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The Asylum is one of several unlockable areas within Degrees of Lewdity. It is not accessible normally and gaining access to the area and its available content requires specific stats. It is located deep within the Forest.

This location is considered to be one of several "soft bad endings" for the game.


"You are in the asylum, deep in the forest. The building is over a century old, and little of it has been renovated to modern standards. Security patrol the grounds between the building and surrounding fence."

There are two variants for the asylum art - slow, and very fast. The very fast variant is displayed while hallucinating.

How to Enter

Similarly to other soft bad end locations, the player must meet a specific requirement to gain access - they cannot enter on their own.

Please note that both methods will require Trauma. Stress and Trauma are two different stats, and it is the Trauma stat that is essential here.

Method 1: Hospital Stretcher

Pass out somewhere via overwhelming amounts of Stress. There is a high chance for the player to end up on a stretcher, in which case they are then carried over to the Hospital automatically.

Should the player have reached 90% Trauma or higher - first indicated by the "Visibly Disturbed" mental state - once the player regains consciousness they will end up sedated and taken away to the Asylum for "further treatment".

Note: If the player passes out due to being punished alongside Sydney after having done the Rite of Promise or Rite of Defilement, the player will awake up in the hospital alongside Sydney. If Dr. Harper attempts to send the player to the Asylum during this event, Sydney will prevent it. If the player is trying to go to the Asylum, this is not the route they should take.

Method 2: Emergency Appointment

Alternatively, a heavily traumatized player that has already met Harper and has weekly appointments with them on Fridays may now arrange for an emergency appointment with Harper at the Hospital.

This serves as an alternative to passing out and ending up on a stretcher, should the player want to remain conscious. Stress is not required here.

Method 3: Prison

Giving birth to wolf pups in the Prison will also transport the player to the Asylum.

"P-Please help me." You whisper, your vision already becoming blurry. The veteran guard immediately gets his keys out and unlocks your door. Strong arms catch you as your knees buckle, pain shooting through your stomach. The world fades away as you are carried out of your cell.

After giving birth, the midwife will tell the player that, "The pups will be released into the forest once they can fend for themselves."

The player will then be in the Asylum after naming their children. Do note that this method in particular is very hard to achieve; in addition, the player must have pregnancy and beastiality enabled.

First Steps

Harper informs the player that they are here to "get better" and that they will be held here until the "treatment" is considered complete - proven when the player's Trauma state drops to a healthy level once again.

That is, unless the player manages to escape somehow.


Upon arrival, the player will be put into a Straitjacket - an Asylum specific outfit. It will be removed if they behave well and they will be able to wear any clothes out of their wardrobe, accessible in their cell. However, if the player does something for which they are punished, they will be put into a straitjacket again.

A firm and seductive straitjacket. Protects you from yourself.

Binding - Keeps your arms firmly secure and helpless.


Your length of stay is tied to your Awareness and Trauma, and how quickly you are willing to lower it. If the player passes out while in the Asylum, they will wake up being strapped to a chair and endure some electroshock therapy!

The asylum has various places of interest to take note of, during the player's indefinite stay there:

  • The player stay in a simple room that has a place for their clothes and a bed to sleep in. Note that staffs at the asylum occasionally interrupt the player's sleep and initiate a non-consensual encounter.
  • Outside, there is a central area that will allow for various activities, such as Running to maintain Physique and lower Stress and a Library to maintain studies.
  • There is a garden where the player can plant flowers, related to Tending. However, unlike other plots, this garden can only be accessed during the player's internment. Escaping the Asylum will make this garden inaccessible.

The player is only required to do group exercise once a day with two shower options if they have Exhibitionism 2 or more (refusing to shower raises Suspicion). The studying is straight forward; it takes 50 minutes and provides a small boost to all subjects at once and a staff member might offer help, which lowers suspicion if accepted. The player also has the option to socialize with the other inmates as well, lowering Stress and Trauma, and endearing them to the player and even allows to engage in sexual activities. There is the option to eat breakfast in the morning, which lowers Awareness and increases Status.

Asylum Stats

Two new stats open up here at the Asylum: Status and Suspicion.


Status influences how much the other inmates like you. The easiest way to raise Status is by socialising with fellow inmates.

Status progresses as such:

  • ≥ 0: The other patients shun you. - Starting level
  • ≥ 20: The other patients ignore you.
  • ≥ 80: The other patients smile when they see you.


Suspicion influences how much the staff trusts you. The easiest way to lower suspicion is to give in to Dr. Harper's advances.

Suspicion progresses as such:

  • ≥ 80: Security actively watches you. Even the nurses glance your way warily.
  • ≥ 20: You catch the occasional member of security watching you. - Starting level
  • ≥ 0: The staff ignore you.

At low Suspicion (under 20), you can disconnect the alarm system, so that the staff won't be alerted to your escape. This can be more easily done with a high Science grade.

Socializing Events

Some rather interesting events among others occur when the player choose to "Socialise".

If the player is the chef of the Ocean Breeze Cafe, probably after attending the Grand Openning.

- A man/woman stares at you open mouthed.

