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"This work of fiction contains content of a sexual nature and is inappropriate for minors. All characters depicted are at least 18 years of age. Everything is consensual role play, and any animals are actually people in costumes."
All beast sprites as they appear in-game.

Bestiality is one of many toggles that can be enabled within Degrees of Lewdity, and one of the primary focuses of the Deviancy options available to the player, barring other options available such as Tentacles.

If Bestiality is disabled, monster-people will (or may in the case of the player hallucinating) show up in their place, allowing the player to still proceed with their content without the toggle.


First, enable Beasts in Settings. Beasts can show up in all sorts of places, but an easier way of finding them is within places they roam such as the Forest.


Beast encounters will be non-consensual for the most part, with some consensual beast encounters existing within the game. Similar to tentacles, the premise behind the encounter is that the player is serving them to calm them down.

The player may be facing off against multiple beasts if they are not careful, all wanting to have their way with the player.


The main goal for dealing with beast encounters works just like combat would for human NPCs - make them orgasm, or fight them off. Regardless of how the player deals with the beast, they will have calmed down and retreat away from the player, either in pain or feeling satisfied - ending the encounter.

To escape beasts during combat, the player must use their Physique to their advantage to fight off the beasts off with punches and kicks, as they would with human non-consensual encounters. Depending on the type of beast the player is fighting, it may be a tough challenge. It is best recommended to get Physique maxed out, or combine dealt blows with pepper spray. Alternatively, the player can use their Athletics skill to successfully outrun the beast before the encounter begins, allowing the player to retreat safely.

Should the player be in a multi-beast encounter, one beast will have it's way with the player at a time instead of all at once. The player will receive a prompt at the top of the screen stating how many beasts await their turn, if one is already being "serviced" in combat already by the player.

Consider it a test to the player's endurance, especially when more beasts wish to have their way with the player.

  • (One beast in waiting) A beast awaits its turn next.
  • (Two beasts in waiting) A beast awaits its turn next, along with one other beast.
  • (Three beasts in waiting) A beast awaits its turn next, along with two other beasts.
  • (Four beasts in waiting) A beast awaits its turn next, along with three other beasts.
  • (Five beasts in waiting) A beast awaits its turn next, along with four other beasts.


Monster People, or Monsters for short, will replace some (or all/none if desired) of the animal encounters if it is changed in Settings. There is the option to change the percentage of beasts attracted to the player to be instead monster boys or girls. The player can even replace beasts entirely with monster boys/girls.

Their mannerisms will act akin to beasts, but with two dkey differences - they are able to speak during combat, and use their hands. A wolf for instance will become (and will be referred to as) a wolfboy/wolfgirl - depending on their gender.

By default, the Hallucinations trait must be required in order to see monster boys and girls, but this can be changed in Settings at any time to have them appear regardless of hallucinations.

For more information, see here: Monsters


Beasts are found all across the Town, as well as found in places such as the Sewers and Forest. Note that interacting with these beasts through sexual means may require high Deviancy. Most if not all events with beasts (especially consensual) involved may require a certain Deviancy requirement.

While no event is guaranteed, be on the look out if roaming around dangerous places of the town.

Certain beasts tend to frequent certain territories. For more information on where the player may find each particular beast, refer to their individual pages below:

The following creatures are considered beasts by the game, meaning they won't appear if Bestiality is disabled. However, unlike the ones listed above, they lack monster-person counterparts.

*Requires an additional toggle besides Bestiality to appear - see their respective pages for more details.

In addition to generic creatures, there are two beastly Love Interests the player may romance:

Miscellaneous Beasts

There are also a handful of beasts that the player can interact with, to a limited extent. Currently, most of the beasts in this category lack any potential for lewd encounters.


Bulls and cows, generally present in the Farmlands. The player can encounter cattle in the following locations:

  • Alex's Farm houses a barnful of cattle that the player can tend to.
    • One of the player's many tasks when working at the farm includes milking the cattle. This can be done by machine, by hand (Deviancy 1, increases Tending), or by mouth (Deviancy 4).
    • If the herd's Respect for the player is high, they may intervene when one of the farm's hounds tries to attack the player.
    • After being milked, one of the cows may lick the player's hand. | - Stress
  • On the road leading out of the farmlands, the player may be stopped by a cow mooing at them. They can proceed to pet the beast, reducing Stress.
  • Several herds of cattle reside in the Underground Farm and Remy's Estate, though the player cannot interact with them.


The player may run into deer when exploring the forest. Interactions with this type of beast are especially sparse, and they are among the few animals in the game that are not affected by the Monsters setting.

  • In the forest, the player may spot a deer sheltering its child from the weather. | - Stress
  • The player may also stumble across a lone deer in a forest clearing. The player can try approaching the deer, relieving Stress if successful.
  • Both Eden and the wolfpack go after deer during their hunts.


A rare form of fauna, foxes tend to inhabit the wilderness surrounding the town, such as the forest or the moor. The player can encounter foxes in the following locations:

  • When relaxing in a meadow, the player's clothes may be stolen by a fox, prompting the player to give chase. See the Meadow page for more details.
  • The player can cross paths with a fox in the moor. It runs into a bush after noticing the player.
  • In the winter, the player can come across a fox rooting through the snow at the Forest Lake.
  • When basking with the Great Hawk in their tower, the player may spot a trio of foxes playing on a hillock in the distance.
  • When proceeding cautiously through the forest, you may encounter a fox stealing eggs.

Foxes encountered in forest and moor can have five different personality traits: Cowardly, Territorial, Clever, Friendly and Clumsy. They have different behaviour and as monsterpeople, different dialogue as well.

These foxes have two unique skill stats:

  • Athletics, which depending on the situation, corresponds to the player’s Athletics or Dance skill, or their Physique.
  • Security, which corresponds to the player’s Skulduggery skill.

A fox’s skill range is 1-1000, the same as the player’s own skill range. This stat is decided randomly, though different personality traits have their own modifiers.

  • Cowardly: +200 Security
  • Territorial: +100 Security, +125 HP
  • Clever: +150 Security, + 100 Athletics
  • Friendly: -75 HP
  • Clumsy: -200 Security, -200 Athletics

During a skill check, the player’s skill is checked against the fox’s skill. If the player has an S rank in their own skill, they should be guaranteed to pass the skill check.

Moreover, territorial foxes has the highest tending check and is more prone to attacking the player. Friendly foxes has the lowest tending check, and may even offer help to the player.

Screaming during a non-consensual encounter with a fox does nothing, as the fox will scream right back, drowning out the player’s screams.

Hawks (Watchers)

With the exception of the Great Hawk, Hawks can be found inhabiting the prison. They hunt shark's teeth, which is the reason why the currency in prison are teeth rather than British pounds. The player can encounter them in prison when:

  • Working at the spire. The job of working in the spire is centered around taking care of them.
  • Trying to swim away. They may block the player's escape if they're not distracted or befriended.
  • If they're fond of the player, they may request the player to search for the missing egg. Finding this missing egg will reward the player an additional pepper spray charge.

Wolf Cave

Deep within the Forest, a wolf pack nests it's den. This is a place the player can use as a safehouse to get away from the town.

For more information on this location, visit this page: Wolf Cave

Unique Trait

A Sexual Trait is tied to this toggle: "Bitch" or "Tamer" (depending on the player submissiveness).

To achieve this trait, the player must have been attacked by beasts 100+ times.

Bitch / Tamer - Animals have tried to breed with you so often that you're used to it. Trauma increases more slowly when attacked by animals.


  • The option to make beasts monster boys/girls wasn't added until Update Prior to this update, monster boys/girls did not exist in the game at all.

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