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A visual indicator of the player's Current Condition.

Uncoloured Stats


How much cash the player has on hand. This does not include antiques or stolen goods.


This shows the current time and day of the week. The exact date is inside the Characteristics menu. Users can also click on the tab displaying this information to get the date. The time format can be changed in the general tab of the settings menu accessible when creating a new character or in any safehouse.


A list of equipped clothing along with their respective durability is also displayed in the sidebar. If the player isn't wearing adequate clothing (no underwear, only a bra...), this information will be highlighted.

Along with this, information about how drenched the player is in what liquid is displayed for their skin, mouth, genitals, and anus, respectively. The exact type and position of every body parasite (including the ear slime parasite) is also detailed here.

Coloured Stats

Managing these stats is crucial to keeping safe and healthy, as the player character can easily be overwhelmed by some of these. Stress and trauma are particularly dangerous, causing the player to pass out and experience severe mental distress, respectively.


How much pain the player is currently feeling. It tends to drop relatively quickly. If it reaches 100 points, the player will be incapacitated during encounters - they will experience a stun-like effect, similar to having an orgasm. This will last until their pain decays below 100 points again. One way to overcome this effect is to have high willpower - the higher the player's willpower, the higher their chance of overcoming the pain and not losing a turn. It should be noted that being overwhelmed by pain increases willpower by 5 points and overcoming the pain only by one point.

If an encounter ends with the player at or above 100 points of pain and they aren't able to resist via willpower, it usually ends as a "loss" for the player (especially with bullying-related encounters).

Multiple events in game are based on the player either succumbing to pain or overcoming it with their willpower, like Winter's demonstrations as the Museum, the torture at the Compound or when walking on hot coals at the Temple.

Other than this, pain mostly serves for flavour text without any real effect on gameplay. A small exception would be that some of the kinder NPCs (like Robin) may try to comport the player if they see them in pain, often reducing pain, stress and trauma.

Pain can have a value between 0 and 200 points and progresses as such:

  • 0: You feel okay.
  • ≥ 1: You are upset.
  • ≥ 20: Tears well in your eyes.
  • ≥ 40: Tears run down your face.
  • ≥ 60: You are crying.
  • ≥ 80: You cry and whimper.
  • ≥ 100: You sob uncontrollably.


How aroused the player is. When it reaches its maximum, they will climax, which brings it back down. The more the player has climaxed recently, the greater this effect. Reaching orgasm in combat incapacitates the player for a short time (up to 3 turns), whereas an orgasm in public will draw attention. Arousal increases when engaging in lewd or sexual activities (even non-consensual). See the Combat page for more.

Drugs also influence arousal - they cause the player to lose less arousal from climaxing. For more, see drugs.

Parasites and inserted sex toys increase the player's arousal constantly.

Arousal is also closely tied to Sensitivity - the more sensitive a player's body parts are, the more arousal they will gain from all sources (for more information, see the respective page).

Arousal normally decays by 10 points every minute and progresses as such:

  • 0: You feel cold.
  • ≥ 1: You feel sensual.
  • ≥ 2000: You feel aroused.
  • ≥ 4000: You feel lustful.
  • ≥ 6000: You feel horny.
  • ≥ 8000: A heat rises within.
  • 10000: You shake with arousal.

The trait "Lustful", which can be gained by wearing clothing with the "Special" trait or by choosing the "Lustful" background at character creation also has a large effect on arousal:

  • The player's arousal will increase on its own by one point every minute at maximum purity. The lower the purity, the more it will increase, by up to seven points per minute near lowest purity. This will continue until the player reaches 9000 arousal, meaning they cannot spontaneously climax just from this trait.
  • If the player's purity is very low (≤ 50), the arousal gains will not stop at 9000 points, meaning the player will be able to climax simply from having this trait. In addition, arousal will increase faster by one additional point.
  • Note: Clothing with the "Special" trait includes the Platform Heels, Micro pleated skirt, and Tie-front top, gained as part of a random event triggered anywhere within the town once the player is at least Recognised in any kind of Sexual Fame. These have their own effects as well, increasing player body part growth.

