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Should the player end up in police custody, assuming their criminal record isn't substantial enough to warrant more severe punishment, they may be sentenced to community service.


Not all crimes are equal. While some criminals are sent to serve their sentence at the Pillory, others are given the opportunity to repay their debt to society by way of community service. Skulduggerous players may find their justice served in this manner.


In order to perform community service, the player must allow themselves to be caught by the police with a relatively low crime level. The player must have at least 1000 points of crime (in the Social tab, this is represented by the police having enough evidence for an arrest) in order to get arrested.

Whether or not the player is sentenced to community service or the pillory depends on their crime level. If the player's crime exceeds 5000 ("The police have more than enough evidence for an arrest."), they will be taken straight to the pillory upon arrest. If it's below, they will instead receive a given amount of community service, proportional to their crime level.

Should the player voluntarily turn themselves in, they'll have a bit more leeway with regards to receiving the lighter punishment. In this case, 6250 points of crime is the maximum to ensure the player ends up doing community service.


When the player is caught by the police, whether against their will or by turning themselves in, they'll be taken to a holding cell and processed. As stated above, the punishment the player receives depends on their crime level.

Police Collar

After the player is arrested, they'll immediately be outfitted with a collar. The officer booking the player claims the collar has a "shock function," to ensure the player's cooperation. This appears to be an idle threat, as the police collar operates the same as any other collar in the game.

The police collar is unique, however, in that it can't be removed at the Police Station like any other collar. Attempting to have it removed while the player still has an unserved sentence of community service will result in the officer simply denying their request. The player can still attempt to seduce the officer into removing the collar for free. This can be attempted once per day and requires an overall seduction rating of S to succeed, making it one of the harder seduction checks in the game, though failing does not have any consequence. Even if the player has their collar removed, they'll still be expected to complete their community service.

It's worth noting that finishing one's community service will not automatically remove their collar. They'll still have to pay or seduce to have it taken off afterwards.

Justice Served

After having their collar equipped, the player will be led to a small room, where three suited individuals sit at a table. The one in the middle proceeds to explain the player's situation.

"These are only petty crimes. You'll be given the chance to make amends, and give back to the community. You are to report to the police station every day. There you will be assigned a service. It'll take about an hour. You can arrive any time during daylight hours. These crimes warrant (X) days of community service. If you don't reform your ways, or don't turn up, the situation could get much worse for you. Take him/her outside."

The duration of the player's sentence is determined by their amount of Crime (the exact amount can be checked in the "Extra Stats" section of the Stats tab). The number of days is calculated by dividing the player's current amount of Crime by 200; if they have 2000 points of Crime, for example, they'll be sentenced to 10 days of community service. Note that this takes into account the Crime reduction the player receives if they turn themselves in, in which case their Crime is reduced by 20%. Therefore, turning oneself in with 2000 Crime would result in it being reduced to 1600, ending up with a sentence of 8 days of community service.

Put simply, the player's sentence is calculated as such:

  • If the player is arrested: Crime / 200 = Days of Community Service
  • If the player turns themselves in: (Crime ∗ 0.8) / 200 = Days of Community Service

The minimum sentence of community service a player can serve is 4 days, by turning themselves in at around 1000 Crime. The maximum is 24 days, by either getting caught by the police at just below 5000 Crime, or turning themselves in just below 6250. In any event, after being processed the player will be sent back onto the streets.

"Remember boy/girl," he/she grins. "Every day. Starting tomorrow. Until your crimes are paid for."

The player's Crime will immediately be set all the way down to zero as they're escorted out of the police station, thus beginning their quest to repay their societal debt.

Doing Time

As the officer stated, the player can serve their sentence during daylight hours (i.e. any time between 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM). Upon reporting to the police station for their daily duties, the player will be herded into a van and driven out to complete one of several random tasks, as listed below.

If the player fails to show up, they'll receive this message at midnight:

  • You missed community service. The police have taken note.

Missing out on a day of community service increases the player's Crime by 20 points. This repeats indefinitely, until the player finally serves their sentence. Note that missing a day of community service will not detract from the total number of days left; the player will be expected to make up for the day they missed.

