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The Harvest Street Brothel, otherwise referred to as Briar's Establishment, or simply the "brothel" for short, is one of several places of interest the player can visit. It will need to be discovered by the player first, in which once unlocked, it becomes a location that can be visited on the aforementioned Harvest Street

The player gains entry when attempting to enter the Strip Club without an ID. It is owned by Briar, and unlike the club it will stay open 24/7, meaning the player is able to enter at any time they wish to work as a prostitute and/or dancer.

Leighton may make an appearance here on Fridays and Saturday if school is not in session.

How to Enter

Someone will bump into the player while outside the Strip Club. They tell the player that they have dropped something, before forcing the item into their hands and running away. It's noted that the item is in fact a slip of paper - with an address of a strange building the player has never heard of on Harvest Street. It is followed by the subsequent message:

"If you're looking for grander opportunities, come see us."

First Steps

Upon accessing the suspicious building mentioned, the player arrives to learn that this building is in fact the brothel. The player is then introduced to Briar, the owner - who will then go on to inform the player of the various activities they can do here. Briar may additionally help the player gain access into the strip club, although at a hefty price.


  • As this counts as a safehouse, there is a wardrobe and a mirror available for the player to use, both accessible from the dressing room. Showers are also here for the player to clean themselves off should they need to.
  • In terms of working here at the brothel, the player has the option to work as a dancer. Just like the club, the player can dance to increase the skill, earn money, grind Exhibitionism, or partake in consensual private meetings (requires Promiscuity 3) away from the lustful crowd.
  • It should be noted that the distinct lack of security makes things much more dangerous, especially if the audience arousal stat is too high. This may prove to be disastrous for the player, with the crowd unable to control their urges and engage in a non-consensual multi-person encounter. This can occur when audience arousal is filled with carnal desire, with a 10% chance each turn.


Friday Performances

Upon getting a decent amount of Prostitution fame (recognised as "Obscure" in the Social tab) as well as a Promiscuity rank of 4 or higher, the player is now able to partake in brothel shows. Essentially this has Briar allow the player to take part in special performances every Friday for a huge amount of money - these can be repeated weekly.


A man/woman guarding Briar's door will rest a hand on the player's shoulder, with them stating the boss wants to see the player.

Entering Briar's office will have them glad the player could join them, while not turning to look. They say that people have been asking for the player, and it seems they have made a name for themselves. They state that they'd like to hold a show every Friday, and offers the player a chance at being the star of the show. Briar will then give the player time to think about it, then they need to come visit Briar. Choose to set up a show when re-entering Briar's office.

Additionally, Briar may also remind the player that people will be coming to see the player specifically, and choosing not to show up will be considered inexcusable. Should the player ignore their warning, they will be forced to pay Briar back for costly damages.

All performance options are a good way to raise Fame even further, as the audience will film and take photos. Additionally, it may also offer a safe environment for multi-person and/or beast encounters.

In order to start the show, enter back into the Brothel main room. This opens up a new option: "Go behind the stage". Once ready, the player can then choose the option to star in the show of their choice - more information provided below.

If any of the performances turn into a non-consensual encounter and the player manages to fend the other party off, Briar will still pay the player, stating the audience seemed to enjoy the spectacle. The exceptions to this are the swarm show (the player cannot fight off swarms) and the sex machine show (breaking the machine will upset Briar). Asking the other party to stop during a performance will always irritate Briar, calling the player "unprofessional" and refusing to pay them.

"Flirt 'n' Fuck"

The first show option, requiring Promiscuity 4.

Premise: It involves the player acting cutely, while simultaneously flirting and having consensual sex with a paid audience member.

Reward: This option nets £600 upon completion.

Briar instructs the player to keep an eye out for the actor - they will be able to tell by them wearing a particular accessory. The player flirts with members of the audience until they exclaim that they are unable to control their urges, and they need a volunteer. The player can choose to pick out the actor as instructed, or alternatively pick out an actual audience member.

