright, I'm going," before turning and walking away.

Walkthrough (part 2)

The "farm sequence" as it is called will be listed in full detail here. Advance through these events to further progress at the farm.

These events will be listed in chronological order, from start to finish. This is an extensive area, so there is a lot to cover here.

A New Helper

"What do we have here?" says a voice. The player turns to face the source, a person leaning against the fence at the edge of the farm. They state how Alex got themselves a "helper", and for them to bring "that ass" (the player's) over to them.

Alex will interject with a "Fuck off," while glaring at the intruder. It is assumed that Alex has had a run-in with this person before, as they state they told the intruder what would happen if they trespassed again.

The intruder throws up their hands in response, but shows no fear. They state they are not in fact trespassing, and they and the "boys/girls" (depending on their sex) is wondering if Alex has reconsidered their offer. Alex responds by stating they do not need the intruder's help, stepping besides the player. The intruder belittles Alex by stating the following: "You think this town boy/girl is enough? This'll be funny." They take their leave shortly afterwards.

Once the intruder is out of sight, Alex seems less tense. They apologize to the player, stating they were not the first to respond to Alex's sign. There are nasty types around, and advises the player to stay clear of them. Alex reassures the player, saying they were relieved when the player showed up, before saying they should get back to work.

Progress States

Alex claims during a possible conversation under the tree that their farm used to comprise of nine fields in total, but the player will only have to clear four fields to complete the sequence.

One field will already be cleared from the start, but the player can help Alex clear the other three fields to advance in the sequence.

With Alex's help, the player must clear out the other three fields one-by-one, increasing the bar up to full for each field until all fields are ready for planting. This will be a long and strenuous effort, requiring the player to work hard. Clearing one field to completion will easily take several days of work.

Each cleared field requires two hours of tending each day, which Alex will prioritize over clearing another. A cleared field will increase the player's hourly wage by £15. For clearing all four fields, the hourly wage will be updated to £60.

Clearing out two fields and reaching £45 an hour will start to trigger the "Remy's Encroachment" stat.

Second Field Cleared (Part 1)

"We've done it," says Alex. This marks the clearing of the second field.

Alex acts triumphant, smiling all the while - despite them sounding tired, their clothes torn, and their hair matted with sweat.

The player is lead to the field in question, stopping at the fence. Alex gestures for the player to follow as they sit down, stating they could not have done it without the player, before taking a swig from a glass bottle. They pull another from their pocket, offering it to the player.

The player has two options:

  • Drink | - Stress
  • Refuse

If the player chooses to drink, they take the offered bottle and take a swig. It's said to be a bitter spirit. If the player chooses the latter option, Alex will simply put the bottle away.

Alex states that it will be more work, but they will be making a steady profit in due time - and that the player will receive £30 per hour from now on. They then point over the hedge beyond the cleared field, at the tangled mess beyond - declaring that's the next target, before dropping off the fence and enthusiastically saying they are eager to get started. This adds a large boost to Alex's Love stat.

Remy's Arrival (Part 2)

"It's done," Alex says, leaning against the wall of the farmhouse. "Another field ready to go." This marks the clearing of the third field.

Alex is about to reach into their pocket, but stops when they hear the clop of hooves approaching from the lane. A horse rides into the farm, a person with pale brown hair riding atop it. Alex's smile vanishes when they spot the horse-rider, indicating the two have possible history with each other.

They introduce themselves as Remy, whom runs the nearby riding school and a farm of their own. Remy then turns to Alex, apologizing for arriving unannounced, but states that they could not get hold of them, and that they are here to discuss business.

Alex seems conflicted, but politeness gets the better of them. They ask the following question: "Tea or coffee?"

Ultimately just as before the choice does not matter, but Alex insists on making the drinks before proceeding with business once inside. Remy thanks Alex for their hospitality, while sipping their tea. Alex, however, does not seem to be amused. They state bluntly how they have work to do, telling Remy to "just get on with it". Remy reclines, stating that they are here to offer assistance, before they are interrupted by Alex - whom then states they already have the assistance they need, gesturing over to the player. Alex informs Remy that they are reclaiming the farm land bit by bit, and that it is going well.

"And you're not getting a piece. That's what you're really here for, isn't it."

Alex catches on to Remy's true purpose for being here. Remy doesn't respond to this, instead taking another spoonful of sugar. A new sternness in their voice prompts them to say "Don't be stupid" to Alex, thinking the player and Alex are incapable of doing it alone. Remy can offer many more hands, not to mention security - to which Alex interrupts once again, firmly asking for Remy to finish their tea then to get out.