Currently, there are three possible tasks the player can be assigned their community service, during which several events may occur. Certain events will not trigger until the player has done enough community service. See each section below for more details.

Roadside Litter

"Right, you scum," the officer says. "Today we're gonna clean litter off the road at the entrance of town. Remember that honest folk don't want to be bothered by the likes of you, so focus on your job."

The player and several other criminals are herded out of the police station and into a van. Upon being seated, the player notices one of their fellows stealing glances at their body. They can either get angry (- Trauma | + Crime), ignore (+ Stress), or, if their Exhibitionism is at least 2, tease the criminal by spreading their thighs/crossing their legs seductively.

Regardless of the player's choice, the van will eventually come to a stop on Harvest Street. The player lines up alongside the others as the officer gives them the run-down on their task.

"Each of you will take a stick and bag. You will clean up this mess. Put your backs into it. I'll check your bags when you're done. If I'm unsatisfied, I'll mark you down as absent. Now get to it."

  • The first time the player performs this particular job, the hour will pass uneventfully, with the player's only options being to work hard (+ Fatigue | + Stress) or take it easy, then steal the rubbish (initiates a Skulduggery check).
    • If the player chooses to work hard, they'll sweat and toil to clear the street of detritus, eventually accumulating a satisfactory amount of rubbish. They'll be instructed by the standing officer to take their bag to a nearby landfill before being loaded back onto the van.
    • If the player tries to cheat their way out of work, they'll scan their peers for a suitable mark. The man/woman who ogled you in the van keeps stealing glances your way. That'll be the one. He/She's distracted. If successful, the man/woman will be so caught up in trying not to get caught in their leering that they'll fail to notice the player switch their empty bag for the person's full one. The pervert bashfully tells the officer that they've lost their rubbish, receiving an extra day of community service for their trouble as the player absconds with their bag. If unsuccessful, the player will be grabbed by the wrist before they can make the switch. "Nice try," he/she laughs. "Almost got me." Without enough time to properly do their work, the player ends up finishing the day empty-handed, earning another day of community service for their slacking.
  • The second time, the player will work dilligently, only to be interrupted upon feeling something tug at their bottoms. They'll suddenly find themselves exposed from the waist down (unless they're wearing an outfit that lacks a skirt, such as the catsuit, in which case they'll simply have their butt pinched, resulting in + Pain). They turn around to find the familiar face of the pervert from the van behind them, clutching a litter stick. The player can tell the police officer of their harassment (+ Stress), ignore (+ Trauma), or get even (- Trauma).
    • Telling the police officer has them scold the criminal, threatening them with the pillory should they fail to mend their vulgar ways. The criminal will be pulled back into the van, leaving the player to continue their work.
    • Ignoring the player has the player focus on their work, paying no heed to the pervert. They leave the player alone, and the task ends without further incident.