Picking out the actor will have them act surprised as they climb up on stage, before immediately pushing the player down and triggering an encounter. The player thanks the audience while the person waves goodbye to them. Briar then waits for the player before handing them their money for a job well done. Should the player choose to pick an audience member instead, the player will still be paid with no repercussions.

"Roleplay 'n' Gangbang"

The second show option, requiring Promiscuity 5. Requires the player to wear their school uniform.

Premise: It involves a roleplay gangbang where the player plays the role of a lost schoolboy/girl in a rough part of town.

Reward: This option nets £1000 upon completion.

Briar informs the player that the audience will not be there for their acting skills, so there is no need to worry about that. They also inform them that there is no script, and they should try their best to antagonize the audience. The show begins with Briar narrating the premise of the plot. The school boy/girl is supposedly the top of their class, but they are naive about the outside world, especially with the more rough areas of town. Four of Briar's employees enter the scene, acting as if they are talking. At this point, the player has the option of choosing how to act towards them.

Choosing to act stuck-up will have the player act bratty, placing their hands on the hips while exclaiming the place stinks. They then go on to verbally attack the employees, telling them to keep their filthy gazes away. The audience reacts with a loud boo. One person trips and accidentally touches the player, with them reacting in disgust and pretending to kick their head. After being told to stop, the player tells them they can treat people any way they want, including members of the audience - once again drawing boos from the crowd. The player is then grabbed by one of the employees as they pretend to struggle, much to the audience's delight. The group of four surround the player, groping them in order to "teach them some manners." The player stops protesting, choosing to moan instead. This triggers a multi-person encounter. One performer comments how they are not so stuck-up anymore as the show ends. Briar will be waiting for the player behind the stage with the money. According to them, people like to see stuck-up boys/girls be ruined.

Choosing to act lost and scared will have the player mention they do not know where they are. One employee walks around the player, hungrily staring at the body. They ask if the player is lost as someone in the audience demands the player to be raped. The player acts obedient and innocent to keep out of trouble, asking for help. The employee agrees, before having the other three employees fondle the player, initiating a multi-person encounter. They leave the player on the floor of the stage asking for more as they take their leave, before getting up and bowing. Briar will be waiting for the player behind the stage with the money. According to them, they almost believed that performance.

This show is unique in that it offers the player an opportunity to earn a bonus beyond the initial payment; however, this requires Double Penetration to be enabled. Should the player end the show with two penises penetrating their ass or vagina, Briar will award them an additional £200, telling the player their "elastic fuckholes" will make them both lots of money. If the player is being vaginally penetrated on top of the double anal penetration, or anally penetrated alongside double vaginal, Briar will instead give them a bonus of £300. Getting either bonus will also increase Briar's Love.

"Deviant Pig Show"

The third show option, requiring Deviancy 5.

Premise: It involves the player having "consensual" sex with a pig. Briar posthumously states that they do not know how many people would be into something like that, but regardless it would get tongues flapping.

Reward: This option nets £1500 upon completion.

Briar informs the player that the beast may be a little worked up, but they should be able to handle it. The show begins with Briar narrating the story of a boy/girl lost in the woods who is attacked by a vicious beast. The pig then enters the stage with a leash attached to its neck. It is led behind the stage, but with enough room for it to get to the player. This triggers an encounter. Someone behind the stage tugs on the leash to pull the pig back, concluding the show. The player bows and takes their leave. Briar will be waiting behind the stage with the money, telling the player they did nice work.

"Deviant Swarm Show"

The fourth and final "normal" show option - insofar as any of the shows can be considered normal - requiring Deviancy 5.

Premise: It involves the player being penetrated by several swarm animals.

Reward: This option nets £1500 upon completion.

The show begins with the player stripped of their clothing and having their hands tied behind the back. A collar is attached to their neck. The bindings are tight enough to restrict the player's movement, but not to the point of discomfort. The player is then led onto a platform as the collar is being tied to a metal ring.