It's at this point that Remy will say one of two things, depending on if the player has met them before.

  • If the player has not met Remy: Remy remains calm, taking another sip. They turn to the player, saying they should drop by the riding school sometime - they may have a thing or two to teach. Once Remy is done with their drink, they place their empty cup on the plate. They thank Alex, but still reaffirm that Alex has time to reconsider, and hopes they do for their own sake.
  • If the player has met Remy: Remy remains calm, taking another sip. They turn to the player, saying they should be "wiser" about their choice of employer - stating Alex does not have much of a future.

As soon as Remy is gone, Alex apologises to the player, afraid that they would get a visit like that once the farm started turning a profit, before calling Remy a "fucking rat." Their tense behaviour causes them to shatter one of the cups while trying to clean it out, having the player take over the washing-up while Alex calms down. They laugh, stating they might count on the player "too much". This heavily increases their Love stat.

Alex remains unsure about what Remy will try to do, stating that working for Alex could be dangerous. They understand if the player does not wish to continue, but if they choose to do so, they will pay £45 an hour. They smile, saying they should not let that "idiot" get them down - things are going great, and there's more to do.

Special Visit (Part 3)

The final stage of Alex's farm triggers once the player completes the final field. Rapid footsteps approach the player, revealing them to be Alex rushing towards the player. They are smiling despite nettles sticking to their clothing.

"It's done," they say. The pair have restored the farm, and cleared the last field. Alex slumps up to the farmhouse porch, looking up at the player. They state how they could not have done it alone, and if their parent had not known how dangerous it was, before interrupting themselves and looking away. Alex mentions they wanted to prove they could do it without parental intervention, and now they have.

Alex climbs to their feet, saying they need to tell them "right now" before disappearing into the farmhouse. The player listens in on Alex talking over the phone to their mum/dad (depending on Alex's gender). Alex tries to remain calm, but can't seem to stop the excitement bubbling over them. Once they hang up, they state that their parent is in the area and wishes to drop by, while no longer trying to contain their excitement. They look down at their own weed-covered clothes, cursing and saying they need a change of clothes and a shower, and that they should also get the kettle on.

The player handles the kettle while Alex showers. They have only gone a little over a minute before the player spots them approaching the farmhouse wearing just a towel, with the player noting that they must have left their dirty clothing outside. "Don't look," they say before entering the kitchen.

This gives the player three options:

  • Look | - Love | - Alex's Dominance | + Arousal
  • Don't look | + Love
  • Pull the towel away | - - Love | - - Alex's Dominance | + Lust | Promiscuity 1

If the player chooses to look, they get a better look at Alex in their towel. The fabric is tied low around their chest, almost exposing their nipples, and is barely wide enough to wrap around Alex's body. The top is pulled taut, leaving the side of their body facing the player exposed - giving the player a good glimpse of Alex's toned behind. Alex clutches the towel tight against their body, and says to the player: "Don't be a perv!"

If the player chooses to not look, the player instead looks out the window, respecting Alex's privacy.

Choosing to pull the towel away will describe Alex's body as stated above - with the player once again getting a good glimpse of Alex's toned behind. The player creeps up behind them, grasping the hem, and proceeds to tear the towel off their body. The towel comes off without any resistance.

"Fuck!" Alex shouts, taken back. They reach behind to recover the towel, but the player pulls it away from their grasp. Alex half-turns in the process, exposing their nipples. They cover their chest with one arm, and covers their groin with the other before facing the player.

"F-Fucking perv," they say, their face crimson. "Give it back. And turn around."

  • Return the towel | + Love
  • Refuse | - Love | - Alex's Dominance | + Lust

Returning the towel simply has the player cover their eyes and hold out the towel, with Alex pulling it from the player's grasp as the player turns over to the window to look out for Alex's parent.

Refusing their request will have the player say one of three things, depending on their Submissive stat:

  • Defiant: "I prefer you like this," you say, keeping the towel.
  • Neutral:  "You look pretty good," you say, keeping the towel.
  • Submissive:  "B-But you're so hot," you say, keeping the towel.

Alex glances at the window with an anxious expression, before turning to the basket. They rummage it with one hand, using the other to cover their exposed behind. They hold the clothes in front of their body as they leave the kitchen.

Regardless of any choices the player makes, all options will have Alex rummage in a basket for a fresh set of clothes, before proceeding to leave the way they came, with the player hearing them climb the stairs afterwards - or the player watches them climb the stairs, depending on whether or not they refused the request to return the towel.