    • Getting even has the player subject the criminal to the same treatment they'd given them, using their litter stick to flip up their skirt (if the criminal is female) or pull down the trousers (if male). The prisoner's underwear will be exposed to the amusement of the other criminals; alternatively, they may be revealed to be wearing nothing at all (+ Arousal), in which case they hastily cover themselves up. The player goes in for another attack, but is intercepted, leading to a brief scuffle in which the player and the criminal fence with their litter sticks. The officer quickly steps in to break up the fight, sending the criminal to the other end of the line as the player gets back to work. Despite the player's misbehavior, they will not be punished with an extra day of community service.
  • On the third day, if the player's Prostitution Fame is at least Low-Key, they'll yet again find themselves approached by the person from the van, this time with a proposition. "Hey boy/girl," he/she says, resting his/her hand on your ass. "How about we make a deal? You take this full bag. Put your feet up while the rest of us work." He/She squeezes. "In return, you and I have a little alone time." He/She nods at a nearby alley. (+ Stress | + Arousal)
    • Promiscuity 3 is required to accept their offer. The player is led behind a dumpster, and a consensual sex scene will begin. After the encounter the player is given a full bag of rubbish, unless they ask the other party to stop or they end up having to fight them off, should the encounter turn non-consensual. If the encounter turns non-consensual and the player screams, the officer will arrive to investigate. "Can't you animals behave for a single hour?" they grab the criminal and shove them into the van, ignoring their accusations towards the player.
    • If the player refuses, the criminal will not let off them, and instead gives their rear a swift smack (+ Pain | + Arousal). "Don't give me that, slut," he/she says. "You've sold yourself for less. I'm in a good mood though." They pull out £50 to sweeten the offer. Accepting has the encounter proceed as it would normally, only the player will receive £50 afterwards. Refusing has the criminal back off, stating "I can find sluts like you anywhere."
  • After the player has prostituted themselves to the criminal at least once, an additional encounter may occur as an extension of the prostitution scene. After their exchange with the pervert, the player will leave the alleyway, only to be blocked off by a trio of criminals. "Trading favours are we?" the man/woman says. "Don't think our dear officer would like the sound of that." He/She steps forward. "Maybe you should give us a taste too. Keep us quiet." The player can either accept their blackmail attempt and go quietly (+ Trauma | + Stress) or scream.
    • Going quietly initiates a non-consensual encounter with the three criminals. Making them cum or fighting them off ends up with the player going back to work without further incident. If the player screams during the encounter, the officer will burst onto the scene, demanding to know what's going on. "That's another day of community service," the officer says. "For all of you. Get back in line." The player is then led back to the rest of the criminals to finish their assigned task.
    • If the player screams, the police officer will arrive, questioning the criminals. They defend themselves by accusing the player of whoring themselves out. The officer ends up questioning the criminal who initially propositioned the player, whose boasting about having sex with the player ends up exposing them. "That's another day of community service for both of you," the police officer says. "You're getting off easy." Reluctant to worsen their situation, the player silently accepts their punishment and gets back to work.

