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Avery the Businessperson

Avery the businessperson is a person of class and luxury. They behave different compared to other love interests, as Avery is much more involved in the social scene. This means the player can go on illustrious dates on them.

They serve as one of the player's potential love interests. Their role serves as some kind of "sugar daddy/mommy" towards the Player Character if the player acts the way Avery wants them to.


Due to their status as a love interest, Avery's appearance will be mostly left up to player interpretation. However, Avery's description varies slightly on what sex they are determined as. Regardless of their chosen sex, they will be described as being old enough to be the player's parent, as well as remaining in good shape.

  • If male: The waiter thinks you're Avery's child. He is old enough to be your father, but he's in good shape.
  • If female: The waitress thinks you're Avery's child. She is old enough to be your mother, but she's in good shape.

First Meeting

The player can meet Avery in one of two situations. If the player misses either one of these two events, the other will play out instead at some point later on.

Despite how the player meets Avery, they will be invited to the cafe. The player can refuse the offer, parting ways with Avery. Alternatively, they let Avery lead them to the café where Avery will ask the player a lot of questions about them, whilst barely talking about themselves. Eventually, they receive a message on their phones and have to leave, but not before leaning in and trying to kiss the player. Here the player has three choices:

  • Smooch | + Love | Promiscuity 1
  • Stay still | + Love
  • Move away

In any case, they tell the player they will contact them and leave.

Science Fair Project

During the first or second week, the player will obtain the Science Fair Project from Sirris. One of the possible projects is the "lichen project" for which the player needs to gather several lichen. When examining the park, the player can find one lichen growing on a statue. The player is then given the option to try and climb it, look for help or leave. Leaving obviously cancels the actions and asking for help has the player look around, only for them to notice that Avery had been watching them already. They effortlessly pick the player up and ask them why they wanted to climb up the statue. The player can be evasive or honest, though both options end with the player retrieving the lichen and Avery introducing themselves, asking the player if they would like to come with them to a nearby café for a drink. The player can accept or refuse.

Similarly, if the player tries to climb the statue, they can either fail and fall right into Avery's arms, who still helps them retrieve the lichen, or succeed in climbing the statue (depending on their physical stats). Successfully climbing the statue prompts a police officer to show up, angry. The player can now run or explain themselves. Running means they leap right into Avery's arms, who then defends the player when the officer accuses them of defacing public property by saying it's not true and they know it. Explaining themselves roughly plays out the same, with the player explaining they need the lichen for a project and the police officer saying they are destroying public property, to which Avery comes to their defence, again stating that this is not true at all.

Street Harassment

While on the streets, the player might get stopped by someone blocking their way. The person will ask what someone like them are doing on the streets alone, saying they're going to get themselves hurt. The person grasps the player's arm and tries to pull them away until they are interrupted by someone else tapping them on the shoulder. The newcomer tells the person to walk away, demanding that they leave now. The person will glare at them, before releasing the player's arm and storming off.

With the situation resolved, the newcomer asks if the player is okay. They say their name is Avery. They ask the player if they'd like to get a drink at a "cute little place" they know.


If the player roams the streets during the day on Saturdays after they have visited the café with Avery, they will eventually encounter them. This is their way of contacting the player, and the only possible way to meet up with them, outside of a few brief encounters. Once encountered, Avery will ask the player out for dinner. Refusing yields - Love, accepting gives + Love.

Not showing up to the date has a negative effect on the relationship with Avery. The next time the player meets them, they will say that they haven't forgotten how the player stood them up last time, embarrassing them. However, the player can apologize for not showing up and thus improving the relationship again.

Saturday Timetable:

  • 9AM-6PM - Avery will be driving around the town in the mornings, and will ask the player out on a date when they (Avery) come across them (the player). 11AM is a common time for Avery to stop by the player.
  • 8PM-9PM - Avery will be waiting for the player outside the Orphanage on Domus Street.
  • 8PM-9:20PM (Accepted Date) - Avery takes the player on a luxurious date. The game will state how long the date lasts.
  • 9PM-10PM (Late) - Tired of waiting for an hour, Avery leaves. The next time Avery sees the player, they will be upset.

The player will not be able to meet Avery at night unless the player has already arranged a date with them. Avery will also not show up on any other day than Saturday.

The journal in the Social tab will always inform the player of when they are having a date with Avery.