High levels of arousal (at least 6000 points) also help replenish semen or increase the player's semen volume (see here for more). With high amounts of arousal, the player's penis may also become easier to spot through their clothing (this increases their masculinity).


How tired the player is. They will not faint upon maxing it out, but trauma and, more importantly, stress will begin to increase rapidly. Fatigue gradually increases whenever the player is awake and is reduced primarily when they go to sleep. Physically demanding actions, like running, dancing, swimming, tending to plants and even walking to the countryside (45 points!) will cause noticeable gains. After passing out, fatigue resets to 0.

The effects of fatigue are somewhat limited and simple, but dangerous none the less.

Some more notable actions which influence fatigue:

  • Being awake adds one point of fatigue every minute. This is applied on top of all other fatigue increases.
  • Sleeping reduces fatigue by 250 points each hour (or 200 points if the player has uncontrolled Insomnia - see here).
    • This is true regardless of the place where the player sleeps, however, it does not stand for resting. For example, resting at the underground cell restores 1000 fatigue in one hour, however, most often resting only restores a small bit of fatigue.
  • Relaxing on the stump behind school is one of the few ways to reduce fatigue without sleeping (removes twenty points every 10 minutes). Drinking coffee at the Cafe also works (removes 80 points of fatigue).
    • Forest mushrooms also restore 150 points of fatigue.
  • Wearing high heels if the player's feet skill is less than the reveal value of the high heels (for exact values, see here).
    • This effect is more pronounced the higher the difference between skill and reveal is.
  • Being drunk adds fatigue every minute. The more drunk the player, the stronger this effect. It corresponds to 1 point every minute for every 200 points of drunkness.
  • Working as a dancer is particularly tiring - even just beginning work takes 60 points.
  • Tending, especially if the player's tending skill is low, is very hard on the player's fatigue - as an example, a field will take 150 points of fatigue to till at maximum tending, but 540 points at minimum tending.
  • Hunts with the wolf pack are rather exhausting.
  • Work at the docks generally adds 90 point per hour.
  • Servicing any gloryhole adds 45 points of fatigue.
  • Swimming generally takes 30 points of fatigue, but practicing it takes 90 points of fatigue.

Effects of tiredness:

  • Every time a player would have gained a point of fatigue when at the maximum, 16 points of stress and 1/3 of a point of trauma is added.
  • If the player is at maximum fatigue in history class, there is a 10% chance for them to fall asleep, restoring 200 fatigue.

Fatigue progresses as such:

  • 0: You are refreshed.
  • ≥ 1: You are wide awake.
  • ≥ 400: You are alert.
  • ≥ 800: You are wearied.
  • ≥ 1200: You are tired.
  • ≥ 1600: You are fatigued.
  • 2000: You are exhausted.


How stressed the player is. This needs to be watched carefully, as if it gets too high, it will be easy to become overwhelmed and pass out. Many actions will build this in small amounts, but it can add up really quickly. Thankfully it can be reduced comparatively quickly as well.

Stress progresses as such:

  • You are serene.
  • You are placid.
  • You are calm.
  • You are tense.
  • You are strained.
  • You are distressed.
  • You are overwhelmed!


How many bad things the player has gone through. Think about Trauma as an abiding version of Stress. It builds up slowly and is relatively easy to deal with at first, but accumulate too much and the player will find themselves spending a lot of in-game time trying to bring it down. Be careful!

As the player gains Trauma, they gain Negative Traits, triggering events such as flashbacks and/or hallucinations.

Trauma progresses as such:

  • You are healthy.
  • You are uneasy.
  • You are nervous.
  • You are troubled.
  • You are disturbed.
  • You are tormented.
  • You feel numb.


