Blackmailing Leighton

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The "Blackmailing Leighton" quest is one of few unlockable quests within Degrees of Lewdity. It is one of few quests involving Leighton, the other being the "Blackmailed by Leighton" side quest.

The player is able to blackmail Leighton, should they uncover their secret. The player gains access to Leighton's computer, revealing hundreds if not thousands of Leighton's dirty photoshooting activities. The player can choose their punishment.


River will ask the player to deliver a note to the headteacher, should they feel they have "sussed" the class' material. They then hand the player an envelope. The player is able to peek into this and open it (at the cost of Delinquency) - this reveals the password for the headteacher's computer.

The player's job now is to break into Leighton's office and discover what they have on the computer.


In order to unlock the quest, the player must have achieved two requirements before-hand. Otherwise, this quest will not show up.

  • Attend Maths class at any point
  • Have a decent skill amount in Maths


When school is not in session, the player is able to break into the School and head to Leighton's office to access the computer. Doing so will reveal nothing worthwhile until a folder called "D" is discovered by the player. What the player discovers is hundreds, if not thousands of photos of someone in various states of undress - in some pictures they look distressed, in others their expression remains blank. It's noted that the pictures are arranged in order of date and appear to be from several years ago. Whatever was happening went on for many months. Leighton makes an appearance in the later pictures, sometimes posing with her/him, but other times groping and fondling. From the student's outfit, it looks like they were a student here.

After this discovery, choose to copy the data and use it as sufficient evidence for Leighton's criminal activity.

Evidence on Hand

With the evidence copied on to a flash stick, the player is able to do two things with it. One, they can visit the Police Station. Doing so will have the player turn the evidence into the police, which will prove to be inconsequential. This is because the police simply ignores the player's found evidence, putting it into their own backlog for an indefinite amount of time. This leaves the player angry. However, doing this option will have Leighton make an appearance in the police computer during the "Police Infiltration" sidequest.

The second option is to confront Leighton the next time they are available at their office. Showing them the evidence will have Leighton eerily calm about things, asking what the player wants from them.


There are two rewards for the player punishing Leighton:

  • An expensive watch, worth £5000 in stolen goods. This can be sold to Landry. One-time only.
  • Avoiding detention. While the player is still served detentions, attending them is considered optional.


Completing this quest will cause Leighton to strongly dislike the player, and they may try and get revenge on them later on at the Brothel.

There are two distinct possibilities on how Leighton deals with the player:

  • Two students from the school will be waiting for the player, while Leighton films the scene with a camera. At this point, choosing to refuse has the students grab you while one of them apologises for this - this triggers a non-consensual encounter. Choosing to perform for Leighton instead triggers consensual sex. Should the player make the students successfully orgasm, Leighton tells the player they will see them at school and gives them either £30 (if the player didn't cooperate) or £70 (if the player did cooperate). The player is also able to fight off the students and make their escape away from the scene should they be ready to do so.
  • Leighton brings in a chained up dog. This requires Bestiality to be enabled. The player can agree to have sex with the chained up animal if they have high enough Deviancy. Alternatively, they can choose to refuse - Leighton lets the dog loose in response, triggering a non-consensual encounter. Leighton watches as the camera films the scene, sipping wine.

These events are purposefully designed to punish players who thought they could get away with blackmailing Leighton.


  • The folder titled "D" which showcases Leighton's student photoshoot refers to Darryl, the strip club owner. It's indicated that Darryl has a past history with Leighton over the course of several months.
    • This is confirmed by the game's code checking for Darryl's gender and applying it to the description of the student.

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