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The Cow transformation, otherwise referred to as the "cow TF" is one of several transformations within Degrees of Lewdity.

Transformations are split into two separate categories, this transformation falls under the "Animal" category, and can be combined with another transformation from the alternative "Divine" category.

The cow transformation in-game.


The name of the transformation will vary depending on the player's sex. How the player's transformation is identified as is listed below:

  • As a bull boy for male PCs.
  • As a cow girl for female PCs.


  • Bull boy/Cow girl - "You yearn to be milked. Milk and semen volume is increased. Certain body parts might grow. Your ears and tail make you more conspicuous."
  • Sturdy Horns - "Headbutts no longer hurt you."


All the correct requirements to obtain the transformation are listed below:

  • Taking certain actions within the Underground Farm:
    • Going along with forced milking sessions.
    • Choosing to munch on the farm's grass.
    • Any options that would otherwise result in an increase to the Obedience stat
  • Milking oneself at Alex's Farm or mooing at Robin (see below):
    • Note: This only applies if the player already possesses the full transformation, meaning these two methods are only useful for maintaining the transformation, not obtaining it.

Not all of these requirements are necessary to achieve the full transformation. They can be combined to achieve a better overall boost to transformation progress, making the transformation easier to obtain. Otherwise, one method of achieving the transformation (i.e. munching grass) will be sufficient as long as the player keeps working at it.

The cow bell collar is highly recommended to obtain, and specially maintain, the cow transformation. It can be purchased at the Forest Shop.

Transformation progress accumulates at midnight. As the player passes through midnight, they must be wearing a set of clothing that has the Cow Bell Collar (can be naked with just the collar) to prevent transformation decay.

Transformation Progress

Note: Requires 30 transformation points to access the full transformation.

Progress will typically start at around half the points required it takes for the full transformation, meaning that it starts at around fifteen days in or later.

  1. "You have a strange urch to munch grass."
  2. "Your scalp itches. You reach up, and find that a pair of small horns have sprouted."
  3. "Your ears tingle."
  4. "Your ears itch. You reach up to scratch them, and find them much bigger than you expected. You've grown a pair of cow ears."
  5. "Your lower back tingles."
  6. "Your bottom feels heavier than usual. You reach behind you and feel your new cow tail. You suppress the urge to moo."

More time spent at the farm will result in more points being added towards the cow transformation.

Essentially, it is possible for the player to enter the farm with a wolf TF, then leave with the cow TF. The same will apply for cat TFs, meaning the player cannot accumulate points needed for that specific TF, thus losing points towards it. Instead, those points will transfer over to the cow transformation, until the player manages to escape and continue accumulating points for the cat TF once more.

If the player stops wearing the cowbell collar at any point after the cow transformation is completed, their breasts will not shrink automatically to their original size prior to the transformation - the player's breast size now reflects the final stage of the transformation, and will not shrink unless the player does actions that would shrink them such as taking breast reduction pills, or having slime parasites latch onto them.


  • Stage 2: The player receives cow/bull horns.
  • Stage 4: The player receives a pair of cow/bull ears.
  • Stage 6: The player receives a cow/bull tail. The transformation is now complete.


  • Unlocks an increase to milk/semen volume capacity.
  • Certain body parts might also grow, such as breasts.
  • Growth for body parts will also be much faster than usual.

However, there are also negative effects:

  • Flashbacks, see overview.
  • May fall victim to traps by NPCs, see overview.


Some key events can be unlocked as a result of gaining this transformation. An overview is provided below, with a full description as its own section.


  • Grants the player special options related to milking. Body part growth is actively encouraged.
  • The option to "Moo" in specific cases, for instance when the player is hooked up to Remy's cattle milking machine, or in Robin's room while Robin is present.
  • The player may fall victim to flashbacks of being at Remy's farm when they are reminded of it. An example is when a person the player recognizes from the farm makes an appearance at Robin's lemonade stand.
  • NPCs such as Harper or other farm-workers (Remy's goons) will trap/corner the player, such as slipping them white pills instead of pink ones, or otherwise attempting to return them back to the farm.
  • While in Tentacle Plains, they can let the tentacles milk their milkables.

Mooing at Robin

In Robin's room, if the player has the full cow transformation and low Trauma, they can moo for attention (0:20), decreasing Stress and Trauma whilst increasing Robin's Love and Confidence.

Unlike Robin's interactions with other animal TFs, Robin's reaction to the player's new bovine form can be much more in-depth. In order to access everything beyond the first scene, Robin's Confidence must be at 50% or higher, otherwise the first scene will repeat indefinitely. Each time the player moos at Robin, their response will change, steadily progressing from amusement to concern as it becomes clear something is not right with the player.

  • The first time, Robin simply giggles as the player sniffs their ear, saying lines such as "Who's a cute cow?" or "Is it time to graze?", or stroking the player's chin.
  • The second time, Robin will frown. "Did someone do this to you?" The player moos and nods. Robin doesn't say anything in response.
  • The third time, Robin suddenly grabs the player and hugs them, prompting the player to moo in protest. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you." They turn their attention from the player, though they keep glancing at them.
  • The fourth time, Robin says the following. "You weren't home for a while," Robin says, a dark expression on his/her face. "Did Bailey take you? Did something happen?" The player simply moos in response.
  • The fifth time, Robin stares at the player in concern. "I know something bad happened to you. Please, talk to me about it." The player nods and happily begins describing their life at the farm - how they were kept safe whilst being active and productive - before saying they knew they had to come home, so they left. Horrified, Robin hugs them gently, to the player's confusion. "I promise we'll fix this. I'll be strong for you. I'm so sorry." + + + Robin's Confidence
  • On the sixth time, Robin takes the player's hand and promises they'll help them get better. The player can insist they're happy this way, in which case an unconvinced Robin reluctantly drops the subject, or nod (- Trauma | - Stress).
  • On all subsequent times, Robin will either promise to help the player get better or worriedly glance at them, depending on what the player picked in the above scene.

Tentacle Milking

In the Tentacle Plains, the player has two extra actions according to their sex, breast milking and penis milking, which behave almost identically. The player will gain Arousal, and if the player has enough fluid, they will be granted one safe orgasm that does not result in the normal nonconsensual tentacle encounter, identically to the Cat Transformation. These "stack" in the sense that, if the player gets milked twice in a row, then they will have two safe orgasms, even if they are back-to-back. If the player does not have enough fluid, they will gain Pain and not be afforded the orgasm. In the case of penis milking, the player will have a scripted orgasm, reducing any Arousal to zero, which is incredibly powerful in the Tentacle Plains as the main threat is an unprotected orgasm.


  • This was the only transformation that could only be obtained in a specific location until the Version 0.2.23, when was introduced the Harpy Transformation.
  • Until the Version 0.2.15, the cow was the only animal transformation able to weaken the other ones (wolf and cat). Since then it passed to be true to the other transformations too.

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