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Clothing is a key feature of Degrees of Lewdity. Certain clothing may prove to be beneficial for specific areas, whereas others will be useful for general use when navigating around the Town. Remember to dress appropriately wherever possible, as it may prove risky to dress inappropriately in certain areas otherwise.

Where to Buy Clothing

  • The player is able to access the Clothing Shop on the second floor of the Shopping Centre, above the Hairdressers. There, the player is able to buy clothing and accessories. Alternatively, they can choose to shoplift, should they not wish to pay or lack the funds to do so.
  • The Forest Shop rests at the entrance of the Forest, near Nightingale Street and Wolf Street. It is managed by Gwylan. Once accessed, the player will be able to purchase exotic clothing, though they will need to fill some specific requirements first.
  • Sydney's Counter in the School library sells most clothing items with the School trait, alongside an assortment of utility items, including glasses and hairpins. None of the items sold here are exclusive; they can be bought from the Shopping Centre as well.
  • Once unlocked, the Adult Shop on Elk Street sells a variety of costumes and fetish-wear. Although it shares the majority of its stock with the Shopping Centre's clothing shop, it has a handful of items not sold anywhere else, such as the three pieces of the Special set.

There are additional special clothing items that cannot be purchased via the shops available to the player. These will be listed in the appropriate sections.

Clothing Catalogue

See: Clothing Catalogue for more information on how the clothing catalogue works. This is a brief summary.

Version 0.2.24 has brought a major visual overhaul to the Clothing Shop UI (User Interface), found within the Shopping Centre. This is referred to as the "Clothing Catalogue". The catalogue is displayed below.

Interactive! See the "Navigation" section for help.

Catalogue Items

A standard appearance of an item will look like this:

This shows five crucial things:

First, the big three:

  • Integrity rating, indicated by the shield () icon.
  • Reveal rating, indicated by the underwear ( ) icon.
  • Warmth rating, indicated by the thermometer ( ) icon.

Integrity and Reveal ratings correlate to specific description values - for instance, "Fine" and "Comfy" in the case of the sundress. Similarly to the NPC UI, each rating goes up to a number. In this case, the former two are rated out of seven - with the sundress being rated 4/7 out of both - a good balance.

Warmth is also done this way, rated out of five. This will change based on the weather and season, but generally the higher the value, the more difficult it will be to wear outside when it isn't winter.

The last two crucial things involve the following:

  • A gender icon. Clothing is often tailored towards a specific sex/gender. Represented by three icons:
    • Unisex. Gender-neutral clothing. Will not appear in the catalogue itself, but will appear in the mannequin preview.
    • Masculine. Clothing tailored "for boys". This will help the player be seen more as masculine - handy for crossdressing.
    • Feminine. Clothing tailored "for girls". This will help the player be seen more as feminine - handy for crossdressing.
  • The price tag, animated when the player hovers over the catalogue item. It will lift up and turn into a golden colour, no longer greyed-out.


For easier navigation between each clothing sections (for instance, Outfits to Tops) use the navigation bar above the catalogue, as illustrated below. The Outfits section is selected and highlighted with a white background, with the others having a plain black background.

Most clothing sections may be too large for one page. As such, the player can click the [Next] button at the bottom to advance to the next set of items. They can also click the [Previous] button to head back to the set they were just on. The set the player is currently on is indicated by a solid-colour white circle, being an outlined circle otherwise.

Clothing Purchases

When purchasing an item, it is shown as above. A mannequin - otherwise referred to as a "paperdoll" - is on the left-hand side, shown as a preview of what the clothing item would look like on the sidebar player sprite.

Using the sundress as an example, a typical item purchased will look like the following above, listing the following:

  • "Reveal" of the item (in this case, "fine" and "comfy") as well as the item itself.
  • The gender/sex the item is tailored towards - "for girls", or “for boys”.
  • The description of the item - "Great for frolicking."
  • The amount required for the item - "£15."
  • The warmth the item gives - 50 chill points.
  • Traits of the item - "Normal": "Suitable for everyday use."
  • A warmth indicator seen below. As shown, the player will be too warm outside if the player wears it.