Parent's Arrival

A car pulls up into the yard minutes later, as Alex arrives at the bottom of the stairs. Alex points them out, stating that's them (their parent) and hopes to themselves they look okay.

The player leaves the farmhouse with Alex. Up ahead, climbing from the car is an older, thicker version of Alex. Alex greets their parent casually with a "Hi". They face each other for an awkward moment, before the mother steps forwards and grasps Alex by the shoulders. | - Control

They pull away from each other, with the parent stating to Alex they "knew you had it in ya". The parent looks over to the player over their daughter's shoulder, with them saying that the player must be the "townie" and that Alex has told them all about the player.

Alex turns to the player. "That's right," they state, resting a hand on the player's shoulder, before going onto state that they are "great with the animals." Alex's parent nods in response, with them being impressed by how a farm of this size is managed by only two people. They say to Alex that they need to show them around, but first things first - it seems the parent has something in mind. Alex is already walking towards the farmhouse, stopping at the door. They prompt a question: "Tea or coffee?"

"You know the answer to that." The parent replies.

  • Tea | - Stress
  • Coffee | - Fatigue

Regardless of the player's decision, the player sits at the kitchen table with Alex's parent. They seem to be surprised how a "townie" can be so helpful, with Alex interrupting them. The parent goes on to state that they are more surprised by how cute the player is, with Alex once again interrupting them in embarrassment, slamming a mug of tea in front of their parent. They chuckle to themselves, apologising before thanking Alex for the tea.

Farm Examination

Alex proceeds to take their parent on a tour of the farm, with them insisting the player comes along as well. The parent stops to examine each animal, and seems pleased with what they see. Alex beams with pride as soon as they reach the fields, with the first three fields filled with rows of green potato plants. The last is barren, but still remains clear and ready for planting.

Upon returning to the farmhouse, Alex's parent says to Alex that they have done a good job, and to keep it up. They apologise for them not getting out here more often, with them stating Alex "knows how it is." They reach into their pocket, before saying they left their keys in the kitchen, and asks Alex to grab them. Alex enters the farmhouse, leaving the player and Alex's parent alone.

They turn to the player, firmly stating that "this is for you" as they hand the player an envelope from their pocket, holding it out. They go on to state that the player should open it when they're gone, and to not tell Alex is about it.

Alex emerges from the farmhouse, holding out the keys. They thank Alex, telling them that they are going to give the others (Alex's siblings) their love. They climb into the car, and drives away. Alex watches until the car vanishes from view, with them being glad that they were here to meet their parent - their eyes turn back to the farm, saying there's still work to do.

Special Note

The player nods in response, but hangs back until Alex disappears behind the sty. They open the envelope given to them by the parent - a wad of cash inside, along with a special note:

"Thanks for looking out for my son/daughter. Here's a little something for you. Don't give it to Alex. And don't let him/her pressure you into anything. She's a good boy/girl, but dogged."

The player counts the money - £10,000!

From now on, the player earns the maximum amount for every hour worked - £60. The option to clear out a field will be removed, seeing as all fields have been cleared.

Remy's strike

At some point when the player is at the farm, Alex will emerge from their shed with a worried expression. They ask if the player can smell something burning, stating that their "neighbour might have let a bonfire get out of control." They scan the horizon for smoke, before asking the player to check the sheds while they "skirt" the farm.

Alex keeps their tools in this shed. As the player enters, they hear a click behind them as the door shuts. Despite the player's attempts, it seems they've been locked in.

For more details and a continuation see Alex's Farm (Expanded). NOTE: current link is still incomplete

Walkthrough (part 3)

Seeː Alex's Farm (Expanded)

Remy's sabotage

This section will detail key events related to Remy's attempts at sabotaging the farm - the "Remy's Encroachment" stat - refer to that section for more information on that specific stat. This triggers after Remy is introduced at Alex's farm, during the "Remy's Arrival" section of part 2 of the walkthrough.

These events will tend to take place after the player has cleared out the fourth field. Remy, a rival of Alex's, will deploy tactics to get their way - sending goons to do their dirty work.

The player must be on alert to defend the farm at all costs, should goons find their way there.

Sneaky Goons

At 10+ Encroachment, a man/woman catcalls the player, leering at them across the fence. Just as before, they ask what the "cute" player is doing working the fields.

