Clothing Mechanics

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For a list of the different kinds of clothing and accessories in the game, as well as where to buy them, see here.

Clothes are used to cover the player's body from unwanted attention, as well as safely access areas. Specific clothing will be needed if the player wants to access specific locations - for example, do not forget to wear school sanctioned clothing to school!

Clothing is divided into seven main categories - over outfits, outfits, tops, bottoms, under outfits, under tops and under bottoms. As the names imply, tops are worn on the upper part of the body and bottoms are worn on the lower, with outfits counting as both a top and a bottom at the same time. Under outfits, under tops and under bottoms correspond to underwear. In addition, the player can wear accessories on other parts of their body. These are optional but may prove to be beneficial.

Over outfits work slightly differently from the others, in that their intended purpose is to wear over a current outfit, to shelter them from becoming transparent from water and/or damage. They work as a mitigator, absorbing any potential damage away from the clothes beneath.

If images are enabled, under tops take the player's breast size into account and their under bottoms take into account whether they have a penis or not. Bottoms do not do this, with the only exception being cycle shorts. Most tops, however, do change with breast size.


There are five attributes in total - separated into "major" and "minor" attributes.

Major Attributes

There are three major attributes to note associated with worn clothing: "Integrity", "Reveal", and "Warmth".

Clothing mechanics information, shown in-game.

A standard appearance of an item will look like this:

This shows the three major attributes:

  • Integrity rating, indicated by the shield () icon.
  • Reveal rating, indicated by the underwear ( ) icon.
  • Warmth rating, indicated by the thermometer ( ) icon.

Integrity and Reveal ratings correlate to specific description values - for instance, "Fine" and "Comfy" in the case of the sundress. Similarly to the NPC UI, each rating goes up to a number. In this case, the former two are rated out of seven - with the sundress being rated 4/7 out of both - a good balance.

Warmth is also done this way, rated out of five. This will change based on the weather and season, but generally the higher the value, the more difficult it will be to wear outside.


"How hard it is to tear clothing into scraps."

Integrity is essentially how many "hit points" the item has before it is torn to shreds, being destroyed forever. Items start out undamaged and go through being frayed (90% to 50%), torn (50% to 20%) and tattered (below 20%), before finally being destroyed when they reach 0 integrity. The level of damage is reflected visually.

Commonly occurring events - triggered via increased amounts of Allure - such as a piece of clothing getting snagged on a loose branch or passing car will leave clothing items "worse for wear". Some of these events may only happen with skirts, making them somewhat more susceptible to being torn. However, a general rule has it so most clothing is susceptible to damage in some form.

Below is a list of all levels of integrity. There are differences in durability between items within the same category. The specific values for each item can be found in tables, contained in every section listing items of that type (for Bottoms, this is for example here).

  • ≥ 900: Tough.
  • ≥ 500: Sturdy.
  • ≥ 200: Firm.
  • ≥ 100: Fine.
  • ≥ 50: Delicate.
  • ≥ 20: Fragile.
  • < 20: Flimsy.
  • 0: Naked. (The player is no longer wearing clothes)

The level of Integrity can be viewed when buying an item or by clicking on "extra info" in a dressing room/wardrobe on an item the player is wearing. Note that it does not go down as the item is damaged.


"How alluring clothing makes you."

The item's reveal value determines how much it boosts the player's attractiveness and allure. The higher the reveal, the higher the player's attractiveness, but also allure. How much the player is exposed (If their clothes expose their bottom, crotch and/or anus) also boosts allure, though it does nothing for attractiveness. Underwear only factors in if it is revealed. The beach, pool, sea and lake all tolerate higher than normal levels of exposure (along with the dance studio, provided the player is wearing clothes with the 'dance' trait), meaning that the boost to allure from exposure does not apply there.

Below is a list of all levels of reveal. There are differences in reveal between items within the same category. The specific values for each item can be found in tables, contained in every section listing items of that type (for Bottoms, this is for example here).

  • ≥ 900: Lewd.
  • ≥ 700: Risqué.
  • ≥ 500: Seductive.
  • ≥ 300: Comfy.
  • ≥ 200: Tasteful.
  • ≥ 100: Smart.
  • < 100: Unassuming.

The level of Reveal can be viewed when buying an item and is always displayed next to the item's name.


