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The Danube Spa, otherwise referred to as simply the "Spa", is one of several places of interest the player can visit. It is located on the aforementioned Danube Street. The player can find work here for rich clientele who come to relax and receive high class service.


  • Normal (1/2): "You are in the spa on Danube Street. Large windows open onto a natural spring, and a corridor to the side leads to other facilities."
  • Normal (2/2): "Patrons relax in and around the many pools."
  • During a party: "The spring is packed with bodies, and loud music plays. Someone's hired the venue for a party
  • After closing hours: "You can hear running water, but the establishment is otherwise quiet."

How to Enter

The spa can easily be accessed from Danube Street between 8AM and 9PM. However, the receptionist will refuse to let the player work there if they do not possess one of two specific requirements:

This is demonstrated in the "First Steps" section below. Refer to that section for more information.

Outside of its opening hours, the player will need a D in Skulduggery to successfully break in.

First Steps

When the player enters the spa for the first time, a receptionist looks up from their desk at the player, curling their noise. They tell the player to "make it quick" as their clientele don't mix with "riff-raff" off the street.

The player can ask for work. Doing so will have the receptionist scoff. They push their spectacles up their noise, saying "Let me make this clear" before telling the player that the clientele expect something.

At this point, the player's stats will come into play, affecting how the receptionist treats the player.

Default (1/4)

If the player does not have high Beauty: The receptionist states the clientele expect a certain standard, in which the player doesn't "meet them". As such, the player is directed towards the door as the receptionist gives them a "Good day" farewell.

A new prompt appears: "They might feel differently were you particularly beautiful."

This gives the player two options:

  • Say you have skilled hands (leads into the next section)
  • Leave

Skilled Hands (2/4)

If the player states they have skilled hands but does not have a high enough skill ranking in "Hands", the receptionist states that "we'll see." They reach over the desk, grasping the player's hands in theirs, before leaning forward to observe them. They release their grasp with a disdainful sneer, before deeming the player as "not suitable" before turning back to their desk, and directing the player towards the door just as before.

A prompt will appear, stating this: "C Hand Skill or higher required."

If the player does in fact have a C hand skill, the player can work around this issue of not meeting the standard by showing their skill with their hands. This has the receptionist grasp the player's hands as before, leaning in forwards to observe them once again. They frown, stating that the player's skill is "unexpected" and there is in fact maybe a place for the player, before pulling away.

High Beauty (3/4)

If the player has high beauty (9000+) the following event will occur instead:

The receptionist scoffs once more, stating what their clientele expect - but they are cut off as they regard the player, surprised by their beauty. They state how exceptions can be made for particularly "talented" individuals, and that they might have a place for the player.

They clear their throat, informing the player they should do as the clients tell them.

Further Questions (4/4)

After the receptionist goes into detail about work, they ask the player for any questions - this gives them two options:

  • Ask for advice
  • No

Choosing the first option has the player do just that.

  • Defiant: "Do I get any training?" you ask. "You haven't asked about my experience."
  • Neutral: "Do you have any tips for me?" you ask.
  • Submissive: "C-can you give advice about how to be a masseur?" you ask.

The receptionist laughs, before going on to repeat themselves - just do as the client asks, before telling the player they can start when they like. They turn back to their desk.

Choosing the second option simply has the player shake their head, with the receptionist responding with a "Good", before telling the player they can start whenever they like, turning back to their desk.


Once the player shows off their beauty or skill, the receptionist will go into details about the work at hand. They inform the player that they should do as the clients tell them, before giving away more details:

  • Fifty minutes per session, but allows up to an hour.
  • £10 hourly pay, in addition to any tips made.
    • Earning sizable tips of a £100 or more can be achieved when the player´s hand skill is high, their beauty is divine, and they are willing to flirt or expose themselves to the customer.
  • The player can come work at any time within the opening hours.
    • A new option crops up once the introduction is complete: "Work as a masseur (0:50)"
  • The spa is a good way to increase the individual "Hand" sexual skill, besides the opportunity to engage in sex with their clientele. This will increase Exhibitionism and Sex Fame.
  • A tanning room can be used both by the clientele and the player. This is a good way to maintain the player's tan even if the weather and season are unfavorable. The price for using it varies on the season.
    • £25 in Autumn or Spring
    • £60 in the Winter
    • £10 in Summer

People of Interest

Currently there are no notable People of Interest to be found here.