"You're Sam's new chef from Ocean Breeze, aren't you?" he/she asks. "Oh my god, I can't believe you're here. I miss those buns! I don't suppose you could make some in here? Could you?!" | - Stress | + Status

It is indicated that man/woman is the one who mentioned their missing for the Ocean Breeze Cafe in another "Socialise" event like

"It's funny the things you miss in a place like this," a taut man tells you. "I miss the Ocean Breeze Cafe over on Cliff Street. Sam had just hired some new chef who was making the most incredible cream buns."

There are also some events the patients talking about Leighton and Winter.

About Leighton, two patients who claim have worked in school have opposite opinions of them. About the nasty things they've done in rumors, a patient regard them as "just rumors", while the other says "no smoke without fire".

About Winter, the event goes like,

"I used to work at the school," a lissome man says. "You should see the disgusting things that history teacher keep in their cupboard. One time a student was left in a- well, let's just say that if people knew the truth, he would probably be sitting here with us."

This may refer to the class events like the player being left in a pillory or being forced to wear the special chasity belt.

Sessions with Harper

Twice a day the player will have a 'session' with Dr. Harper. These are inherently lewd in nature (such as being hypnotised and told to strip and take a walk, orally pleasure another inmate, sexually pleasure a dog, get into a strange machine that makes the player climax several times or push a button several times to make another inmate violently climax). The player can refuse/resist the hypnotism, which raises suspicion or comply, which lowers suspicion and often awareness.

Later in the evening, the Doctor will assess the player and talk about their reasons for being here. Usually, they will tell the player that no human or animal has been raping or injuring them, that tentacles don't exist and that they are just repressing the fact that they are perverted in nature, harming themselves in order to get attention and being promiscuous. In reply, the player is given the options to:

  • Call them a liar and attack the Doctor, which will raise Suspicion considerably.
  • Agree with them, which lowers Suspicion and Awareness by a large amount.
  • Give an unsure answer, which lowers Suspicion and Awareness by a small amount.

- There is a rare event happens in one of Harper's treatments referring to the Ivory Wraith. Probably would happen after the play has met them once before or even stolen the Ivory necklace.

You sit down. Harper binds your arms and legs. "It's just a precaution," they assure you.

Harper affixes a mask around his head. The others follow their example while they opens a safe. They pulls out a canister, then holds it at arms reach in front of you, and open it. Purple fumes rise from within. It smells sweet.

You sit for a few minutes. The light above you flickers briefly, but no one else seems to notice. You hear a faint rumble of thunder in the distance, and your eyes flit to the windows reflexively. The doctors watch you, taking note of where your gaze lands.

When you look back, your blood runs cold. A familiar pale figure stares at you from the corner of the room, smiling at you behind glowing red eyes. | + + + Stress | + Trama

Harper notices your discomfort. "What's wrong? Did you see something strange?" Everything snaps back to normal as they speak.

Tell | - Awareness | - Stress

Stay quiet | + Suspicion | + Awareness

-If the player choose to Tell

You tell them about what you saw, but find yourself unable to recall the finer details already. They undoes the straps on the chair as the other doctors murmur something.

"Fascinating. Thank you for cooperating. You can go," they says. "Be well."

-If the player Stay quiet

You shake your head. They all look skeptical, but Harper gives you a patient smile.

"We'll keep an eye on them," Harper says. "I'll send for the next patient." They undo the straps on the chair. "Thank you for cooperating. Be well."

Escaping the Asylum

There are three ways of escaping: stealing the Key card from Harper, leaving through the Tentacle Plains, lowering your Trauma to zero or lowering your Awareness to You are Innocent.

Stealing the Keycard

Stealing the Key has several approaches. The player can lower Suspicion to the point where Skulduggery is effective enough to swipe it off Dr. Harper's person during one of the assessment sessions. It is a dynamic check and might be impossible to overcome for some characters.

The next option is to raise Status above 80, then have the other inmates cause a disruption to distract the orderlies. This allows you to take the keycard by force through defiant actions, or by making Dr. Harper cum after you apologize.

After acquiring the Key card, the player will have to wait until lights out and hide. Then they can break into a staff room and open all the doors, which causes enough chaos for them to escape to the deep forest.

Lowering Awareness/Trauma

The final option is to just play along and fully lower either the player's Awareness or Trauma. It can potentially take a long time depending on what the stats were when first entering the Asylum. This means cooperating with Dr. Harper's treatments, eating breakfast, and taking medications. It might be the most mundane, but it is a viable option if the player has low Skulduggery or wants to have a rape-free break.

Eventually, having low Trauma or zero Awareness (i.e. Innocence) will prompt Harper to examine the player, and deem them ready for being discharged from the Asylum. Upon doing so, the player is given the option to have consensual sex with Dr. Harper before being driven home. Robin will be waiting there with a cake and greet the player. There is the possibility of getting Strong Medications upon leaving the Asylum but only when leaving with low Trauma and high enough Awareness. Those give an even larger reduction in Awareness and increase in Control.

Afterwards, things return more or less to normal. The player can still get all of the previous hospital services and even continue the Friday counselling. A fair warning though, as the player can be sent back to the Asylum if they get high enough Trauma! Everything will reset and the player will have to go through the whole process over again. On the upside, the Key card event can be repeated which will almost always increase the PC's Skulduggery skill.

