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The cafe bun-making questline, otherwise referred to as the "cafe chef sequence", is one of several hidden quests within Degrees of Lewdity.


Sam has given the player a new job - work as a cream bun producer. The player needs to produce milk, semen or other lewd fluids in sufficient quantities to keep up with the cream bun demands. Remain cautious, however, as others may begin to learn of the player's lewd activities.


This quest will be proposed by Sam to the player during a random event when while the player is working as a waiter/waitress, and when Sam's Love stat has reached a decent amount.


A detailed walkthrough of progressing through the cafe chef sequence is seen below. This will go into detail about the events within the questline, as well as what the player needs to do to succeed as a bun chef.

Initial Event - Getting the Job

Part 1

Once Sam's Love stat has reached 20% or greater, the player has the ability to gain a new job at the cafe - alongside their current one. This entails working directly in the production of the cafe's ingredients and food production. The event that triggers this new job has a 10% chance of happening while working as a waiter/waitress.

Sam runs out of the kitchen, looking flustered. They glance over in the player's direction, hastening over to them. Sam explains that they're in a "bit of a pickle" because the chef has suddenly taken off again, and they need someone to fill in for them. Sam notes that the job isn't difficult and that they'll pay the player double for what they're making with their current job right now (waiter/waitress) before asking the player if they'd like to help. Choose to accept the job offer.

The player will put on an apron and enter the kitchen. Sam gives the player a brief rundown of the job, explaining how the cream buns are big sellers to customers. They go on to say how there's a secret in the ingredients provided, but tells the player to not feel pressured by it. They depart abruptly, leaving the player to their own devices.

Part 1.5 - A Rude Customer

A brash regular customer will storm into the kitchen, demanding to see the chef. They insult the player, calling the prepared cream bun a "stale turd" before throwing it at them. They say how they've waited long enough - the player is going to make them a fresh one, stating that the player needs to put "some actual work" into it this time before storming out.

Sam explains how the customer has always been like that, and tells the player to make them a freshly-made bun with "extra" cream - according to Sam, that usually does the trick.

The player is given one of two options, giving a hint to what the chef job can do:

  • Add your bodily fluids to the cream
  • Make a bun with regular cream
Part 2 - Temporary Non-Lewd Chef

There are two variants to the next sequence of getting the chef job.

This version is only temporary, and will only occur at random when the chef bails - consider it a bit of extra money.

Continuing with regular cream will have it's expected results. Sam arrives to collect and deliver it, arriving a minute later with the report of the rude customer being satisfied as they could be, apologising for their behaviour. They will say the chef will be back in a moment, thanking the player for the help before giving them £10.

From here on out, every time the chef bails the player will be able to step in for them.

Part 3 - Permanent Lewd Chef

There are two variants to the next sequence of getting the chef job.

This version is the more permanent option, and can be considered a potential upgrade to the player's poor-paying job into a much more sustainable one, while not replacing their current job.

The other option the player is provided with is much more interesting, and has more longevity. It will cause the player to masturbate, with the game informing them of how much ml they've gathered of fluid. On the player's first try, they may release about 30ml or so of lewd fluid upon orgasm, if not more depending on certain requirements met. The player adds the lewd fluid to the mixture, whipping up a fresh batch of cream. It's noted that the player struggles to keep a straight face as Sam takes the bun over to the rude customer. The player hears shouting coming from the main room of the cafe, though it sounds more excited than angry. The player peeks through a door to investigate, and sees a crowd stood around a table.

Someone hands over a spoonful of cream to someone else, with the game noting that it's the player's cream. They raise the spoon to their nose, sniffing before licking it a little. Their initial suspicion is replaced with awe, with them burying the rest of the cream in their mouth. They ask for more, but they're interrupted by someone else saying they have not had any yet.

Sam will notice the player and walk over with a beaming look on their face, telling the player they have never seen the customer more satisfied than ever, wondering how the player managed it. They hire the player on the spot, asking if they'd like to put their cooking talents to work more regularly - the pay is £10 per hour like before, but it also includes a cut of each bun sold. If the player refuses the offer, Sam will be left disappointed, but tells the player their job offer is always open - they shouldn't pass up on a chance of everyone tasting something "so superb." They leave the player with their end of shift pay - £10.

However, choosing to accept the job offer will cause Sam to clap in excitement, informing the player they can work whenever the cafe is open. They go on to say they will provide any other ingredients the player needs, before finishing with stating it could be the start of something big. Once again, they leave the player with the end of shift pay - £10.

