Charlie's Jobs

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Charlie's Jobs are a series of repeatable weekly quests accessible through the Dance Studio. They offer trained dancers a chance to make money through exclusive performances.


Being "well-connected in the professional scene," it comes as no shock that Charlie's on the look-out for promising dancers. If the player qualifies, they can take advantage of Charlie's connections in the form of lucrative dancing jobs.

Not every job is as safe as the last, however. Whether the player is allowed respite with the more down-to-earth townsfolk or ends up in the spotlight of the town's seedy aristocracy is up to Charlie.


In order for Charlie to take notice of the player's ability, their Dancing skill must be an A or higher. Once this requirement has been met, the quest can be initiated at any time during the studio's operating hours.


Should the player's footwork catch Charlie's eye, they'll pull them aside during a dance lesson. Note that this can only occur during proper dancing lessons, not high heel lessons.

"I was hoping you'd come by," Charlie says, hands on hips. "You're a good dancer. People would pay to see you. It's a competitive field, but if you need work, I should be able to find something."

From this point on, the player can ask for work from Charlie. These jobs are available once a week, resetting each Sunday at midnight. As soon as the player accepts a job, they'll be locked out of taking another for the remainder of the week, regardless of how the job ends.

Charlie's jobs take three hours each, and follow the same structure of dance, intermission, repeat. Each intermission takes half an hour, meaning the player will usually go through five or six rounds of dancing in total, taking time spent dancing into account.

An important aspect of the jobs is the audience's interest, which can be determined via the prompt that appears during each intermission. The stages of interest are as follows:

  • The audience seem enthralled. - 100 or higher
  • The audience seem captivated. - 80-99
  • The audience seem eager. - 60-79
  • The audience seem interested. - 40-59
  • The audience seem bored. - 20-39
  • The audience seem upset. - 1-19
  • The audience seem angry. - 0 and below

The player can receive substantial rewards for raising interest and harsh penalties for low interest. The exact effects vary depending on the job.

Currently, Charlie has two jobs for the player. Which one they're offered depends entirely on Charlie's relationship with them.

Domus Street - Charlie's Friends

"A friend of mine wants to throw a party on Domus Street, but they'd like entertainment. It's a casual thing. They're good people, so you should be safe. You'd get £300 for a few hours work. How about it?"

The player receives at least £300 for completing this job, up to £500 (plus tips) depending on their performance. Comparable to the Strip Club, there's almost zero risk associated with this job, though the player must still take care to perform well.

Being the "default" job, Charlie will always assign the player to Domus Street if their Love is at or above 0%. Unlike the other job, there are no alternate ways to receive it.


After a short drive, Charlie and the player arrive at a house on Domus Street. It's a regular house, though perhaps more spacious than most. The guests watch football.

With the host busy chatting, the player is given three options.

  1. Raid the buffet | - Stress
    • The player tucks into the buffet, noting that orphans would enjoy it. No special effect.
  2. Find booze | - Trauma | - Stress
    • The player pours themselves two glasses of wine in quick succession, heedless to the guests' looks. Does not increase the player's alcohol level.
  3. Socialise
    • Can result in the job ending prematurely if the player chooses to tell the blunt truth in response to personal questions. See below for more details.

Regardless of the player's choice (outside of the aforementioned "tell the blunt truth" path), the host will finally enter the room. "Ah," he/she says. "The performer. I've cleared that table as an impromptu stage. Start when you're ready."

This signals the first round of dancing, and begins the job proper.


As the player chats with the partygoers, they'll eventually become the centre of attention, being the party's entertainment. They'll ask the player where they live, prompting three answers.

  1. Refuse to answer personal questions | + Stress
    • Leads into the job proper without issue.
  2. Bend the truth | + Trauma
    • Yields a 50/50 chance for the guests to either drop the subject, or press the player further. In the latter case, they can either brush them off or, if their Trauma is high (at least "You are disturbed."), get angry (- - Trauma | - - Stress). Both options move the party along.
  3. Tell the blunt truth | - - Trauma | + + Stress

Should the player choose the third option, there's a 50/50 chance the partygoers simply won't believe them (+ Trauma), or be completely appalled, to the point of wanting to send the player off.