A moment later, four transparent walls are being placed around the player, fixing them in place. Briar announces the new show to the audience, saying that people who are easily frightened by things that "creep and crawl" should leave the room. Then, either eels, snakes, worms or, if enabled, spiders will be thrown into the terrarium.

While this is happening, Briar might strike up conversation with members in the audience, and afterwards they will return to the stage with a huge bucket, stating that the audience was very generous. It turns out that Briar has been collecting from the audience. They empty the bucket over the player, causing semen and other lewd fluids to flow down all over their body.

After several minutes, the player is then unbound and lifted from the terrarium. Briar awaits the player from behind the stage with the money in hand, informing them they did nice work.

Secret Shows

In addition to the four main shows, there are three secret performances the player can unlock, once they meet certain requirements.

"Sex Machine"

The first secret show option, requires Promiscuity 5 and the completion of a short sidequest. Also requires the player to have a vagina, or for the Anal toggle to be enabled.

Premise: It involves the player playing the role of a student, whose invention for their science fair goes rogue. Note that despite the "plot," the player won't need to wear their school uniform for this performance.

Reward: This option nets £1500 upon completion.

Going behind the stage at the brothel, the player can come across a sex machine with an "out of order" notice stuck to the side. Should their curiosity get the better of them, they can investigate the machine. A large phallus protrudes from the main body, beside a number of lights and dials. It's almost shaped like a gun. You can imagine what it was used for, but Briar would know more.

After investigating, the player is given the option to examine it further, initiating a Science check. A random number between 400 and 1000 is chosen and compared to the player's Science grade. If the player's grade is higher, they succeed, meaning the player needs a minimum of a B to even have a chance. On success, they'll notice that the machine has an empty glass tank inside and no sockets at all, leading them to infer that it must be powered some other way. The player can still proceed with repairing the machine even without inspecting it, though successfully identifying the problem will open up a unique line of dialogue with Briar later on.

Repairing the Machine

After the player investigates the machine, they may then ask Briar about it in their office.

"There's a lewd machine," you say. "Behind the stage-"

Briar laughs before you finish. "That old thing," he/she says. "Doesn't work. Was fun for a while, but it needs a special fuel. A pink gel. They make it nearby, but refuse to sell it."

If the player already identified the problem personally by passing the Science check, they'll interrupt Briar, correctly assuming that the machine requires a special fuel. As stated, this has no bearing on the quest as a whole, but it will slightly increase the player's Control and Briar's Love.

Regardless, Briar mentions that the company in question dumps their waste in the local landfill, postulating that some of the gel might be among the detritus. "It's a pity they're not willing to sell," he/she continues. "I'd be willing to pay £2000 for a canister."

If the player's Skulduggery is at least a C, a thought occurs to them: if they don't sell the fuel, how did Briar run it before? Calling Briar out on this has them act momentarily surprised, before regaining their composure and complimenting the player's inquisitiveness (+ Control). They'll tell the player that although the legality of the machine is indeed questionable, no one would bother looking into a "rogue fucktoy," especially if they keep it on the down-low, only showing the device to VIPs.

To acquire the gel, the player will need to break into the Elk Street Landfill. For information on how to do so, see its page. The gel will be located within the furthest depths of the landfill (signified by the message "A colossal compactor sits in a clearing, fed by several conveyor belts."), where they'll need to search for valuables until they come across a glowing pink cannister. The player can now return to the brothel to deliver the cannister to Briar.

You hold out the canister, but Briar's more interested in examining you. "What a surprise," he/she says. He/She doesn't sound surprised.

The player receives the promised £2000. Before they leave, Briar muses about the machine's newfound functionality.

He/She takes a sip of wine. "We'll soon have the machine running again. We just need someone willing to use it. That shouldn't be a problem." He/She smiles.


Now that the machine is repaired, the player has the option of using it in their performances. Briar informs the player that the audience will appreciate the novelty of the act, but they'll want to see penetration.

