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Briar the brothel owner runs the Brothel, located on Harvest Street. The player can partake in the weekly shows there, in which Briar will set the scene for them as the narrator.


Briar's description varies on what sex they are determined as. However, regardless of sex they will be described as having long chestnut hair and hazel eyes.

  • If male: The doors open to reveal a man wearing a blue suit, minus a shirt, showing off his well-toned chest and abdomen. Long chestnut hair flows behind him as he enters.
  • If female: The doors open to reveal a woman wearing an expensive-looking red gown with a plunging neckline, revealing a portion of her pert breasts. Long chestnut hair flows behind her as she enters.

First Meeting

Someone will bump into the player while outside the Strip Club. They tell the player that they have dropped something, before forcing the item into their hands and running away. It's noted that the item is in fact a slip of paper - with an address of a strange building the player has never heard of on Harvest Street. It is followed by the subsequent message:

"If you're fed up with being treated like a child, come see us."

Upon accessing the suspicious building mentioned, the player arrives to learn that this building is in fact the brothel. The player is then introduced to Briar, the owner - who will then go on to inform the player of the various activities they can do here. Briar may additionally help the player gain access into the strip club, although at a hefty price.

Alternatively, Briar can be encountered after the player prostitutes themselves too frequently while on the prowl for singles at the Harvest Street Pub. Briar will learn of the player's lewd activities and confront them with their goons. Briar mentions how they "own all of the whores on this side of town" before forcefully escorting the player over to the Brothel. Once there, punishments will be handed out for the player to endure - what they have planned is not pretty.


Briar has a set schedule of remaining in their office for the remainder of the day. This gives the player free reign to access their office at any given time.

They are able to hook the player up with a fake ID, giving them access to the Strip Club. Note that this comes with a hefty price of £500.


Briar's relationship with the player is determinant on the player's behaviour. As long as the player stays in Briar's good books, they will remain in good-standing with Briar.

Otherwise, if they choose to do things that would otherwise cost Briar hefty sums of money (such as missing Brothel performances, or working as an independent prostitute) this will upset Briar dearly, as Briar feels the money from the "whores" around town belong to them and them alone. It is clear that Briar does not like money going to waste, or to others in general.

This is exemplified when the player explicitly goes against what Briar has asked of them. They may grow to a point where they may even sell out the player to the police in exchange for the money Briar had lost out on, or even kidnap the player as punishment for their deeds around the town.

Additionally, it is possible to initiate lewd encounters with Briar, but only in specific situations - in this case, when the outstanding payment is not received from the player after they had missed out on a performance.


Note: The following events are not to be considered as a full, comprehensive list of Briar's interactions in the game - but more rather their most notable interactions. As such, minor events may not be listed below. However, more interactions will be listed below as the character remains in development.

As Briar is primarily found at the brothel, they will make many appearances there. They will serve as the player's manager while working there, remaining in the background usually. Interactions with them will tend to involve work-related interactions, such as brothel performances.

Brothel Performances

If the player has high enough Fame, Briar will allow the player to take part in special performances every Friday for a huge amount of money. This can be repeated weekly. Briar reminds the player that people will be coming to see the player specifically, and choosing not to show up will be considered inexcusable. Should the player ignore their warning, they will be forced to pay Briar back for costly damages. All three performance options are a good way to raise Fame even further, as the audience will film and take photos. Additionally, it may also offer a safe environment for multi-person and/or animal encounters.

In order to begin the show, the player must choose to go behind the stage and then pick "star in show."

There are four potential options for show performances:

  • "Flirt 'n' Fuck" - The first show option, requiring Promiscuity 4. Briar instructs the player to keep an eye out for the actor - they will be able to tell by them wearing a particular accessory.
  • "Roleplay 'n' Gangbang" - The second show option, requiring Promiscuity 5. Requires the player to wear their school uniform. Briar informs the player that the audience will not be there for their acting skills, so there is no need to worry about that.
    • Briar will be acting as the narrator of the performance. The school boy/girl is supposedly the top of their class, but they are naive about the outside world, especially with the more rough areas of town. Four of Briar's employees enter the scene, acting as if they are talking. Upon completion, Briar will state that they almost believed that performance.
  • "Deviant Pig Show" - The third show option, requiring Deviancy 5.
    • Briar informs the player that the beast may be a little worked up, but they should be able to handle it. Once again, Briar will act as the narrator of the performance. The show begins with Briar's narration of the story of a boy/girl lost in the woods who is attacked by a vicious beast.
  • "Deviant Swarm Show" - The fourth show option, requiring Deviancy 5. As the player is locked in a terrarium and covered in critters, Briar warns the audience that those frightened by things that "creep and crawl" should vacate the venue, before inviting the rest to the most "exquisite" show the brothel has to offer.

Additionally, there are two unlockable performances:

  • "Sex Machine Show" - The first hidden option, requiring Promiscuity 5 and special fuel from the Elk Street Landfill. Briar arranges a private showing for the brothel's VIPs, in which the player is pleasured by a sex machine. Briar introduces the player as a student testing out their new invention.
  • "Horse Show" - The second hidden option, requiring Deviancy 5 and a horse from the countryside. Briar tells the player that they are to provide their own co-star. The show begins with Briar's narration of the story of a young rider rewarding their racehorse for its victory.

At the end of each performance, Briar will be waiting behind the stage, before handing the player their earned money for a job well done.

