Connudatus Market Stall

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On Connudatus Street, the player has the option to rent a market stall at dawn, allowing them to sell any produce they've collected. It offers a safe way to earn decent cash, but as always, caution should be exercised - after all, some customers are in the market for more than the player's wares.


At dawn (6:00 AM - 9:00 AM), the player is given the option to rent a stall on Connudatus Street. This can be done on any day of the week, regardless of weather, and costs £15 for the whole day. The player may keep their stall until nightfall (9:00 PM). The player is also allowed to leave and return to their stall at any point before nightfall, meaning they can visit it in periods rather than attending it for one long stint.

In addition to a stall, the player also needs goods to sell. Any produce the player acquires through scavenging or growing - flowers and vegetables, for example - can be sold at the market. For a full list of goods the player is permitted to sell, see #List of Salable Products.


After getting their stall set up, the player simply needs to wait for customers to stop by. Exhibitionist players also have the options of removing their bottoms (requires Exhibitionism 2, and subsequently Exhibitionism 4 to remove their underwear) and masturbating (requires Exhibitionism 3. The latter choice serves little practical purpose, while the former may prove useful in keeping customers drawn to the player's stand. See the Reeling Them Back section below for more details.

Attracting Customers

A number of factors increase the likelihood of shoppers taking an interest in the player's wares. These include:

  • The variety of their stock - i.e., how many different items they have to sell
  • The player's overall Attractiveness
  • Their Business Fame
  • Their Tending skill
  • Their Lewdity (see below)

Aside from a customer simply asking to buy something from the player's display, a number of different events can play out when they approach the player's stall. In some of these scenes, the player's choices may influence the customer's stats - see below for more information.

  • A customer shuffles by to examine the player's produce with a keen look. The player can talk with the customer or remain silent. Talking will always scare the potential customer away, while remaining silent has them eventually ask to purchase something.
  • A customer walks by and casts a casual eye over the player's goods. This essentially serves as an inverted version of the above scene. The player has the same two options - talk or remain silent - only this time talking urges the customer to stay, whereas staying silent has them leave without buying anything.
  • A knowledgable customer begins chatting with the player about a particular piece of produce. The player can listen politely (+ Trust, takes ten minutes) or hurry them up (- Trust).
    • Alternatively, if the player's Tending skill is high enough, they can converse with the customer, increasing Trust while sparing the player's time. If the player's Tending know-how isn't up to snuff, however, they'll lose interest and leave without buying anything.
  • A customer admires the player's stock, asking if the player produces it themselves. The player can answer honestly (+ Trust) or evasively (- Trust). Neither answer has any consequence outside of increasing/decreasing Trust.
  • A customer leans against the table, complimenting the player's "goods" without so much as glancing at the display. The player can encourage them to buy something (has a 50/50 chance of succeeding, otherwise they'll simply leave), tell them to leave (self-explanatory), or flirt (+ Trust | + Lust | Promiscuity 1).
    • This particular customer always starts with slightly higher Lust than others, even if the player does not flirt with them.
  • A person loiters by the player's stall. The player can either get their attention or ignore them. Ignoring always results in the loiterer slinking away, while attempting to get their attention has a 50/50 chance of succeeding.

Customer Stats

Once the player has succesfully hooked a customer, they'll now have to account for two things: the customer's Trust, and their Lust.


Trust affects how flexible customers are willing to get when haggling.

From lowest to highest, Trust progresses as follows:

  • He/She looks angry.
  • He/She looks annoyed.
  • He/She looks interested. - Where customers start by default
  • He/She looks pleased.
  • He/She looks eager.
  • He/She looks enraptured.

A good strategy is to raise Trust by giving discounts on cheaper wares, then push for a higher price on the more expensive stock.


Lust affects how likely customers are to proposition the player rather than buy something.

From lowest to highest, Lust progresses as follows:

  • He/She looks flirty.
  • He/She looks aroused.
  • He/She looks horny.
  • He/She looks lustful.
  • He/She looks lecherous.

Starting at around the third stage ("He/She looks horny"), customers may lose interest in the player's wares, instead demanding that the player "give up the actual goods."

Going along with their request requires Promiscuity 4, though even after accepting there's a chance the customer will instead demand more, in which case Promiscuity 5 is needed. Refusing will not lead to any sort of nonconsensual encounter, but raising customers' Lust and refusing their advances will gradually increase the stall's Lewdity.

Selling Wares

When a customer takes interest in one of the player's goods, they'll ask for its price, giving the player the following options:

  • Ask for normal price - No special effect.
  • Give a discount | + Trust - The player sells the item for 20% less than its normal value, rounded up.
  • Ask for more than they're worth | - Trust - The player hikes up the price by 20%, rounded up.
  • Push your most expensive stock | - Trust - The player will attempt to sell one of their more expensive items. Only available if the item the customer is interested in isn't already expensive.

There's also a chance that the customer may try haggling for a better price. The player can respond with the following:

  • Refuse to budge - No special effect.
  • Agree to a lower price | + Trust - Decreases price by 20%; the customer may still attempt to drive the price even lower after picking this option
  • Raise your price | - Trust - Raises the price by 20%.