By choosing the lewd option of this event, the player has now unlocked a new permanent job option - working as a chef. This will take an hour in-game, similarly to their previous cafe job. They can also choose to continue their work as a waiter or waitress if they wish as well.

Collecting Cream

Collecting "cream" is gathered through masturbatory stimulation. To make things easier, increase the Awareness level to a point where the player is able to see more options during masturbation. Once the player orgasms, they will automatically gather a certain amount of fluid ml. A bowl icon will appear at the bottom of the screen if images are enabled, giving a better indication to how much lewd fluid the player has gathered.

This is what the bowl will look like when starting off. The player will need 30ml to make each bun successfully. It is not required to fill the bowl.

Managing Bun Making

Upon finishing the lewd fluid and/or milk production, the player will have enough to make a certain amount of buns - depending on the amount of fluid collected.

The game informs the player of how well they did through various stats. The X is a stand in for the yield

  • Buns sold: X. This is the amount of buns sold.
  • Bun Value: £X. This is how much the buns are worth in total.
  • Cut: X%. This will be the amount that the player earns from the bun distribution.
  • Labour value: £10. This is the amount the player earns for their hard work by default.
  • Total earned: £X. The total amount that the player will receive.
  • Suspicion: X. A bar will appear. Sam may remain suspicious of the player's lewd activities if not careful.

The amount of buns produced will be shown at the bottom of the stat results, represented by this icon - one icon for each bun.

It is essential to keep in mind of these values for later. In particular, the total amount of buns sold will be listed within the Statistics tab. The player should keep at it with this if they wish to meet the new NPCs, or otherwise trigger unique events not found elsewhere. They should also keep in mind their earned cut, and Sam's Suspicion stat. Ideally, the player's cut should be 20% or more, and Sam's Suspicion stat should be very low if not minimal.

The total earned from the job is self-explanatory, but it is entirely possible that the player will earn a decent amount of pay each hour for their lewd production.

Sam will say various lines, depending on how many buns were produced and sold in a single session.

  • 30+ buns sold - "Marvelous," they say, staring in awe at the mountain in front of them. "This might be enough to satisfy demand. Good job!"
  • 20+ buns sold - "Marvelous," they say, licking their lips. "You've been very busy. Our customers will be happy."
  • 10+ buns sold - "Marvelous," they say, licking their lips. "Good job. Our customers will be happy.
  • 4+ buns sold - "Marvelous," they say, licking their lips. "A nice batch. Our customers will be happy."
  • 3 buns sold - "Marvelous," they say, licking their lips. "Three customers are going to be happy."
  • 2 buns sold - "Marvelous," they say, licking their lips. "Shame there's only a couple. Our customers might need to draw lots."
  • Only 1 bun sold - "Marvelous," they say. "Shame there's only one. I hope a fight doesn't break out!"

For more information on how to do this, see the next section.

Becoming a Better Chef

The player is able to become a more efficient chef through the plentiful amounts of lewd fluids they produce - this is their key to success. Max milk production and lewd fluid production is determined by Purity and how much fluid the player holds within their breasts or genitals.

For instance, lower Purity means higher production rate, whereas higher Purity will result in production rate being lower.

One tried-and-true method of increasing chef efficiency is through player lactation. For more information, visit this page: Lactation

Each action of the player fondling their chest will add breast milk ml to the bowl. The game notes that it's best to remove the top they are wearing if the player wants to gather any breast milk leaking from their buds. This is an easy way of racking up a large amount of fluid ml quickly, ranging up to about 300+ ml of fluid produced. The more stimulated the player is, the higher the production will be. It may come to a point where the player may find trouble hitting that large amount when making buns. To bypass this, the player will need to increase the production of their lewd fluids. Players with certain traits such as the Milk Factory trait are another key to success, and will have an advantage over players who do not.

Another way to greatly increase your cream production is by using breast pump(s) that can be acquired from the pharmacy for 50₤. Once you equip the breast pump(s) from the "sex toys" area in your room, there will be an option to use the breast pump(s) while making the cream for the buns. Using breast pumps will greatly increase your cream production, by up to 5x. (Requires atleast 3 Awareness)

Furthermore, capacity will gradually increase over time with low Purity levels, but note that it may decay over time as well. Semen capacity in particular will increase with each shot caused by an orgasm. It's important to note that lewd fluids take a day to replenish from empty to full, so it is recommended to hold out until replenished, and instead opt for breast milk.

If the player keeps this in mind, it is entirely possible to make £200+ per hour. This makes the chef job a much more well-paying job compared to others located at the Docks, or even the potential money made from working as a dancer at the Strip Club or Brothel. The player will know they are on the right track if they are making 10+ buns hourly. Combine breast milk lactation with orgasms every now and then for good measure.