"How good clothing protects you from cold."

The item's warmth stat determines how effective it is at keeping the player warm.

Depending on the season, temperature and warmth is adjusted accordingly, having several effects on the player. It is generally advised to wear warm clothing during cold seasons, and maintain light clothing during hot weather and seasons.

Clothes will stop providing warmth if they become too wet somehow - such as entering shivering water. If the player is in water, this effect is nullified, unless the item has the trait "Diving", which makes it apply regardless. Items that are wet (only applies to tops, bottoms, under tops and under bottoms and respective outfits) will also not apply their warmth to the player, however, warmer items will need to be wetter for them to stop warming the player (this effect isn't gradual, but rather occurs when the wetness is greater than the warmth value).

The warmth from clothing in slots other than the main ones (tops, under tops, bottoms, under bottoms), like with reveal, is also applied, and it should be noted that these items cannot get soaked in water and therefore do not loose their effectiveness even when it is raining (although swimming will still nullify their effects without the appropriate "Diving" trait).

Warmth Indicator

Wearing clothing appropriate to the current temperature is important so that the player doesn't experience stress gains from being cold or fatigue gains when too hot.

Effectiveness of clothing during harsh weather is determined by its warmth rating. Wardrobes and clothing shops will indicate if the player's clothes are deemed as suitable for the current climate.

Not having the appropriate clothing will result in the player becoming chilly and/or cold - increasing the impacts of Stress daily. Simply being cold has a greater impact on Stress. However, if the player has the appropriate clothing - or is overdressed - being warm (or hot) will fatigue the player quicker. Similarly to being cold, being hot has a greater impact on Fatigue. Essentially, the cold manages Stress, and the heat manages Fatigue.

A warmth indicator is shown below to illustrate how it works. It displays a comfortable temperature range, determinant on the current weather.

The warmth indicator, illustrated in-game.

Its levels are as follows:

  • ≥ 50: Warm and snug.
  • ≥ 25: Should help keep the chill off.
  • ≥ 10: Should help keep the chill off.
  • < 10: Light and cool.

Minor Attributes

There are two minor attributes - "Clothing Traits", and "Sex" (Sexual Identity).

Clothing Traits

Each piece of clothing is classified by its use, which corresponds to its traits. Note that wearing clothing that has unsuitable/inappropriate traits for a specific location (for example, wearing swimwear in the town) may attract some unwanted attention in that location.

Traits are split in two sections - ones suited towards a specific situation are known as "Situation Traits", whereas the others that give a bonus to stat increases are known as "Boost Traits". Note that the distinction between normal and "Boost Traits" is not made in the game and is done purely for explanation purposes.

A full list of clothing traits is displayed below, represented with a special icon besides it.

Situation Traits

Below is a list of traits that represent the intended occasion for wearing the item - as in, what situation the clothing would be best suited for. Bonuses are rarely provided, but noted if present.

  • Normal - "Suitable for everyday use."
  • Formal - "Suitable for important occasions, and for good etiquette among certain company."
    • Necessary for dates with Avery.
  • School - "Sanctioned uniform of the local school."
    • Necessary in the upper and lower slots in order to attend classes at school.
  • Swimwear - "Fares well underwater."
    • These clothes do not become transparent when wet.
    • Unless the player is wearing swimwear or not wearing underwear, they will not be able to tan on the beach.
  • Diving - "Helps keep you warm in cold water."
    • Provides warmth to the player even when under water.
  • Dance - "Flexible enough to withstand the rigors of the dance floor."
    • Clothing with this trait deteriorates slower when dancing.
  • Costume - "People may look at this askance outside the right situations."
    • Sometimes causes some flavor text changes, especially on Halloween.
  • Fetish - "Intrinsically lewd."
  • Sleep - "Soft and cozy."
    • Increases the effectiveness of sleep if the player goes to bed wearing only clothes with this trait (not counting any Transformation-protecting items), lowering Fatigue slightly more per hour.
    • The bonus is negated if anything that lacks the Sleep or Eerie traits is worn while sleeping.
  • Prison - "Clothes from the local prison."
Boost Traits

There are traits that give a bonus to stat increases. Traits stack with themselves, increasing their bonuses further.

