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Editor's Note: Needs updating to match Version 0.3.7.. Generic NPCs can now be virgins, for instance. A combat menu adjacent to the next button during combat, anal fingering of the PC by NPCs now has more involved mechanics and can be prevented, etc etc.

Different Editors Note: I've also noticed that the sections for Bratty, Neutral, Meek, and Submissive acts lack the detail the section for Defiant acts goes into. We know to the hitpoint how much each Defiant act does to your opponent but not how much whacking away shackles reduces trust and increases anger or how much pleading increases trust and reduces anger or how much moaning pushes an NPC towards orgasm. All of these factors are important to people who want to use those moves instead of just punching and pepper spraying NPC's until they run away. If anyone knows how to find this information adding it to those sections would be greatly appreciated.

New Mask Mechanics:

* Face masks can now protect the mouth, as appropriate to the item.
* Added the "ask to keep your mask on" and "remove mask" actions.
* Surgical masks and gags now have the "covered" trait, protecting them against penetration, kissing and breast sucking.
* NPCs can thrust against your mask, damaging it.
* Added surgical mask sprites for damage states, and combat sprites.
* Angry NPCs might damage your mask if you prevent them from removing it.

Combat in Degrees of Lewdity happens in what is referred to as "Encounters". There are two types of encounters - non-consensual (molestation or rape), and consensual. The difference between molestation and rape lies in whether penetration occurs.

Encounter Mechanics

NPCs during combat are represented by the silhouettes at the bottom. This gives the player a better representation of what is happening during encounters. Their positions change according to their actions during encounters. To keep things left up to imagination, they will remain a silhouette. Note that to see these silhouettes the player must enable images as well as the appropriate setting beforehand, otherwise the silhouettes and combat sprites will not show up.

Everything that happens during an encounter is governed by four stats, which describe the state of the other party. Should the player be in an encounter with multiple people, they will all share the same stats, with the exception of Health, which is calculated on a per-NPC basis.

There are three ways to escape/end an encounter - fight the other party off (lower their willingness to continue to its minimum), satisfy them sexually (raise their arousal to its maximum), or scream for help (lower trust) and hope for rescue - however, the latter option may result in the NPC . See the Personality Acts below for more information.

Health Points (HP)

Otherwise referred to as a "willingness to continue." Inflicting Pain on to the other party or telling them to stop will reduce this stat. If it drops to its minimum, the encounter will end with the player fending off the other party and escaping into safety.

Each NPC has their own set health, indicated by their description - see "NPC Descriptions" below for more details. Players can target NPCs individually, taking them out one by one. When an NPC's health is depleted, they'll stagger back, defeated, effectively removing them from the encounter. Defeating an NPC slightly decreases the player's Pain, Stress and, Trauma. Defeating an NPC also lower's the group's Arousal and their Maximum Arousal.

Any excess damage dealt to an already defeated NPC carries over to the next NPC in line - for example, if the player defeats an NPC with 20 HP and another NPC is present, any damage beyond the 20 needed to subdue the first NPC will be dealt to the second. If more than 2 NPCs are present, then the excess damage will go to whichever name is at the top of the NPC list. The player can check which NPC that can be by looking at the target menu. A safeguard is also in place so if an action on one opponent (a Bite, for example) would defeat more than 2 opponents in one go, the excess damage stops at the second person. Assumedly this was put in to prevent the player from being able to defeat an entire group of enemies in one blow. This safeguard does not apply if a charge of Pepper Spray or a Demand would cause more than 2 NPCs to be knocked out.

Demand and Pepper Spray will always target all NPCs, though they'll still do as much damage as if they only targeted one. For example, using one cannister of pepper spray in a six-person gangbang will deal 200 damage spread across the entire group, rather than 200 for each participant.

  • Max: They look eager. (Starting value)
  • ≥ 4/5: They look uncomfortable.
  • ≥ 3/5: They look stung.
  • ≥ 2/5: They look pained.
  • ≥ 1/5: They look hurt.
  • > 0: They don't look like they can take much more pain.
  • < 0: They are recoiling in pain. (Encounter will end next turn)


This will automatically increase as the encounter goes on as the player partakes in lewd acts. The more Submissive acts the player performs and the higher the player's corresponding sexual skills, the faster this will increase. Arousal starts at a somewhat random point and can even start just before orgasm. In encounters with multiple NPCs, all NPCs pool together and share this stat. Meaning maxing out Arousal is more difficult, but if done the entire party finishes, ending the encounter. Depending on the player's strengths and the situation, this may be easier to accomplish than fighting their way out of a multi-person encounter.