The Cow Transformation is highly valious here. It increases the amount of lewd fluid the player can produce by a tremendous amount, all in one session (making it possible to double the production amount) meaning the buns production per hour can be greatly increased too.

Note that the amount of lewd fluid produced daily can be seen within the Characteristics tab.

Town Suspicion

During the player's work as a bun chef, there is a Suspicion stat to keep track of. It should be noted that it is not Sam who suspects the player's ingredients, but rather potential clientele. This stat's purpose is to increase the chances of encounters where people learn the secret of the player's buns. Consider it a soft Allure boost, as strangers may learn of the ingredients and will want to molest the player upon knowing the truth.

The only way to lower suspicion is to stay away from the cafe. Each week you don't make cream, the suspicion goes down by 1 +suspicion. The various consequences for cafe suspicion are detailed below.

Sam's Suspicion

Sam will be completely oblivious to what the player is doing behind the scenes. If the player is not careful, Sam will want to check up on the player. They may initially be occupied at first, however. After approximately ten turns pass, Sam will no longer be occupied.

  • "Sam is occupied."
  • "Sam will want to check on you soon."
  • "Sam is chatting near the door!"
  • "You hear Sam right outside the door!"

If the player takes too long before stopping, or doesn't stop at all, Sam will barge through the door with the player barely covering themselves in time. They say that they are just checking up on the player, the player assuring them everything is under control. Sam returns to the main room, but it's noted that Sam also wedges the kitchen door open. This adds Suspicion.


Town suspicion does not come without various consequences. However, these consequences can be easily negated.

If suspicion is at 10% or higher, the player can be stopped on the street upon exiting the cafe by someone that tries to blackmail the player. They will either ask for £500, £2000, or they'll want to taste the cream "straight from the source," which will start a nonconsensual encounter. If the player can't afford what they ask for, they will ask to taste the cream instead. If the player refuses to do any of these, they will be let go, but gain a large amount of suspicion instead.

When Suspicion is maxed out, the police will stop the player on the street and attempt to arrest the player. If the player accepts, they will be put under arrest, and abducted to spend their time at the Underground Farm, one of many soft bad-endings. Should they choose to refuse, the player will be given a heavy hit to their Crime level. (3000+)

Suspicion will then drop down instantly to 30, regardless of the player's Suspicion level and whatever they chose to do during the event.

Becoming World-Class

Upon making 50 buns or more for Sam, they will approach the player with a proposition. They explain how they wanted to keep the buns affordable, but the cafe has attracted interest. Sam will show a holiday brochure to the player, which is opened on a page that advertises the town. A picture of the cafe can be seen, with a caption below it that describes the buns as "world-class."

Sam will be overjoyed by this, wanting to increase the bun valued price from £50 to £100. After all, the cafe has a limited supply, and can't afford to keep up with the high demand as it currently is - hence the price increase. Sam will then return to work.

Note that this will not affect the deluxe cream bun price; that will remain at £50.

Meeting Niki (part 1)

Once the player has made 200 buns or more for the cafe owner, Sam will approach the player. They inform the player they were at a party, and the topic of the buns was brought up. They go on to explain how people are very curious on how the buns are made. The townsfolk grew even hungrier upon hearing a young chef is responsible, with Sam thinking it could be a myth building around the player.

Regardless, Sam gets back to their point and provides the player with a useful proposition - the player's image would be used in the cafe's advertising, and the front of the building will maybe have a redesign - after all, it's only fair people know who's responsible for the buns.

Sam says they are willing to increase the player's cut from 20% to 30% of each bun sale, but there's a catch - Sam is in talks with a professional photographer. Now given the option, Sam tells the player to mull it over, letting them know what they think.

At this point a new option will open up alongside the other cafe options - Accept Sam's offer.

Meeting Niki (part 2)

Upon accepting the offer, Sam will be happy to hear it. They will tell the player the photographer just called, and they provided an address for them to meet. Sam hands the player a slip of paper, explaining how they have a photography studio on Nightingale Street, just opposite of the Hospital. They tell the player to head on over when they're ready, and let them know who they are.

Heading over to Nightingale Street will have a new option available - the Photography Studio. This event is one of the two ways for acess this place - see the correspondent article for know the other and more details about the studio.

The player lifts their hand to knock when the door swings open. They are introduced to a young photographer named Niki. The player informs them that Sam sent them. Niki takes a minute to look the player over, then holds out their hand. They have prepared the studio beforehand for the player. Niki leads the player into a large room with a white screen. A single camera is on standby, while several other lights illuminate the room.