  • Glasses - "Helps you focus, increasing the rate school skills are improved."
    • Increases school skill gains slightly
    • Opens up additional bullying events at school.
  • Fashionable - "Increases the rate status improves at school, but some teachers may dislike it."
    • River may attempt to confiscate the player's fashionable shades in school.
  • Serving - "Encourages tips when working as a bartender, waiter or waitress if visible."
    • Increases the amount of money gained from each tip by 20% per slot with the trait.
    • The maximum possible bonus is approximately 180%, assuming all nine slots have the serving bonus and the underclothes are not concealed (such as by wearing serving clothing that is soaked and therefore see-through).
  • Mask - "Conceals your identity, stopping fame from increasing. Won't fool the police or people who know you."
    • Prevents all fame increases, not just negative ones.
    • People may attempt to pull these items off during encounters, negating their effects.
  • Holy - "Sacred to the local faith. Increases purity gains and losses."
  • Profane - "Considered obscene by the local faith. Increases awareness gains and losses."
    • Only on clothing items considered unholy - currently only on the Dark pendant.
    • Mainly affects what events happen when the player prays in the Temple Prayer Room.
  • Binding - "Keeps your arms firmly secure and helpless."
    • Currently only on the Straitjacket, which the player is forced to wear at the Asylum.
  • Stealthy - "Makes your crimes harder to trace."
    • Helps with Crime levels by lowering the amount of crime accumulated for performing illegal activities.
    • Waterproof.
  • Sticky fingers - "More likely to get your way, and keep that which isn't yours."
  • Rainproof - "Protects you from the rain. Useful for rainy days."
  • Tan Lines - "Protects your skin from the sun leaving tan lines."
    • Leaves tan lines when the player begins to tan from sun exposure.
  • Special - "Something seems special about this set of clothing."
    • Increases breast and bottom growth rate and shrinks penis when worn.
    • As the player wears clothing with this trait, a hidden stat slowly counts up, culminating in the acquisition of the Lustful trait.
  • High Heeled - "Causes fatigue and tripping if you lack skilled feet. Improves kicking power."
    • Increases damage dealt by kicks when worn.
    • If the player's feet skill is lower than the high heeled shoes' reveal, the player will occasionally trip and be more tired while wearing the shoes.
    • High Heeled shoes both attract a larger audience when dancing and increase the size of the tips the player receives. This bonus scales up with the reveal value of the shoes.
    • Limits the player's movement options in the Forest and Moor to hobbling, which takes 30 minutes.
    • In places with poor footing, such as the forest, farmlands, or moor, the player will have lower physique while wearing heels for the purposes of any skill-checks, depending on the reveal stat of the heels.
    • If the player is wearing heels while swimming, their swimming skill will be 10% lower for all swimming skill-checks
    • The player may exercise in heels wherever they would normally go for a run or take high heels classes at the Dance Studio to learn the feet skill better.
  • Rugged - "Helps you keep your footing in tough environments."
    • If the player is in a location with poor footing, such as the forest, farmlands, or moor, it will improve their physique for the purposes of any physique skill-checks they encounter.
    • This bonus scales based on the player's feet skill. The exact percentage increase is the player's internal feet skill value divided by 10,000. This value cannot be seen during conventional gameplay.
  • Chest Binding - "Fits tight around your chest, concealing your breasts."
  • Push Up - "Makes your breasts appear bigger."
  • Eerie - "Protects a specific transformation." / "There's something peculiar about this object." (if the Transformations toggle is disabled)
    • Prevents transformation point decay when worn, both at midnight and when gaining other transformation points.
    • Also prevents transformations from overriding one another, even if one has more points than the other.
    • Has no effect if Transformations toggle is disabled.
  • Naked - "Leaves nothing to the imagination."
    • Even if the player is wearing a clothing item with this trait, it will still count as if the player was nude.
  • Athletic - "Perfect for sport."
    • Does not allow NPCs to see/create writings on the player's pubic area, bottom and thighs without removal.
  • Riding - "Part of a costume set."
    • This trait has no effects.
  • Gag - "Protects your mouth, but also prevents it from use."
    • Stops the player from using verbal actions in encounters and speaking in events.
    • Prevents player from using their mouth and prevents NPCs from penetrating the player's mouth.
  • Blindfold
    • Prevents the player from seeing what is happening to them.
    • Currently only on items that can't be kept.
  • Shade - "Blocks the sun and prevents ambient tanning."
    • Prevents the player from tanning whilst outdoors.
  • Sticky - "Stuck to your skin."
    • Clothes with this trait cannot be forcibly removed by NPCs during encounters.
  • Leash - "A convenient handle to yank you around with."
    • Adds a couple of scenes where people will pull on the player's leash.
  • Esoteric - "Reveals what cannot be."
    • Gives Hallucinations and Severe Hallucinations traits without usual Trauma, Awareness, or Hallucinogen requirements.
  • Belly Hiding - "Hides pregnant bodies, up to a point."
    • Will not be visibly pregnant if belly size is below a certain threshold. Usually works up to the third trimester.
  • Belly Showing - "Exposes your belly. Makes pregnancy more obvious."
  • Constricting - "Unable to be worn after a certain point during pregnancy."
  • Unstealthy - "Makes it more difficult to hide."
    • Adds to the amount of gained crime for each Unstealthy item worn.
  • Bookbag - "Allows you to bring school textbooks to class."
    • Allows the player to study in a classroom before classes start.
  • Event - "A special outfit for a special occasion."
  • Strap-on - "Fits around your waist, can be used to penetrate."
    • Worn in the Sex Toy menu, not the wardrobe.
  • Covered - "Protects your mouth."
    • Prevents oral interaction unless removed.
  • Rag - "Part of a costume set."
    • This trait has no effects.
  • Maid - "Improves your housecleaning."
    • Improves Housekeeping skill checks.
  • Asylum - "Clothes from the local asylum."
  • Chastity - "Protects your innocence, whether you want it or not."
    • Prevents usage of genitalia.
    • Can be broken if not unlocked and removed by someone with a key.
  • Cage - "Protects your innocence, whether you want it or not."
    • Prevents usage of the penis.
    • Can be broken if not unlocked and removed by someone with a key.
  • Hidden - "Keeps your privates private."