Wasteland Clearing

"Right, you scum," the officer says. "Today we're gonna be clearing some wasteland just outside town. It'll be hard work, but you've earned it."

The player and several other criminals are herded out of the police station and into a van. Similarly to the van ride in the roadside litter event, the player will immediately find themselves harassed by one of the criminals grabbing their thigh. They can either get angry (- Trauma | + Crime), ignore (+ Stress | + Arousal), or, if their Promiscuity is at least 2, grope back, giving the person's thigh a cheeky squeeze in return as the other passengers watch.

Regardless of the player's choice, the van will eventually come to a stop near the Moor. The player lines up alongside the others as the officer hands out various landscaping tools.

  • For the player's first time, the player will be given a pair of shears. The player gets to work clipping branches. While they're working, their clothing may end up snagging on a barbed branch. It'd take a minute to remove, and the officer might see it as slacking.
    • Attempting to carefully remove their clothes from the branch yields a 50/50 chance of success. If the player manages to free their clothes without rousing the officer's suspicion, they'll be able to return to their work without incident or any damage to their attire. If caught, however, the officer will reprimand the player for slacking before assigning them an extra day of community service as punishment.
    • Alternatively, the player can choose to simply tear free their clothes, allowing them to get back to work without alerting the officer, at risk of ruining their clothes. If their clothing was already in poor shape beforehand, the player's heart will skip a beat as a breeze rustles their now bare skin. The officer pays no heed to the player's state of undress. "No slacking," the police officer shouts. "I don't care if you're naked. You're working." The other criminals take the opportunity to ogle the player. (+ Stress | +Arousal). The player will attempt to cover themselves as best they can while still wielding a pair of shears. At the end of the session, the officer will shove the player back in the van, still sparing no sympathy over their exposure. Riding back to the station like this is humiliating, but the journey is uneventful. | + Stress
    • There's also a chance that rather than getting their clothes caught on a thorn, the player will merely scratch their arm instead. | + Pain | + Fatigue
  • For their second time, the player will be given a shovel as they set out to work, uprooting tree trunks. As they bend over to dig into a briar patch, they'll suddenly hear the man/woman from the man behind them as they smack the player's rear (+ Stress | + Pain). The player can ignore the assault (+ Trauma | + Submissiveness) or whack their assailant with a shovel (+ Defiance, initiates a Skulduggery check).
    • If the player ignores them, the person will steal a glance at the officer on duty, deciding against harassing the player any further. They leave the player to continue their task unmolested.
    • Whacking has the player deliver a blow to the person's chest with their shovel. The other criminals laugh at the scene, before the officer rushes over to investigate the commotion. If the player succeeds in their Skulduggery (a C or higher will guarantee success), they'll quickly get back to work, and the officer departs none the wiser (- Trauma). Otherwise, the officer arrives in time to see the player holding the shovel like a weapon. "Unacceptable!" he/she shouts. "That's another day of community service, and I'll be informing the station of this." | + Crime
  • For their third time, if the player's Combat Fame is at least at Low-Key, the officer will deem the player tough enough to handle an axe. As the player begins hacking at the brush, they'll abruptly find themselves accosted from behind, as one of the criminals grabs the player's waist and presses their bodies together (+ Stress | + Arousal). This mostly serves as a variation on the shovel scene; the player's options are near identical, only rather than whacking the criminal, the player instead threatens them with their axe. A Skulduggery skill of B or higher is needed to succeed, otherwise the player ends up with the usual punishment of extra community service and + Crime.
    • One noteworthy difference between the two scenes can occur if the player successfully threatens the criminal while possessing the (Controlled/Uncontrolled) Severe Hallucinations trait. Upon being threatened, the criminal warily backs away, only to tumble into a briar, causing laughter among the others. The laughter quickly stops, however, when the criminal starts screaming; branches restrain their limbs and begin pulling them down into the vegetation. The player can then call for help or attempt to rescue the criminal themselves.
      • Calling for help has the player shout for the police officer, who arrives just as the criminal's feet disappear beneath the undergrowth. The others fall silent; the officer is unbothered. "Someone always does a runner," he/she says. "What are you scum standing around for? Get back to work." Everyone resumes their chores, keeping their distance from the briars.
      • Trying to save them has the player leap into action, axe in hand, initiating a difficult Willpower check. Failure results in a branch snatching the axe from the player's hands. The other criminals watch in mute horror as the axe, and the man/woman, disappear into the vegetation. (+ Trauma | + Stress | + + Willpower). With high Willpower, however, the player manages to sidestep the branch and hacks it clean. Others join in, annihilating the plant with shovels, shears and axes alike. It eventually releases its grip on the criminal, allowing them to shakily rise to their feet. They thank the player for saving them, but they're cut off by the arrival of the officer, who scolds them for "sleeping on the job." The criminal argues back, claiming they were attacked by the plants, only to be balked at by the officer. "The plants what?" the officer spits. "Are you messing me around, or should I give the asylum a call?" The criminal shuts up, and everyone resumes working. Successfully fighting off the branches slightly increases the player's Combat Fame.

Graffiti Cleanup

"Right, you scum," the officer says. "Today we'll be cleaning graffiti off alley walls. I bet you lot are responsible for some of it anyway. You'll carry your own bucket and brush."

The player is led alongside their fellow criminals to an alleyway in the Commercial district and instructed to clean a building of graffiti with a coarse brush.