Niki asks if the player has "done this before" as they fiddle with the camera. The player responds by shaking their head. They are then instructed to get dressed into a chef's apron and hat.

The player stands in front of the camera while Niki strokes their chin/stubble - depending on their sex.

Sam has given them a specific list of requirements for the player to follow - according to Niki, "poses and the like." At this point, Niki will only talk to give instructions or advice to the player. They now have two options:

  • Do your best to follow them
  • Add your own flair

Doing the former will have the expected result. Alternatively, adding their own flair will cause the player to take Niki's instructions as a guideline, and do their own thing when the urge strikes. Unfortunately for the player, Niki seems neither impressed nor bothered - regardless of any stat that may prove beneficial such as Dancing.

Regardless of the player's choice, Niki will take their leave after speaking into their phone. They inform the player of the "props" - or otherwise cream - stored separately, stating it to be chalked up to regulations. Niki's people will arrive soon with the rest; leaving the player to be stood alone in front of the white screen.

The door of the room busts open, with someone with a small oven entering the scene. They're followed by five other people, each carrying armfuls of kitchen utensils. They say how they have a kitchen to set up. The player watches them prepare the props intently, with them glancing at the player every now and then when they think the player is not looking. The player can take advantage of this and act mischievous, or they could otherwise wait for the prop kitchen to be set up.

Meeting Niki (part 2.5) - Gathering Milk

If the player chooses to tease the group, they will act lewd. They approach the oven, bending over to look inside. This gets the attention of the group when the player starts wiggling their ass, with their eyes now fixated on the player.

Requirements: Requires Lactation to be enabled.

At this point, a lewd idea strikes.

  • Ask for their Cream - Requires Promiscuity 4 or higher
  • Leave them to work

Choosing the Prior option is much more interesting.

The player will lean back against the oven, telling them that while Niki's getting the cream, they don't want to wait - asking for the assistance of the group. One seems unamused, telling the player they don't have time to go fetch it. They're interrupted when the player presses a finger against their lips.

This event is continued as the player says how they have all the "cream" needed right here. The player grabs one of the group's top, tugging it down. Their breasts tumble out as they gape at the player, they don't try to cover themselves up however. The player grasps the same person's breasts, rubbing their nipples. Oddly enough, they continue to allow it, their expression softening as the player works. The player continues to massage, until milk starts to leak from their buds. The player grabs a nearby pot, holding it under their breasts with one hand as they continue to massage the other. The group is in awe of what is taking place in front of them.

"Say moo," the player whispers to the woman. "M-moo," they reply, barely managing to say it. With the player feeling satisfied, they turn towards the others. It's noted that some are much more eager to be "milked" than others, but nonetheless they all line up for the service. When finished, the player leaves with a decent supply of "cream" gathered to be stored in the pot. As Niki makes their return, the workers pretend to be busy.

Meeting Niki (part 3)

Niki has the player pose themselves holding various kitchen utensils. When they're almost done, they say they just need the "money shot". This entails the player getting a bit messy, so Niki left it for last. They place a pot of cream onto the oven. At this point, another lewd idea potentially strikes the player.

  • Use the lewd fluid you collected. Requires Exhibitionism 2 or higher
  • Use normal cream

Regardless of the player's choice, it will have Niki instruct the player into getting a ladle full of cream, then pouring it over their chest while they pull a happy yet sheepish expression. They explain the pose by having the player imagining themselves in the middle of a silly accident. The player does just that while Niki snaps more pictures. They ask if the player could play with the cream a little, which the player does, getting cream on their hands and face.

Eventually, Niki will finish their photography session, telling the player it was a pleasure working with them and to give Sam their regards. With a towel in hand to remove the worst of the cream, the player emerges back on to the street. If the player used the lewd fluid, they'll leave without drying off. Niki's nose will wrinkle and they will frown, but nothing else happens.

From here on out, Niki will now appear in the Social tab, and the player is free to return to the cafe at any point. Upon arriving at the cafe, Sam will approach the player and inform them that the photographer has sent the pictures over.

Sam keeps their promise of the player's cut increase from 20% to 30%, before returning to work.

Cafe Renovation

Note: This specific event is very large. It contains appearances of multiple named NPCs.

At some point, Sam will decide the cafe will renovate after the player has made 400 lewd buns or more for Sam. This is because the cafe and by extension the player has become world-famous for their cream buns.