Sex (Sexual Identity)

This attribute determines what gender the item is meant for: male, female or neutral. If the player wishes to cross-dress, this attribute is particularly important. Dressing in clothing tailored towards boys will have the townsfolk recognise the player as a boy and vice versa. Cross-dressing may have the townsfolk believe the player to be the opposite sex of what they actually are, which may prove either beneficial or disastrous when their true identity is discovered.

Clothing tailored for boys will be indicated with a beside it. Clothing tailored for girls will be indicated with a beside it.

More information about Cross-dressing can be found on this page: Gender

  • Represented by three icons, see below:
    • Unisex. Gender-neutral clothing. Will not appear in the catalogue itself, but will appear in the mannequin preview.
    • Masculine. Clothing tailored "for boys". This will help the player be seen more as masculine - handy for crossdressing.
    • Feminine. Clothing tailored "for girls". This will help the player be seen more as feminine - handy for crossdressing.

Clothing Wetness

If the player goes swimming or exposes themselves to rain, their clothes will become increasingly soaked, until they become entirely transparent. This only applies to tops, bottoms, under tops and under bottoms - items in other slots do not get wet. Clothing with the trait "Swimwear" is also immune to becoming transparent (and doesn't get soaked), and another way to prevent getting soaked is to wear a Head Accessory with the "Rainproof" trait.

Entering water soaks clothing instantly to 200 points, whereas being in rain adds 1 point of wetness every minute. The maximum wetness for any piece of clothing is 200 points. It should also be noted that tops and bottoms DO NOT protect under tops and under bottoms from any wetness in rain.

Clothing will (normally) dry at the same rate of one point per minute when out of the rain. All equipped clothing will do this equally, regardless of being covered or how drenched it is. The player can dry their clothes at any wardrobe. Alternatively, at places like Toilets, where the player can take their clothes off, doing so and putting them back on also dries them.

When the weather is clear and the player is outside, then (regardless of the temperature or season) their upper clothes will dry two times as fast and if their underwear is exposed, then it too will dry two times as fast.

When the wetness of clothes reaches or goes above their warmth value, they stop providing warmth.

Wetness progresses / regresses as such (prompts appear for each piece of clothing separately):

  • ≥ 50: Your [clothing is] damp. / < 40: Your [clothing is] dry.
  • ≥ 80: Your [clothing is] wet. / < 70: Your [clothing is] drying out.
  • ≥ 100: [Water/Your bodily fluids (under bottoms)] soaks through your [clothing], exposing your [genitals/chest/underwear]. / < 90: Your [clothing has] dried, concealing your [genitals/chest/underwear].
Wetness added versus vaginal wetness (ignoring passive drying effect).