Missing Star

If at any point the player plans a performance but does not show up for it, then chooses to enter the Brothel again, Briar will storm towards the player along with two other thugs by their side. They demand the player to pay them back the money they lost - this being a sum of £1000. The player can choose to pay them, or willingly or unwillingly refuse to pay. Choosing to pay with have Briar count the money while telling the player they do not care for them even if the player may be kidnapped at some point by wolves. They make it explicitly clear that the player will show up next time as they leave., otherwise there may be consequences.

If the player is unable to afford it or flat out refuses to pay, Briar will tell them the player is able to pay back with other means. This initiates a multi-person encounter as an audience gathers, believing it to be a show. Successfully making Briar orgasm will have them straightening themselves out, telling the player they know how to gain attention - as well as to make sure they show up next time. Choosing to fight back and successfully doing so will have the player knock Briar into a table, spilling drinks everywhere. Briar will not pursue them for the time being. On the other hand, if the player is overwhelmed from too much pain, Briar and their thugs will stop accordingly and instead feed them to a lustful audience, telling them that "this whore is on the house." This triggers a much larger and brutal multi-person non-consensual encounter. The player is then left to flee for the dressing room once they are finished.

Brothel Police Raids

At some point, with a very high Crime level, the Brothel has the chance of becoming subject of a police raid. This can be very dangerous should the player be caught offguard. The Skulduggery skill will prove advantageous here. These raids provide a heavy blow to Briar's business, but it is possible to be fixed.

Once it is over, the player can help Briar put things back into place for a price after a raid has occurred. It is impossible to help Briar while a raid is taking place.

Sold Out

Briar will sell the player out to the police if they go against what they asked - for instance, they caught the player stealing from customers too much during consensual encounters, when prostituting themselves out to the customers.

Note that a raid must have already occurred beforehand.

Very high Crime levels can be used to the player's advantage before Briar attempts to sell the player out. This can then be used to escape should the player be arrested. After the raid is over, the player can help mend their relationship with Briar by helping them put things back into shape again.


Briar will kidnap the player if they are caught doing one and/or the other specific requirements.

  • The player fails to show up to a scheduled show
  • The player acting as an independent prostitute at the Pub.

This will have the player be forced into working for Briar at the Brothel. More information down below.

Gloryhole Forced Service

Briar's role as the Brothel owner allows them to claim that they own all working prostitutes in town. Should the player prostitute themselves too many times within the Pub, Briar catches wind of this and acts accordingly, for the player is acting independently without giving a cut to Briar. A sack is thrown over the player's head before they are dragged outside, into the back of an empty van.

Upon arrival, Briar and two other thugs are already here. Briar explains the situation at hand, demanding the player to pay them. The van stops in front of a building, which causes the thugs to attempt to drag the player inside. At this point, the player has two options:

  • Quietly go with them
  • Fight back

Fighting back proves very difficult, if not impossible. The fight is intentionally designed to be against the player's favour. The best course of action would be to go quietly. Should the player successfully fight back however, they will wrestle free from Briar's grasp - for now, at least.

Choosing to go willingly (or unwillingly) with Briar has the player escorted to a dungeon below the Brothel. It should be noted that this is not the Underground Brothel, but still part of Briar's establishment. The player is then forced into a cell, with them spotting a gloryhole in the wall.

The player's task now is to please a certain amount of customers before they are able to leave. Choosing to be defiant and fighting back proves to be a bad idea should the player go with that route - as doing this has the player forced into a hole in the wall with their behind sticking out, leaving them completely vulnerable to any would-be attacker. The latter punishment can also occur should Briar catch the player prostituting themselves at the Pub once again after the initial gloryhole punishment.

Once the player has satisfied enough clients, Briar will issue a formal warning to the player to not independently prostitute themselves any longer, before allowing the player to walk free.

Ignoring Briar's Demands

Ignoring Briar's warnings has the player eventually be approached by two of their thugs once again, which tell the player to come with them.

The player can choose to bribe them (for a costly sum) or alternatively either go with them quietly or choose to fight back. Fighting back will be much easier this time around. Going with the thugs has them lead the player to a wall where they are then locked into place and left to be sexually assaulted from behind. Briar may come in at random intervals and taunt the player, stating that the price to "use" the player is very cheap - £10 - and it is entirely the player's fault for the low price. This event will repeat each time Briar catches the player prostituting themselves at the Pub.

"Friendly" Competition

If PC work in strip club they can get kidnapped by Briar, only to talk though, they will say PC should keep and eye on Darryl and that they're "worried about her/him". When PC ends their shift at club one of Briar's hench(wo)man will appear and ask about Club's security and cliente, Player can either "Give accurate information", "Exaggerate Darryl's power" or "Underplay Darryl's power". Exaggerating Darryl's power requires good amount of skulduggery when Underplaying alot less. Succeding in skulduggery or telling the truth increases Briar's love when failing will decrease it.

(Consequences unknown, further research needed)


  • Briar is one of several people of interest to exist since the initial release of the game. A full list is provided on the Named Non-Playable Characters page.
  • Briar is one of several characters to own an establishment, with other examples being Darryl, Sam and Landry.
  • Landry will compare Bailey to Briar during the Police Infiltration sequence, with them saying Bailey makes Briar look like a "bleeding-heart humanitarian."
  • "Prostituting on the street or strip club won't antagonise Briar."


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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