The crowd is noted to be smaller than usual, on account of this being a private performance. At the top of the show, Briar introduces the player as a young student about to test their "science project," unaware of how successful their invention is. Mechanical tentacles emerge and pin the player down as Briar's employees strip the player's clothes, beginning an encounter. The audience politely applauds as the machine penetrates the player, until it powers down, leaving the player to give a bow. Briar's employees lead the player offstage, where Briar awaits to pay the player and congratulate them for handling such an unpredictable device.

"Sex Machine, Tentacle Mode"

Note: The Tentacles toggle must not be disabled. Otherwise this show is unavailable.

A subset of the Sex Machine show, the player will have to do the same side quest in order to gain access. Like the sex machine, it also requires Promiscuity 5 to do. While explaining the sex machine, Briar mentions it has a tentacle mode if that suits the player better. Same pay and the audience will still expect penetration.

The show is pretty much the same as before, but instead the Science Fair hopeful is molested by 12-15 metal tentacles instead of a fuck machine. Players looking to be hypnotised should keep the show in mind, as it's a stress free way to try finding a Wired tentacle to do the hypnotising.

"Horse Show"

The second secret show option, requiring Deviancy 5 and a horse/centaur from Alex's farm

Premise: It involves the player playing the role of "a young rider, fresh from winning a coveted trophy," rewarding their steed for a job well done.

Reward: This option nets £2000 upon completion.

If the player meets the Deviancy requirement and has acquired a horse (requires access to Alex's Cottage - see its page for more information), they may suggest performing with a horse. Briar will be amused by the idea, and once the player informs them that they have a horse of their own, they'll happily book the player for the performance.

On the day of the show, the player steps backstage to find Briar and their horse. If the steed is a centaur, they'll chat with the player before the show. "Always wanted to be a star," he/she laughs. "Thought I'd get there by being ridden. Not the other way around." The player takes the steed by the reins as Briar leads them onstage, the crowd whispering excitedly at the imminent spectacle. The player overhears various expressions of disbelief from the audience, and an encounter will commence. Afterwards, the player stands and bows before leaving with their horse, the creature satisfied but agitated by the crowd's fervor. Briar takes the reins from the player and hands them their pay.

"Bukkake Game"

The third secret show option, requiring the player to be a Demon.

Premise: It involves the player "invading" the brothel as a demon, holding the audience ransom until receiving a suitable amount of lewd fluid.

Reward: This option nets £50 per audience member orgasming. Functionally, there is a maximum of 36 audience members (6 members per round for 6 rounds) for a max of £1800

If the player is a Demon, they may suggest a game, allowing audience participation. Briar strokes their chin in thought. "The audience would like it. There'll be quite a mess to clean up." After the player reassures Briar, they book the performance.

The day of the show, the player will walk onstage while the audience murmurs at the premise. The player can either lick their lips or spank their ass, and Briar will inform the audience that they need to maintain their distance and masturbate. Six NPCs will participate at a time, and will masturbate to orgasm on the player. The player has the following actions:

  • Flirt
  • Gentle seduction
  • Aggressive seduction
  • End the show

'End the show' will end the show. 'Flirt' will lower the rating required for successful seduction. 'Gentle seduction' requires an overall rating of C if flirted with beforehand, and A if not. 'Aggressive seduction' requires an overall rating of B if flirted with beforehand, and S if not.

Similar to dancing, the performance has two stats - how well security can control the audience, and a hidden crazed stat. Security will decrease faster with aggressive seduction. Successful aggressive seduction will also increase crazed. The player will know if aggressive seduction is successful when patrons collapse and a new crop surge through security to take their place. Otherwise security will herd the spent audience members away. Security will decrease in the following manner:

  • Security have everything under control
  • Security throw out a miscreant
  • Security punch someone out
  • Security are struggling to keep order
  • Security are pressed against the stage, barely keeping the audience at bay
  • Security are being overrun.
  • Security have lost control! The audience surge onto the stage

The show will automatically end once security lose control, as Briar activates the sprinklers. If crazed is at three then the sprinklers will not able to stop the crowd and a non-consensual gangbang starts. Regardless of the effectiveness of the sprinklers the player will then receive their pay according to how many "offerings" were given. The player will receive an additional £1000 if the audience forced themselves onto the player.