In addition, these options allow the player to toggle the gender of the paperdoll - feminine, or masculine. Masculine is indicated by the lack of breasts, and feminine is indicated by the paperdoll's breast size affecting the clothing item.

Once a colour is chosen, look below the item preview for these two options:

The player can simply choose the first option, and buy and wear the outfit outright. Alternatively, they can choose to send home the outfit - up to a maximum of ten, as showcased below:

Doing this will multiply the original total amount by ten. For instance, a total amount price of £15 will now amount to a total of £150. The slider can be adjusted to change how many outfits the player would like to send home.

Clothing List

There are nine different slots for clothing that the player can wear, listed in order below:

The game also contains clothing worn over regular clothing, however, this has not been fully implemented yet. These are:


Accessories are clothing items that are considered to be optional. Their primary use is for cosmetic purposes, although they influence the player's warmth, reveal and their traits mean that some can influence the Social or Delinquency stats as well as hair growth and transformations.

Unlike clothing, accessories do not suffer damage during encounters (with the exception of facewear with the Covered trait) nor do they get wet. Accessories will tend to stay on the player when they are being undressed. Some traits, most notably "formal" also do not have an effect, as for events that require a certain kind of clothing, most often only the traits on clothing matter.

There are four different slots for accessories the player can wear in addition to their main clothing slots, listed in order below:

Restrictive Clothing

There are certain restrictive clothing items that are most often equipped on the player by NPCs.

These range from BDSM toys to chastity devices.

For a list of these items, visit this page: Restrictive Clothing

Fragile Clothing

When the player's own clothing breaks, they may find themselves in a situation, where they have to acquire temporary replacement clothing, in order to cover their nudity - typically towels, or make-shift clothing fashioned from seaweed or plants. As this clothing wasn't meant to be worn under normal circumstances, it is rather fragile and offers little protection.

Visit this page for more info: Fragile Clothing

Clothing Mechanics

To see how clothing mechanics are managed in-game, see here.

These mechanics are essential to a playthrough.

Read up on it carefully to get an overall feel of what the game's clothing system entails.

Discarding Clothes

The player can discard clothing from the wardrobe, a good way of removing any clothing that will see little to no use. Note that this yields no money.

Secondary Colours

For certain pieces of clothing, the player is allowed to pick a secondary colour at no extra charge.

The default secondary colour picked for colour comparisons will be white, although in-game the player will be able to pick the other any other colour available on the specific piece of clothing.

Notable examples of clothing with secondary colours include:

  • Striped bra: Changes the stripe pattern on the bra.
  • Striped panties: Changes the stripe pattern on the underwear.
  • Striped thighhighs: Changes the stripe pattern on the thighhighs.
  • Cap: Changes the heart shape on the front of the cap.
  • Serafuku: Changes the tie colour.
  • Witch Dress: Changes the belt buckle.
  • Trainers: Changes the trainer colour. Main colour changes the trainer outline and laces.

Custom Creator

While the standard options is that the player can choose primary and secondary colours (if given as an option) - the "custom" option goes into more detail when the item is selected in the clothing catalogue, indicated by four other options provided with the preview.

  • Hue (Minimum 0 - Maximum 360)
  • Saturation (Minimum 0.00, Maximum 4.00)
  • Brightness (Minimum 0.00, Maximum 4.00)
  • Contrast (Minimum 0.00, Maximum 4.00)

These follow the "HSL" format. Each option corresponds to the colour turning out different. For instance, a maximum output value will result in bright-red clothing, whereas on the other hand a minimum HSL output value will result in a jet-black appearance. Essentially, the image of how the custom variant will turn out is shown above in its own image tab.

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