When reaching 100, the clothing becomes transparent and acts as if the player wasn't wearing any. When it reaches bellow 90, this effect will reverse. Other levels of wetness do not manifest themselves in any meaningful way.

If the player's clothing is transparent, they will be able to fashion a skirt and top out of plants or twigs and such at places where they would be able to do so, if they were naked (Wolf Cave, Meadow,...).

Lewd Wetness

If the player's vagina is sufficiently wet (wetness of at least 63 or 70 in direct sunlight, see Body fluids), their under bottom piece of clothing (panties,...) will start accumulating wetness. When at 90 points of wetness (drenched), the piece of clothing will become damp in 25 minutes and soaked in 50, becoming transparent. At 65 wetness, the time to becoming damp will be 1.5 hours and it will be soaked in 3h.

Clothing Sets

These allow the player to create sets for specific purposes.

The default ones are as follows: Pyjamas, Everyday, School, and Swimwear.

  • Everyday - Casual clothing, meaning a t-shirt and shorts or a sundress, depending on gender.
  • Pyjamas - Sleepwear, made up of a pyjama shirt and trousers.
  • School - School sanctioned uniform, including socks and shoes, which are technically unnecessary.
  • Swimwear - School swimsuit (one piece)/shorts, depending on gender.

The player may wish to save the combination of clothes they are currently wearing as a new clothing set by clicking on ''New outfit'' (this should not be confused with the type of clothing that covers both the upper and lower part of the body). This opens a menu allowing the player to name their new clothing set and mark it as one of three types:

  • Everyday makes it so the player can wear it anywhere in the world.
  • Sleep makes the clothing set appear as an option to change into before hopping into bed.
  • Swimming makes the clothing set appear as an option to change into when changing into swimwear at locations like the School pool.

The option to "Save Clothes Colours in Set" is also given, and if ticked, will do as it exactly as it says and save the colours of the clothes in the set as well.

After getting out of bed, the player can choose to wear any of the sets they have created to start the day off right.


There are several utilities the player can choose to help them.


The player can store up to 40 pieces of clothing of the category upper, lower, under upper and under lower. Both outfits and tops are under 'upper' and bottoms can be found under 'lower'. Underwear follows the same pattern with 'under upper' and 'under lower'. The storable amount does not include the clothing the player is wearing, meaning they can own up to 41 pieces of clothing in each category. The player can even still strip, leaving them with 41/40 slots used. Note that while outfits can only be equipped through the 'Upper' and 'Under Upper' categories, they take up one space in both the 'Upper' and 'Lower' or 'Under Upper' and 'Under Lower' categories, respectively.

If the player reaches the limit, they will be unable to buy more clothes from the clothing shops. Unwanted clothing can be discarded via the Wardrobe. The player can still make their own skirts and tops out of plants and such, which they can also put away in their wardrobe, allowing them to have 42 and more items of the same category in the wardrobe.


There is a tailor within the Shopping Centre that allows the player to repair their clothing, should it be falling apart.

A repair cost is determined on the rank of the player's clothing. For example, a sundress may cost much less than a more sturdier piece of clothing, such as a ballgown. It will take ten minutes of in-game time to complete the repair. Note that the tailor will not accept clothing beyond repair, such as tattered clothing.

In addition, the tailor also serves as a way of discarding clothing that will see little to no use, or having too many clothing items within the player's wardrobe.

The tailor provides for a repair service for all your clothes, with a crate sent directly to your bedroom. The basis cost of this service is £50 to be paid immediately, but the price may be higher depending on the number of damaged items sent for repair. The service can be used only once per month, so use it wisely. You can now choose to use it at any time in the wardrobe of your bedroom.

Two choices are available. You can decide to send all your clothes (including outfits) OR all your outfits (is considered as an outfit any item covering Upper and Lower, or Under Upper and Under Lower). Therefore, you have to make sure either the clothes you wear will be enough for the coming 24 hours, or that you can go shopping for other clothes soon enough. For instance, if you go to school on this day, you will need your swimsuit while it is not in your wardrobe, leaving you naked and helpless in the locker room... So please be cautious when using this repair service.

