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In this category you can find every colour code that the game uses so you can use them on the wiki. There are: Skill ranks (Grades, Sexual Skills, Main Skills, e.g. A or S), Lewdity Stat requirements (e.g. Exhibitionism 5) and action colours (e.g. bratty actions).

A Visual Key of All Text-Editable Colors
Boost Brat Comfy Def Delicate Fine
Firm Flimsy Fragile Lewd Meek Naked
Negative Orange Positive RankA RankB RankC
RankD RankF RankS Risque Risqué Seductive
Smart Stat1 Stat2 Stat3 Stat4 Stat5
State Sturdy Sub Tasteful Tough Unassuming
Wraith Lustful Attention


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