The player hears movement to the side, and turn in response. A goon rushes towards the player. Before the player can respond, a hand clamps over the player's mouth from behind. The leerer climbs over the fence, and walks closer, stating that they are not going to lie and that they "enjoy their work."

This leads into a multi-person gang encounter.

If the player makes them orgasm, they shove the player to the ground, saying to the player that they have their boss to "thank for this" and that they should go cry to them. The three assailants climb over the fence, walking away.

If the player successfully fights them off, the assailants back away from the player, surprised by the player's aggression. One of the goons state how there was not meant to be resistance, before looking at the other goon and asking "What now?"

This earns the feat - "Farm Protector"

"Fuck," one of them replies. They say Remy will not be happy, before turning and running. The others follow as the player watches them flee.

If the player screams, Alex will come to the rescue. One of the goons state how the others were supposed to keep them gagged, and that Remy promised "fucking competence." The assailants turn and flee, arguing all the while. Alex arrives in time to see them running, saying they "don't want to see you fucks around here again."

They turn to the player, asking if they are alright, once again clarifying that working the fields without Alex might be dangerous - telling the player to be careful.

Seizing the Initiative

A second man/woman catcalls the player, should the player possess high enough Skulduggery, leering at them from across the same fence. Just as before, they ask what the "cute" player is doing working the fields. However, the player shivers - something is wrong. This is not a usual pervert. The player glances around, and spots them. Two men/women creeping through the crops, trying to sneak up on the player.

  • Scream | + Alex's Dominance
  • Seize the initiative | - Remy's Encroachment

If the player chooses to scream, the approaching pair stop in their tracks. Alex hears the player and runs over, with the leerer stating this "wasn't the plan" before turning and running. The others cease their attempt at concealing themselves, running after the leerer. Alex will arrive just in time to see them run, stating that they had "better stay gone", shouting after them. Alex turns to the player, asking if they are alright. They claim that working the fields without them might be dangerous, and tells the player to be careful before returning to work.

Seizing the initiative has the player rush the leerer, hauling themselves over the fence and kicking them in the face. They fall backwards, tumbling into a ditch. With their plan ruined, the sneaking pair cease their attempt at concealing themselves, and run - they escape the field in a different direction, with the leerer struggling up the other side of the ditch, before following suit. With the situation solved, the player resumes farm work.

Terrified Animals

One such tactic Remy's goons will try to pull off is to rile up the farm animals, usually be means of scaring them. This will have the following prompts appear once the goons disappear from the farm, at 20+ Encroachment:

  • You hear the horses/centaur neigh in terror. Something's spooked them.
  • You hear the cattle moo in terror. Something's spooked them.
  • You hear the pigs squeal in terror. Something's spooked them.
  • You hear the dogs howl in terror. Something's spooked them.
  • You hear the chickens cluck in terror. Something's spooked them.

As with the "Panic at the Farm" situation, the player must calm the animals down via means of Tending.

Fence Sabotage

At 40+ Encroachment, the player will find two goons attacking the farm's perimeter fence with axes, after the player proceeds to investigate the sound of a series of thuds as well as the creaking of wood. One of the goons nudges their colleague, and they both stare at the player. This gives the player three options:

  • Call Alex | + Remy's Encroachment | + Alex's Dominance | + Love
  • Threaten | English: Reasonable
  • Fight

Call Alex

"I'm coming!" Alex shouts. The pair glance in the direction of Alex's voice, then proceeds to attack the fence with more energy, keen to inflict as much damage as possible.

Alex calls the goons "scum", rushing over as the pair turn heels and run. They shout that Alex is going to feed the goons to their "fucking pigs" when they catch the goons, before saying to the player that it is a good thing that they were nearby - all the while looking at the damage, stating the pair should be able to patch things up. Alex removes their hat, wiping the sweat from their brow before getting back to work.


If the player chooses to threaten them instead, they will need high English to succeed with their threat - saying one of three things, depending on their personality:

  • Defiant: "Put the axes down," you say. "Or you'll be shitting them out later."
  • Neutral:  "This is illegal," you say. "Stop right now, or you'll be sorry,"
  • Submissive: "St-stop that!" you say. "Or I'll call the police!"
Successful Threat

If the threat is succesful, the pair look at each other, before one of them speaks first, mentioning Remy. The other interrupts them, stating not to say their name as a warning, with them throwing a glance in the player's direction - going on to state the boss said "not to be seen." The other goon replies that they have already "fucked up that part", but admits defeat. They glare at the player, telling them that they are gone, but warns them that this is not over.