Building a relationship with Avery is pretty simple, for the most part. During the date, Avery will have two stats, "Love" and "Endearment." These can be raised by choosing certain choices when they take the player out for a date. The Love will has long-term lasting effects, whereas endearment works similarly to the "Awe" stat, where it only seems to matter short-term.

At the end of the date, the player will be ranked on how well they did during the date. The higher love and endearment is, the more money the player will get at the end of the date (for more detailed information, see the Avery's Impression section below). It is recommended to get these stat numbers as high as possible to succeed with Avery.

Avery thinks of the player as a trophy to show off, with their relationship being more of a mutually beneficial arrangement between the two. As stated above, they shower the player with money in exchange for their love, which may be true or artificial, determinant on how the player feels about Avery. They are otherwise arrogant, possessing control and anger management issues.

Giving the player's virginity to Avery will grant the social feat "Avery the Moneybags".

Avery's Opinion of the Player

  • Default: Avery has no strong opinion of you.
  • Low Love, Mid Rage: Avery thinks you're a brat.
  • Low Love, High Rage: Avery thinks you're insolent.
  • Mid Love: Avery thinks you're cute.
  • Mid Love, Mid Rage: Avery sees you as a possession.
  • Mid Love, High Rage: Avery is furious with you.
  • High Love: Avery prizes you.
  • High Love, Mid Rage: Avery wants you on a tighter leash.
  • High Love, High Rage: Avery is infuriated by you.
  • Extremely high Rage: Avery has given up on you.
  • Dismissed: Avery has moved on.


If the player doesn't do what Avery asks repeatedly, they are angered by the player's actions, increasing their Rage. Also, accepting, but not showing up for dates builds up Avery's rage - missing them either accidentally or purposefully, does not matter which.

Eventually, they might ask the player out and then, if the player refuses, open the car door and demand them to get in. Refusing again will make them repeat their demand, snarling and grasping the player's hair. At this point, the player can only get in or fight (leading to combat/rape). Getting in the car in both cases yields - Rage, refusing -- Love and +++ Rage. However, even getting in the car at any point will cause Avery to lock the doors and park the car in an alley, where they will get mad at the player for showing them up in public and not appreciating them. They will then climb onto the back seat and proceed to rape the player. If fought off - giving ++ Rage - they will call them a bitch and throw them out the car, before driving away. Allowing the rape will yield - Rage, but Avery will still simply open the car door and drop the player onto the pavement. They will still invite the player out for dates, though.

The player can also apologise to Avery after missing a date with them. Depending on Avery's Rage there are two possible outcomes. If the Rage is low, they will say it's okay and ask the player out on another date. However, if the Rage is high, Avery demands the player to get into the car and will proceed to drive to the alleyway and rape the player.

On subsequent dates, rage can be lowered by behaving in a favourable manner and properly entertaining Avery, while "acting out" may raise rage.

At high Rage Avery becomes much more aggressive towards the player and tries to have their way with them no matter what. What was consensual may now become non-consensual - they do not take a "no" for an answer anymore. In this state Avery is considered a danger to others around the player, such as Robin. As such, the player should tread carefully around them.

It is safe to say that Avery is not a person the player can have a genuine relationship with, unlike other examples such as Robin, Eden upon meeting specific requirements, and Sydney. Avery serves as a source of income and gets angry and dangerous if left dissatisfied. Pleasing them, however, yields great financial rewards, at the cost of some stress or fatigue due to them having to behave in an unnatural way to please Avery.

Dismissing Avery

The player is able to dismiss Avery for the rest of their current playthrough, should they not wish to deal with them anymore. Doing so will essentially remove Avery from any possible interactions.

After reaching sufficiently high rage where the social tab displays "Avery has given up on you." the following Saturday the player may initiate the Dismissing Avery quest. For more information, visit the respective page.


Note: The following events are not to be considered as a full, comprehensive list of Avery's interactions in the game - but more rather their most notable interactions. As such, minor events may not be listed below. However, more interactions will be listed below as the character remains in development.

Luxury Dating

Every Saturday after their initial meeting, Avery can be encountered driving around the street during the daytime. They'll invite the player on one of three fancy dates, after which they'll pay the player a large sum of money, depending on how well they "performed" in Avery's eyes.

For more information, see the following page: Luxury Dating

Going to School with Robin

Note: This event is unable to happen during winter.

If the player goes to school with Robin while at high love with Avery, they will stop their car next to them and offer both of them (the player and Robin) a lift to school as it is on the same way as their route to work. Robin seems very apprehensive and nervous, but waits for the player's response.

