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The Barb Street Dance Studio, otherwise referred to as simply the "Dance Studio", is one of several places of interest the player can hone their skills. It is located on the aforementioned Barb Street.

The owner is Charlie, a professional dance instructor.


"You are in the dance studio. Here you can pay for lessons to improve your dancing skill. They also offer lessons on how to walk in high heels, as well as yoga lessons. The instructor is said to be well-connected in the professional scene. Lessons cost £12."

How to Enter

The dance studio can easily be accessed from Barb Street. £12 is required to participate in lessons (or £22 for Yoga).

First Steps

Upon paying £12 to the receptionist, the player will enter a large room with wooden panel floors and mirrors lining the walls. It seems the lesson is already in progress as the dance instructor can be seen addressing the class with their hands on their hips, explaining why proper warm up exercises are important.

The instructor eventually reveals their name to be Charlie. They are alerted of the player's presence when the door closes behind them, with Charlie welcoming the player as a new student. The player examines the instructor closely, noting of their skintight outfit showcasing their athletic, outlined slim body.

At this point, it's time for the player to introduce themselves to the rest of the class, but how?

  • Timidly: "H-hello..." you mumble, eyes transfixed on your feet. Charlie will then walk over to the player, putting a protective arm around their shoulders. They reassure them, telling the player they don't bite, and that they will help the player out of their shell. The player is gently escorted over to the rest of the class to commence the lesson. This choice increases Charlie's Love by 20.
  • Confidently: "Pleased to meet you! I can't wait to get started!" Charlie will seem cautious about the player, telling them not to get too eager as too much will strain their muscles. Nonetheless, they seem happy as Charlie recalls what they were doing as the lesson commences.
  • Flirtatiously: "Nice outfit. Really shows off your assets." The player examines Charlie's body iintently, letting them know exactly which assets the player means. Charlie seems self-conscious, shifting uncomfortably on the spot - soon growing annoyed. They ask for the player to take their place among the rest of the class, before commencing the lesson. This choice decreases Charlie's Love by 10


  • One lesson will have three rounds over the course of one in-game hour. Every twenty minutes, the player can get themselves a good workout or a different event.
  • The Dance Studio is a good way of improving the Dancing skill without the need of visiting more risky areas such as the Strip Club and/or Brothel.
  • The Dance Studio (Yoga Lesson) is a good way of improving the Willpower characteristic without having to endure risky sexual or painful encounters. Yoga was added as of Version 0.4.0
  • To stay in Charlie's good books, the player will need to act meek. While acting flirtatious or confident towards Charlie may affect little, they will take less of a personal interest with the player.
  • Regardless of whether or not the player has perfected their Dancing skill, the dance studio is still considered to be a decent place to get a good workout to increase the player's Physique. A workout is prompted three times, instead of simply one should the player do any other physical activity.
  • There is a changing room accessible at all times. This is only used for changing into more appropriate attire for dancing such as leotards or other similar dancing clothing. As of Version 0.3.12, the player can change into any appropriate outfit in their wardrobe without having to have worn it to the dance studio. They can change back into the outfit they arrived in in the same changing room.

People of Interest

  • Charlie. They are found teaching their dance classes here.


The following will detail the various events that go on at this particular location.

Dance Lessons

The dance studio allows for some humorous events while the lessons are in session.

Portable Barre

Charlie will ask the player and someone else to put away the portable barre into the equipment room. The other person then shuts the door and tries to have their way with the player. Regardless of how the player deals with the situation by allowing it to happen or fighting them off, they will exit from the scene once they are done.

Substitute Instructor

Charlie might need to leave the class for a few minutes, leaving them without an instructor. At this point the player can take over and decide how they want to spend their time.

  • Focus on practising.
  • Help other students.
  • Show off their dancing skills. The other dancers grow jealous of the player if they are a good dancer.

Too Close for Comfort

The player might get paired with a dance partner with lewd intentions. They intentionally start to feel the player up, pulling them closer towards them.

  • Endure. Adds Arousal. The player will endure the fondling until it is time to switch partners.
  • Push away. The player will push the partner away, making them fall before they have to switch partners.
  • Reciprocate. Requires Promiscuity 2 or higher. The player will start touching them as well until both are breathing far more heavily than anybody else before it is time once again to switch partners.