Having at least 200 points in Prostitution Fame (Known Whore) will unlock Escorting. Upon entering the brothel, a security guard will inform the player that Briar wants to see them again in their office, wherein Briar tells the player that their performances have been circulating and that there are quite a few wealthy individuals who would pay a handsome amount to spend time with the player. They go on to warn that it wouldn't be the usual work, and clients pay a lot and expect a lot in return. Briar invites to player to come back to their office if they're interested.

Entering Briar's office will now have the option to "Work for a wealthy client.". Currently, the only escorting job is the Pinata job. Briar will give the player the location and time of the job, a general description of the job, and the pay. The job will be scheduled for a random day and time, Accepting will update the player's journal with the date and the player is expected to be in front of the Brothel on time for pick-up, with Briar warning the player to show up on time and to be on their best behavior. As with the Friday performances, failure to show will enrage Briar, who will demand the player to pay them for skipping out.

Danube Pinata

As of version 4.5.3, this is the only escort job available. When taking the job, it will be scheduled for a random day and time within the next 7 days, at least 1 day after the current day. A client on Danube street wants a pinata for a party; that pinata will be the player. The reward is £2000, plus an additional £200 given by a guest at the end. Upon arriving at the venue, the player will have a choice to "Undress" (Exhibitionism 5) or "Try to escape" which triggers an athletics check. Lacking the requisite exhibitionism will replace "Undress" with "Undress reluctantly" (++Stress | ++Trauma).

Trying to escape and succeeding will allow the player to flee, though they worry about how Briar will react (++ Stress). Once the player returns to the Brothel, they will have to pay £2000 to Briar. Refusing in any way results in a non-con event with Briar tearing off the player's clothes and will initiate a gangbang. Failing the athletics check will trigger a gangbang, but it will allow the player to escape once it's over, though they will also face the same punishment waiting for them at the Brothel as if they had succeeded.

Undressing will allow the clients to restrain the player's arms and legs. When presented before the party's audience, The player can:

  • Endure |+ Stress |+ Trauma
  • Be defiant | Defiant or Be obedient | Submissive
  • Be eager | Promiscuity 4

Enduring will cause the guest of honor to mention how they will enjoy this and triggers a series of non-con encounters, with the first being a one person encounter, and the second adding two more people in addition to the guest of honor.

Being defiant will cause the guest of honor to comment on your bravery, before also triggering the nonconsesual encounters described above.

Being eager will make the following encounters consensual. Being submissive has the same effect.

Regardless of how the player chooses, once the encounters have completed, the guest of honor will grab the player's head, giving the player the option to "Look into their eyes" (Defiant) or "Avert their eyes". Choosing the former will cause the guest to thank the player and avert their gaze (--Stress). Averting your eyes will cause the guest to degrade the player and slap them (+Pain). If the player is Submissive, they can choose to "Be submissive" which will result in some minor flavor text with no consequence.

The player will then be let down, unbound, and paid for their time.

Afterwards, the player will be offered an additional sum of £200, and given the choice to smooch the guest, take the money, or refuse to take the money at no consequence to the player.


In the basement, the player has the option to service gloryholes (+ Fatigue, takes 10 minutes, requires Promiscuity 4 or higher). They'll be expected to orally pleasure a patron from behind a wall.

Servicing gloryholes will not increase any kind of Fame, nor will the other party be able to harm the player regardless of how angry they get, making this a safer - if less lucrative - alternative to dancing upstairs.

The price of a gloryhole is randomized at the start of each day.

  • £5 - 45%
  • £10 - 40%
  • £20 - 10%
  • £30 - 5%

After entering the basement for the first time, the player can also set up gloryholes in the school toilets.

Gloryholes are also a good place for grinding up Willpower through frequent climaxes, especially if the player has Lustful trait.

