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Struggles are a type of Deviancy encounter found within Degrees of Lewdity. These encounters account for mid-size creatures, too big for Swarms and too small to be full Beasts, which typically attack in a group.


  • Enable bestiality in Beast Settings.
  • Enable Lurkers, Bees, Wasps, Slugs, and/or Slimes in Beast Settings.
    • Squids do not have their own toggle.


Struggle encounters involve the player facing off against one or more mid-size creatures. In a struggle encounter, the creatures will launch themselves at the player in attempt to grab onto their body and penetrate or stimulate them. The creatures will target the player's mouth, chest, penis, vagina, and/or anus, and will destroy any clothes between them and their goal. While most struggle encounters are nonconsensual, there are some consensual ones avaliable at high Deviancy.

The goal is to either throw the creatures away until they give up, hurt them so they flee on their own, or satisfy them so they'll leave peacefully.

After progressing Alex's Farm far enough, Nets become avaliable which can incapacitate one of the creatures. However nets can only be used to capture Lurkers for the Farm and for the Hookah Parlour.

Types and Locations

While Struggle encounters can be found all over the world, they're primarily located in the Moor and Forest. Outside of the Hookah Parlour and the Smuggler's Cave, none can be found in the town outside of Blood Moons.

  • Bees can be found in the Forest when harvesting Honeycomb.
  • Lurkers can be found in the Moor and in the Old Churchyard. At Deviancy 4 the player may have the opportunity to have a consensual encounter with one while tending the fields at Alex's Farm.
  • Slimes can be found while operating the Hookah Parlor, the Sewers, and the Rut. Pale Slimes can be found during Blood Moons in the Forest, in the street in Town, in the Sewers, and randomly in some encounters wirh the Ivory Wraith.
  • Slugs can be found in the Smuggler's Cave, in the Tentacle Forest, and on the Island.
  • Squids can be found while swimming in the Sea.
  • Wasps can be found deep in the Forest. At Deviancy 4, the player may have the opportunity for a consensual encounter with them.

Overcoming Struggles

Struggle enounters usually involve two or more creatures. As with gangbang encounters, dealing with all of the creatures at once will be necessary to proceed, whether through Bratty (and Defiant, should the encounter be nonconsensual) action, or Submissive.

Enemy Actions

Struggle creatures will leap or fly at the player in an attempt to cling onto their body to penetrate or stimulate them. When moving towards the player, should they fail, they may damage clothing or harm the player as they pass.

If they succeed, the creature will cling to the face, chest, stomach, pelvis, or rear. While attached, they will seek out an entrance to penetrate, a phallus to penetrate themselves with, or, in the case of the chest, rub their phallus against and between the chest, milking the player if they're lactating. However, if there is clothing in the way of their goal, they will tear at the clothing until it is destroyed.

In the event that the player is wearing a chastity device, the creature will damage itself attempting to break it. It will continue in determination, until either it runs out of health, fleeing, or the chastity device is broken.

Once they have access to a hole, they will attempt penetration. This will take three turns. Once inside, they will penetrate deeply before pumping warm fluids inside. After a few turns, the creature will withdraw its appendage and leave when satisfied.

If they're removed, whether by being pulled or being sprayed, they will jump away to try one more time. The second time, they won't return. If bitten successfully, they will flee immediately.

On rare occasions, additional swarm creatures may arrive as reinforcements at some point during the encounter.

Defiant Actions

The player, when not held by creatures, will have both hand and feet options. Although planting their feet is a meek option, it will help when struggling, if using pepper spray, nets, or biting isn't desired or avaliable.

The player's only initial Defiant option with their arms is to Guard, which gives a chance to swat away a creature as it comes at the player. However, this isn't guaranteed even at one's highest stats, and only carries a chance of redirecting them, dealing a small amount of damage but not deterring them, and even carrying the risk of tearing clothing or hurting the player if they're exposed. If nets are unlocked through progression of Alex's Farm, choosing to hurl a net will, if successful, remove a struggle enemy from the encounter automatically. However, only Lurkers can be collected.

Once one of the creatures lands on the player, however, the options expand. The player can grasp the creature with one or both hands, both hands increasing the grip strength more quickly, especially when combined with planted feet. As soon as the player is grasping the creature, they'll be given the option to pull on it to throw it away. However the success of this depends on the player's grip strength. Once the player's grip is iron, they'll be guaranteed to throw the creature off of themself, where it will need at least one more turn to attach itself again. Doing this twice will cause the creature to flee.

Should the player have any pepper spray, they'll also have the option to spray a creature holding onto them, which will automatically cause them to leap off if successful. As with, or in conjunction with, throwing them, successfully doing this twice will cause them to flee.

In the event the creature is attempting to penetrate them orally, the player has the option to keep their mouth closed. This will prevent the creature from forcing itself into their mouth for a few turns. However, should they enter their mouth, whether by force or due to the player opening their mouth, the player will have the option to bite the creature. Beware, however, that biting is completely ineffective without the Fangs trait found in several beast transformations.

Submissive Actions

The player, when not held by the creatures, will have three Meek actions for their feet and one for their hands. Keeping one's arms or feet still will allow the creatures to jump onto the player uninhibited. Dodging, however, will give a chance for the player to move out of the way, risking damage to their clothes or body should they succeed. Planting their feet, however, will allow the player to get a better grip on the creature, should they attempt to pull them away.

Once the player has been held onto by a creature, they'll have a new Submissive option--stroking it. This will sexually stimulate the creature, ending the encounter somewhat sooner. This action is accompanied by sucking if the creature is penetrating them orally, whether by force or after the player has opened their mouth. Once the creature has pleasured themself sufficiently using the player's body, it will leave them be.


As with swarm encounters, the creatures found in struggle encounters can leave behind parasites in the player when penetrating them anally and vaginally, if the parasite pregnancy toggle is active. Lurkers have a somewhat unique addition to this, as they can impregnate the player through the mouth, although the parasite will be implanted in the anus.

For more information, visit the Parasitic Pregnancy page.

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