The items will be returned to your wardrobe on the next day. Please note that tattered items will be discarded in the process. Broken, torn and frayed items will be repaired. There is no way to have a specific item repaired only, apart from wearing it and go to the tailor as described above.

Changing Colours

Every piece of clothing that can be purchased has the following colour choices:

Custom Creator

While the standard options is that the player can choose primary and secondary colours (if given as an option) - the "custom" option goes into more detail when the item is selected in the clothing catalogue, indicated by four other options provided with the preview.

  • Hue (Minimum 0 - Maximum 360)
  • Saturation (Minimum 0.00, Maximum 4.00)
  • Brightness (Minimum 0.00, Maximum 4.00)
  • Contrast (Minimum 0.00, Maximum 4.00)

These follow the "HSL" format. Each option changes the colour in certain ways. For instance, setting all the values at maximum will result in bright-red clothing, whereas on the other hand a minimum HSL output value will result in a jet-black appearance. The image of how the custom variant will turn out is shown above in its own image tab.

Colour Presets

There are additional HSL presets to choose for outfits - for instance, "[L] Perfect Orange" or [L] Perfect White". This will make things easier if you are struggling with HSL values.

Saving Presets

The preset is shown in a drop-down menu. Once done with adjusting RGB values, use the "Save" button (indicated by the icon) to save the values. Doing so will cause a new prompt to appear:

Enter in a name, and press [OK]. Another prompt may tell you that the name/preset already exists if the same name is chosen.

If the player chooses to overwrite the outfit with another outfit, it will automatically update that outfit's colours to the previously-stored versions, if it was set up to store those colours prior to the overwrite.

Removing Presets

To remove a preset, use the "Delete" button (indicated by the icon) to remove it. Just like saving a preset, doing so will cause a prompt to appear:

Once again, press [OK] to remove the preset. It will now have been removed from the drop-down menu.


  • Enabling automatic clothing rebuy at the Clothing Shop makes replacing clothing easier. Once a piece of clothing is lost (like destroyed, given to a pervert or given up at strip poker), a new replacement will be automatically bought (at 150% including service fees) and delivered to the player's Wardrobe. Note that this automatically detracts from the player's current cash amount, so making sure they have enough money on hand is important.
    • A new outfit is bought when upper or lower part is lost but the other is still available.
  • The more revealing items are, the less durable they tend to be.
  • Denim and leather items tend to be the most durable. School uniforms are also a good choice.
  • Underwear is generally not exceptionally durable, the plain and sport kinds being the best.
    • If you're looking to protect your genitals from rapists, the chastity belt is helpful, as it lasts 20 times longer than plain panties or briefs, and doesn't take up your underwear slot. (The gold variant lasts even three times longer than a regular chastity belt, but is harder to obtain).


  • The ''Special'' Boost trait is referred to in the game files as ''bimbo''
  • Prior to Version 0.2.21, a bug prevented the "Smart" reveal value from appearing on clothing descriptions. It was noted on before the bug was fixed: "It's most likely there for future clothing items."
    • This was proven to be correct with the addition of arm sleeves, displaying smart as the reveal value description.
    • Essentially, the bug was that the corresponding value "Smart" is tied to a reveal value of ≥100, the same as "Tasteful." Since tasteful comes earlier in the code, smart was never displayed. This has now since fixed to display the value.
    • At the time, it was odd that the reveal stat did not have a teal value listed as a description word like integrity does. This was because of the aforementioned bug.
  • In game code, being naked is actually a clothing item with the trait "Naked", with each slot having its own.
  • Some items also have the "Maid" trait (Maid dress...), although this does not have any effect.
  • The clothing shop UI got a major overhaul in Version 0.2.24. Many things were changed up drastically. The Clothing Catalogue page details the UI in full.
    • Every trait got it's own unique icon, although some have different names in the game files:
    • The "Swimwear" trait is referred to as "Swim".
    • The "Special" trait is referred to as "Bimbo".
    • The "Fashionable" trait is referred to as "Cool".
    • The "High Heeled" trait is referred to as "Heels".
    • The "Chest Binding" trait is referred to as "Chest_Bind", and "Chest Bind" in the UI.
    • The "Profane" trait is referred to as "Dark".

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