The Tentacle Plains

As a third alternative option to escaping, the player can choose to escape through the Tentacle Plains. It is important to take note that this is the most difficult way out of the three if the player is unprepared. 

The layout of the Plains will change each time the player enters it.

For more information on this location, see this page: Tentacle Plains

Rescued by Eden

If the player has gained the trait Stockholm Syndrome: Eden and the player live in Asylum for a period of time longer than the permission Eden has given to the player, Eden will come to find the player.

This event goes like:

You look out the window, at the trees beyond the fence. You see movement, a figure lurking in the dark. It reminds you of Eden.

You open the window to get a clearer view. You hear a thud to your right. A bolt sticks out of the brickwork. There's paper wrapped around the shaft.

You glance behind you to make sure you're not being watched. Everyone seems preoccupied. You pull out the bolt, and unfurl the paper. The handwriting is crude, but legible.

"I'm coming for you. Mark your window with a towel at 10pm. - Eden"

You look back out at the forest, but the figure is gone.

You think about the window above your room. Although the bars look unassuming, they're undoubtedly connected to an alarm system.

It seems that for this plan to work, you'll have to find and disable it.

From then on there will be an extra option as "Search for an alarm system" when the player is in the courtyard.

After wandering the asylum for a while, you find a wireless alarm mounted to the wall somewhere relatively out-of-the-way. Grabbing a butterknife from the cafeteria, you use it unscrew the main panel. There seems to be a bunch of wires connecting the system to the main power source.

Try to disconnect the alarm (0:30) A higher science skill will make this more likely to succeed.

-If the player succeeds

You successfully disconnect the alarm system from its power source. Hopefully no one will be alerted to your escape.

-If the player fails

You hear footsteps approaching from afar. You quickly re-attach the main panel and leave before you're caught. Seems you'll need to try again.

Even failing with a poor science skill, the player would only need to try again the same option and get success.

After the player is sent to their room around 10, there will be a new option.

"Eden should be watching. You could throw a towel up to your window to signal your location.

Throw towel"

You take a towel from your wardrobe and throw it up to the barred window as hard as you can. It dangles in the night air.

You wait a few minutes, then a rope flies between the bars. You tie the end around the door handle, and give it a tug. It tenses. Eden must be climbing.

A worried face appears at the bars. Eden gazes at you. He produces a saw from a bag at his side, and presses it against the metal.

The alarm does not sound. Eden saws through the bars, before climbing down. Untying the rope from the door, you use it to climb out of the window and jump into Eden's waiting arms. They gathers the rope and saw, and leads you back to the cabin.

If the player hasn't disconnected the alarm, the event goes like,

The room is bathed in red light, and an alarm blares. Metal shutters snap in front of the bars, slicing through the rope.

You hear footsteps outside, and security barge through the door. A trim man pushes you to the bed while another examines the rope.

Doctor Harper enters. "It's okay," they says sitting on the bed beside you. The trim man continues to hold you down. "Someone tried to take you away. But you're safe." They looks towards the door, and nods.

More security arrive. They wrestle you into a straightjacket. "Just to make sure you're extra safe." Harper says. The alarm stops, and the lights turn white. You hear dogs barking from the grounds below.

Harper and security leave you alone in your room. The shutters remain.

If the player has been successfully rescued by Eden,

After you enter the cabin, Eden shuts the door behind you and wraps you up in a big hug. Is they trembling?

"I was so, so worried." They says. You think you feel tears land on your shoulder, but Eden gathers themselves before you can address it.

"What happened?" they asks. Moreso demands. You tell them about the trauma that you suffered, and how you had been forced into the asylum for "treatment," and weren't allowed to leave. You also detail what Harper, the asylum staff and other patients subjected you to while you were there.

Eden's face twists in rage, guilt and horror through your story. When you're done, they slams their fist onto the table.

"Damn bastards," they says. "Wish I could just shoot them all right now!"

You place your hand on their shoulder to calm them down. "I'm safe now," you say. "That's all that matters."

They grabs your hand in their own and pulls you into a much gentler embrace. "You're right," they says. "You're safe now."

After a while, you try to pull away from them, but they holds you down a second longer. "Please be more careful next time. I don't want you in danger again," he pleads.

You tell them that you can't promise anything, but that you'll try to be safer in the future. Eden nods and throws you a wary, but gentle look as they stands.


  • There are two variants for the asylum art - slow, and very fast. This is unique to the Asylum area and cannot be seen anywhere else.
    • Time appears to be moving faster as a result of the player hallucinating, though there is no effect on gameplay.
    • A direct comparison can be seen below:
    • Left: Slow. Right: Very Fast.
  • This is one of three areas to be considered a "soft bad ending" for the player character, the other locations being the Underground Brothel and the Underground Farm.
  • There is a very rare event when knocking on one of the houses on Domus street where a shy child will tell the player a sad story about their sister, who was gang raped, recorded, and bullied into insanity. She "lives in a peaceful place now. A place with a garden deep in the forest. And Doctors too."


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