  • The first time the player performs this job, they'll notice a person enter the alley and chat with the officer on duty. Though the shady individual doesn't try anything, the player takes note of the way they're leering at them. The rest of the hour passes by uneventfully.
  • The second time, another person will enter the alley. The police officer calls the player over, telling them that they've "earned a break," and that the newcomer - the owner of the graffiti-covered establishment - has agreed to help with the player's "rehabilitation." The owner instructs the player to come closer as they pull the lid off a permanent marker.
    • If the player does as they're told, the owner will proceed to write a piece of Criminal-related Bodywriting on the player's face. If the player is wearing a mask, they'll be forced to remove it (+ Trauma). Afterwards, the player is told to "thank the good citizen" for helping them pay their debt. The player can do so (+ Trauma | + Submissiveness) or stay silent (+ Defiance). In either case, the pair will leave the player to get back to their work.
    • Refusing has the player tell the officer off, questioning their authority to mandate such punishments. "Fine," the officer says. "I'll add another day of community service to your debt. Perhaps you'll be more cooperative tomorrow." The player will be sent back to their work with an extra day of community service and an unmarked face.
    • If the player's entire face (meaning their forehead and both cheeks) is already covered in bodywriting, the owner will put their pen away, remarking that they wouldn't want to ruin someone's handiwork, thus skipping this event. Having the bodywriting toggle disabled also skips the event entirely.
  • Upon the player's third time cleaning graffiti, once again an individual enters the alley and begins talking with the officer. This time, the two stare at the person working beside the player, who keeps glancing at the pair. Eventually, the officer will approach the criminal, demanding them to stick their hands out, to which the despondent prisoner complies. "Don't look so glum. You're just gonna be... helping this fine citizen in their establishment. The cuffs are just a precaution." The player watches as the person is led into the building.
    • If the player's Skulduggery is at least at C and their Awareness 3/7 (You have a normal understanding of sexuality), they'll notice the owner pass the officer some cash before approaching the criminal. This gives the player the option to intervene, accusing the officer of taking bribes. The officer will threaten the player, but the owner will be rattled enough by the player's insight to demand their money back, belittling the officer for their failure to keep things discreet. After a brief argument, the prisoner is released and the two scoundrels depart. "Thank you," the man/woman whispers once they're gone. "Last time was hell." Intervening increases the player's Kindness Fame by 10 points, and earns them the "Bent Copper" feat.
  • On the fourth time, a variation on the above sequence can occur if the player's Rape Fame is at least Low-Key. This time, the owner will take interest in the player. Brandishing a pair of cuffs, the officer will approach them and demand that they stick out their hands. The player is given the option to either hold out their hands (+ Submissiveness) or refuse (+ Defiance).
    • Predictably, the officer will be unhappy if the player defies them. "If you're gonna be so difficult," the officer replies, "then you can enjoy another day of community service." The officer and the owner leave the player be, allowing them to finish their work without interruption.
    • Going along with the officer's demands has the owner lead the player down a flight of steps, into a small, dimly lit room. They hang the player's handcuffs on a wall-mounted hook, forcing them onto their tiptoes as the man/woman eyes up their body, initiating a nonconsensual encounter. Should the player allow the owner to have their way, they'll be led back to the police officer. After a brief exchange, in which the owner tells the officer to "give [their] regards to the chief," the player is sent back to work. Fighting the owner off allows the player to escape, though not without consequence; the owner will get into an argument with the officer, demanding a refund on the grounds that the player wasn't "tame" enough. The officer reprimands the player for assaulting a member of the public, punishing them with another day of community service and + Crime.
    • Additionally, as in the above scene, the player can accuse the officer (+ Defiance) with Rank C Skulduggery and 3/7 Awareness. As above, the officer and the owner will get into an argument that results in the owner leaving the alleyway. Accusing the officer allows the player to escape molestation without any punishment from the law, and also earns them the "Bent Copper" feat.


  • Massive reductions to the player's crime level
  • There are two feats attainable through community service: "Bent Copper" and "Social Contract."
Feat name Hint Description Requirement Notes VrelCoins Added Rank
Bent Copper "Interrupted a corrupt exchange." "Keep your eyes open while helping the community." Catch an officer making a shady deal while performing community service. When cleaning graffiti as part of the player's community service, the player may notice an officer receive a wad of cash from a person. The officer will demand that the player "help" the "fine citizen."

If the player's Skulduggery is at least a C and their Awareness is at least at 4/7, they can accuse the officer of taking bribes, rewarding the player with the feat.

Social Contract "Finished community service." "Pay your debt to society." Finish a full sentence of community service. If the player's Crime is past a certain point, but not high enough for them to condemned to the Pillory, they'll instead be sentenced to community service. The player must then complete the entire duration of their sentence.

The easiest way to obtain the feat is to turn the player in with a low Crime level. When their Crime is at least at 1000, the player can turn themselves in for the lowest possible sentence: a mere four days of community service.


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