  • ≤ 0: They are positively flaccid. (male) / They are positively dry. (female)
  • > 0: They look stimulated.
  • ≥ 1/5: They look aroused.
  • ≥ 2/5: They look horny.
  • ≥ 3/5: They look lustful.
  • ≥ 4/5: You think they are approaching orgasm.
  • Max: Ejaculation imminent. (male) / Orgasm imminent. (female) Encounter will end next turn.
    • If the NPCs' status displays both "They are recoiling in pain" and "Ejaculation/Orgasm imminent" at the same time, the latter will always take precedent.
    • When the encounter ends, the player gets unique flavour text that describes the other party's orgasm and how they treat the player after. Some may harm the player, be it physically of psychologically. Others may absently stroke the player, making them feel warm inside (- Stress | - Trauma) or drop money on them. This depends on their Trust and Anger when the encounter ends.
    • The player will get lewd fluids on their body parts, depending on where the other party's genitals were when the encounter ended.
    • The player will also be informed that they feel more confident in their ability to give pleasure with a specific body part, depending on which ones they used during the encounter and whether or not their skill with said body parts isn't already at its maximum. For more information, see Sexual Skills.

Anger (Rage)

This increases as the player performs Defiant and Bratty actions, causing the other party to inflict pain onto the player. Meek and Submissive actions lower anger. For non-consensual encounters, if the player resisted, anger will be higher than if they had quietly submitted. An NPC with high Anger at the end of the encounter, if they have not had their HP reduced to 0, may continue hurting the player afterward. A player with the Watersports toggle turned on may even be pissed on.

  • < 0: They look calm. (Usually consensual starting value)
  • > 0: They look disappointed.
  • ≥ 1/5: They look irritated.
  • ≥ 2/5: They look frustrated.
  • ≥ 3/5: They look angry.
  • ≥ 4/5: They look incredibly pissed off.
  • Max: They are furious.


Trust is gained when performing Meek and Submissive actions and lost when performing Defiant and Bratty actions. Low trust will make it harder for the player to refuse the other party's demands and to get their way.

  • < 0: They look confident. (Usually consensual starting value)
  • > 0: They look relaxed.
  • ≥ 1/5: They look alert.
  • ≥ 2/5: They look cautious.
  • ≥ 3/5: They look wary.
  • ≥ 4/5: They look guarded.
  • Max: They look full of suspicion.

Other Attributes

NPCs possess certain traits that dictate how they perform in combat. Unlike the stats mentioned above, these attributes are set when the NPC is initially generated and will not change over the course of an encounter.

NPC Descriptions

The type of NPC and their size (indicated by the descriptive word) may also affect certain stats. For instance, a bulky or muscular man will have more HP compared to other NPCs such as a voluptuous woman or lean man. Additionally, boy/girl (teen/young adult) NPCs at places such as the School and Beach are easier to deal with compared to man/woman (fully-grown/adult) NPCs typically found around the town.

Certain Named NPCs will be much tougher to deal with compared to normal NPCs. Bailey and Eden are examples, particularly the latter. 200 health is the default for all named NPCs and beast types, with a few exceptions.

Some descriptions are exclusive to men and women. Others can apply to both genders, but grant the NPC different amounts of health (for example, plump men are weaker than plump women). These cases are indicated in blue and pink, respectively. This only applies to adult NPCs; young NPCs' descriptions are consistent across genders.

  • Adults:
    • 100 - Raul
    • 125 - Petite, Slight
    • 150 - Slim, Thin, Slender, Lanky, Lean
    • 175 - Lissome, Lithe
    • 200 - Taut, Trim, Lean, Plump, Curvy, Plush, Voluptuous, Lush, Shapely,
    • 250 - Toned, Robust, Bulky, Broad, Plump, Avery
    • 275 - Muscular, Rugged, Burly
    • 400 - Bailey, Morgan
    • 600 - Eden
  • Youths:
    • 125 - Petite, Slight, Mousy
    • 150 - Slim, Thin, Slender, Lean
    • 175 - Lissome, Lithe
    • 200 - Taut, Trim, Graceful, Cute, Shapely, Wide-eyed, Whitney
    • 250 - Fit, Toned, Robust, Plump
  • Ivory Wraith:
    • 600 - While pretending to be another NPC
    • 900 - Default
    • 900 + 15/20 per tentacle (Minimum 930, Maximum 1060) - Abomination

Submissive NPCs

Your partner is submissive. You may take the lead. [Promiscuity requirements will be ignored for this encounter]

As the prompt states, submissive NPCs essentially allow the player to have their way with them in encounters.

Submissive NPCs will not perform any actions in combat on their own; theoretically, if the player chooses to rest on every turn, the encounter can go on indefinitely. The player also cannot ask them not to remove their clothes, choke them, or put anything in their pussy or ass/put their penis in anything, as submissive NPCs can't perform those actions without the player prompting them to anyway. The player can still ask them to stop, however.

Having sex with submissive NPCs also slightly affects combat text, though this is purely cosmetic. For example, the line "He/She continues thrusting into your pussy," becomes "You continue to ride his/her penis."

Currently, the only submissive NPCs in the game are Sydney (and only in their Pure state) and Robin (at low Confidence (10% or lower)).

