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The Beach is a location within the Town. It is located on Starfish Street.

First Steps

When the player arrives at the beach they can:

  • Go for a swim (accesses the Ocean)
  • Go to the Changing Room
  • Go for a run | + Fatigue | + Athletics | - Stress
  • Go to a beach party (only at night, more details below)

On weekends they can also:

  • Visit Robin's lemonade stand (between 9:00 and 17:00)
  • Visit Balloon Stand
  • Play Volleyball | + Status | + Athletics | - Stress | + Fatigue (only possible when the sky is clear)
  • Strip | Exhibitionism 5 - the player removes all clothing and enters an event described below

Other possibilities include:

  • Tan on the beach | - Stress - only available If it is sunny and the player has the appropriate clothes (e.g. Swimwear), has tanning effect, if tanning is enabled
  • Drink your milkshake | - Stress - only if the player has previously bought a milkshake at the Cafe
  • While not strictly on the beach, if the player has entered the water with clothes not meant for swimming, they can leave the water | Exhibitionism 5, leaving them exposed and rushing into the changing room
  • Work on Local Phalli Project - only if the Science Fair is being held and the player had the idea for the phalli project


Small events

There are several small events linked to the beach:

Being grabbed

At any point while on the beach, the player can be grabbed by a man/woman who is hiding in the sand. They will drag the player to the ground and initiate combat.

Being tackled

Like the above event, at any point while at the beach, the player could be tackled from behind by a very eager man/woman who will immediately start tearing at the player's clothes, initiating combat. If the assailant is beaten, they will say "I was just trying to have some fun you crazy bitch"

Dog attack

A dog can attack the player and initiate combat.

A dog can also attack the player's clothes, damaging them. "You see a small dog with your clothes between it's teeth."

Approaching a resting parent

The player will sometimes see a man/woman resting on the beach with their children, who will look at the player and then look away. The player will then be given the option to look away or approach them. When approached, the player can either have a friendly conversation | - Stress | - Trauma, or flirt | Promiscuity 1. Should they choose to have a friendly conversation, they will be offered the flirt option again, along with say goodbye.

Flirting has a couple different outcomes, but at the end of them, the player will be able to seduce | Promiscuity 2 the parent or leave. Seducing leads to a sexual encounter. "She glances at her kids. Satisfied that they're distracted"

Gust of wind

A gust of wind can blow in from the ocean. The effect of this depends on the clothing the player is wearing:

  • If the player is wearing well fitting clothes (e.g. swimwear, trousers), this event will reduce their stress. ''A gust of wind blows in from the ocean, pleasantly caressing your skin.''
  • If the player is wearing a skirt (or outfit with a skirt), in addition to the same prompt and effect as above, the player's skirt will be flared up, exposing their under bottom clothing or genitals, if not wearing underwear. They will then be given the option to hold their skirt down, leading to an increase in stress or to let it happen | Exhibitionism 4, increasing arousal.
Stripping/Lifeguard encounter

If the player chooses to strip | Exhibitionism 5, they will be stopped by an embarrassed lifeguard, who will ask them to put their clothes on. The player is given 3 options:

  • Comply
  • Refuse | Crime | - Trauma | - Stress which counts as a crime, the player will run around the beach for an hour naked and get dressed at the end
  • Seduce | Promiscuity 2 The lifeguard's required rating is A. If the player succeeds in seducing them, they can enter a consensual sex event. If they fail, they are given the above two options again

Note that the player can only strip once per day and only weekends.

Visiting the Teen Night Party

The player can go to a party that only happens after dark (around 21:00, possibly every time). While at the party, they have a few options depending on their stats. They will also be invited to the party if they play volleyball during the day with the teenagers.

Depending on how The player enters the party, their options will change.


If the player is invited to the party, their options will be:

"A girl/guy sits next to you and offers you a beverage."

  1. Drink (0:10) | + Status | - Stress
  2. Just talk (0:10) | + Status | - Stress
  3. Leave

Both options will cause the person who gave the player the drink/spoke to the player to start leering at the player's body, who will then be given the same options again.

After a few drinks or chats the person will then ask to "go somewhere private". The player can agree (Promiscuity 1) or say no. Saying no will then give the player the option to stay at the party or to leave. Staying will cause it to loop with a different person offering the player drinks and a chat.


If the player joins the party uninvited, their options will be:

  1. Socialise (0:10) | + Status | - Stress
  2. Dance (0:05) | - Stress | + Fatigue
  3. Leave

Socialising will make the player join the conversation, allowing them to leave or continue | + Status | - Stress, after a while entering the above event with the option to drink or chat with someone interested in the player.

Dancing will open up the same kind of minigame as dancing for example in the strip club or brothel, where the player's dancing affects the mood of the people at the party, with the notable exception that prostitution through dancing is not possible. The player's options change depending on their stats:

  • Cool/Sophisticated dance - Doesn't affect the teenagers' mood much
  • Seductive dance | Exhibitionism 1 will raise their excitement
  • Sexual dance | Exhibitionism 2 will raise their lust
  • Strip - Raises both. Requires various levels of exhibitionism

Getting their excitement or lust up higher grants larger tips from the audience (usually still very small though, affected by math skill and clothing). When the lust builds up too much, the audience will eventually jump on the player, initiating a large combat scene with 6 combatants and an audience.

Local Phalli Project

If the Science Fair is being held and the player had the idea for the local phalli project, they can look for attendees on the beach, but only on sunny days. They need ten people who are willing to be measured. There are three possible outcomes when searching for someone who is willing to join:

  • The man/woman doesn't want his genitalia to get measured.
  • The man/woman allows the player to measure the genitalia.
  • The man/woman thinks the player wants sex, which they can accept or refuse. If the player accepts, a consensual scene will come up and they can measure the genitalia afterwards. If the player refuses, no measurement is being taken.


Passing out at the beach will prove to be trouble for the player, as they may wake up to unwanted surprises. It is relatively easy to achieve through going for a run repeatedly. One possibility is the normal situation that can happen all across the town, where the player is carried on a stretcher to the hospital. They may however wake up at the feet of two men/women, for instance. If they had clothes, then the people will have them in their hands; if they were naked, then the people will be holding towels.

The player will offer either the clothes back or some towels for the player to cover themselves up. The player will be given the options of accepting them or refusing.

  • Refusing will cause the two people to attack the player and initiate combat
  • Accepting will make the two people suddenly pull out a collar and attempt to collar the player, who can refuse (combat) or accept

If the player accepts the collaring then one of 3 scenes will play out.

  1. They will laugh at the player, give them their clothes and leave them there
  2. They will collar the player and drag them away where they will be raped by a dog
  3. They will collar the player and drag them further into the dunes to a large group of people, where combat will be initiated between the player and 6 assailants, the player's arms being "Helplessly bound", meaning it will be a very difficult fight to win


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