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These can be changed in the player's bedroom at any time.

"How do you feel about consensual sex?"

Provides a bonus after consensual sex based on how assertive the player was during combat.

"What makes you feel uncomfortable?"

Affects whether the player covers themselves when feeling exposed, and other embarrassing situations.

  • Having your underwear seen by others.
  • Being nude in front of others.
  • Flaunting your nudity in front of others (Demon tail and wings).

"Is it worth prostituting yourself to help avoid Bailey's torments?"

Lets the player prostitute themselves to others without appropriate promiscuity. Doing so will decrease control.

Affects whether or not specific kinds of actions will always be available to the player, regardless of their Promiscuity level - at the cost of other negative stats, such as Trauma.

  • Bailey hasn't scared you enough.

"You're uncomfortable reflecting on all the lewd acts you've performed."

If unchecked, exhibitionism, promiscuity, and deviancy will not decay. This can make managing control difficult.

Must have achieved Promiscuity, Exhibitionism, or Deviancy 3 or higher. Only one is required, not all three. Ability to uncheck is unlocked at midnight.

"Who do you consider to be your love interest?"

Lets the player choose who they wish to be their love interest. Must already be in a relationship with them.

Affects how the player feels about a specific named NPC. Choosing specific actions during non-consensual combat with another potential love interest that is not their own may have the player mention their current love interest. These lines can influence the Fame stat, depending on the player's current love interest.

The option for love interests will default as "None." If the player does not have a set love interest yet, but starts to meet the requirements for one, that person will be automatically set as the player's love interest. NPCs will become available as certain criteria is met.

A high Awareness stat allows the player to choose a secondary love interest, along their primary love interest. Doing so may prove to be problematic in some cases.

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