While it isn't shown in-game, any action that leads to the customer haggling also decreases their Trust slightly. This repeats indefinitely; for example, if the player refuses to budge on a price and the customer continues to insist that they lower it, the customer's Trust will gradually decrease with each failed attempt.

If the customer's Trust gets too low, they'll leave the player's stall in frustration. Note that this is not based on random chance, rather they're guaranteed to leave once their Trust goes below a certain point - slightly below "He/She looks angry," specifically. If the player wishes to retain a particular customer, simply choosing options that increase Trust when that prompt appears should suffice.

Reeling Them Back

After a customer purchases an item, they'll try to leave the player's stall. If the player wishes to sell them more of their wares, they'll need to reel them back with suggestive behaviour.

Successfully keeping customers hooked requires decent Promiscuity, Exhibitionism, and Seduction. The player can seduce a customer four times before they've had enough, meaning the player can sell to a particular customer five times, if they're lucky. Failing to seduce a customer simply has them continue on their way.

Acts the player can perform to lure customers in include:

  • Reel them back with a flirt - Requires Promiscuity 1 and an overall Seduction rating of D
  • Reel them back by flaunting your body - Requires Exhibitionism 1 and an overall Seduction rating of C
  • Reel them back with a kiss - Requires Promiscuity 2 and an overall Seduction rating of B
    • Note: This is only a kiss on the cheek; choosing this option will not count as the player's First Kiss.
  • Reel them back by revealing your lack of clothing - Requires the player to have previously stripped their bottoms, additional requirements vary based on whether the player is in their underwear or fully naked
    • Requires Exhibitionism 2 and an overall Seduction rating of S if the player is only wearing underwear beneath their stand
    • Requires Exhibitionism 3 and an overall Seduction rating of A if the player is completely nude beneath their stand

As a warning, all flirtatious acts steadily increase customers' Lust, increasing the chance that they won't buy anything at all, instead taking an interest in the player. Should the player be unwilling, this gives way to a new problem: Lewdity.


While working the stall, an important stat may accumulate, if the player is not careful - the Lewdity stat. This stat determines how much people are aware of the player's lewd activities, essentially working as an additional fame stat. It will generally attract more attention towards the stall, resulting in more potential for profits and customers, but will greatly increase the risk of attracting unwanted attention.

Simply performing lascivious acts won't increase Lewdity on its own; for example, flirting with customers only increases their Lust. Rather, Lewdity rises whenever the player refuses a customer's advances. Each action adds one "point" of Lewdity, progressing as follows:

  • 10-29 points - A lewd aura permeates the area.
  • 30-59 points - A lewd aura permeates the area. People cast strange looks in your direction now and then.
  • 60-99 points - A lewd aura permeates the area. You think you see people watching you from afar, but they turn away when you look.
  • 100+ points - A lewd aura permeates the area. Groups of people openly leer at you from afar.

The following actions will give the player's stall a Lewd reputation:

  • If the player gets caught masturbating, and refuses to let the person "finish what they started."
  • The player chases after a thief while their bottom half is exposed, and they fail to catch said thief, three people may approach the player for sex (requires Promiscuity 4). Refusing their offer increases Lewdity.
    • Accepting and then asking them to stop, or beating them up/screaming for help should the encounter turn nonconsensual, will also increase Lewdity.
  • Refusing a customer's request for oral sex (requires Promiscuity 4 to accept).
    • If the customer tells them that "oral won't cut it" (requires Promiscuity 5 to accept), and the player subsequently refuses.
    • In both scenarios, asking them to stop, beating them up, or screaming for help will also increase Lewdity.
  • When shoving a passerby after they grope the player.

Lewdity carries over on a day-to-day basis, meaning if the player had a high level of Lewdity the previous day, the player's stall may permeate a lewd aura even if they haven't done anything to raise it on that particular day. The only way to decrease Lewdity is to let it decay naturally, similarly to Cafe suspicion.

Lewd Customers

As Lewdity increases, the player runs a greater risk of attracting customers who are well aware of their flirtatious nature. The following events will initiate once the player has garnered at least one point of Lewdity, with higher levels of Lewdity increasing their odds of occurring.

  • A person begins fondling the player's breasts and genitals from behind, accusing the player of setting up their stand just to draw attention to themselves (+ Stress | + Trauma). The player can endure (+ Stress | + Trauma | + Arousal) or shove the pervert (- Trauma | + Lewdity).
    • Shoving results in them leaving the player without further issue, allowing them to return to their stall.
    • Enduring has the person molest the player for five minutes, until they either grow bored and leave or a customer approaches. In the latter case, the person begins haggling with the customer over their "wares" - that is, the player. The player can protest or remain silent, both leading to a nonconsensual encounter. Protesting has the customer attempt to rape the player regardless, while staying silent ends up with the player forced to pleasure both the customer and the "vendor."
  • As the player tends their stall, a hand is suddenly clasped over their mouth. "I've heard about you," the man/woman whispers. "Slut." This initiates a nonconsensual encounter.
  • A person approaches the table, then suddenly grabs the player's top, exposing their chest before running away (+ Stress | + Trauma). If they manage to destroy the player's clothes, they'll steal the fabric, leaving the player topless at their stall.
    • If the player is already topless, they'll instead grope their exposed chest. | + Arousal | + Stress | + Trauma
  • The player spots someone across the street pointing a camera at them. | + Stress

In all of the above scenes, the NPC will leave without so much as stopping to glance at the player's wares. There are also a handful of events in which the customers will stick around to buy something, though they're well aware of the stall's Lewd nature. In all of these cases, the customer starts with higher Lust and lower Trust than usual.