"I had no idea," the man/woman says, mortified. "I don't want to be part of this." The party-goers murmur quiet agreement. At this point, the player is given the following options.

  1. Say you need the money | Success Chance: 50%
    • If successful, the host will relent, allowing the job to continue. Otherwise, they'll refuse to take part in it and lead the player outside.
  2. Leave early
    • No special effect, has the host lead the player back to Charlie.
  3. Beg | Submissive
    • The player will still be sent out early; however, the host will still pay them out of pity.

Aside from succeeding with the first option, all three choices result in the player returning to Charlie, still parked outside. "This isn't going to work out," the man/woman says. "The boy/girl is lovely though. It's not his/her fault."

Confused, Charlie asks what happened. This generally results in the player bottling it up, telling Charlie they're fine before they offer the player a ride back to the studio. However, if the player's Trauma is high (at least "You are disturbed."), they'll be given the option to break down. | + + Stress | - - Trauma | + + Love

"I'm sorry," Charlie says. He/She looks at the orphanage, visible through a gap between two houses. "I'm so sorry." After fetching the player some water, Charlie continues. "I wasn't going to offer you every job I have. Some are too dangerous. But they pay well. If you really need the money, I can introduce you to the right people. Just be careful, okay?"

This allows the player to access the alternate job - the manor on Danube Street - without having to lower Charlie's love. The player may only break down in front of Charlie once, but the ability to choose the other job is permanent.

Taking the Stage

At the start of each dance session, an unseen timer of 15 turns is set. Once the timer is up, the host will end the round. "That's enough for now," shouts a voice. "Let's give our boy/girl here a break." A small boost to audience interest will be granted, before the player is ushered into intermission. Stopping voluntarily is not recommended, as it results in the audience losing interest in the player, coupled with the fact that there's little danger with this job in the first place.

This job only has one notable event that can occur while dancing. If the audience's arousal is at "excited" or higher, there's a 50% chance one of the partygoers will offer the player a glass of wine, giving them three options.

  1. Drink - Initiates a Dancing check. By default, an A or higher guarantees success; however, the check becomes more difficult with each drink.
    • Succeeding increases the value of tips received during that round of dancing, at the cost of increasing the player's alcohol level. Additionally, there's a 1/10 chance the drink will make the player "feel warm", increasing the drugs in their system as well.
    • Failure results in the player spilling their drink. This has no negative effect, instead increasing the value of tips by a small amount. Failing does not raise the player's alcohol level.
  2. Drink carefully
    • Always results in the value of tips going up by a modest amount - larger than if the player had failed drinking normally, but smaller than if they had succeeded. Increases the player's alcohol level by the same level as if they had drank normally, but never contains drugs.
  3. Ignore
    • Lowers audience excitement (not to be confused with audience interest), but otherwise has no effect.

Occasionally, the player may drunkenly fall off the table and possibly snags skirts. This can occur at any point so long as the player has any alcohol in their system, with the odds increasing the more intoxicated the player is. While this event has no effect (positive or negative), it takes priority over the aforementioned wine event, thus potentially preventing the player from raising their tip value.

Once the audience's arousal reaches a certain point (between "lecherous" and "filled with carnal desire", the player will be grabbed by one of the partygoers. This does not lead to an encounter, however; rather, the pervert will be removed from the premises, leaving the player unmolested going into intermission. This does have the consequence of not raising audience interest as letting the timer run out would have; as such, prioritise getting through all 15 turns keeping audience arousal as low as possible.

It is also possible for the player becoming too exposed and flee the scene to take cover in the bathroom (+ + Interest). This could happen if the player's skirt gets too damaged to wear, or if the player only wears leotard and drench it with bodily fluids. The player then being offered a bunny leotard as replacement clothing. Wear the leotard (+ Interest) leads to intermission. Doing this three times is enough to raise audience interest to enthralled.


Following each round, regardless of how it ended, the player will have some time to themselves. They'll be given the following four options.