The pair walk away, leaving the fence intact. This gives a big hit to Remy's encroachment, and ensures the fence perimeter does not need to be repaired.

Failed Threat

An alternative option happens if the player's words fail to make an impact. They will say the same threat as usual, the pair will look at each other also as usual once again, although they will instead burst into laughter. They mockingly state "Sure thing" before saying they will get out of the player's hair once they have finished their job - nonetheless, their axes continue to bite into the fence.

It's obvious the player's words will have no effect here, giving the player two options:

  • Call Alex | + Remy's Encroachment | + Alex's Dominance | + Love
  • Attack

The former option loops back into the "Call Alex" section, with the same events occurring. However, attacking the goons leads into the next section.


The player can attempt to fight off the troublesome goons instead. They may do this during the first initial options, or when spoken threats are ineffective against the goons. The player rushes down the pair. They leave their axes buried in the fence's wood, raising their arms to defend themselves.

This triggers a non-consensual encounter. It is a tough encounter, so it is best to be prepared, and exercise caution during the encounter.

If the player fails the encounter and is too hurt to continue, the pair retrieve their axes and continue their work, until an area of fence wide enough to fit a cow is reduced to splinter. Their job done, the pair swagger away from the farm, proud. This grants a big increase to Remy's encroachment, and means the perimeter fence will have to be repaired.

If the player makes them orgasm, they lie on the grass - their strength robbed, for now. The player seizes the opportunity, grabbing one of the axes and pulling it free from the fence. Left drained by their orgasms, and their opponent now wielding an axe, the pair decide to turn and run from the farm. This gives a big hit to Remy's encroachment as a result.

If the player manages to successfully fight off the goons, one of the goons falls into the ditch. The other goon reaches for their axe, but the player kicks their shin and shoves them after their colleague. The player wastes no time as they plant their feet - they might come back for more, after all. Instead, the pair of goons scramble up the other side of the ditch, and run. This gives a big hit to Remy's encroachment as a result.

Lorry Assault

At max encroachment, the player will hear shouting from in front of the farm. They walk over, spotting a lorry parked at the end of the lane connecting to the road. The driver lies on the ground outside, being kicked from all angles by three rough-looking goons. This heavily reduces farm yield.

Alex arrives just in time at the player's time, cursing at the sight. They tell the "fuckers" to leave the victim alone, in which they do so - but start walking towards Alex instead, rolling up their sleeves. Alex stands their ground, fearless.

This gives the player two options:

  • Pull Alex to safety
  • Stand with Alex

Pull Alex to Safety

The player grasps Alex by the shoulders, pulling them into the farmhouse. Alex shouts at the player to get off them, before tripping and stumbling backwards as the player locks the front door. Laughter is heard outside, in which Alex responds by climbing to their feet and trying to escape, but the player stands in their way.

  • Defiant: "It's four on two you idiot," you say. "And did you see the way they looked at you. They've come for you. Let's not give them what they want."
  • Neutral: "Did you see how they looked at you?" you ask. "They've come for you. Let's not give them what they want."
  • Submissive: "Y-you're gonna get hurt," you say. "I-I might be hurt too."

Alex glares at the player, but does not try to pass. Instead, they sit in the living room, resting their forehead in their palms while the goons try entering the farmhouse.

The goons try the front door, then the back. They circle the building, looking for a way in, before applying more force to the front door. The player fears they might force their way in, but they do not. Instead, they are heard walking to other parts of the farm, scaring the animals and smashing the buildings. Alex winches at every snap and shatter.

Eventually, at last they tire. The player peeks out through the window, and spots them walking away from the farm. Alex will then leave to assess the damage, and does not say a word. When the player exits outside, they see that extensive damage has been done to the farm's fence perimeter, as well as the animals riled up in a panic.

Stand with Alex

The player stands besides Alex as the goons close in. They plant their feet, before launching themselves at one of the assailants - with another goon rushing to help them, while the other two rush the player.

This starts a non-consensual encounter - enemy trust will be set very low, and enemy anger very high. During this encounter, the player hears Alex fighting nearby, but the player cannot  spare any glances, as they must deal with the goons first.

It is a tough encounter, thus the player must do their best to succeed. There are two endings to this event - a good ending, a bad ending. The former will be detailed first, and then the latter.

Good Ending

In either situation the player handles the tough encounter, the pair drop to the earth, either exhausted or too hurt to continue. Tearful, the player turns their attention to Alex - who is trapped in a chokehold by a goon, although another goon lies beaten at Alex's feet.

