Blood Moon

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A blood moon - sometimes called a "red moon" or simply "full moon" - is an odd phenomenon found within the game. Little is known why it occurs, but it spells danger for any unsuspecting players.

A visual representation of a blood moon appearing is shown below, and can also be seen besides the player sprite on the sidebar.


Blood moons will occur for the full night bridging two months apart. Essentially, after 9PM on the last day of each month, and before 6AM on the first day of the following month.


A blood moon rises, tainting the moonlight's glow and twisting it into a harsh reddish colour.

The town is much more dangerous. Be careful!



  • A drastic increase to Allure, regardless of the player's stats. It's heavily advised to not go out at night during a blood moon, as this usually entails a much higher encounter rate.
    • Serves as a temporary hard mode while it is present.
  • Forces the "Severe Hallucinations" trait onto the player.


Surviving a blood moon can be tricky if the player is in an open area. It is recommended to wear clothing that is considered to not be revealing in some way, as wearing clothing types like this will only increase Allure. To decrease Allure further, the player could invest in increasing their Combat fame.

Ideally, it is best to avoid open areas during a blood moon. Stay within areas with easy escape routes, such as accessibility to alleyways or within the general vicinity of safehouses such as the Orphanage. It is possible to skip a blood moon by simply sleeping in a bed in a safehouse until dawn. However, there may be a chance that the Ivory Wraith may try to possess you as you sleep. Another way to skip the blood moon is to work at the strip club as a bartender until closing time.

The blood moon disappears on the dawn of a new day, after 6AM.

Additional Effects

Blood moons have additional odd effects which can enhance or even change the player's experience.

  • May prove advantageous for players with low Purity, such as demon transformations. However, players possessing any other transformation and/or higher levels of Purity may be in for a surprise.
  • (Requires Parasites to be enabled) Allows the player to rid themselves of the ear slime. For this, the player must dive in the Forest Lake Ruins, swim into the plinth room and then choose to lay down on the altar.
  • (Requires Tentacles to be enabled) If the player repeats the same steps required to trigger the "Mirror Tentacles" small event at the Orphanage during a blood moon instead of a regular moon, this unlocks a new option to step through a portal to enter the Tentacle Plains, upon meeting specific requirements. Mirror access to the plains will disappear after 4AM.
  • The Ivory Wraith may haunt/hunt the player in the forest starting the Halloween blood moon. For more information please visit the Ivory Wraith page.


  • Removing the ear slime parasite during a blood moon could be considered a reward that of itself, as it is only possible during then.
  • Additionally, allowing access to the Tentacle Plains without heading to the Asylum first is beneficial for those playing on Hard Mode, as it allows them to retrieve the final pepper spray canister.
  • The only time the player can obtain blood lemons, a variant of lemons, in the forest to plant.



  1. Depicted: A blood moon appearing in-game.
  2. Depicted: The Forest Lake Ruins under the effects of a blood moon.
  3. Depicted: The Prison under the effects of a blood moon.
  4. Depicted: Forest under the effects of a blood moon.
  5. Depicted: main indicator of Ivory Wraith wraith when hunting player in blood moon

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