During the initial event, Sam will approach the player, looking more serious than normal. They say they've made a decision, before telling the player that while the buns are the flagship product of the cafe, people are more interested than ever in the cafe's other dishes as well. There's still a queue for a chance to eat for the cafe, even when the player is not there. They tell the player they bought the building next door, referred to as the "big one". Their plan is to merge the buildings into one to make one huge cafe that can accommodate the flood of new customers coming in to see the player's world-famous buns. Sam feels giddy just thinking about the idea.

Sam informs the player further details of their plan, with them making up for it with grand re-opening event that will be held with the player at the center of it all once the renovation project is complete. They warn the player that the cafe is closing down in a week, and to tell them to drop by once finished.

Renovation Period

"The Ocean Breeze cafe looks out over the sea. It's surrounded by scaffolding, and construction materials litter the site."

After the go-ahead from Sam, the player has up to a week maximum to finish their bun production before the cafe will temporarily close for a month to account for Sam's changes.

During this period, the option to enter the cafe will be inaccessible for 30 days of in-game time - the player will not be able to work here during the renovation period, nor purchase any items.

Once 30-days have passed, it will re-open to thunderous praise.

Grand Opening

"The new building is finished."

The player will be able to access the cafe once a month has passed. Sam will be true to their word and have the mayor - Quinn - hold a grand opening event at the town hall for the cafe where the player gives a speech about their new-found fame as a renowned chef. During this event, this is the only place where the player can meet and interact with the mayor. They act as a master of ceremony during the event, praising the player's talent for baking.

Note that certain influential NPCs may also be present at this event, such as Bailey and Niki.

First Impressions

The player will enter through the doors of the rebuilt Ocean Breeze cafe. It's noted that the main room is much wider and taller than before, with more tables found up on a second floor overhanging the first floor. The rustic look of the cafe was replaced with a more elegant. Sam is found standing in the middle, talking to another member of the cafe staff - they are wearing formal attire.

Sam spots the player, rushing over to them and grasping their hands. They ask how they like the new look - the building, not them. The player has three options on their opinion of the new cafe:

  • Say it looks pretentious | - Love
  • Say it looks wonderful | + Love
  • Say it looks okay

Regardless of the player's opinion on the subject, Sam will state that they have always wanted a place like this.

Sam tells the player they have already begun preparations for the grand opening, wanting the player to make an appearance - although nothing big, just a speech the player will give. They explain further, stating that people from all over the world are coming to the event, so the town's "movers and shakers" will want to make an appearance. Sam tells the player there's no need to be shy, and they can say whatever they like. According to Sam, the important part is that the crowd wants to know who is making the food.

The opening event will start whenever the player is ready, with them as the star. The player is to visit some time in the evening to finalise things with Sam.

  • Defiant: You scoff. "It's a big much for some cream buns," you say. "Don't you think?"
  • Neutral: "It's a little gaudy," you admit.
  • Submissive: You look at your feet. "I liked the old cafe more," you admit. "Sorry."

Regardless of the player's response, Sam will state the player is underestimating their talent.

  • Defiant: "It's certainly an upgrade," you say.
  • Neutral: "I like it a lot," you say. "Very fancy."
  • Submissive: "It's wonderful," you say. "Like a dream."

Sam agrees with the player, nodding.

  • Defiant: "As long as I can work in peace," you say. "It's fine."
  • Neutral: "It looks okay," you say. "It does stand out."
  • Submissive: "I-I don't know," you say. "I'm not used to fancy things."

Sam will simply nod in response.

Attending the Grand Opening

A new option will appear instead of the cafe - Attend Opening Event. This will take up five hours of in-game time.

The player enters the cafe. Sam approaches the player, clasping their hands with the player's. They ask if the player is ready, with the player nodding. Sam states they will prepare things from here, and the player will only need to worry about themselves and making a proper entrance. They wave a boy/girl over the player recognises from the Orphanage, whom Sam informs the player that they have set up somewhere for the player to get ready nearby, and that the boy/girl is their new employee that will show the player over. They take the player out of the cafe to an old house at the edge of the Residential District.

It appears that the orphan has another motive. They say that a lot of important people will be attending the event, ones from outside the town. The player will need to tell them about Bailey and their tyranny over the Orphanage - they won't get another chance like this. The orphan clamps up, looking down at their feet. They apologise, thinking they shouldn't have said anything, claiming that it isn't fair to take such a risk. Another door will then open, with a man/woman sticking their head out. They ask the pair what they are "yapping about" before telling them the party is starting soon.

