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"This work of fiction contains content of a sexual nature and is inappropriate for minors. All characters depicted are at least 18 years of age. Everything is consensual role play, and any animals are actually people in costumes."

Analingus is one of many toggles that can be enabled within Degrees of Lewdity.


Analingus must be enabled in the settings. This toggle differs from the others by having two checkboxes instead of one.

There are two possible analingus settings that can be enabled:

  1. Giving
  2. Receiving


As stated above, there are two forms of analingus present in-game. Both can occur randomly in combat. There is no way for the player to manually initiate analingus; they must instead rely on of NPCs performing certain actions on their own.


Currently, there are two ways for the player to engage in analingus:

  1. When an NPC is sitting on the player's face, every turn there's a roughly 1/20 chance that they'll shift position, pressing their ass onto the player's mouth. If the NPC is at least slightly angry (somewhere between "They look disappointed" and "They look irritated"), this rises to a 1/10 chance.
    • As with getting an NPC to move to a position that allows the player to perform analingus, getting an NPC to sit on the player's face is also dependent on chance. The only way to encourage NPCs to sit on the player's face is drawing Bodywriting with arrows on the player's cheeks.
    • Note that in order for this to occur, the NPC must be sitting on the player's face, rather than simply pressing their pussy against the player's lips. This is indicated by the player ability to free their face using their hands instead of pulling away with their mouth.
    • Once an NPC has their butt against the player's mouth, each turn there's a 1/10 chance for them to shift back to their original position, or a 1/20 chance if the NPC is slightly angry.
    • Note: This action can only be performed by NPCs with vaginas.
  2. If the player's penis/vagina (or both for hermaphrodites) and anus (if Anal is enabled) are currently being used by other NPCs and their mouth is free, there's a chance for an NPC to turn around and move their ass in front of the player's face. The odds of this happening increase at high anger.
    • Once an NPC is in this position, each turn there's a 1/100 chance for them to move their ass away from the player's face.
    • Note: This action can only be performed by NPCs with penises, and in encounters with 2 or more NPCs.

These actions can only be performed by human NPCs, meaning the player cannot perform analingus on Beasts or Monsters, including the Black Wolf and Great Hawk.

Once an NPC has the player in the proper position, there are two actions the player can perform with their mouth.

  • [Lick ass] - Effectiveness based on the player's Oral skill
  • [Kiss ass] - Only available if the player possesses the Meek/Submissive trait. Unlike licking ass, this action is not affected by the player's Oral skill. Raises NPC arousal by a fixed amount, and increases enemy trust by a greater amount than licking ass. Does not count as the player's first kiss.


As with giving, being on the receiving end of rimming is up to chance. If the player's anus and the NPC's mouth are free, the NPC may randomly decide to move behind the player. Note that this will not occur if the NPC is currently penetrating/being penetrated by the player.

There are essentially three phases to receiving analingus, culminating in penetration.

  1. He/She kneels behind you. You feel his/her breath on your ass.
    • The player can either rub against their face or attempt to press their butt against their mouth. The former simply allows the NPC to continue, whereas the latter has a chance to keep their tongue at bay, with the odds increasing if the player has a good Buttocks skill.
  2. He/She presses his/her tongue against your anus, preparing to penetrate you.
    • The player can either rub against their lips or pull away. Rubbing against their lips has the same effect as rubbing against their mouth, while pulling away always works, setting them back to the first phase.
  3. He/She pushes his/her tongue into your anus.
    • The player's only choice at this point is to cooperate. Asking them not to put anything in the player's anus has no effect.
    • If the player is wearing an anal shield, the text will instead read: He/She uses his/her tongue to lick around your anal shield attempting to get past it. This prevents the other party from penetrating, though it slightly damages the player's anal shield each time the prompt appears.
    • If the player had previously asked the NPC not to put anything in their anus, the text will instead read: Respecting your wishes, he/she does not penetrate your ass with his/her tongue, instead licking your anus.

After the third phase, the NPC will continue to fuck the player with their tongue until the end of the encounter.

Beasts and Monsters can perform analingus in the same way human NPCs can. They follow the same three phases as human NPCs; however, they'll only initiate analingus when they have the player pinned in a certain position, indicated by the message "He/She/It jumps on top of you, mounting your face and pinning you down."

Despite penetration occurring, being anally penetrated in this manner will not take the player's anal virginity, nor will it be considered rape.


  • Along with Asphyxiation, Analingus is one of the few toggles that has no effect outside of combat. There are no unique scenes or mechanics tied to this toggle.

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