The player rushes to the rescue, grasping the goon's arms and helping Alex break free from their grasp. Alex twists around in response, headbutting the goon to the earth.

Remy's goons struggle to their feet, except one goon, whom Alex grasps by the ear.

"Tell Remy," they pant. "Tell Remy what's coming if dogs like you keep fucking with us."

This will heavily reduce the Remy's encroachment stat. The player watches the goons flee down the lane as Alex leans on the player's shoulder, stating to the player "dunno what I'd do without you."

Upon obtaining this ending, the player earns the feat - "Farm Protector".

Bad Ending

If the player fails to successfully fight off the goons, the player falls to the ground, too hurt to continue. Alex is about to curse at the goons, but gets themselves cut off by an arm wrapping around their neck from behind. Their attempts to break free result in a swift punch to their stomach, keeling them over instead.

The goons surround the player and Alex, barraging the pair with a flurry of kicks. In response, the player curls up in a defensive posture, and Alex does the same, enduring with a quiet dignity. This will cause great increases to Pain, Trauma, and Stress.

They tire, but continue into the farm. The player hears them roaming around, scaring the animals and smashing up the buildings - with Alex wincing at every snap and shatter. One goon gives Alex a final kick before leaving the farm in a state of ruin.

Left to recover themselves, the player and Alex stagger to their feet once again. Alex says they are "so sorry" as they rest their face in their palms, stating they did not want the player to get hurt. This reduces Alex's dominance stat.

At this point, the player has two options:

  • Comfort
  • Berate

Choosing to comfort Alex has the player say the following:

  • Defiant: "Sorry for what?" you ask. "We can't let them walk all over us. Let's fix this mess."
  • Neutral: "We can fix the farm," you say. "They haven't won yet.
  • Submissive: "I-I'm fine," you say. "We can fix the farm. They haven't won yet."

Alex nods in response, looking out over the damaged farm. They stand upright. Alex acknowledges that the player is right, before telling them they should get to work fixing up the farm.

Choosing to instead berate Alex has the player say the following:

  • Defiant: "Do you have a deathwish?" you ask. "We were a bit outnumbered."
  • Neutral: "There were too many," you say. "You should have been smarter."
  • Submissive: "W-We could have been injured much worse," you say.

Alex nods in response, stating that they understand if the player does not want to work at the farm anymore, before looking out at the damaged farm. They say to the player that they have cleaning up to do - but this time with an "I", excluding the player.


Upon clearing all fields, the player earns the unique "Farmer" trait.

  • Farmer - "You know your way around a barn. Your physique is easier to maintain."

Currently there are no items to be obtained here.

Several feats are tied to this area, these are:

Feat name Hint Description Requirement Notes Rank
Farmhand "No hint featured." "Help Alex expand the farm." Clear out the second field for Alex at their own farm. Higher skills in Tending will shorten the time required for the field to be cleared out.

Exhaust the option to clear out a field until it cannot be done any more for the day.

Alex may also clear out the field as a part of their daily activities towards the end of the day (if they are not occupied doing anything else), choose to help them there to quicken the pace slightly.

Farmer "No hint featured." "Return the farm to its former glory." Clear out all three fields covered in weeds. Higher skills in Tending will shorten the time required for the field to be cleared out.

Exhaust the option to clear out a field until it cannot be done any more for the day.

Alex may also clear out the field as a part of their daily activities towards the end of the day (if they are not occupied doing anything else), choose to help them there to quicken the pace slightly.

Animal Tender "No hint featured." "Earn the respect of all animals at Alex's farm." Max out the "Respect" stat for each individual farm animal. Obtained via means of Tending, Deviancy and not relying on Alex all too much for help (such as not choosing to scream/call for help when given the chance)
Farm Protector "Trespassers will be kicked." "Defended the farm from a rival's thugs." Chase off an intruder, and/or fighting off the thugs at max Encroachment. The rival is referring to Remy.


  • This is one of few areas to be affected by the player's actions, with the others being the Wolf Cave and Orphanage.
  • Working at the farm is one of the easiest ways to quickly increase Deviancy. The player can grind this characteristic when milking cows by hand, since they will only need Deviancy 1. Deviancy 2 can be grinded while engaging with dogs and pigs in heat. Progress from there will be easy.
  • Shall the player pass out on Alex's farm and be abducted, Alex might come rescue you if their love is high enough.


The following images showcase below what the farm looks like at different times of the day.

In the Winter

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