Missing Star

If at any point the player plans a performance but does not show up for it, then chooses to enter the Brothel again, Briar will storm towards the player along with two other thugs by their side. They demand the player to pay them back the money they lost - this being a sum of £1000. The player can choose to pay them, or willingly or unwillingly refuse to pay. Choosing to pay with have Briar count the money while telling the player they do not care for them even if the player may be kidnapped at some point by wolves. They make it explicitly clear that the player will show up next time as they leave., otherwise there may be consequences.

If the player is unable to afford it or flat out refuses to pay, Briar will tell them the player is able to pay back with other means. This initiates a multi-person encounter as an audience gathers, believing it to be a show. Successfully making Briar orgasm will have them straightening themselves out, telling the player they know how to gain attention - as well as to make sure they show up next time. Choosing to fight back and successfully doing so will have the player knock Briar into a table, spilling drinks everywhere. Briar will not pursue them for the time being. On the other hand, if the player is overwhelmed from too much pain, Briar and their thugs will stop accordingly and instead feed them to a lustful audience, telling them that "this whore is on the house." This triggers a much larger and brutal multi-person non-consensual encounter. The player is then left to flee for the dressing room once they are finished.

Leighton's Visit

On Fridays and Saturdays, Leighton may make an appearance at the brothel. Upon noticing the player and recognising them as one of their students, Leighton informs the player that Briar is one of their friends and demands the player to spend time with them in exchange for cash. The player has various options here.

  • Sit
  • Get angry | - Stress
  • Refuse

Should the player choose the latter two options, the player will walk away from Leighton. Getting angry however has the the player tell Leighton they are a teacher and should not behave that way, to which they laugh and tells the player to suit themselves.

Choosing to sit next to Leighton will have them rest an arm on the player's shoulders, to which they can choose to act cute or act aloof. Acting aloof has the player act disinterested when Leighton tries to make conversation - this seems to amuse them. They remark that the player is a "cold one" or perhaps shy, before handing them a decent amount of money as they take their leave. Choosing to act cute has the player receive the same amount, except the player will now act interested, leaning towards Leighton. Leighton calls the player a "natural" before leaving.

Private Meeting

At some point while dancing on stage, Leighton may call out to the player. They ask for time in a private room with them. The player can choose to ignore this, continuing their dancing or agree to their terms - this requires Promiscuity 3 - Leighton then leads the player into an already occupied room in which another school student the player recognises is already waiting here. Leighton sits down, telling the player whenever they are ready they can proceed. This gives the player three options.

  • Refuse
  • Perform for Leighton
  • Ask Leighton to join (requires high Seduction)

Refusing Leighton's request has the player leave the encounter safely, much to Leighton's disappointment. Choosing to perform has Leighton reach for a camera with the student initiating consensual sex with the player. They are then rewarded with £80 as Leighton praises them, saying they will see the player later at school.

Alternatively, asking Leighton to join has them taunt Leighton by teasing the student right in front of them as the player seductively speaks to them, asking the headteacher if they won't teach them "how to love". Leighton will agree to this, instructing the two by beginning to sexually please the student while pulling the player into things as well - this triggers a consensual encounter with Leighton and the student. Leighton then leaves the player with £120, calling the ordeal an "illuminating lesson." If at any point the player asks them to stop, Leighton will be disappointed but give the player £85.

Blackmailed Leighton

If the player decided to blackmail Leighton at any point using the photos found on their computer, Leighton will take things into their own hands by taking revenge on the player. There are two distinct possibilities on how Leighton deals with the player:

  • Two students from the school will be waiting for the player, while Leighton films the scene with a camera. At this point, choosing to refuse has the students grab the player while one of them apologises for this - this triggers a non-consensual encounter. Choosing to perform for Leighton instead triggers consensual sex. Should the player make the students successfully orgasm, Leighton tells the player they will see them at school and gives them either £30 (if the player didn't cooperate) or £70 (if the player did cooperate). The player is also able to fight off the students and make their escape away from the scene should they be ready to do so.
  • Leighton brings in a chained up dog. This requires Bestiality to be enabled. The player can agree to have sex with the chained up animal if they have high enough Deviancy. Alternatively, they can choose to refuse - Leighton lets the dog loose in response, triggering a non-consensual encounter. Leighton watches as the camera films the scene, sipping wine.

