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The Angel transformation, otherwise referred to as the "angel TF" is one of several transformations within Degrees of Lewdity, and is surely the hardest to get and maintain.

Transformations are split into two separate categories, this transformation falls under the "Divine" category, and can be combined with another transformation from the alternative "Animal" category.
The angel transformation in-game.


The name of the transformation will not vary depending on the player's sex unlike other transformations. The player will always be referred to as an "Angel."


  • Wings - Can glide from high locations.
  • Virgin - "Your purity recovers faster. Your virginity might be worth something."
  • Angel - "You radiate purity. Unlocks the forgive action once per encounter, removing trauma gained so far. Beware, losing your virginity will remove this trait and leave you broken."
  • Radiant - "You are pure. Unlocks the "banish" action a number of times per day based on your angelicness, dealing heavy damage to a tentacle. Its strength is greatly increased while at maximum purity."


  • Maintaining max Purity for an extended period of time. If the player is at maximum Purity at midnight, they'll receive one point of "Angelicness" - for reference, 50 are needed to obtain the full transformation. This means the player must keep the Virgin trait (vaginal/penile. oral/anal virginity does not matter).

Transformation Progress

Note: Requires 50 points of Angelicness to access the full transformation.

Progress will typically start at around half the points required it takes for the full transformation, meaning that it starts at around twenty-five days in or later.

  1. "Despite everything, you have managed to remain a pure boy/girl/hermaphrodite. The thought makes you happy."
  2. "You are pure and feel determined to keep it that way."
  3. "You feel a weight lift from your shoulders."
  4. "A golden light shines down you."
  5. "You feel a soothing warmth in your back." (40 days in)
  6. "You feel lighter. Your new wings caress your face." (50 days in)

It will take up to a minimum of a couple of days, as it has to be done stage by stage. Advance the requirements needed to progress in the transformation.


  • Stage 2: As time goes on, the player receives prompts regarding their purity.
  • Stage 4: The player receives a halo, and the Radiant trait.
  • Stage 6: The player receives angel wings. The transformation is now complete.


An angel player concealing herself

The angel transformation requires max Purity to obtain and maintain, as well as requiring the Virgin trait. The player will lose their Angelicness should a day pass with their Purity below the maximum; should their Angelicness dip too low, they'll slowly lose progress towards their transformation.

If the player wears clothing marked with the "Holy" trait, this will double Purity gains. Examples include the Holy Pendant, as well as any church-related clothes such as the nun's habit and monk's habit respectively. Wearing a chastity belt/cage will make maintaining max Purity and the Virgin trait a lot easier.

  • Starting at stage 4, grants the "Radiant" trait, which in turn unlocks the "Banish" option in encounters with Tentacles. This action instantly removes a single tentacle from combat. Its use is reset daily and are dependent on the player's Angelicness (visible from the Extra Stats tab of the Statistics menu); at maximum Angelicness (100), the player can use the Banish action up to 10 times a day.
    • When used against the Ivory Wraith in its tentacle or abomination forms, this action will deal damage to it, particularly if the player is at maximum Purity.
    • Only works against normal and pale tentacles. Plantlike and metallic tentacles are immune to this ability.
  • Starting at stage 6, unlocks the "Forgive" option in combat. This will instantly remove any Trauma gained within the encounter.
  • Grants the player a pair of Wings. Unlike the Strong Wings of a harpy, these will not allow the player to fly in areas such as the moor, but they can glide down from the following locations:
  • Angel will require max Purity to obtain and maintain, as well as requiring the Virgin trait. The player will lose 1 Angelicness per day if they are not consistently at max Purity at the end of each day. Maintaining Purity to a high number is not good enough, it must be max in order to avoid losing Angelicness. Provided the player has more than 50 points of Angelicness saved up, there is a bit of leeway before Angelicness loss begins undoing the transformation, but the instant it drops below 50, the player begins with losing their wings and the transformation will degrade further from there. Regardless, Purity must remain at the maximum possible amount by midnight.
  • If the player loses the Virgin trait while in possession of the full Angel trait, they will obtain the Fallen Angel transformation. It will also permanently reduce the Purity cap from 1000 by one point, down to 999. This makes it impossible to re-gain the Angel transformation should the player wish to do so for the rest of the playthrough. To clarify, if the player has 49 Angelicness and loses the Virgin trait, they will simply be locked out of gaining any more Angelicness and begin to lose the points that they have. If they have 50+ Angelicness and has the wings that signifies the full Angel transformation, then losing the Virgin trait will result in the Fallen Angel transformation.
  • Reversing Fallen Angel .
    • Enter the temple and approach the figure. Depending on the time of day, you may have to wait. If you have the Fallen Angel trait, there will be an option that reads "Request forgiveness | Fallen angel."
    • You will receive some dialogue, and be returned to the temple menu. Upon interacting with the figure again, a new interaction will appear, "Buy forgiveness (£10,000 1:00) | + Trauma | + Arousal | Fallen Angel Removes the fallen angel trait."
    • You will enter a cutscene. Upon ending, you will wake up without your wings and halo in the temple. You can now regain the Angel TF.
    • (Note: I used cheats to discover this, so take it with a grain of salt. While in possession of the Fallen TF, using cheats to give yourself the Angel TF will not work. However, upon purification, the purity cap is restored to 1000 and the cheat works again. I'll do some research and get back to you on whether it can be done without using cheats to transform.
    • Update: By obtaining a chastity belt and anal shield and raising purity to 1000, you can use your bed to raise your angel stat. I used cheats to get my angel stat to 35 (halo appears at 40) and used a timeskip cheat, and I got the same result. Even the text prompts are restored. However, you MUST restore your virginity with a cheat. And guys: Stay in school.


Some key events can be unlocked as a result of gaining this transformation. An overview is provided below, with a full description as its own section.


  • Unlocks a new option while at the Tentacle Plains - "Focus". This will avoid potential combat encounters as the player chooses this option, and gain help from unknown outside sources - leading the player to the exit.

Inner Strength

The player kneels, reflecting upon the events that led them there. They manage to find the willpower to continue in these disgusting surroundings, heavily decreasing Arousal. This helps the player prevent becoming overwhelmed by Arousal. Choosing to Focus a second and third time will once again decrease Arousal.

However, the fourth time the option will be renamed to "Resist", massively decreasing Arousal as the player continues to resist any temptations. The fifth and final time will have the option change into "Escape" - sending the player back home. They will be examining the mirror upon gaining control once again.

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