Airborne Skirt Exercising

If the player is wearing a skirt while they are dancing, this turns out to be a bad idea - as performing airborne exercises will allow everyone to see what's underneath!

Interestingly enough, the same event will occur should the player be wearing types of dresses such as a sundress or ballgown.

Personal Attention

Charlie will give the player some personal attention if they are lucky, demonstrating moves while their body touches the player's slightly. Charlie may take the player's handholding virginity in this event, if they still have it. The player can react in several ways:

  • Meek Compliment: Charlie gives the player even more attention, much to the envy of the other dancers.
  • Brag confidently: Charlie laughs, telling the player to shut their trap and watch closely.
  • Flirt: Requires Promiscuity 2 or higher. The player will rub their behind against Charlie's lower parts, calling them "well formed". Charlie blushes in response, moving away as they find an excuse to avoid the player for the rest of the lesson.

Quite a Crowd

Charlie may leave the group for a few minutes. This happens very rarely. The player will then find themselves surrounded by the other dancers, who tell the player they have had enough of their antics and wish to teach them a "real lesson."

This initiates a non-consensual multi-encounter. They stop upon hearing Charlie's voice, with them letting the player go but not before telling that there is more where that came from.

The event is one of the more interesting ones, and can only be triggered depending on other events listed above:

  • The player repeatedly steals Charlie's attention away from the others time and time again
  • Showing their excellent dancing skills
  • Pushing away the dance partner
  • Fighting off the barre assailant

Heel Lessons

The receptionist looks you up and down. "We offer high heel classes every Tuesday and Thursday, but students must bring their own shoes to participate. If you're interested, the shopping centre sells them."

If the player is wearing heeled footwear - such as the platform heels - they may have to go undergo training to wear them properly. One of the ways to do this is to participate in high heel lessons at the studio, available every Tuesday and Thursday for £12 per lesson.

The player must bring their own high heeled shoes. Doing this will increase the player's "Feet" sexual skill, allowing them to wear the heels with little issues. High heels deal additional kick damage during combat encounters.

After each high heel lessons, Charlie has the class watch a short educational video as the class is about to wind down. The video content may be one of the following:

  • The video is said to be low-quality and grainy, and shows a woman wearing tall heels, stepping on a banana. Humorously, the player thinks that it must be someone's fetish. + Arousal
  • A video which is just a normal guide to walking in high heels, along with how to stand, sit and walk gracefully.
  • The video shows a woman wearing a leotard and heels performing a dance routine. + Arousal
  • A video guide to etiquette about how to walk and carry oneself in a fancy restaurant.
  • A video about the history of high heels, 17th century shoes and how men of royalty used to wear them.

Yoga Lessons


The receptionist looks at the advertisement. "Oh, that? It's the newest addition to our studio. Lessons happen every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They can be a little more expensive than our dance lessons, but are great for flexibility."

The receptionist looks back at you. "Besides, there are great therapeutic benefits to yoga. Just keep in mind that, if you want to participate, you better come with clothes that are easy to move in"

If the player is wearing a leotard, Unitard, or Skimpy Leotard, they can participate in Yoga, available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for £22.

  • You get a good workout. As the lesson progresses, Charlie chooses a position that is particularly hard to maintain. Noticing your struggle, she approaches you. She points out your errors and helps you to correct them. You soon feel a lot more stable, and are able to stay in position with much more ease.
  • You get a good workout. Charlie demonstrates a couple of the more difficult positions. They are much harder to maintain and you soon start to feel your body getting tired.
  • You get a good workout. Charlie demonstrates a couple of the easier positions. They are a good warm up, and you can feel your body getting a good stretch.
  • You get a good workout. The rest of the lesson passes uneventfully.

Dance Jobs

Charlie may offer work to players with high enough dancing skill every once a week. For more information see Charlie's Jobs.


  • Currently there are no items to be obtained here.


  • The Dance Studio serves as a good way of increasing the Dancing skill during the early-game period. This is similar to working at the Cafe.
  • There is now a Changing room at this location
  • High Heel Lessons added vers [xxx]
  • Yoga lessons added vers [xxx]


The following images showcase below what the dance studio looks like at different times of the day.

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