Chastity Belts

Like the player, certain NPCs are capable of wearing chastity belts. Currently, the only NPCs who will wear chastity belts are Sydney and generic monks and nuns at the Temple. Sydney will always start with a chastity belt and anal shield, which the player can potentially remove, while monks/nuns are randomly generated with a chastity belt, chastity cage (only for monks), and/or an anal shield (only if the Anal toggle is enabled), with the player's Grace determining the odds (higher Grace makes it more likely for the monks/nuns to wear chastity devices).

NPCs' chastity devices function identically to the player's, preventing any form of penetrative sex. It's impossible for chastity device-wearing NPCs to take the player's virginity, and any non-consensual encounters with them will always be classified as molestation rather than rape. NPC chastity belts cannot be removed in combat.

NPC Virginity

Certain named NPCs and random NPCs in the wild are capable of experiencing their first time with the player. Whether an NPC is a virgin or not has no effect on their behaviour in combat, but the player will react accordingly upon taking someone else's virginity. The ratio of virgins to non-virgins can be set when the player starts the game or in the Settings in their room in a safe house.

For more information about NPCs' virginities, see the following page.

Types of Encounters

There are two different types of encounters - non-consensual (default) and consensual encounters. When starting the game off, the tutorial will put the player into a non-consensual encounter. However, the player has the ability to partake in consensual encounters should the opportunity arise.

Non-Consensual Encounters

The first type of encounter, and the most common. Non-consensual encounters (otherwise referred to as non-con encounters) will have the player attempt to wrestle free from the attacker's grasp, or subdue them via making them orgasm. The player has little to no control over these encounters.

Non-consensual encounters can have the player [Scream] for help, [Plead] to the attacker and perform Defiant actions to get the attacker away from them. In addition, they may perform any submissive action, regardless of their Promiscuity rank. Angry or not trusting NPCs may try to hold the player's arms/feet down, though if the player is sufficiently cooperative, they will escape almost any encounter relatively unscathed. If the player wishes to keep their virginity in these encounters, it is advisable that they misdirect the attacker's genitalia with their hands and feet using Submissive actions, as this offers the highest level of control over the situation.

Angry NPCs and beasts with sufficiently large penises can thrust them down the player character's throat (referred to as "Deepthroating"). This can lead to suffocation (pain for the player) should the player lack the required sexual skills in Oral to manage the pain.

When the player is at risk of suffocation during an encounter, an air meter will appear - giving the player a limited amount of time to break free. The bar determines how long the player has left until they pass out. The same meter will occur when the player is submerged underwater. As such, a high Swimming skill therefore helps better withstand suffocation during encounters. Once the bar runs out, an overwhelming amount of Stress will hit the player until they either pass out or recover lost air.

Consensual Encounters

The second type of encounter. Happens with specific NPCs and during specific events. The player has control over these encounters.

Consensual encounters involve the main mechanics that non-con encounters have, although there are several new options. The most important feature is that the player has the option to "Say they want to stop" at any given time in addition to the option to "Say they do not want to engage in penetration" (with their penis, of their vagina or of their anus separately), and the other party will almost always respect their wishes.

Beware that raising their anger and/or lowering their trust will make them more likely to ignore what the player wants, and the encounter may even turn non-consensual. This happens when performing actions considered Bratty (covering genitals, pulling away...). Under normal conditions, Defiant actions (biting, kicking...) will not available in consensual encounters, but should the encounter type be reverted they will appear again.

In consensual encounters, certain actions require the player to have high Promiscuity to perform.

Player's Assertiveness

After every consensual encounter, the player will be graded on their assertiveness. The player's assertive rating at the end of an encounter boils down to the more actions taken during that encounter. The more things the player does, the more they feel more assertive.

Note that higher Promiscuity actions will not ultimately affect how assertive the player feels. It is simply the question of "how many actions were taken" that is tracked after combat.

Penetration - Lubrication and Size

Lubrication of the player's anus and genitals is important for penetration. The more lubricated the part of the player penetrating/being penetrated is, the easier penetration will be. In addition, the size of the penis/tentacle involved is taken into account.

While small penises and tentacles are less dangerous, they will have an easy time penetrating even a poorly lubricated opponent, as opposed to the dangerous large ones, which will require large amounts of lubrication. Similarly, a large tentacle will have an easy time enveloping a large penis as opposed to a small tentacle, which will require good lubrication to do so.

It should be noted that NPCs will struggle to fit players with larger penises and that player characters with a very small penis cannot penetrate NPCs unless sufficiently aroused and that low lubrication can be overcome with skill.

For more information, visit this page: Body Fluids

Sexual Acts

The acts the player can perform depend on their body parts. Note that many of the more sexual ones require high Promiscuity to pull off. Acts are split into five sections: Defiant, Bratty, Neutral, Meek, and Submissive. Different playstyles require the player to take different actions.

When performing actions sexual in nature (mostly Submissive and Meek acts), the player's skill with the corresponding body part increases. These skills are called Sexual Skills. These make it easier for the player to perform actions successfully with said body part. Each act shows how difficult it is to pull off next to it.