  1. Secret some food away for the orphans | Skulduggery
    • Succeeding (guaranteed by a C or higher) increases Orphanage Hope by one point.
    • Failing results in the player bumping into a guest, spilling their food and garnering ridicule over how hungry they must be. This lowers audience interest by 5 points.
  2. Schmooze | English
    • Succeeding (an A* will ensure success) has the player become the centre of attention, increasing socialite Fame and audience interest by 5 points each.
    • Failure has the partygoers continue to discuss the player as if they're not there, increasing Trauma and reducing audience interest by 5 points.
  3. Drink | Raises the player's alcohol level by a small amount
    • After drinking, there's a 50% someone will top the player's glass off again. They can either thank them, increasing interest by 5 points at the cost of increasing their alcohol level further, or put the glass down, lowering interest by 5 points while sparing the player's liver.
  4. Eat | - Stress; leads to one of two scenes, each with a 50% of occuring.
    • One of the partygoers steals a blini from the player's lap, giving them the options to allow it (+ Stress | + Interest) or get angry - Interest | + Stress).
    • Someone wraps an arm around the player's waist, giving them the options to tolerate (+ Trauma | + Stress | + + Interest) or move (- Interest).

If the audience's interest dips to the point where they seem "angry" - a difficult feat, given their high starting interest - the player will be approached by the host during intermission. "I'm sorry," he/she says. "This isn't working out. Thank you for coming." This ends the job early, forcing the player to leave without pay. Should the player possess the Defiant trait, however, they can demand payment. "I busted my ass for your shitty party," you say. "Pay up." Shocked, the host apologises and hands the player their promised £300 before sending them out.

Unlike the Danube job, there is no special event that comes with the end of the party. Once three hours have passed, the player will be sent out with the promised £300. If the audience is enthralled, they'll earn an additional £200, for a total a of £500, alongside the "Life of the Party" feat.

Audience Interest

For this job, audience interest always starts relatively high: 70 points, or "The audience seem eager."

The high starting interest is counter-balanced by the fact that there are relatively few opportunities to alter it compared to the Danube job. These opportunities are as follows:

  • Successfully making it through 15 turns of dancing raises interest by 5 points. The host stopping the dance upon audience arousal climbing too high has no effect on interest, while choosing to stop of the player's own accord lowers it by 5 points.
  • Successfully schmoozing during intermissions raises interest by 5 points. Failing, however, lowers it by 5 points instead.
  • When offered a refill after drinking during intermission, choosing to put the glass down lowers interest by 5 points.
  • When choosing to eat during intermission, the player will be accosted in one of two events. In both events, choosing to get angry or move both lower interest by 5 points.

As mentioned above, the only penalty for low interest occurs during intermission if the player manages to get it below 0, and making it to the end of the job with max interest earns the player a small bonus of £200.

Danube Street - The Manor

"An exclusive club on Danube street is looking for entertainment." He/She hesitates. "I think they're trustworthy, but be on your guard. You'd get £2000 for a few hours work, which isn't too shabby. How about it?"

As stated, the player can receive £2000 for completing this job - up to £5000 (plus tips) depending on their performance. Higher pay comes at a cost, however. The safeguards in place during the Domus job aren't present here, and the player runs a high risk of ending up in a precarious situation.

There are three ways to receive this job.