Control determines the player's confidence (the feeling of control over what happens to them). As the player loses their sense of Control, they also lose the ability to control their Negative Traits. Essentially, this means that this stat will help keep the Stress and Trauma stats from accumulating out of control. If the player maxes out the former, they will be in trouble. Stress will also build faster at low Control. Watch out!

This stat is susceptible to being lowered very quickly if the player is not careful, and will take many lewd actions and/or a lengthy amount of passed time for the player to return to a safe and stable mental state once more.

Control progresses as such:

  • You are confident.
  • You are insecure.
  • You are worried.
  • You are anxious.
  • You are scared.
  • You are frightened.
  • You are terrified.


How attractive the player is. It is considered to be the alternative or "dark side" to attractiveness, measuring the chance of the player being a prime target for molestation attempts. It may also increase the money made from tips. This stat mainly depends on factors such as worn Clothing, but other factors such as Transformations also give a big boost.

These are just several examples of what increases Allure, there are many more:

  • Wearing a collar: +1000 Allure
  • Any transformation: +500 Allure
  • Semen and/or goo: +50 Allure for each instance of it on or in the player's body
  • Stockings or fishnets: +300 Allure
  • Combat fame is subtracted from Allure directly, which is a hidden value between 0-1000
  • Allure is multiplied by 1.5 at night
  • Hair length divided by four is added to Allure, which is a hidden value between 0-1000 (200 per visible length stage)
  • Being topless (for female MCs) OR bottomless multiplies Allure by 1.2
  • Being topless AND bottomless multiplies Allure by 1.5
  • Revealing clothing will be added to Allure, between 0-1000 per article of clothing

Checking the mirror in the player's bedroom will gives a list of the various factors affecting Allure. Allure progresses as such:

  • You look unremarkable. (Allure < 1000)
  • You attract glances. (Allure ≥ 1000)
  • You attract attention. (Allure ≥ 1500)
  • You stand out. (Allure ≥ 2000)
  • You look lewd. (Allure ≥ 3000)
  • You look perverted. (Allure ≥ 4000)
  • You look like you need to be ravaged. (Allure ≥ 6000)

Ingested Substances

Currently, the player can ingest substances of three categories - Alcohol, Drugs and Hallucinogens. How much of each substance the player has ingested is only shown if the player is currently under their influence.


The more drunk the player is, the less stress is conferred onto them by all sources (see below). Being drunk also affects flavour text greatly. Alcohol also has a negative effect - the more drunk the player is, the faster their fatigue will increase, reducing fatigue loss from sleeping. Essentially this means the player get themselves drunk to the point that they get more tired as they sleep. This effect is very strong when the player is very drunk.

The amount of alcohol in a person's blood decreases by one point every minute, meaning a person with 120 points of alcohol in their blood takes 2 hours to sober up.

Intoxication progresses as such:

  • ≥ 1: You are woozy.
  • ≥ 121: You are tipsy.
  • ≥ 241: You are drunk.
  • ≥ 361: You are smashed.
  • ≥ 481: You are wasted. (Maximum is 1000 - it would take a total of 16 hours and 40 minutes of in-game time for the player's drunken state to wear off)

Alcohol reduces stress gains from non-consensual sex and violence less than stress from events. The exact values are listed below:

Alcohol level (points) 0 ≥ 1 ≥ 120 ≥ 240 ≥ 360 ≥ 480
Stress reduction (events) 0 % 25 % 37.5 % 50 % 62.5 % 75 %
Stress reduction (rape and violence) 0 % 10 % 20 % 40 % 60 % 70 %

These effects make alcohol a good way to get certain sexual coping traits relatively early on, making the player more resistant to things like rape.

Note: Alcohol has no effect on anything not listed above, like arousal, and also does not interact with drugs or hallucinogens.

