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"This work of fiction contains content of a sexual nature and is inappropriate for minors. All characters depicted are at least 18 years of age. Everything is consensual role play, and any animals are actually people in costumes."

Asphyxiation is one of many toggles within Degrees of Lewdity.


Asphyxiation must be enabled in the settings. This toggle differs from the others by being a slider and not a checkbox.

The slider has several settings:

  1. Don't touch my neck!
  2. NPCs may grab you by the neck. Doesn't impede breathing.
  3. NPCs may try to choke you during consensual intercourse.
  4. NPCs may try to strangle you during non-consensual intercourse.
  5. NPCs will often try to strangle you during non-consensual intercourse.

The first one will disable all content from this toggle.

The second position will allows NPCs to touch and grab the player by the neck, but breathplay will not be mentioned.

The third, fourth, and fifth will enable breathplay. The third will allow it for consensual encounter only, and the fourth will enable choking during non-consensual encounter. The fifth further increases the player's opportunity to encounter breathplay by increasing NPCs' likelihood of continuing to choke/strangle the player. It also adds a 50% chance that any time an NPC would normally attempt to grapple the player's arms, they'll instead choke the player.

Note that the Asphyxiophilia trait (see Sexual Traits) will be only obtainable on the third, fourth, and fifth positions.

Note: There aren't any breathplay scenes yet (that aren't during sexual intercourse). If or when they are added, the sliders will likely need to be positioned on one of the last three positions.


During an encounter, an NPC might try to grab the player's neck and choke them. When this happens, an air meter will appear that will go down each turn until either the NPC lets go or the player runs out of air and passes out.

While being choked, any actions that requires speaking will be completely ineffective, since the player will only be able to let out a wheeze. That means that pleading, moaning, demanding, screaming, or asking for something will be impossible as long as the player is being choked.

If the NPC doesn't let go before the player runs out of air, the player will pass out. For the next three turns, the player will be unconscious and the NPCs will continue to do whatever they want until the player wakes up again. It should be noted that this will not contribute to the player's "Passed out" stat, so feats like the Stressful Challenge will still be obtainable.

Being Choked

There are a few ways that the player can end up getting choked. If the NPC in an encounter gets angry enough, they might decide to start choking the player on their own. This can happen in both consensual and non-consensual encounters. Also, if the player tries to ask not to be choked during a consensual encounter and the NPC doesn't agree, they will immediately start choking the player if they have a free hand.

The player can also have the option to ask to be choked during consensual encounters, though they have to meet the requirements first. To begin with, the player must be submissive enough to have the "Submissive" trait and their awareness must be at least 4/7 (The exact value in the Extra Stats menu must be at 300 or higher.) Once the player has had at least one orgasm while being choked, they no longer require any awareness, and they only need to be submissive enough to not have the "Bratty" or "Defiant" traits. Once the player has obtained the "Asphyxiophilia" trait, they will have the option to ask to be choked no matter how submissive or defiant they are.

While an NPC is choking the player, they might decide to stop choking if their anger is low enough. The player can also try to force their hands off of their neck. This will always work during consensual encounters, but it will only have a chance of working during non-consensual encounters, depending on the player's physique. However, if the player wants to be choked, they can either keep the NPC angry or, if consensual, press the NPC's hands against the player's neck to keep them there.

Unique Trait

There is one Sexual Trait related to asphyxiation:

Asphyxiophilia - You've come to love the feeling of lack of oxygen. Getting choked makes sex more pleasurable.

To acquire this trait, the player must orgasm a total of 35 times while being choked. It should be noted that the player must be losing oxygen for the orgasm to count, so it is not achievable while the asphyxiation slider is set to 2 or below.

This trait will allow the player to always be able to ask to be choked during consensual encounters, and increases the rate at which Arousal rises depending on how low the player's oxygen level is - less air leads to Arousal gains having a higher impact.

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