Blackmailed by Leighton

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The "Blackmailed by Leighton" quest is one of few unlockable quests within Degrees of Lewdity. It is one of two sidequests with Leighton as the focus, the other side-quest being the "Blackmailing Leighton" side quest.


The player's lewd activities have not gone unnoticed. Leighton has taken an interest in the player, in response to seeing the many indecent photos taken of the player by many others. Leighton then demands a lewd daily photoshoot from the player,

Proceed and find out what Leighton has in store for the player. Note that refusing their requests will have consequences on the player.


In order to unlock the quest, the player must have achieved one requirement before-hand. Otherwise, this quest will not show up.

  • Sex, Rape, Bestiality, Prostitution Fames all have to add up to at least 4000 points in total - culminating in the "Notorious" fame status.
    • Other sexual fame stats are not required.
  • An Exhibitionism rank of 4 or higher to partake in photoshoots.

Note that it isn't required to reach a "Notorious" rating in each category of fame, as more fame can still be acquired after reaching that point, up to 2000 points in a single category.

For details on how to gain sexual fame, visit the respective page. Once the player has enough Fame, they can then proceed with the quest.


If the player chooses to accept to do the photoshoots, this will make the player an extra amount of money should they be desperate. Otherwise refusing (as previously stated) has consequences on the player.

Initiating a Gangbang

Note: Requires certain requirements, see below.

In order to unlock this option, the player must have achieved three requirement before-hand:

  • A Promiscuity rank of 5.
  • Sex fame must be higher than Rape fame.
  • Bestiality fame must be lower than 1000 points ("Notorious")

If these requirements are not met, this option will not appear. Should Rape Fame be higher than Sex Fame, the player will not be given the option to do this as the photos will instead depict the player being in non-consensual encounters, and not having consensual sex with others, forcing a massive decrease to Status. (Note: If Rape Fame and Sex Fame are both at maximum, the player will still be able to initiate a gangbang).

However, if the player meets the requirements, the following happens: When Leighton posts the pictures the player can choose to own up to their lewd activities and initiate a gangbang, which will avoid the decrease in status. This triggers a consensual encounter with several other students nearby, with the player pointing out that they are "right here" instead of staring at pictures.

Afterwards, Leighton will disperse the crowd, with the player winking in response and telling them "nice try."

Ending the Photoshoots

The same way the player can blackmail Leighton, they can also demand Leighton to stop the photoshoot instead of demanding their watch or no detention. Should the player refuse to do the photoshoot at any point, Leighton will disapprove of the player there onwards.

However, the player can refuse to do the photoshoots. This leads to Leighton posting the pictures onto a bulletin board for all the school's students to see - causing a drastic decrease to the player's Status (may drop to zero instantly) - the player's lewd activities with so many different people is recognized by the general public.


  • If the player initiated a consensual gangbang after the photos were posted, they can return to Leighton and propose to willingly continue the photoshoots for money. The player can earn up to £50 pounds per day from the photoshoots.
  • Additionally, if Attractiveness and Seduction are high enough, the player can choose to have consensual sex with Leighton after the shoot to receive an additional £100. The player may need to remain patient and wait for a few days for this option to appear.


  • This is not the first time Leighton has issued a lewd photoshoot. They have done so with another student years before the player. The person in question has suffered greatly as a result of being a victim to Leighton's perverted demands.
    • Another victim is present in the game, suggesting what has already been hinted at more directly; that Leighton has a long history of abuse behind them.

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