The player can perform a maximum of six acts at the same time (Right and left hand, feet, mouth, genitals, and anus). For hermaphrodites, this goes up to seven, as they have two sets of genitals.

Below are the different acts the player may perform in encounters with people or beasts (For beasts, simply replace promiscuity with deviancy). Note that for tentacle/swarm encounters, this varies somewhat.


Red-coloured acts will hurt the other party and decrease both stress and trauma. Hurting them enough to make their willingness to continue drop to zero will end the encounter, with the player fending them off. However, these actions also increase their anger. To successfully inflict damage, improving Physique is necessary and a larger body recommended. Otherwise, the player's punching and kicking will prove to have little effect on their attacker, as all defiant actions' damage scales linearly with Physique (unless stated otherwise), which is capped by the player's Body Build. The player's Sadism score also has a large part to play in how much damage the player does.

At their respective maximum levels of physique, tiny characters (physique 6000) will do 1.5x base damage, small ones (physique 10000) will deal 2.5x the damage, 3x for normal ones (12000 physique) and 4x for large characters (16000 physique). It is important to understand that a larger body does not directly increase damage dealt, it simply allows the player to reach higher values of physique. As such, at the same absolute level of physique (say 2000 points), players with all body builds will deal the same damage (0.5x base in this case). Base damage is dealt at 4000 physique.

The player's Sadism score will also increase the amount of damage they do, calculated as (1 + (Sadism points/1000)). As Sadism has a max of 1000 points, at max Sadism the player gets a 2x multiplier to most attacks. It should also be noted, however, that the more damage the player does while having the Sadism trait, the player's Arousal increases for every attack they throw. Unless the player is confident in their ability to end combat fast or recover from orgasms quickly, the player should be careful with higher levels of Sadism.

For each 2 points of base damage, an attack will remove 10 points of stress and up to 1 point of trauma (with no control) from the player while increasing enemy anger by 5 points. For each attack, 4 trust will be lost and the player will gain one point of defiance.

Damage dealt drops all the way to 0 at 0 physique, so characters with exceedingly low physique should not consider combat as an option.

An Ear Slime Parasite has a 1/3 chance to stop the player from punching/kicking.


  • Hands:
    • [Punch] (possible when the player's hands are free)
      • 4 points of base damage.
      • Punching with both hands takes the base damage of each hand, adds them together, and grants a 25% extra damage bonus, causing it to do 10 base damage
    • [Struggle]
      • Half as effective as punching - only 2 points of base damage.
        • No bonus damage for struggling with both hands.
      • Breaking free (whether with one or both arms) inflicts 10 points of bonus damage, dealing 12 damage that round. The chance of breaking free scales linearly with physique and struggling with both hands doubles the player's odds.
        • At max physique (large build), the player only has a 50% chance of freeing themselves (25% with one hand). In contrast, max physique with a tiny build has only a 19% chance of success (both hands)
    • [Pepper Spray] - Deals a massive 200 points of damage. See Pepper Spray.
      • A single pepper spray deals the same damage as five kicks from a large build max physique player and will end most single encounters.
  • Feet:
    • [Kick]
      • Deals 10 points of base damage.
        • Wearing high heeled shoes boosts damage by 2 base damage, but also makes the enemy lose 2x as much trust as a normal kick.
  • Mouth:
    • [Bite] (Possible when the player's head is pressed against a nipple, penis, vagina, or hand).
      • Biting a hand deals 4 points of damage but biting a more sensitive body part (nipple, penis, or vagina) increases this by 10x, totaling 40 points of damage.
      • Having the "fangs" trait, acquired as part of some transformations, triples this damage. Biting a sensitive body part with high physique and this trait would end most encounters, dealing up to 480 total damage (120 base), making it extremely useful in more dangerous encounters.
      • This can be taken further by having maxed Sadism, which increases the damage value by 2x, dealing 960 total damage.
        • It should be noted that biting a sensitive area will also make the enemy lose 3x as much trust, though in the grand scheme of things, this matters very little.
    • [Headbutt] (Possible when the player is kissed or about to be kissed).
      • Deals 10 points of base damage, but also deals 4 points of damage to the player
        • The cow horns trait removes the pain penalty to the player and the demon horns adds another 10 points of damage to the attack. Having both sets of horns adds yet another 10 points AND transfers the immunity of the cow horns, allowing the player to do 30 points base damage with the attack with no recoil.
    • [Demand] (Possible when the player's mouth is free - not gagged, pressed against a body part, or being kissed).
      • For this option to appear, the player's Defiance must be high enough to have at least the Trait "Bratty".
      • Deals 2 base damage, which can be multiplied by up to 5x if the player's English is good enough (see School trait - English).

These acts contribute to the Defiance stat.


Brown-coloured acts protects the player in ways that wanes the attacker's will without directly hurting them and decreases trauma. It reduces trust and increases anger.