Getting Drunk

The obvious way to get drunk is to drink alcohol at places like the Beach Party (+60 points of alcohol) or the Pub (booze has 120 points; herbal booze has 60 points of alcohol and 20 points of hallucinogens). Additionally, if the Docks coworkers invite the player out for a night out, they can drink with them (each drink has 120 - 180 points of alcohol). Other sources of alcohol include the forest mushrooms (60 points) and red liquids. An example of this is a random event when tending to the garden - a stem might tangle the player's leg. If they lick it and the liquid is red, it adds 180 points of alcohol.

The colour red is associated with alcohol.


The drug level depends on how many drugs the player has recently taken - aphrodisiacs, specifically. Any amount of drugs stop the player from screaming convincingly, preventing them from getting help if assaulted. If they attempt to scream regardless, they get the prompt: "You try to scream for help, but the aphrodisiacs make it sound like a lewd moan." In addition, drugs decrease the arousal lost by reaching orgasm, though this effect is lessened the more orgasms a player experiences in a day.

Like alcohol, the level of drugs in a player decreases by one point every minute. In addition, every orgasm decreases it by twenty points.

This stat has only one level and its effects do not change if the player ingests more (a more exact value can be derived from the bar shown bellow this text in the sidebar):

  • ≥ 1 point of drugs: A lewd warmth fills you. (Maximum is 1000 - it would take a total of 16 hours and 40 minutes of in-game time for the player's state to return to normal)

Note: Drugs do not cause hallucinations and do not interact with other substances, like hallucinogens or alcohol. They also do not make the player more sensitive, contrary to what the flavour text seems to imply.

Getting Drugged

Drugs are offered to the player as pills in some events (for example by people who take the player into the forest when seduced at the Pub, and they are contained in the more expensive stimulant used for the Maths Competition). They are also contained in pink liquids or sprayed on the player as a pink mist as part of random events. The Purple Lichen - part of one of the Science fair projects, and Avery's preferred wine contain drugs too. Tentacle ejaculate also contains a small amount of drugs, enough to last 3 minutes for each time the tentacle "pumps" (only works if ejaculated inside of the mouth, vagina or anus). An ear slime parasite may randomly drug the player, and many mushrooms also have this effect, like the forest pitcher and the mushroom forest in the old sewers. Harper will also drug the player at times when they are captured in the underground farm. The colorful liquid offered to the player during the pub crawl event has 120 points of drugs (and also some alcohol).

The colour pink is associated with drugs.


Any amount of hallucinogens gives the player severe hallucinations, with the same effect as a trait of the same name. This includes more dangerous encounters, like tentacles and monster boys/girls appearing randomly. Some flavour text is also altered.

Like drugs and alcohol, hallucinogens decay by one point every minute.

This stat has only one level and its effects do not change if more is ingested (a more exact value can be derived from the bar shown bellow this text in the sidebar):

  • ≥ 1 point of hallucinogens: Your perception is altered (Maximum is 1000 - it would take a total of 16 hours and 40 minutes of in-game time for the player's state to return to normal)

Note: Hallucinogens have no effect other than causing severe hallucinations.

Getting Hallucinogens

Hallucinogens are contained in herbal booze (available at the Pub; contains 20 points), as well as the absinthe offered to the player during the Pub crawl event (contains 120 points - enough for 2 hours!). The incense candles at the Temple also contain hallucinogens - players should be careful when using the prayer room, and not go straight into the forest after!

The colour purple is associated with hallucinogens.


  • The game had a hunger and thirst stat early in development, but the developer decided it would not add enough to be worth the additional chore of managing it.
    • It is possible that these stats may have been reworked into the Fatigue stat.
    • Despite this, remnants of a thirst stat still remain in not only the game's code, but in the Underground Brothel. Should the player act defiant there, the ringleaders will have them turn off the player's tap in their cell as punishment.
      • This escalates to the point where the player is said to be "dying of thirst" should they continue to disobey. Despite this, the player will remain alive.
    • The Hunger stat has returned in some fashion in Version 0.2.13.
      • However, it functions similarly to the aforementioned tap. Additionally, the stat will only be managed while the player is at the Underground Farm.

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