  1. Lower Charlie's Love until it's below 0%.
    • For new players, choosing a flirtatious introduction upon first meeting Charlie can accomplish this, setting their Love to -10%.
    • For those who've already met Charlie, there are only two other ways to lower their love: be haughty when they inform the player of the jobs (one-time only), or choose to flirt when Charlie gives the player personal attention while taking dance lessons (Promiscuity 2, has a roughly 1/5 chance of occuring during lessons).
    • Due to the infrequency of events that lower Charlie's Love and the fact that there are no other ways to unlock the Domus Street job short of high Love, it's recommended to pursue the alternate unlock methods for this job.
  2. Break down in front of Charlie while working the Domus Street party job.
    • When socialising with Charlie's friends at the start of the job, they'll pry into the player's home life. Choosing to tell the blunt truth yields a 50% chance for the partygoers to express horror, refusing to take part in the player's plight. Should the player choose to leave and their Trauma is high ("You are disturbed" or higher), they have the option to break down to Charlie. This permanently unlocks the option to ask for something more dangerous, but lucrative when given the Domus job by Charlie.
  3. Have Jordan task the player with finding a missing initiate at the Temple.
    • There are two prerequisites to unlocking this method. First, the player must have already been approached by Charlie about their jobs. Second, they must be an initiate at the temple with high Grace (80, to be exact; the bar should be around 90% full. The exact value can be checked in the "Extra Stats" section of the Statistics tab). Once the requirements are met, Jordan will approach the player upon entering the temple, asking them to seek out a missing initiate in a manor on Danube Street. This encounter can occur even if Jordan wouldn't normally be present at the temple, like in the middle of the night. Regardless, Jordan's request unlocks the option to ask if there's work at a Danube Street manor when given the party job.
    • Note: This method becomes unavailable once the missing initiate is found. The job can still be accessed through either of the other two methods.


Charlie drives the player to a gated manor on Danube Street. "There are nasty rumours about these people," Charlie says as you arrive on Danube. He/She hesitates before continuing. "They can't be true. The police wouldn't allow it." They're led to the back of the manor (which the player notes looks "less impressive" from this angle), where they part ways, watching the player with concern as they go.

Security leads the player to a dressing room, where a well-dressed individual gives them a small, skimpy leotard. "This will do," he/she says. "Get changed. I'll wait outside."

In response, the player can simply dress or ask for something more solid. Choosing the latter results in the showrunner telling them, "It's that or nothing." Once again, the player can dress, leading into the job, or refuse, preserving dignity at the cost of ending the job without pay.

Alternatively, exhibitionistic players can take "it's that or nothing" to heart and choose to wear nothing (Exhibitionism 5), to the showrunner's initial confusion. "Fine," he/she says. "That should be fine. Come this way." This option starts the player with a bonus to audience interest, doubling it. Note that the option to wear nothing will only appear after asking for something more solid.

Once dressed (or undressed), the player is led onstage, where they're met with jeers. "Please can I have a round of applause," he/she announces. You hear the voice boom from the stage. "For our distinguished juggler." The booing redoubles. The juggler in question flees the stage in relief, leaving the player alone to face the crowd.

Taking the Stage

You will be penalised if the audience aren't at least interested before you stop, and impressing them would be better, but arousing them too much could lead to violence. Be cautious.

There's no timer for this job; instead, the difficulty comes in managing audience arousal. Similar to the Brothel, there's nothing stopping the masses from rushing the player should their performance prove too effective.

There are four random events that can occur while dancing, all of which require the audience's arousal to pass a certain point.

  • Starting at the "excited" stage, a spotlight will shine on the player. If they're wearing a leotard, it will appear as if they're naked.
    • Choosing to flee leads to a scene in which they're told to return to the stage, or else they won't be paid. They can then leave without pay, ending the job early, or walk back out onto the stage, resuming the performance. Upon choosing the latter, the option to flee will subsequently be replaced with the option to "cover yourself", which has no unique effect.
    • This event has a 1/5 chance of occuring in all stages past "excited."
  • Also starting at the "excited" stage, an audience member may grab the player's leotard, if they're wearing one, increasing Trauma and Stress. The player is given the option to either struggle for their clothes or surrender them. Note that this event will still occur even if the player is naked; it won't display any text, but it will silently increase their Trauma and Stress.
    • This event has a 1/10 chance of occuring during the "excited" stage, and a 1/5 chance on all subsequent stages.
  • Starting at the "lecherous" stage, an audience member may attempt to grab the player, increases Trauma and Stress. The player may let them cop a feel, or decide to end the show early.
    • This event has a 1/10 chance of occuring during the "lecherous" stage, and a 1/5 chance on the following stage.
  • Once the audience is "filled with carnal desire," the audience may rush onto the stage, triggering a nonconsensual encounter with six people. Regardless of whether the player lets them cum or fights them off, ending the encounter effectively serves as the end of that round, leading to the next intermission.
    • This event has a 1/10 chance of occuring per turn once in the "carnal desire" stage.