The player enters the next room, with the orphan shuffling in behind them. The man/woman from earlier informs the player they went ahead and got an outfit ready for them, gesturing over to a rack near the window - a red ball gown hangs besides a tuxedo outfit. This gives the player two choices:

  • Wear ballgown (girl)
  • Wear tuxedo (boy)

If the player picks the outfit for their appropriate sex, the man/woman will comment that they bet it will look "cute" on the player. However, if they choose the outfit for the opposite gender, the man/woman laughs - seeing as they meant the other outfit. However, they let the player wear it regardless, letting them do as they like. The orphan tells the player they look amazing before they step outside. A limo is waiting for the player, with another man/woman opening the door when they see the player. They tell them that people are arriving and that Sam's waiting.

The Red Carpet

The limo approaches the cafe. It's noted that a large crowd is gathered beneath a giant picture mounted above the cafe's entrance. It's the picture Niki took at the Photography Studio - the player is smiling beneath a chef's hat while pouring cream down their chest from a ladle. The limo comes to a halt, and a waiter opens the door. The player is met with thunderous applause, massively decreasing their Trauma stat.

It's at this point that Avery makes an appearance. The player is walking down the red carpet when Avery appears by their side, with them saying they had no idea the player was a "culinary prodigy" and that they were surprised to see their face up in lights. Avery holds out their hand, requesting for the player to let them walk them in.

The player can either choose to take or refuse Avery's hand which will increase or decrease their Love stat depending on the player's choice. If the player takes their hand, they will walk together down the red carpet with Avery, otherwise they turn their back on Avery with them not following further while the player walks down the red carpet. Several photographers are snapping pictures, with Niki among them.

Sam meets the player at the cafe's entrance, wearing their formal attire. They tell the player this is everything they have wished for, and thanking the player for making their dreams come true. They hug the player, sparking a greater cheer from the audience - this is a large increase to their Love stat. The player walks through the cafe's fancy doors, with more people awaiting them. More cheers erupt from the crowd, while the player spots a podium set up near the entrance. It is viewable from every areawithin the building.

At this point, Bailey makes an appearance. They grasp the player's arm while giving them their "best smile" - it's noted it does not look sincere. They tell the player they have done well through their teeth, but not to "fuck it up." If Avery is with the player, they grasp Bailey's hand, forcefully shaking it. They introduce themselves with Avery, with a hint of anger in their voice. The player's heart skips a beat as Bailey reaches into their jacket, but they instead pull out a handkerchief from their pocket. They tell Avery it's a pleasure to meet them, but they were just talking to their ward. They ask for a moment's privacy away from Avery, with Avery saying they have old friends to catch up with, while stating they are sure there are also many others who want some time with the player. While Bailey watches Avery leave, the player has three options:

  • Slap Bailey. Reduces Trauma.
  • Thank Bailey
  • Remain Silent

Slapping Bailey will have the player slap them across the cheek, with Bailey barely flinching. The room quiets for a moment before breaking into laughter. Bailey leans in closer with a fake smile. They whisper to the player that it's "best not try that when we're alone" before telling them they are worth more with both hands attached.

Thanking Bailey will have the player sincerely thank Bailey.

  • Defiant: "Thanks," you say. "You've made my evening slightly less unpleasant."
  • Neutral: "Thank you," you say. "I needed some space."
  • Submissive: "Thank you," you say. "Avery can be scary."

Bailey leans in closer, whispering to the player that when they deliver their speech, they shouldn't say anything they will regret.

Remaining silent will have the player simply glare at Bailey, not saying anything. They look away from the player.

Regardless of the player's choice, Bailey will pull away as the player is realising that for the first time since they arrived they are no longer the centre of attention. Instead, it is diverted elsewhere in the cafe. Upon choosing to look, attention will be diverted elsewhere.

Quinn's Arrival

This new-found attention turns out to be the mayor's arrival. They pass their fur coat over to a waiter/waitress before posing for a photographer. They push through the crowd, making their way over to the player as soon as their gaze met yours. They say that the player must be the star of the show, while taking hold of the player's hand and shaking it. They introduce themselves as Quinn. Bailey will then lean in, whispering something to Quinn. They seem to dismiss it as "nonsense" however, laughing. The planned speech will go ahead - it seems that Bailey wants to stop the player's speech somehow, possibly to prevent word about the Orphanage getting out. Quinn takes the player's arm, pulling the player besides them.

Niki then makes an appearance from the crowd with their camera in hand. It appears they want to have the player's picture taken with the mayor. Once again, the player is given three options:

  • Smile for the camera: The player smiles with Quinn as Niki snaps the picture.
  • Pull a funny face: The player will pull a funny face as Niki snaps the picture. Someone in the audience laughs. Quinn will then glance at the player, and laugh themselves.
  • Refuse to be photographed: The player wrestles themselves free from Quinn's grip. Niki looks at the mayor, unsure what to do. Quinn waves Niki away.