It should be noted that these events are designed to punish players who thought they could get away with blackmailing Leighton.

Gloryhole Forced Service

Briar's role as the Brothel owner allows them to claim that they own all working prostitutes in town. Should the player prostitute themselves too many times within the Pub, Briar catches wind of this and acts accordingly, for the player is acting independently without giving a cut to Briar. A sack is thrown over the player's head before they are dragged outside, into the back of an empty van.

Upon arrival, Briar and two other thugs are already here. Briar explains the situation at hand, demanding the player to pay them. The van stops in front of a building, which causes the thugs to attempt to drag the player inside. At this point, the player has two options:

  • Quietly go with them
  • Fight back

Fighting back proves very difficult, if not impossible. The fight is intentionally designed to be against the player's favour. The best course of action would be to go quietly. Should the player successfully fight back however, they will wrestle free from Briar's grasp - for now, at least.

Choosing to go willingly (or unwillingly) with Briar has the player escorted to a dungeon below the Brothel. It should be noted that this is not the Underground Brothel, but still part of Briar's establishment. The player is then forced into a cell, with them spotting a gloryhole in the wall.

The player's task now is to please a certain amount of customers before they are able to leave. Choosing to be defiant and fighting back proves to be a bad idea should the player go with that route - as doing this has the player forced into a hole in the wall with their behind sticking out, leaving them completely vulnerable to any would-be attacker. The latter punishment can also occur should Briar catch the player prostituting themselves at the Pub once again after the initial gloryhole punishment.

Once the player has satisfied enough clients, Briar will issue a formal warning to the player to not independently prostitute themselves any longer, before allowing the player to walk free.

Ignoring Briar's Demands

Ignoring Briar's warnings has the player eventually be approached by two of their thugs once again, which tell the player to come with them.

The player can choose to bribe them (for a costly sum) or alternatively either go with them quietly or choose to fight back. Fighting back will be much easier this time around. Going with the thugs has them lead the player to a wall where they are then locked into place and left to be sexually assaulted from behind. Briar may come in at random intervals and taunt the player, stating that the price to "use" the player is very cheap - £10 - and it is entirely the player's fault for the low price. This event will repeat each time Briar catches the player prostituting themselves at the Pub.

Brothel Police Raids

At some point, with a very high Crime level, the Brothel has the chance of becoming subject of a police raid. This can be very dangerous should the player be caught offguard. The Skulduggery skill will prove advantageous here. These raids provide a heavy blow to Briar's business, but it is possible to be fixed.

Raids will occur upon meeting two requirements:

  • Crime level is 500 or more. Additionally, it must be six weeks or so into the game.
  • Choose the Promiscuity 3 option, inviting patrons to a private service.

The police will not stop at one raid. They will try another at some point, about three additional weeks after the last raid has taken place. Once it is over, the player can help Briar put things back into place for a price after a raid has occurred. It is impossible to help Briar while a raid is taking place.

Raids can be somewhat prevented if the player has a Crime level of less than 500. Otherwise, preventing them entirely is deemed impossible - they will always go ahead when least expected. The player may be forced to hide while a raid is taking place. This is done through the use of high Skulduggery.

Unlike anything else in the game, sexual encounters will abruptly end as soon as the player hears a crash outside the Brothel, followed by shouts and screams. The player's sexual partner will immediately freeze up. At this point, the raid has begun.

"Everyone stop. This is the police. Stop right where you are."

Remaining Hidden

One possible event during a police raid involves the player and a nervous customer trying their best to hide.

The player will creep into the empty hallway. They hear the chaos getting closer. It's noted that there are several empty rooms they could hide in, but they will all be very likely searched at some point.

