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The Cat transformation, sometimes referred to as "cat TF" is one of several transformations within Degrees of Lewdity.

Transformations are split into two separate categories, this transformation falls under the "Animal" category, and can be combined with another transformation from the alternative "Divine" category.
The cat transformation in-game.


The name of the transformation will vary depending on the player's sex. How the player's transformation is identified as is listed below:

  • As a catboy for male PCs.
  • As a catgirl for female PCs.


  • Fangs - "Biting is three times as effective."
  • Sharp eyes - "Little escapes your notice." +5% skulduggery.
  • Heterochromia (iridis) - "Your eyes are two different colours."
  • Catboy/Catgirl - "You have an urge to lap up cream. Unlocks the groom action while dancing with lewd fluid on your person. Your ears and tail make you more conspicuous."


Please note that unlike the wolf transformation, having sex with cats and/or otherwise consuming cat lewd fluids (such as semen) will not work towards earning the cat transformation. These transformations have separate requirements, and as such, no points will be obtained towards the transformation if the player tries either of these methods. None of the methods that would otherwise gain a point towards the wolf transformation or similar transformations will work with the cat transformation.

All the correct requirements to obtain the transformation are listed below:

  • Eating Deluxe Cream Buns:
    • Found in the cafe as one of the possible menu options when visiting the location.
    • Eating it gives one transformation point. The player can choose to lick the plate clean afterwards to get an additional transformation point. They cost £50 each.
  • Teasing dogs after approaching houses on Domus Street:
    • When knocking on a residence, the player can encounter a chained dog besides the house. Choosing to tease it increases transformation progress by two points (if said dog was chained). If said dog is unchained, running away from it will increase transformation progress by one point. Beware that a chained dog may break its leash and attack you, resulting in an nonconsensual encounter.
    • Running away from the Domus Street dogs will also grant one point.
  • Drinking breast milk:
    • Breast milk has a 30% chance of giving one point per drink.
  • Milking cows at Alex's Farm with your mouth:
    • Has a 100% chance of giving a point per drink.
    • A minimum Deviancy rank of 4 is required for the player to milk cows with their mouth. Please note that this method only works with cows, since the player will be gathering semen otherwise if milking bulls, and this will not add a point.
  • Jumping the fence from the residential alleyways into the orphanage's garden or from the School to the industrial alleyway increases progress by one point, once a day each.

Not all of these requirements are necessary to achieve the full transformation. They can be combined to achieve a better overall boost to transformation progress, making the transformation easier to obtain. Otherwise, one method of achieving the transformation (i.e. eating cream buns) will be sufficient as long as the player keeps working at it.

The cat bell collar is highly recommended to obtain and subsequently maintain the cat transformation. This is purchasable at the Shopping Centre.

Transformation progress accumulates at midnight. As the player passes through midnight, they must be wearing a set of clothing that has the Cat Bell Collar (can be naked with just the collar) to prevent transformation decay.

Transformation Progress

Note: Requires 50 transformation points to access the full transformation. Subsequent points go towards the Heterochromia trait (see "Effects" below), fully developing at 70 points.

Progress in the cat transformation starts once 25 points have been gained, and increases by one stage for every 5 points gained after that.

  1. "You have a strange toothache. A beetle crawls by. You resist the urge to pounce."
  2. "Your mouth feels different. You explore your mouth and wince as your tongue presses against your new fangs."
  3. "Your scalp itches."
  4. "Your scalp twitches. You reach up and feel your new pair of cat ears."
  5. "Your lower back itches."
  6. "Your bottom feels weighty, yet perfectly balanced. You reach behind and feel your new cat tail."
  7. "Your eyes itch."
  8. "Your eyes water from a burning sensation around the pupil."
  9. "Your eyes burn, likely due to some sort of allergy, you can barely keep them open."
  10. "Your eyes no longer burn, and despite the darkness of the early morning, you are able to pick up every detail of the scenery around you."


  • Stage 2: The player receives the "Fangs" trait.
  • Stage 4: The player receives cat ears.
  • Stage 6: The player receives a cat tail. The main transformation is now complete.
  • Stage 7: The player's eyes start to change colour. The effect will be faint at first, but the Characteristics tab will indicate what colour their eyes will eventually become.
  • Stage 10: The player receives the "Heterochromia" trait.


  • Unlocks the "Fangs" trait. This grants a bonus to the "Bite" option when penises/breasts hover near the player during combat.
  • A passive Skulduggery boost (+5%).
  • Unlocks the "Groom" option when dancing - only accessible if the player has some form of lewd fluid on them.
  • Adds a new option during masturbation - autofellatio/autocunnilingus, allowing the player to lick/suck their own genitalia to help them orgasm quicker. This can also be achieved with very high Dancing skill, but it is most accessible to those who get the cat transformation. Requires Awareness to unlock more masturbation options.
  • Unlocks the "Heterochromia" trait. Cosmetic, only affects the player's eye colours.
    • The colours the player's eyes become is randomised. The only way to change their natural heterochromia is by letting their transformation degrade back to the sixth stage (indicated by the prompt ("Your eyes no longer itch; it must have been an allergy").
    • The effect of heterochromia starts faint, with each stage between 7 and 10 making the colour change more apparent. The appearance is finalised at the tenth stage, when the player officially gains the trait.
  • The first time entering the kennel on Alex's farm, the dogs will react with hostility to the player, lowering Respect.
  • When encountering a pedestrian walking their dog on the street, the player now has the option to hiss.


Some key events can be unlocked as a result of gaining this transformation. An overview is provided below, with a full description as its own section.


  • Grants the player special options for dealing with cats, possibly avoiding combat with those found in the school at night-time, or meowing in alleyways.
  • Adds a new interaction while in Robin's room where they pet the player's head, calling them a "good kitty" excitedly. It also adds an option while watching a romance movie with them, continuing until they get splashed with a sticky drink or with the popcorn - allowing the player to sexually clean them.
  • Allows a new option when a chicken is missing at Alex's farm: you get to track it down. You find it, and you almost pick it up with your mouth, but catch yourself at the last moment. This option saves 10 minutes of your time.
  • Deviancy is closely tied to this transformation. The player will see some overlap in actions, such as 'dealing' with stray cats within the town, or having the option to meow back to other cats doing the same.
  • While in Tentacle Plains, they have the ability to pounce on nearby tentacles. This will clear the nearby area if used enough, and you will be attacked with alot less tentacles, or not at all.


The Pounce action cycles through these four lines:
    • Your eyes focus. There are so many writhing, slippery little things here. One small tentacle catches your attention as it brushes against your foot. You swipe at it, and it recoils. | - Arousal | - Stress

    • You pounce after another tentacle. Other tentacles begin to slither away from you. This is fun! | - Arousal | - - Stress

    • You pounce, catching a small tentacle and biting down on it. You catch another. And another. You make a small bundle of tentacles and paw it around. | - Arousal | - - Stress

    • You pounce and grab onto a larger tentacle, biting into it and wrestling it to the ground. It quickly retreats from you. There are no other tentacles nearby. Your next orgasm might not be so dangerous.

After the fourth pounce, the player is granted one orgasm that does not engage the normal nonconsensual tentacle encounter, but the player will need to perform four more pounces to safely orgasm again.

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