After the first round, a brief scene plays out allowing the player to catch a glimpse of the audience. Masked individuals in formal attire. The men have discarded their jackets, revealing their shirts and waistcoats. The women are quite regal, though some have elected to show off their thighs and cleavage.

Afterwards, the player steps from the stage, entering intermission.


After each round, the player will be given half an hour to recuperate. Unlike with the Domus job, however, their safety isn't guaranteed.

If the audience's interest is too low ("The audience seem angry."), they'll surround the player, ridiculing their dance before deciding they "might be useful in other ways," triggering a nonconsensual encounter with six people. Regardless of how the encounter ends, the player will be forced from the manor without pay, though the showrunners will be considerate enough to return their clothes.

If the player manages to retain the audience's interest, they'll be given the following options:

  1. Schmooze | English
    • Successfully impressing the crowd (a B is needed for a chance at success, while an A* will ensure it) results in audience interest rising by 10 points, and socialite Fame increasing by 20.
    • Failure has a snooty guest shoo the player away, increasing Trauma and Stress. No effect on audience interest.
  2. Chat with servants | - Stress | - Exploration difficulty
    • This option makes exploring the manor easier by reducing the difficulty of the skulduggery check, by roughly one and a half letter grades each time. Note that this only decreases the difficulty of the initial check to explore the manor, not any of the subsequent ones, such as choosing to look more closely when examining tapestries.
    • There's a 1/5 chance for this action to be twice as effective, reducing the difficulty of the Skulduggery check by three grades.
  3. Explore the manor | Skulduggery
    • The player delves into the manor's depths, potentially uncovering its secrets. See the "Exploring the Manor" section below for more details.

Audience Interest

Tracking the audience's opinion of the player is just as important here as in the Domus Street job, if not moreso. While low interest won't end things early, it can put the player at risk. Conversely, high interest is far more rewarding in this job than its counterpart; reaching 100+ interest ("The audience is enthralled.") can earn the player £5000, more than double the promised amount.

For this job, audience interest always starts relatively low: 20 points, or "The audience seem bored."

At the final stage ("The audience seem angry."), the guests will assault the player during intermission. This is dependent on the player's overall interest, not the interest garnered specifically during the last performance. This means high enough interest can provide something of a buffer should the player end a round prematurely; for example, if the overall interest is at eager and the player ends a round with the audience looking distracted, they won't immediately be forced into an encounter.

The following events and actions can influence the audience's interest:

  • Opting to wear nothing (Exhibitionism 5) instead of the offered leotard at the beginning of the job starts the player off with 20 points of interest. | + + + Interest
  • As the introductory warning indicates, ending a round with the audience impressed, engrossed or obsessed garners the player 10 points. (+ Interest) Conversely, ending the round with the audience attentive, indifferent or distracted loses the player 10 points. (- Interest)
    • Generally, the "Sophisticated Dance" action is the most reliable way to raise audience interest while keeping arousal low.
  • If the player chooses to flee the stage following their clothes being damaged or the spotlight event, they'll gain 10 points if the audience is engrossed or obsessed (+ Interest), but they'll lose 10 points if the audience is anything less than impressed. (- Interest)
    • When the showrunner demands the player walk back onstage in their state of undress, choosing to comply raises interest by 20 points. | + + Trauma | + + + Stress | + + + Interest
  • Should the player rile the audience too much and end up in an encounter, letting them have their way increases interest by 20 points. | + + + Interest
    • Fighting off the partygoers will instead lower interest by 10 points. | - - Interest
  • Successfully schmoozing during intermissions (see above) raises interest by 10 points. | + + Interest
  • Choosing to flaunt under the spotlight during a random event Exhibitionism 5 raises audience interest by 5 points. | + Interest

Curtain Call

Once three hours have passed, an announcement will be made upon the next intermission. "Ladies and gentlemen," says a voice from the other side of the room. It's the man/woman who showed you in. The guests all turn to face him/her. "Thank you making it this day. I fear our time together draws to a close, but fret not! We have a final treat for you."