  • Hands:
    • [Steal]
      • For this option to appear, the player's Skulduggery rank must be at least D.
      • Higher Skulduggery rank and higher arousal of the target gives a higher chance of success.
      • To steal money, the player must pass the check 4 times in the encounter.
      • Stealing with both hands will steal money in a single turn, but the difficulty is much higher.
    • [Cover your penis] / [Cover your pussy] / [Cover your ass] - Makes access difficult for the opposite party. Only considered Bratty in nonconsensual encounters; otherwise considered a Meek act.
    • [Pull up your clothing] (One piece at a time).
    • [Free your face] (When your face is sat on or pressed against breast/nipples).
      • Higher physique, lower NPC anger, and higher NPC trust make breaking free easier.
    • [Take their hand off your neck], [Pull their hand off your neck] (When you are being choked. If nonconsensual, requires a physique check).
    • [Whack away the shackles] - Useable when the player's attacker is about to shackle the player.
    • [Whack the hypnotic instrument away] - Useable when the player's attacker is attempting to hypnotise the player
    • [Undress them] (Promiscuity 2) - The player removes the other party's clothes, allowing them to interact with their genitals. A high hand skill (and high trust in nonconsensual encounters) will increase the player's odds of succeeding.
  • Mouth:
    • [Scream] - Has the player call for help
      • If done during the daytime and in public, there is a high chance for someone to come to the player's aid, ending the encounter.
      • Should nobody come to save the player, the attacker will become very irritated and often clasp the player's mouth shut.
      • If the player has any of the Hypnosis traits, then there is a chance they will beg for rougher treatment instead
    • [Keep your mouth closed] (Possible when it is pressed against breasts).
    • [Pull away] - Pulls mouth away from whatever the opposite party is putting near/in it.
    • [Tell them you want to stop]
    • [Tell them you don't want anything in your pussy] / [Tell them you don't want your penis inside anything] / [Tell them you don't want anything in your anus]
    • [Tease them] (consensual) / [Mock them] (non-consensual) - Teases the opposite party in whatever way the player selects. Some things will arouse them, but others will make them angry. For generic NPCs, this is generated randomly, however, named NPCs have fixed values for what arouses them and what makes them angry. See Love Interests and People of Interest for more details.
      • For this option to appear, the player must have at least 300 awareness (Level four, denoted as Your knowledge of sexual depravity extends beyond that of most people in the characteristics tab).
    • [Spit] - Possible when player is in a consensual encounter, they have their partner's penis in their mouth and their partner's arousal has hit max. The player will spit the resulting semen out
  • Genitals/Anus:
    • [Pull away] - Pulls the specific body part away from whatever is threatening it.

These acts contribute to the Defiance stat.


White-coloured acts will not contribute to either Defiance or Submissiveness, but each action is different.


  • All body parts
    • [Rest] - Does nothing.
  • Hands
    • [Cover your face] - Prevents Fame from increasing.
    • [Displace clothing] / [Pull down clothing] - Allows access for the opposite party.
  • Feet
    • [Kick off your shoes] / [Peel down your legwear] - Allows the player to remove their shoes/socks.
  • Mouth
    • [Apologise]
      • Heavily reduces the attacker's anger. The player will need to have a high grade in English. If successful, the player is prompted that the attacker's face has softened. Otherwise, they ignore the player's words, increasing their anger even more.
      • If the player continues to apologise after they have already done so, this will also increase their partner's anger.
  • Genitals
    • [Take it] - When engaging in penetration, tribadism, or frottage. Does nothing.


Lavender-coloured acts will endear the player to their attacker/partner, without sexual acts involved and won't affect trauma or stress. It will also make them trust the player more, lowering their anger - this is beneficial as it will ensure the player does not suffer Pain throughout the encounter.


  • Hands
    • [Hold behind back] - Holds arms behind back, allowing easy access. Prevents the player from using their hands until they choose to stop.
    • [Keep holding] - Whilst performing the above action.
    • [Cover your penis] / [Cover your pussy] / [Cover your ass] - Makes access difficult for the opposite party. Only considered Meek in consensual encounters; othewise considered a Bratty act.
    • [Pick up item] - The player retrieves one of their carried sex toys for use.
    • [Pose for camera] - Can only be used in encounters with an audience. The player makes peace signs towards the camera.
  • Mouth:
    • [Plead] - Decreases anger, increases trust.
    • [Grab between breasts] (Possible when a penis is hovering near the player's mouth; Promiscuity 3) - Evades oral by giving the opposite party a "Titjob".
  • Penis:
    • [Frot against the clit] / [Frot against the ass] (Promiscuity 4) - Attempt to evade penetration by shifting focus away from the other party's genitals/anus.
    • [Try to keep it away with your thighs] (Promiscuity 4) - Attempt to evade frottage by keeping the other party's penis occupied.
    • [Offer your pussy instead] (If applicable) / [Offer your anus instead] - Gets the other party to focus on a different body part.
  • Vagina:
    • [Try to keep it away with your thighs] (Promiscuity 4) - Attempt to evade penetration by keeping the other party's penis occupied.
    • [Press your thigh against their mouth] (Possible when the player's vagina is being orally pleasured) - Attempt to evade being penetrated by a tongue.
    • [Offer your penis instead] (If applicable) / [Offer your anus instead] - Gets the other party to focus on a different body part.
  • Anus:
    • [Keep it away with your cheeks] (Promiscuity 4) - Attempt to evade penetration by keeping the other party's penis occupied.
    • [Press your butt against their mouth] (Possible when the player's Anus is being orally pleasured).
    • [Offer your penis instead] (If applicable) / [Offer your pussy instead] (If applicable) - Gets the other party to focus on a different body part.