  • The customer openly leers at the player as they browse their stock.
  • The customer warns the player against "sweet talking" them, saying they've heard about the player.
  • The customer watches from afar before approaching the stall.
  • The customer ogles the player's face and chest before asking to buy something.
  • The customer walks up to the display and, without warning, pulls the player over the table and licks their cheek (+ Stress | + Trauma). This customer always starts with their Lust especially high, even compared to the others listed here.

List of Salable Products

For more information on products requiring the Tending skill, see the Tending page.

For more information on farm products, see Alex's Farm (Expanded).

ID Name Base Selling Price Tending Skill Conditions How to Obtain
0 Red Rose
£4.00 Yes Harvested in the Forest, where the lake is accessible or grown by the player.
1 White Rose
£4.00 No Grown by the player.
2 Orchid
£10.00 Yes Harvested in the deep parts of the Forest past the lake or grown by the player.
3 Daisy
£1.00 Yes Grown by the player.
4 Tulip
£2.00 Yes Harvested in the Park (Crime Petty Thievery) or grown by the player.
5 Lotus
£3.00 Yes Grown by the player.
6 Lily
£2.00 Yes Harvested in the Forest before the lake or grown by the player.
7 Poppy
£2.00 Yes Grown by the player.
8 Apple
£0.50 Yes Harvested in the Forest before the lake.
9 Orange
£0.45 Yes Can be found when breaking into Danube street mansions.
11 Lemon
£1.20 Yes Harvested in the deep Forest (after the lake).
12 Blood Lemon1
£4.00 Yes Harvested in the Forest after the lake during a Blood Moon.
13 Pear
£0.80 Yes Harvested in the Forest where the lake is accessible.
14 Strawberry
£1.80 No Harvested in the Farm Woodlands.
15 Peach
£0.65 No Harvested in the Farm Woodlands.
16 Plum
£0.80 No Harvested in the Farm Woodlands.
17 Mushroom
£1.00 Yes Harvested in the Forest before and through the lake area.
18 Wolfshroom1
£3.00 Yes Harvested in the Forest after the lake.
19 Wild Honeycomb
£120.00 Yes Harvested in the Forest after the lake.
20 Carrot
£0.40 Yes Harvested in the Moor's first section or grown by the player.
21 Onion
£1.20 Yes Harvested in the Moor's second section or grown by the player.
22 Garlic Bulb
£1.00 Yes Harvested in the Moor's third section or grown by the player.
23 Potato
£0.20 No Grown by the player.
24 Strange Flower1
£10.00 No Harvested in the Farm Woodlands or grown by the player.
25 Truffle
£8.00 No Collected from Alex's Cottage after purchasing Woodland.
26 Bottle of Milk
£1.00 No Collected from Alex's Cottage after upgrading the Barn.
27 Chicken Egg
£0.40 No Collected from Alex's Cottage after upgrading the Coop.
28 Bottle of Breast Milk2
£30.00 No Sneak into Alex's Farm at night and milk the player's breasts. Must be lactating and have above a certain amount of breast milk at time of milking to gain.
29 Bottle of Semen2
£30.00 No Sneak into Alex's Farm at night and milk the player's dick. Must have above a certain amount of semen at time of milking to gain.
30 Cabbage
£0.50 No Grown by the player.
31 Turnip
£0.80 No Grown by the player.
32 Broccoli
£0.15 No Harvested in the Moor's first section or grown by the player.
33 Ghostshroom3
£2.00 No Harvested in the garden at Kylar's Manor.
34 Blackberry
£0.07 No Harvested in the Thicket of the Residential Alleyways.
35 Carnation
£0.60 No Harvested in the school's backyard or grown by the player.
36 Bird Egg
£2.00 Yes Harvested in the Forest. Or unfertilized eggs laid by Harpy PC and the Great Hawk.
37 Baby Bottle of Breast Milk
£2.00 No Obtained when milking the player using a Breast Pump.
38 Plumeria
£3.20 Yes Harvested on the Island or grown by the player.
39 Oyster pearl2
£500 No Found in vore encounters, after the PC is inside the creatures stomach.

1 Increases arousal upon gathering

2 May only sell 1 at a time

3 Decreases arousal upon gathering

Items 10 on the game's internal item list, Banana, is unable to be obtained as of version It has the selling prices of £0.70.