A rumble is heard from the entryway, followed by a horse/centaur pulling a wheeled, glass cabin onstage. "I think that's your pay in there," says one of the masked guests beside you. "You just need to lean in and take it. Would be a shame for you to leave empty-handed." At high interest ("The audience seem enthralled."), someone will chuck another wad of cash inside.

The player is then given the following options:

  • Squeeze through the aperture; the player tries to force their way into the cabin, only to end up locked from the waist up. This leads to one of two possible scenes.
    • "Is it worth it?" asks once of the masked guests, peering at you through one of the panes. "Taking a horse for so little money." This leads to a nonconsensual horse/centaur encounter with an audience. Regardless of whether the player makes the steed cum or manages to fight it off, the audience will applaud the spectacle. The player will be set free from the contraption, allowing them to return to the dressing room.
    • "Ladies and gentlemen," announces the man/woman. "Shall we send our entertainment off in style?"
      • If beasts, monsters, and horses are disabled, this event will always occur. Otherwise, it has a 50% chance of taking place over the horse event.
  • Walk away; the player leaves unmolested, but without pay.
  • Alternatively, if the player possesses the Defiant trait, they have the option to smash the glass, triggering a Physique check. A full 6/6 with a large body will ensure success. Failure yields no penalty, instead giving the player the initial two options of squeezing through or leaving, while successfully breaking through has the player receive their payment without issue.

Regardless of how the job ends, the player will return to the dressing room to retrieve their clothes before leaving onto Danube Street.

Exploring the Manor

There are about 6 places the player can end up when exploring the manor, most involve Skulduggery checks and if the player wants to interact with most of it a max Skulduggery would be recommended.

Safe Room

The player climbs up a thick staircase and find several lavish corridors that look like rows of bedrooms. They'll find a door ajar and peek inside finding a safe unguarded with an open cupboard.

  • Crack the safe | Skulduggery (C or higher for guaranteed success) | Crime
  • Return to party

Successing in their Skulduggery check the player will find up to £500 or less depending on rng. Failing however will get the player caught leading to a non-consensual encounter with two masked people.

Skinny Dippers

The player finds a pool with two guests skinny dipping and kissing. They can steal valuables from them, but it requires a skulduggery check.


The player enters the kitchen and will find cooks moving around, one chef will call out to the player and ask them where their apron is and giving you a tray of carrots telling them to get to work. The player can try to explain but it proves useless as the chef will yell at the player to go back to chopping

As the player chops the carrots the chef will yell at them to go faster and giving more to them. One of the staff will rescue the player from this torturous labor and ask them back on stage, the chef hearing this will yell at the player for not telling them that they're the stage performer and kicks them out of the kitchen.

Display Room

The player wanders into a long room filled with display cases showing off jewelry and antiques, there'll be a dozing guard leaning against the wall. This room will prove to be important for players that are seeking out the Gold Brooch but they'll need at least C+ or max Skulduggery to guarantee success.

  • Steal jewelry | Crime
  • Steal antique | Crime

Stealing the jewelry will grant the player £1000 worth of stolen goods while stealing the antique gives the player the Gold Brooch. Failing the check will make the player set off the alarm and wake the guard up, making the player run for the exit and return to the party.


While exploring the manor the player will pass some valuable paintings and tapestries but too big to steal, they can choose to look closer and have a Skulduggery check or return to the party.

  • Look more closely | Skulduggery: (S Skulduggery won't guarantee success and only leaves it at Challenging)
  • Return to party | - Stress

Successing the check will lead to the player in discovering a dark passage where the player can discover a ritual ongoing. The player can also find said passage in another way without needing a Skulduggery check by exploring the manor and there's a chance the player can hear chanting behind an old tapestry when uncovered reveals same said passage.

Given two options the player can:

  • Enter
  • Turn away | - Stress

Entering will get the player to walk through the dark with their way lit by by occasional dim lights hanging from the ceiling. As the player continues going deeper they'll come across a wooden door with pulsing red light seeping around the edges, the chanting loud and clear coming from within.

  • Enter | + + Stress | + + Awareness
  • Leave | - Stress

Choosing to enter the player finds cloaked figures kneeling around a pillar in the center of a circular room. A satanic ritual being held over a figure blindfolded with their limbs chained, depending on whether the player has received the missing initiate quest from Jordan the person can either be a random person of the said initiate Jordan mentioned.