If the player chooses the former two, Quinn will then hold up the player's hand, eliciting a cheer for the gathering audience. Regardless of any choice, Quinn wishes the player good luck as they turn back to them, though they are sure they will not need luck. Bailey will then whisper something else, with Quinn frowning in response. They excuse themselves from the scene as they walk away with Bailey, talking. It's noted that the player cannot make out what they're saying.

Sam rushes to the player's side, stating how that was the mayor. They pull a mirror from their pocket, checking their hair. They inform the player the mayor will introduce them when things are ready for the player to give their speech, which should not be too long. While Sam is with the player, people are finding their seats while the last of the guests shuffle through the doors. The player looks over at Bailey and Quinn, with Bailey seeming agitated while Quinn acts more jovial, chuckling while pulling themselves away from the conversation. Sam tells the player it's happening, before instructing them to go sit by the podium, while the cream treats are being moved over to the player. Sam rushes back into the kitchen while the player takes their seat.

Player's Speech

The player will wait as remaining guests take their seats. The tables are packed together quite tightly in a large room. Others watch the podium from the second floor, with glasses in hand. It's noted that there are a lot of people here, dressed for the "fanciest of occasions." At this moment, Quinn steps up to the podium, with the room falling silent awaiting their introduction. Quinn greets the audience a good evening, before saying it's their privilege as their mayor to hold this event. Quinn seems to wander off during speeches, talking about the investment opportunities within the town and successes in office. The player's mind wanders as this is happening, but snaps back once Quinn gestures at them.

"Mere months ago this boy/girl was a normal student, until they discovered a talent for baking. Now," Quinn says. "They're the reason we're all here."

Quinn says they'd also like to thank their guardian, while gesturing over to Bailey perching at the edge of their room - their hard work protecting and caring for the town's "most vulnerable" has allowed the young prodigy to flourish, with applause filling the room. Quinn quiets the audience by waving, telling the audience they have heard enough of the mayor, and that the world-class chef has a few words too. It is their absolute pleasure to introduce them. They step away from the podium, waving the player up. The player walks up to the podium as murmuring fills the room. People hold up their phones, taking pictures. Staff move between the cafe's tables, offering eager guests treats.

At this moment, all eyes are on the player. The audience watches them intently, waiting for their speech. The player has five options for dealing with the situation:

  • Tell them the truth about your cream. Heavily increases Sam's Suspicion, and also largely increases Stress while lowering Trauma.
  • Tell them of Bailey's tyranny. Massively increases the Orphanage's Hope stat.
  • Praise Sam. Heavily increases Sam's Love stat.
  • Praise yourself. Heavily reduces Trauma.
  • Don't say anything. Reduces Stress.
Telling the Truth

If the player tells the truth about their cream buns, they will look around the room with each face looking back. They take a deep breath before sharing their secret. The room falls silent, with all blood draining from Sam's face - the player is surprised they don't faint from the revelation. Someone in the back laughs in response, telling the player they already know of the secret, but however despite things it is "fucking delicious" while sarcastically asking why the player thinks they came all this way to see the chef.

Someone else will turn towards the other person, telling them not to encourage the player - it's not an okay joke to make. The other person replies, saying it's not a joke, with the other man/woman rolling their eyes. Laughter will then fill the cafe, with the player not knowing how many knew all along, or ones who think they are joking. Quinn pushes them aside, taking control of the podium. They try to cover up the player's secret, telling the audience the chef enjoys a joke - how they prepare the cream still remains a secret, but they can be assured it's made from the finest produce. The mayor will turn the player away from the microphone, telling the player they had good thinking as they pass, before going on to say the player knows how to build a legend.

Bailey's Tyranny

If the player tells the audience of Bailey's tyranny, Bailey will stare back as the player looks around the room. They take a deep breath, talking about life at the orphanage - more specifically the lack of food, what Bailey makes the player and the other orphans do, and the punishment for failure. It's noted that at some point the player's fingers start to hurt from gripping the sides of the podium. The audience listens in silence, with some smiling, others in disgust. The orphan employee seen before is in tears. Bailey refuses to look at the player, glaring at the mayor instead.

It's at this moment that Quinn intervenes, interrupting the player's speech by pushing them off the podium. They claim that the player is "such a joker" and that their friends put them up to it. They go on to state that Bailey's orphanage is one of the town's oldest and "most esteemed" institutions, and that any abuses of power are taken seriously. The player isn't sure if their words got through, with many of the locals nodding along with the mayor's words. However, it's noted that some still don't look so convinced, believing the player's words to be true.

