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The Black Wolf the alpha is the de-facto leader of the Wolf Pack - their home is located at the Wolf Cave located deep within the Forest. They are distrusting of humans. The only way for the player to meet the Black Wolf and the rest of the Wolf Pack properly is for the player to get themselves captured by the pack.

They serve as a potential Love Interest, however they are far less involved with the player than other Love Interests; the game generally treats the wolf pack as a whole as the player's Love Interest, rather than the Black Wolf alone. In any case, the player will need a particular character trait in order to properly romance them. Submitting to the Black Wolf and the rest of the pack is essential to acquiring this trait. Otherwise, the Black Wolf will remain distrustful of the player, resulting in every sexual encounter being non-consensual.


Due to their status as a love interest, the Black Wolf's appearance will be mostly left up to player interpretation. Their description will remain consistent somewhat, regardless of what sex they are determined as.

  • If they are set as a beast, they will be described as being a "monstrous wolf with black fur."
  • If they are set as a monster person, they will be described as a "nude, towering body" covered in "tufts of thick black hair."

First Meeting

The Black Wolf is first met after being hunted in the forest where if they catch the PC they will attempt to rape them. If successful they will orgasm and try to drag them off to their cave although there is the option to struggle. It will initiate a nonconsensual encounter and if the wolf successfully orgasms or became too hurt to fight, it will open the chance for the player to escape.


Unlike other love interests, the Black Wolf seems to have no set schedule. They tend to leave the den behind to go hunting for food, which will take up several hours. If the Black Wolf has not been encountered yet, they will be roaming the Forest area as normal, until they come across the player.

The Wolf Pack's hunts work similarly to Eden's, as they will hunt when it is necessary to. These hunts can even occur in the middle of the night, and sometimes in the middle of the day. Other times, the wolves may choose to go hunting in the morning. A higher Ferocity stat will make them go on hunts more frequently.

Leaving at 6PM, and remaining away hunting for a total amount of twelve hours (6AM) until they return seems to be a fairly common hunting schedule. In other cases, they may leave earlier and return much earlier or later - depending on what they find, their luck, and the Ferocity stat once again. They may return with food, or nothing. It is theoretically possible for the wolves to be away hunting for twelve hours straight.

During downtime and/or after hunting, the wolves will be resting in their den. This has no set time. Other wolves of the pack, especially the younger wolves will be playing in the river near the den. They may be seen grooming each other, depending on the Harmony stat. They will do this until they head on another hunt, meaning there is no set time for how long they sleep or choose to go hunting once more.

What the wolves find during their hunts remains up to RNG. Very little may happen, but in other scenarios a lot will happen, determined by the Ferocity and Harmony stats. A mix of both will influence how well the hunting goes, uniting them in lethal purpose. If the black wolf is the leader, their actions are also determined by RNG. While the Black Wolf leads, the player must keep up mid-hunt with the use of their Athletics skill, otherwise they will be left behind - forcing them to return to the cave empty-handed. The player leading the pack however can also determine how long a hunt can last.

At high Ferocity, the wolves will avoid one another, whereas at High Harmony levels the wolves will cuddle together in a pile when it comes time to rest from the hunting trip session.


The Black Wolf is unique from the rest of the other love interests, as they have no unique stats to call their own - such as Love, Lust and any other stat unique to a specific love interest. Their behaviour reflects on the rest of the wolf pack, and vice versa. As such, it is much more difficult to build a relationship with the Black Wolf - not only that, but sexual interactions will be considered non-consensual until the player obtains the "Stockholm Syndrome: Wolves" character trait. The player is seen as a breeding mate, and as such, the wolves will have their way with the player - including the Black Wolf, who will be more possessive of the player over the other wolves. This takes a heavy toll on the player's negative stats such as Stress, Trauma and Control if escape is not achieved sooner rather than later.

"Romancing" the Black Wolf works similarly to Eden. Both characters possess a unique trait that must be obtained first to unlock them as a potential love interest. This will require the player to satisfy the Black Wolf sexually, for the most part. It is essential to build up the Wolf Pack's "Trust" stat, in which doing so has the Black Wolf approach the player, alone, for mating purposes. While the player can accept the Black Wolf's genitals into their hand, they can also choose to refuse the offer; both options will lead into gaining the character trait. Once earned, the trait does not disappear.

As soon as the player is given free roam around the wolf den, the player can then serve as a hunting partner to the Black Wolf, if the player wishes to do so. Keep in mind that this will require a good amount of Athletics in order to keep up with their speed. Submitting to the Black Wolf increases points on the Stockholm Syndrome: Wolves character trait, while rebelling decreases it.

  • Max Harmony: "The wolves lie together in a big cuddly pile."
  • Max Ferocity: "The wolves keep a large space between them. Any trespass is met with gnashing teeth."
  • Equal Max Harmony/Ferocity: "The pack is unified in lethal purpose."
  • Minimum Harmony/Ferocity: "A depressive malaise lies on the pack."


Black Wolf's Impression of the PC:
  • 50% Harmony, 50% Ferocity: Black Wolf values your place in the pack.
  • 45% Harmony, 50% Ferocity: Black Wolf thinks you're a strong packmate.
  • 55-60% Harmony, 45-50% Ferocity: Black Wolf thinks you're a worthy packmate.

Only after exiting the cave and relaxing with Black Wolf, does its Love Meter appear.

  • High Love, 60% Harmony, 45% Ferocity: Black Wolf is glad you're his/her mate.
  • High Love, 55% Harmony, 55% Ferocity: Black Wolf thinks of you as his/her mate.