Someone will barge into the hallway, looking for somewhere to hide. Their disbelief of the situation leads them to ask what will "Mother" say (or "Father" if the npc is female). The player beckons them over, pointing to an empty room. They tell the person to hide themselves in the room and to make sure the door is locked. The person asks what the player will do, which the player responds by saying that the person is a customer, and that they will stand right here and ensure the "bastards" never get to the customer. This leads to the customer managing to hide away, but not before thanking the player. Meanwhile, the player scans the corridor for anything. They spot a pair of bright, yellow panties wedhed under a nearby door. The player hangs them on the door-handle of the customer's room before slipping into an adjacent empty room. The door is intentionally left open so that anyone can see in while the player tucks themselves behind the door.

A moment passes, and the police charge into the corridor. They notice the door handle, noting it as "subtle." They try the door opposite of the player, with them instructing the customer to open up with a loud knock. The police are aware of someone being in there. A floorboard creaks in front of the player as someone looks into the room - the player quickly presses back against the wall. Someone asks if anyone is in the player's room, which they are dismissed by someone else saying it is in fact empty, and they are probably already in the line up outside the front of the Brothel the police has arranged. Nonetheless they persevere, kicking the customer's room door open with a loud crash. The player hears a yell, then begging and whispering as the customer is hauled away.

Under Arrest

What happens to the player upon they are found guilty of partaking in the Brothel is chalked up to their overall criminal history - their Crime level.

  • Crime levels below 900 will have the police let the player walk free.
  • Crime levels above 900 may have the player attempt to bribe them.
  • Crime levels above 2000 may have the player attempt a much larger bribe.
  • Crime levels above 4500 will have the player get arrested, although this is entirely avoidable if the player is careful.

Sold Out

Briar will sell the player out to the police if they go against what they asked - for instance, they caught the player stealing from customers too much during consensual encounters, when prostituting themselves out to the customers.

Note that a raid must have already occurred beforehand.

Very high Crime levels can be used to the player's advantage before Briar attempts to sell the player out. This can then be used to escape should the player be arrested. After the raid is over, the player can help mend their relationship with Briar by helping them put things back into shape again.

Brothel Vending Machine

If the player has unlocked the brothel by accepting Briar's offer and their Business Fame is at least low-key, they can visit either a school vending machine at the school toilets, or the adult shop if it's unlocked, to get an idea to set up a vending machine in the Brothel. The player can then talk to Briar about the vending machine.

Briar charges a weekly rent of £50 and takes 60% of the profit (not including product cost, that will be paid back to the player in full). If the vending machine is out of stock for three consecutive weeks, Briar will sell the vending machine. The player receives any money they have yet to collect, plus £1000 for the vending machine. The player can install another vending machine if they want to.

If the player accepts Briar's terms, they can buy the vending machine in shopping centre for £2000. It will be installed in the brothel dressing room. Every week, the player can buy condoms for the vending machine in hospital pharmacy, which cost £60 each, and buy lube for the vending machine by talking to Sirris in adult shop during open hours, which cost £20 each. The vending machine can stock 200 of each item, and discounts are offered if the player purchase these items in bulk.

The player will set the vending machine to sell condoms for £80 each, and lube for £30 each. Each of these items will be sold at a random amount between 1-10 every day. They can also buy condoms and lube for their own use from the vending machine. The player can collect money from the vending machine by talking to Briar in their office every week. They receive +2 Business Fame every time they successfully make a profit with the vending machine.


  • This is one of very few areas where a teacher may appear here without also working at the location.
  • This is one of few areas to include Leighton, the other being the School.
  • The Brothel shares key aspects with the Strip Club, but the Brothel is much more lenient with security, as if no security exists at all.
  • The pig during the Brothel Pig Show sequence was originally using Briar's penis as its genitalia. This may have been a placeholder but regardless of whether or not it was, the pig was rightfully changed to have its appropriate genitalia the subsequent update following Vrelnir's message.
    • It is assumed that at this point beasts did not have their own unique sprites.


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