These acts contribute to the Submissiveness stat.


Purple-coloured acts will push the other party towards orgasm faster but increases stress. More daring submissive acts will occupy their genitalia, and they will be unable to use them for other purposes unless the player lets go. This can be very useful, as it allows the player to stop penetration by occupying the other party's genitalia, without making them angry and even increasing their trust.


  • Hands:
    • [Stroke]
    • [Stroke their penis]
    • [Grab their penis] / [Play with their pussy] (Promiscuity 3).
    • [Work their shaft] / [Rub their clit] (When the player is holding a penis or playing with a pussy).
    • [Press their hand to your neck] (During consensual encounter, if you are being choked).
    • [Stroke your penis] / [Play with your pussy] (Promiscuity 2).
    • [Lubricate your pussy] / [Lubricate your penis] / [Lubricate your anus]
    • [Hold their hand]
  • Sex toys (hands):
    • [Move to their pussy] / [Move to their penis] / [Move to their anus] - dildos, anal beads, and butt plugs.
    • [Move to your pussy] / [Move to your anus] - dildos, anal beads, and butt plugs.
    • [Move to your penis] / [Move to their penis] - strokers (fleshlights/onaholes).
  • Feet:
    • [Grab their penis] or [Press your feet against their pussy] (Promiscuity 3).
    • [Rub] (When pressing feet against genitals).
      • Note: The player can only use their feet to pleasure their partner if the Feet toggle is enabled
  • Mouth:
    • [Kiss] (See notes).
    • [Lick] (When the player's head is pressed against a vagina/nipples or a penis is pressed against their lips).
    • [Suck] (When the player's head is pressed against nipples - player drinks the other party's milk if lactating - or when their mouth is penetrated by a penis).
    • [Move your lips to their penis] / [Move your mouth to their pussy] (Promiscuity 4).
    • [Move your lips to their chest] (Promiscuity 3, available for men and women).
    • [Move your lips to theirs] - Kiss them on their lips.
    • [Edge] (Promiscuity 4) - Requires 800 points in Oral Skill (Rank A) and the player to have their target's genitals in or near their mouth
    • [Swallow] (Promiscuity 5)- Possible when player is in a consensual encounter, they have their partner's penis in their mouth, and their partner's arousal has hit max. The player swallows the resulting semen.
  • Penis:
    • [Press against their ass] / [Press against their pussy] (Promiscuity 5).
    • [Tease] - When a vagina/anus is hovering near the player's penis.
    • [Penetrate their ass] / [Penetrate their pussy] (Promiscuity 5) - This action will deflower the player; when a vagina/anus is hovering near the player's penis.
    • [Cooperate] (non-consensual) / [Fuck] (consensual) - When penetrating.
    • [Edging] (Promiscuity 4) - When penetrating, requires a Penile skill of A or higher.
    • [Frot their penis] (Promiscuity 5) - Allows the player to "fence" with a male NPC.
    • [Rub] - When frotting.
    • [Push your penis against their penis] (Promiscuity 5 - When frotting.
    • [Offer double anal instead] (Promiscuity 5 | Awareness 4) - When one penis is hovering near the player's penis and another is near their anus.
  • Anus/Vagina:
    • [Straddle their penis] (Promiscuity 5).
    • [Straddle another penis] (Promiscuity 5 | Awareness 4) - When the player already has a penis near their anus or vagina, allowing them to initiate Double Penetration.
    • [Tease the tip] (When a penis hovers near the player's ass/vagina).
    • [Envelop their penis] (Promiscuity 5) - This action will deflower the player; when a penis hovers near the player's ass/vagina.
    • [Envelop both their penis] (Promiscuity 5 | Awareness 4) - This action will deflower the player; when two penises are near the player's ass/vagina.
    • [Push your pussy against theirs] (Promiscuity 5).
    • [Cooperate] (non-consensual) / [Fuck] (consensual) - When being penetrated by a penis/tongue or rubbing pussies.
    • [Edging] (Promiscuity 4) - When being penetrated by a penis, requires a Vaginal/Anal skill of A or higher.
    • [Rub against their face] - When the player feels the other party's breath on their vagina/anus.
    • [Rub against their lips] - When the player feels the other party's lips press against their vagina/anus.
    • [Offer double anal/vaginal instead] (Promiscuity 5 | Awareness 4) - When one penis is hovering near the player's pussy and another is near their anus.