Note: The following events are not to be considered as a full, comprehensive list of the Black Wolf's interactions in the game - but more rather their most notable interactions. As such, minor events may not be listed below. However, more interactions will be listed below as the character remains in development.

The Black Wolf, due to their animalistic nature, will think of the player as a mating partner to begin with. After the initial encounter, they will abduct the player, taking them over to their den. Once the wolves have their way with the player, they work together to heavily guard the player in the back of the cave. The Black Wolf seems to have authority over the other wolves, with most of the pack fearing the monstrous beast.

When the player obtains the "Stockholm Syndrome: Wolves" character trait, interactions with the Black Wolf will shift towards more of a companion and/or hunting partner - living off the life in the forest, akin to Eden. Also like Eden, they will never leave the forest, meaning all interactions with them will take place in the forest or the Wolf Cave. The player can still proceed to act as a mate to the Black Wolf, however - these sexual encounters will be consensual, typically.

Becoming Alpha

At high ferocity, it can also happen that another wolf tries to challenge the Black Wolf, though the Black Wolf easily wins. It will still be angered, however, and the player can now choose to calm it down, ignore it or challenge it. Calming is done by either taking its genitals into your hand, into the mouth, or to refuse (which increases ferocity, as the Black Wolf continues to harass other wolves, the same happens if the player chooses to ignore it). Challenging the Black Wolf leads to a combat scene and winning it means that the player becomes the pack's alpha and can now lead them on hunts. The Black Wolf may also simply become agitated and the player can calm or ignore them as they would do in possible becoming alpha event.

If the player wants to gain an advantage in overcoming the Black Wolf, feeding them and the pack pink mushrooms (functions as aphrodisiacs to humans, poisonous to wolves otherwise) while they are resting will make the Black Wolf weaker, should the player decide to challenge the beast afterwards.


The player can join the wolves on hunts in the evening, giving them a good workout at the cost of higher fatigue. If the player has previously defeated the Black Wolf, they can lead the hunt or let the Black Wolf decide where to go. If the Black Wolf leads the hunt, options are chosen at random but he never goes after the hunters.

Hunts are slightly different if leading them as an alpha, since the player can now choose which paths or tracks to follow. There are several branches to choose from. If the encounter at the end fails, the hunt continues and the player is back at start of the decision tree. On success (|+Harmony |-Ferocity (3:00) | - Fatigue) before returning to the wolf cave.

  • Let black wolf decide - chooses one of the available options at random
  • Follow the river
    • Rest (1:00) + Harmony | - Ferocity | - Fatigue (continue at No time for rest)
    • No time for rest
      • Follow the deer tracks (1:00) - Deer/ Boar encounter
      • Follow the shoe tracks (1:00) - Hunter encounter
  • Follow the cliff
    • Take red mushroom - Increases Ferocity later
    • Take pink mushroom - Decreases Ferocity later
      • Follow the deer prints (1:00) - Deer/ Boar encounter
      • Follow the large prints (1:00) - Bear encounter

Bear encounter

The wolves may also come across a bear and its fresh kill. Here, the player is given the chance to distract (Skulduggery check) or attack the bear. If either is successful, the pack gets fed, if not, the hunt continues.

Deer/ Boar encounter

You can also be attacked by a boar and either run, or stand your ground, though it works similarly to the bear encounter. The boar might attack the Black Wolf instead of the player. Running counts as fail.

Hunter encounter

There is an option to follow shoe tracks and coming upon hunters and a deer carcass, whom the player can attack, leave or distract (requires varying levels of exhibitionism, depending on the characters clothes (example 5 if naked, 3 or 4 if wearing clothing from plants, etc)) Attacking seems to be a bad idea, as the hunters have rifles to defend themselves. Distracting them leads to the wolves being able to ambush the hunters, who are focused on the player. The player can demand valuables (crime) or let them go. Demanding valuables gives cash and +1 pepper spray capacity, as well as food for the wolves. Letting them go yields no reward besides food for the wolves, which you would have received either way. It may not be possible to get more than one pepper spray capacity from this event per play through, though it can be increased through other events.


The Black Wolf's sprites as they appear in-game. Top: beast, Bottom: monster-person
Black Wolf's updated beast sprite
  • The Black Wolf was the only named beast NPC in the game until the Version 0.2.23, when the Great Hawk was introduced.
  • The Black Wolf has existed in the game since Version 0.1.0, as with many other NPCs. However, their role in the game was minimal at best. In Version 0.1.17, the ability to obtain their "Stockholm Syndrome" character trait and see them as "romanceable" was added.
    • The option to choose the Black Wolf as a love interest was added in Version 0.2.13, along with the other love interests. They were not initially thought of as a "love interest" prior to that however, merely a major NPC who's relationship with the player can be advanced much further in comparison to other Named NPCs.
  • They are one of five love interests to have a unique character trait tied to them, with the others being Robin, Eden, the Great Hawk, and recently Kylar.
  • They are one of four love interests to have a "Stockholm Syndrome" character trait tied to them, with the others one being Eden and the Great Hawk and Kylar.
  • Compared to other NPC silhouettes, the Black Wolf's silhouette looks more distinct, as their unique glowing yellow eyes are shown regardless if they're a beast or a monster-person.
  • Simillar to Eden, the Black Wolf will continue to hunt you in the Forest even after claiming it as love interest and/or earning wolf trust. But when they confront you, it will lead to an outcomes where you can choose between staying in the Forest or going to the Wolf Cave with them.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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