  • Leave
  • Interrupt the ritual | - Science | - Maths | - English | - History | + + Stress | + + Awareness

Interrupting will make the player walk up to the pillar and climb up the rock to the blindfolded initiate, the player can choose to reassure them first or break the chains. Both options won't change anything only that the initiate will calm down if you reassure them, no checks are needed for breaking the chains as they're bolted haphazardly into the rock. Freeing them will mess up the ritual and cause some sort of pain to the cloaked figures allowing the player and the victim to run away back to the manor. Jordan can be found with other monks and nuns begging to be let in the manor while the masked guests yell that the party's over.

After Jordan and the initiate reunite the player will be thanked for their actions and the player leaves the manor emptyhanded.


The gold brooch, one of the Antiques needed for the Museum, can be found by exploring the Danube Street manor.

Additionally, three Feats are attainable through Charlie's jobs. One ("Life of the Party") is unlocked via the Domus Street job, while the other two ("Belle of the Ball" and "Breaking the Stone") are unlocked from the Danube Street job.

Feat name Hint Description Requirement Notes VrelCoins Added Rank
Life of the Party "Impress Charlie's friends." "Impressed a party with your dance." Reach max audience interest ("The audience seem enthralled.") during Charlie's Domus Street party job. As audience interest starts out high with this job (70 out of the required 100), this feat is relatively easy compared to the Danube Street alternative.

There are two reliable ways to rouse the interest of Charlie's friends:

  1. Let the timer run out during each turn of dancing, without letting audience arousal get too high or choosing to end prematurely. Since there's no penalty for low audience excitement with this job, avoid stripping and perform the "Sophisticated Dance" action, as this raises audience arousal by the lowest amount of all four dances.
  2. During intermissions, choose to eat; this will either trigger an event allowing the player to raise interest by 5 points (at the cost of increased Stress) or 10 points (at the cost of increased Stress and Trauma). Simply choose to go along with any harrassment from the party's guests, either in the form of someone wrapping their arm around the player's waist, or stealing a blini from their lap.

Should the audience's interest be high enough, the player will receive the feat (along with a bonus of £200) at the end of the job.

Belle of the Ball "Impress high society." "Impressed an aristocratic party with your dance." Reach max audience interest ("The audience seem enthralled.") during Charlie's Dance Street manor job. Compared to the Domus Job, interest starts out relatively low here (20 out of the required 100). As such, it's important to make the most of any opportunities to raise interest.

For a complete list of ways to raise interest in this job, see the "Danube Street - The Manor" section above. Otherwise, the basics are as follows:

  • When given a leotard at the start of the job, choose to ask for something more solid, then choose the following option to wear nothing (Exhibitionism 5) for a starting bonus of 20 points.
  • End each round of dancing with the audience impressed or better. As with the Domus job, sophisticated dancing is the easiest way to go about this. Unlike that job, there's no timer to wait out, so the round can be ended as soon as audience excitement is high enough.
  • Choose to schmooze during intermissions; there's no penalty on interest for failing, while success raises audience interest by 10 points.

As with the Domus job, the player will receive the feat at the end. Note that the player does not need to collect their payment to receive the feat; it's granted automatically upon the arrival of the horse/centaur.

Breaking the Stone "Use your dance connections to access and end a ritual." "Stopped the ritual beneath a Danube manor." Uncover a ritual while exploring the manor, then choose to interrupt it. During intermissions in the Danube dancing job, the player has the option to explore the manor. When doing so, they may come across a hallway full of paintings and tapestries. By passing a difficult skulduggery check (not even an S will ensure success), the player ends up in a passage.

Choose to enter (+ + Stress | + + Awareness), then interrupt the riutal (- Science | - Maths | - English | - History | + + Stress | + + Awareness). Simply leaving will not award the feat. The player will receive the feat as soon as they escape the manor.

This feat can still be earned after stumbling upon the ritual and choosing to leave, even if the player has already informed Jordan of their findings.


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