Praising Sam

If the player chooses to praise Sam, Sam will stare back as the player looks around the room, looking more excited than the player has ever seen before. The player talks about Sam, expressing to the audience the hard work they put in to make the cafe what it is. They thank Sam for giving them the opportunity to develop their talents, as well as thanking the audience for making their dreams come true. The audience applauds in response, with Sam in tears.

Praising Themselves

If the player chooses to praise themselves, they will state that from the first time they saw the result of their cooking on another person's face, they knew they were destined for greatness. It's noted that it's "shameless self-aggrandisement", but regardless the speech is delivered well. The audience agrees that the player earned it.

Remaining Silent

If the player chooses to not say anything, they will step away from the podium, with the crowd sounding disappointed although not upset. The player hears someone call them "cute" with the mayor rushing over to take over the microphone. They state that the player is not used to public speaking, but to give them a round of applause regardless. As prompted, the audience applauds the player.

Party Socialising

Regardless of the player's decision on how to deliver their speech, the mayor will step away from the podium as the party begins. The player wonders how they should conduct themselves, giving them four choices on how to do so:

  • Socialise with local elites
  • Socialise with foreign visitors
  • Chat with staff. Heavily reduces Trauma, and reduces Stress.
  • Just enjoy yourself. Heavily reduces Stress, and Trauma.

Socialising with the local elites will have the player talk to them, eager for the player's company. Depending on what the player said, there are several variants on what they inquire more details on:

  • Cream Secret: They ask for more details about how the cream is prepared, which the player gladly gives. They laugh each time.
  • Bailey's Tyranny: A concerned-looking man/woman asks for more details regarding the orphanage, but their friend shushes them.
  • Other: They try to tease out your secret cream recipe, but you're not telling.

Socialising with the foreign visitors will have the player talk to them, eager for the player's company. Depending on what the player said, there are several variants on what they inquire more details on:

  • Bailey's Tyranny: A concerned-looking man/woman asks for more details regarding the orphanage, but their friend shushes them.
  • Other: It's noted that they are intrigued by some of the local customs, which are apparently strange to them.

Chatting with other members of staff will have the player recognise a lot of faces, but there are a lot of new ones as well. Even with Sam mobilising the entire staff for the opening event, they are kept busy and rarely have time to talk, but they don't seem to mind. It's noted that Sam's joy is infectious, spreading to other employees.

Simply enjoying the party will have the player grab a glass of champagne from a passing waiter/waitress, and explore the new cafe. They find a quiet spot away from the rest of the party on a second floor balcony, overlooking the sea. They sit down and relax. Despite this, several people stop by to chat.

Eventually the party will begin to wind down. The player heads to the exit where Sam is seeing off the guests. They may say different things to the player or act differently - determinant on the player's speech:

  • Cream Secret: Sam intercepts the player instead. They state how they weren't expecting "that" in the player's speech. Sam says that they knew they said they could say anything, but it didn't cross their mind. They shake their head before going on to say that people took the "joke" well - no damage done. They thank the player for everything they have done."
  • Bailey's Tyranny: Bailey will intercept the player instead. They call the player a "brave little shit" before grasping their shoulders and turning the player to face the now drunken guests stumbling out of the cafe. They state that they all want a piece of "orphan ass" now that the player has screamed about it, saying that it's made things difficult. They release the player before walking away.
  • Praising Sam: Sam will state that no one has ever said such nice things about them as they confide in the player. They wipe away a tear with the back of their hand.

Sam states that they are bumping up the price of the cream buns to £150. Despite it's price, they are worth it - and there are additional staff to receive their paychecks. They wave the player goodbye, as the player exits out of the Cafe and back out onto Cliff Street.

Upon emerging out onto Cliff Street, the cafe's doors are described as extravagant, even when late into the night. With that, the player can resume their usual job as a chef with the knowledge that they have accomplished Sam's dreams. Each time the player enters the kitchen, they will be ready to make the cafe's famous cream buns.


  • Cafe fully renovated and accommodated.
  • Cream bun sale price maximized to £150, with a 30% cut, it translate to £45 profit per bun sold.
  • A profitable job, even without Cow Transformation you may earn up to £4500 daily in 3 hours with full milk capacity(3000ml).


  • This questline is one of few quests that involves multiple NPCs, with the other being the Police Infiltration questline.
  • The Cafe Campaign was too the only time when the Photography Studio was accessible until the Version 0.3.5, when the place was fully implemented, together with the model job.

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