Notes: Kiss causes the player to kiss the other party's skin, unless their mouth is pressed against the player's, in which case the player will kiss reciprocate this - caressing the other party's tongue with the player's, or unless a penis is in front of the player's mouth, in which case, they will kiss it.

Also note that engaging in tribadism (only above 45 points of vaginal wetness) or penetration, being filled with lewd fluids, ingesting lewd fluids and ejaculating within others lowers purity somewhat considerably.

These acts contribute to the Submissiveness stat.

Character States

During combat, the player may enter one of three states when one of their own stats, visible in the left sidebar, reaches its maximum. These "stun-lock" the player for several turns, until the player either lets things subside or manages to deal with the state. Some stats and traits will affect this, like Willpower.

These states are as follows:

  • "Player Orgasm"
  • "In Pain"
  • "Traumatised"

More than one state can be inflicted onto the player at once. This is very dangerous to them and should be avoided if at all possible.

Player Orgasm

When the player's Arousal reaches its maximum, they will orgasm. This is indicated by the prompt:

"You are overcome by sensation and climax. You shudder from the sudden release."

For the next three turns, they have only two options (unless their arms are bound, in which case, they will not be able to do anything):

  • [Fold] - The player tries to keep their arms still to conceal their orgasm.
  • [Grip] - The player grips whatever they can as their body trembles. This reduces Arousal.

To mitigate the stun effect, the only way is to increase the Willpower stat. High willpower gives a chance to recover from the stun effect sooner than in 3 turns and at very high willpower, this is rather consistent. Willpower is increased when experiencing orgasms and enduring pain during encounters. Other ways of increasing Willpower include meditating at the Fishing Rock, a location at the Forest Lake, going through the purity trial by fire at the Temple or helping Winter demonstrate their torture devices at the Museum.

Several orgasms in a short span of time will result in the prompt "Your mind and body buckle under the continued orgasms." Continuing to orgasm even more will cause another prompt to appear: "You've had so many orgasms in such a short span of time that you no longer gain any pleasure from them. They're painful, both physically and psychologically." In this state, continuing to orgasm will prove painful. Low Purity helps the player's genitals to recover from being spent faster. Purity is decreased when being penetrated or consuming lewd fluids, for example.

Orgasm Effects

Orgasms decrease arousal and stress. However, how large this effect is depends on whether or not the player has experienced a lot of orgasms recently. Every hour, the player's genitals will recover from their past orgasms to a certain degree. This can be both beneficial and unwanted - "fresh" orgasms provide a larger reduction to stress, but also do not decrease arousal as much as subsequent orgasms, especially when drugged.

The game will only keep track of up to 25 orgasms at a time, though at this point, orgasms will become stressful instead of reducing stress. The rate at which the player's genitals "forget" orgasms depends on their purity - a high purity player will only recover from one per hour, whereas a player with very low purity will recover from up to 11 per hour.

In Pain

Should the player's Pain reach maximum (Indicated by the prompt "You sob uncontrollably." in the left sidebar), they will be overwhelmed by it, being stunned in a way similar to experiencing an orgasm, with the difference of only recovering when their Pain drops sufficiently. Being overwhelmed by pain is indicated by the prompt: "You are in too much pain to act normally." Should the player not be bound, they have two options:

  • [Struggle]- The player tries to resist. This proves difficult, as they have little strength to resist.
  • [Protect] - The player shields the tender parts of their body, trying to protect them from further harm. This reduces Pain.

Just like orgasms, pain can be overcome with sufficient Willpower.


Should the player's Trauma be high enough to have the trait Controlled/Uncontrolled Panic Attacks (2500 or more Trauma), the player may become stricken with panic during an encounter, paralyzing them temporarily. In this state, the player will get one of the following prompts:

  1. You are stricken with panic, your muscles seize up, preventing action. - The player does nothing.
  2. You are stricken with panic, and flail wildly at anything invading your personal space. - The player inflicts pain upon the other party. This happens regardless of whether the encounter is consensual.

If the player's Trauma is near its maximum (apparent by the player's empty eyes), when they are paralyzed from Trauma, they will feel disconnected from themselves as if they were in a dream, looking down on their body. A prompt will appear informing the player their body is passive and compliant. This also stuns the player for several turns, if not far longer - at least until their Trauma is reduced. When this happens, the player has only three options:

  • [Poke yourself]
    • The player will attempt to regain focus. If successful, they may recover from the stun-like effect.
  • [Keep your arms out of the way]
  • [Make soft noises]

Restrained Limbs

There are a few instances where the player's arms or legs will be restrained during an encounter. This results in the player being unable to use their arms or feet, and being unable to free themselves during the encounter. A distinction should be made between this and an NPC grabbing the player's arms, to which the player can struggle and break free. Restraints cannot be removed for the duration of the encounter. In yet fewer cases, the player's arm bindings may remain until they remove them manually at a safehouse, often taking 10 or 30 minutes. Below are listed a few instances of encounters where limb restraints are present:

  • While the player is retrieving cigarettes for Whitney, they will be pushed into an orifice and get stuck there, initiating a non-consensual bound encounter with a dog.
  • When the player retrieves an old scroll for a lewd monk/nun while working at the temple quarters, they will be pushed into an orifice in the wall as well, initiating a non-consensual encounter with the monk or nun in question.
  • Should the player fail their purity trial by breaking the vow and having their penis enveloped or their vagina penetrated, the player will receive a harsh punishment as some monks and nuns restrain the player and have a large number of lustful townsfolk have their way with the player and other disobedient initiates.
  • If the player fails to steal a stimulant from a dealer for the Maths Competition, one of the dealers will attempt to kidnap the player. They are then taken to an unknown location where a crowd awaits to see the player get gang raped. The player's legs will be restrained.
  • Failing or refusing to pay Bailey for the first time will result in the player being sold off to a dinner party where the player is presented as an appetizer on a table. They will be restrained during the event. Later, the player will be thrown away with the garbage, to which three dogs will initiate a non-consensual encounter. This will be a difficult encounter because the player's arms will still be bound. After the encounter, the arm bindings will remain with the player until they remove them at a safehouse.

Inflicting Damage

The player's damage output is determined by three factors - their Physique skill, the body size the player picked at the start of the game, and their level of Sadist trait.

Ideally to stand the best chances in encounters the player will need to have max Physique, and a Large body size, as a smaller body inflicts far less damage. Additionally, the player would ideally want very high Willpower in order to avoid being stunned from orgasms or pain and have the Masochist and high Science traits, in order to be better able to take a beating and stay functional.

Players may also use Pepper Spray to inflict a lot of Pain regardless of their body, but this is considered as a Crime. Pepper sprays should be used sparingly, as they are very hard to acquire.


There is a good chance that the player can get into an encounter with multiple people, instead of one partner. They can usually be triggered where crowds of people gather, such as public areas. The number of NPC participants will vary depending on the location and event. These encounters are typically referred to as a "threesome" (three participants) or "gangbang" (even more participants).

The maximum number of participants is human/beast participants is six, the rest simply become a part of the audience. For tentacles and swarms, this becomes more than double - potentially reaching up to a maximum of sixteen. Consider these encounters to be a test to the player's overall endurance.

Multi encounters work slightly differently, depending on whether or not the player is interacting with non-human NPCs.

  • Human NPCs: NPCs will have their way with the player all at once. They fixate all their attention onto the player, instead of each other. As such, this may make it very easy for the player to get themselves stuck in a stunned state, as all sexual acts inflicted onto the player are received at once instead of in succession. For instance, one NPC may kiss the player while others try to take off the player's clothing, all at the same time. Note that the other party shares the same Willingness to continue, Arousal, Anger and Trust.
  • Non-human NPCs: One beast will have its way with the player at a time. A prompt will state how many beast NPCs are left.

Crowd Gatherings

NPCs also can become interested in the sexual encounter and watch as it takes place. While they do not participate in the sexual encounter, they will make comments about it, usually mocking the player. Should the player not have gained Acceptance of the size of their penis/breasts, this will increase Insecurity. They may also take pictures of ¨the player for later, or even go as far as to record them.

If the player does not conceal their face in some way via the use of masks, word will spread of their lewdity; causing one of several sexual Fame stats to increase over time, depending on what encounter the player is currently in. NPCs can then recognise the player for their lewd behaviour later onwards.

A list of potential sexual encounter states NPCs can watch is listed below. These have a designated Fame stat. Some states may be much more difficult to be in than others, with NPCs making much more insulting comments at the player's expense determinant on the type of encounter it is.

  • Sex - Having a non-consensual/consensual sexual encounter while others watch.
  • Prostitution - Prostituting for money while others watch.
  • Rape - Having non-consensual sexual encounters while others watch.
  • Bestiality - Involves the "Deviancy" stat. Others watch the player's deviant sexual encounters with various beasts. Some shows in the Brothel are an example of this.
  • Exhibitionism - Involves the "Exhibitionism" stat. Others watch as the player exposes their body, via stripping in public through intentional or unintentional means.
  • Combat - Involves the "Defiance" stat. Fighting back against attackers, hitting them where it hurts while others watch.


  • Originally, all NPC actions revolved around the player. This has since been changed. Despite this, NPCs in combat will still fixate their attention on the player, rather than each other.
  • The one-time Pain increase from losing anal virginity wasn't always in place. Originally, it extended to all anal encounters - anal penetration would have always resulted in Pain initially. This was changed to the one-time increase as the developer felt it made things too difficult to manage.
  • The Lubrication mechanics were added in Version 0.2.14 along with an improvement to genital size mechanics.
    • Previously the player's genitals also had a wetness stat, but this was only used when making lewd cream in Sam's café.

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