The player can reassure them and get in the back of the car or refuse (+ Rage). If they agree to go with Avery, they will reassure Robin and tell them that they know Avery and it would be safer that way. During the short journey, Avery ignores Robin and only speaks to the player, telling them it's only logical they take them, as it is on their way (+ Love). Robin is silent and very nervous throughout the entire ride and only relaxes after being dropped off.

Should the player refuse and tell Avery that they are almost there anyway, Avery then "flashes Robin a dark look" and shows a joyless smile before telling the player to suit themselves (- Love and + Rage for Avery). Robin, on the other hand, apologises and hopes that the player didn't refuse for their sake, although they were slightly scared of them (+ Love for Robin). They also seem happier afterwards.

At high Love and high Rage, refusing leads to Avery getting out of the car and trying to pull the player inside. They can comply (- Rage) or refuse (+ Rage). Refusing leads to a struggle between the player and Avery, to which Robin joins in order to save them, the exact scenario being a little different depending on Robin's Confidence. In any case, Avery will be fought off (- Love, + Rage, + Stress, + Trauma) and the player walks to school with Robin (+ Confidence, + Love). Complying means that Avery will drive off with the player, leaving Robin behind. They drive past the school into an alleyway, where Avery proceeds to rape the player on the back of their car.

Going home by helicopter

On weekdays after school, there is a chance that Avery will offer to take the PC back home by helicopter. The PC can choose to:

  1. Board helicopter (0:20) | + + Love
  2. Walk away | - Love

Should the PC choose to board the helicopter, Avery will offer them a glass of champagne, which PC can drink it (+ Alcohol | + Love) or refuse. Avery will then demand that they "deserve a little treat". The PC is given 2 choices:

  1. Kiss | + Love (this will initiate a consensual encounter)
  2. Brush off | - Love

Afterward, Avery will drop the player off at Danube Street.

Park Encounter

There's a new encounter with Avery at the park on the weekdays. This event is triggered if the player's criminal history is extremely high and the player hasn't taken any precautions against the police attempts at finding them. If you encounter Avery, they will offer to drive the player home to the orphanage; taking a route similar to the bus route. Then Avery takes a detour to Barb Street, where they park in front of the police station. It becomes clear to the player that Avery is turning them in as "It's every good citizen's duty to report any crimes they witness."

The player will have two or more options, depending on their deviancy level.

  1. The option of Threaten; which is unlocked when the player becomes defiant, this starts a scene with Avery where the player scoffs at Avery's attempt to turn them in. As the player gets out of the car, Avery stops them to try and get the player to turn themselves in, instead the player threatens Avery with "social suicide" and successfully leaves the car. Avery watches before driving away.
  2. There's an option to Plead with Avery, if the player is submissive enough, they can plead Avery into letting them go.
  3. The next option is to try and escape; this results in the player opening the car door and running. Avery doesn't attempt to go after the player and instead speeds away as other police officers follow the player, and with different levels of Athletic ability there's different outcomes.
  4. The last option, is for the player to offer themselves to Avery. Depending on the player's sexual ratings, this will result in the encounter scene to play where the player proceeds to pleasure Avery. (- Rage)

So far, neither of the options shown change how much Avery is in love or enraged by the player.


  • Avery was added to the game in Version 0.1.19, where they made their debut appearance during a one-time event, when the player is trying to obtain one of the lichen needed for their lichen Science Fair project at the Park. The initial event would occur as normal, but Avery disappeared from the game after the event took place.
    • Since Version 0.1.28, Avery serves a much more prominent role as someone the player can date.
    • The option to choose Avery as a love interest was added in Version 0.2.13, along with the other love interests. They were not initially thought as a "love interest" prior to that however, merely a major NPC whom's relationship with the player can be advanced much further in comparison to other Named NPCs.
  • Avery is one of two love interests the player can go on official dates with, with the other one being Robin.
  • It is not known what exactly Avery does for a living, but it is assumed to be a stable, well-paying job.
  • Avery will call the player "Kit" if they have the fox transformation rather than boy/girl.
  • Avery does not appear prior to participating in the Science Fair. It is unknown to Avery's whereabouts before they become interactable with the player.
    • This is no longer true as of Version 0.2.24+, where Avery may now show up on Saturdays before the science project has concluded, if already met in the park.
  • Currently, Avery is one of the four named NPCs in the game whose titles are sex determined, the others being Eden, Jordan, and Leighton.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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