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Blackjack can be played with Wren at Remy's estate. There is currently - as of 0.2.24 - no other places to play it.

Cards appearance

The thirteen cards present as followed :

Under the "Help and Options" menu, the player can alter the appearance of the cards by selecting a backing. Both the color and design can be changed, with the first (the one displaying two question marks) being the default.

Where to play

Blackjack currently can only be played with Wren in the cottage located on Remy's estate.

Upon meeting the player in the cottage, Wren will offer them to play some Blackjack. The player sees an opportunity to turn the situation to their advantage, and asks Wren to fulfill one of their requests, should they win.

Wren is open to the idea, and accepts on the condition that the player surrenders a piece of clothing if they lose. When initiating a game of Blackjack, one minute of in-game time passes.


If the player manages to win a round of Blackjack with Wren, the player can choose a favour. Three different stats are involved: Daring, Remy's Encroachment, and Chaos.

For further information about the type of favours, refer to Wren#Wren's Favours.


Clothing will be asked for in a specific order: shoes, legwear, top, bottom, gloves, under top, under bottom. Other slots do not seem to factor in. If the player has sufficient Exhibitionism, they can strip flauntingly, removing the stress penalty of stripping but raising Exhibitionism as with other Exhibitionism interactions.

If the player has no more clothes, Wren will ask them to twirl on the spot, flaunting their nudity. After that, the player will be asked to climb atop their chair and bend over, in order to let everyone get a closer look. Next, if the player has a penis, Wren will ask to sit on their lap. If the player has a vagina, the reverse will happen and they will be asked to sit on Wren's lap.

From then on, the following bets will be Wren asking to kiss the player, or fondle their bum/penis/pussy. Whether the player is affected (+ Arousal) or not depends on a Willpower check.


As specified in the Blackjack Guide present in the game :

  • Your goal is to beat the dealer in having a higher score that never goes above 21.
  • Cards are valued from 2 to 11. Jack, Queen and King are worth 10 each, Ace is worth either 1 or 11, whichever is more favourable.
  • Scoring a total of 21 with 2 cards is known as a "Natural Blackjack", you or the dealer will win over any other combination unless you tie.
  • If either you or the dealer go over 21, the one who bust loses.
  • Stand to end your turn, hit to gain another card.
  • The dealer always plays by specific rules, use that to your advantage. The dealer must hit when their score is below 17.


[WIP: should add more expansions to this]

If Wren's love is high enough, the player can request Wren to allow gambling while playing Blackjack. For further information about gambling with Wren, refer to Remy's Estate#Gambling in Blackjack.


[WIP: Should add more expansions to the cheating system of this]

Optionally, the player may choose to cheat during the Blackjack game. Prompting to cheat triggers a Suspicion bar. To successfully pull out a cheat, the player must pass a Skulduggery check.

Two methods of cheating:

  • Mark newest cards, up to 8. Every time the player marks their cards, it increases Suspicion (+ Suspicion).
    • Marking the newest cards a first time on the current round during low Suspicion guarantees success if a Skulduggery of at least A (?). With S Skulduggery, it is marked Very Easy.
    • Marking the newest cards a second time on the current round is harder. With S Skulduggery, it is marked Medium.
    • Bear in mind that there is a chance for Wren to fully replace the deck after the player enters the cottage at Remy's Estate again. They would say "We've replaced the deck after our last game. Though I'm sure you would've noticed that," he/she says with a smirk.
  • Peek at dealer's cards. This will gradually increase Suspicion over time.

If the player is suspected of cheating, Suspicion will go up ( + Suspicion). This includes instances where the player peeks at one (or more) of their marked cards. However, if the player loses fairly, Suspicion is reduced greatly (-- Suspicion), and likewise winning fairly will slightly reduce Suspicion (- Suspicion).

If the player is caught cheating, Wren threaten the player. [insert more of the cheating info; should be on the wiki somewhere...] Should the player fail to run away, or surrender, the player is immediately taken to the Underground Farm.


  • In the Blackjack is not working as intended. The rule present in the game state that the dealer must hit when their score is below 17, however the dealer won't do that currently. This will probably be fixed in 0.2.25.*
  • When winning a natural Blackjack, the round status will read "You win with a Natural Blackjack". Winning by either scoring higher, winning a non-natural Blackjack or the dealer busting will read "You win". Getting a tie just reads "You tie". Player busting will read "Bust". Losing to Natural Blackjack will read "You lose to the Natural Blackjack". Losing normally is just "You lose".