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The Bus Station is a location on Harvest Street. All the buses in town part from this location.


"You are in the bus station. The main building is mostly empty, with the majority of vehicles in use."

How to Enter

The Bus Station can be accessed anytime between 6AM and 8PM. Should the player wish to enter it outside of that timeframe, they will require an F+ in Skulduggery.


  • The player can grind the Skulduggery skill in its early stages by simply breaking in and out repeatedly.
  • The Bus Station is one of the possible locations where Smugglers come into town to do business. When the player hears that the goods will be "loaded into a bus", that means the smugglers will be present at the bus station.


  • Prior to Version, the bus station housed a suspicious-looking van that the player could use to gain access to the Underground Farm. The van was removed until the Version, when it was introduced again as a cheat option.

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