The following will detail the various events that go on at this particular location.


The following can happen when working here:

The player will always receive 10£ for working and are expected to make most of their money from tips. The size of these always depends directly on how high the player's skill with the body part they use (hands, chest...) is. The more skilled the player, the higher the tip. On the wiki, this is stated in parenthesis after tip size.

If the player attempts to work with bound arms, a member of staff will unbind them.

A person with one of the following five possible personalities will then enter the room where the player works:

  • Hesitant (They say they have not done this before)
  • Tired (They pull off their towel barely glancing at the player)
  • Rude (They eye up the player with a response depending on their beauty)
  • Lewd (They will leer at the player, dropping their towel and flaunting their genitals)
  • Polite (They will nod and lie down)

The player is always given a choice between behaving cute, sophisticated, and alluring (Promiscuity 1).

Behaving Cute

  • Hesitant people will give the player a small tip based on hand skill.
  • Tired people will give the player a tiny hand-based tip, but they will fall asleep, allowing the player to rob them (requires at least an F+ rank in Skulduggery).
  • Rude people will give the player a small (hands) tip if their beauty is not high enough (over 8000) or a medium tip (hands) if it is, along with a 30% chance to ask the player to reveal their crotch/breasts.
  • Lewd people will generally make inappropriate remarks, but 50% of the time, they will leave the player a small tip (hands) and leave. The other 50% of the time, they will ask the player to pleasure them sexually with their hands.
  • Polite people will simply give the player a medium tip (hands) and enjoy the massage.

Behaving Sophisticated

  • Hesitant people will give the player a tiny hand-based tip.
  • Tired people will give the player a tiny hand-based tip, but they will fall asleep, allowing the player to rob them (requires at least an F+ rank in Skulduggery).
  • Rude people will give the player a tiny (hands) tip if their beauty is not high enough (over 8000) or a medium tip (hands) if it is, along with a 30% chance to ask the player to reveal their crotch/breasts.
  • Lewd people will make inappropriate remarks, give the player a small tip (hands) and leave 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time, they will ask the player if they want to get a massage from them.
  • Polite people will simply give the player a medium tip (hands) and enjoy the massage.

Behaving Alluring

  • Hesitant people will be invited to strip their towel by the player. The player can wait on them or strip them (Promiscuity 2).
    • If they wait, there is a 50% chance the client will leave, and no time will pass. Otherwise, the client will enjoy the massage and leave the player a very large tip (hands).
    • Stripping them will have the same effect as above, with the exception that they will never leave.
  • Tired people will lie down, and the player will start working. They will have the option to either keep working or grope them (Promiscuity 3).
    • Keeping on working will give the player a small hand-based tip and allow them to rob their client.
    • If the player wants to successfully grope them, they will need to pass a seduction skill check - they player will need at least an A rank overall rating.
      • Success leads to the client asking for a "happy ending" - they want the player to pleasure them sexually with their hands.
      • Failure has no repercussions and allows the player to rob their client.
  • Rude people will give the player a tiny (hands) tip if their beauty is not high enough (over 8000) or a medium tip (hands) if it is. With higher allure, the client has a higher chance to offer the player a large tip (hands) if they give them oral sex - the player can accept (Promiscuity 4) or refuse. Otherwise, the person will simply give the player their tip and leave.
    • Accepting leads to a consensual encounter with the client's genitals near the player's face. If the player brings them to completion, they will hand over the tip and leave. If the encounter is ended in any other way, they will leave without giving the player their tip.
    • Refusing has an 80% chance of simply ending the encounter. However, there is also the 20% chance of the client attempting to rape the player. If the player pleasures their client, they will still receive the tip, however, if they end the encounter in any other way, the client will simply leave.
  • Lewd people will look forward to working with the player. There is a 50/50 chance of them either giving the player a small tip (hands) and leaving peacefully or asking the player to strip as well, offering them an exceedingly large tip (hands). The player can refuse or accept (Exhibitionism 5).
    • Refusing will lead to the client only leaving a tiny tip.
    • Accepting will lead to the client asking to be massaged by the player's chest (regardless of size or gender). The player may once again accept (Promiscuity 3) or refuse.
      • Refusing has no negative effect, as the session ends normally, with the player receiving their promised exceedingly large tip.
      • Accepting will increase the player's tip further still based on their chest skill. This also increases chest skill. There is a 50/50 chance for it to end there as the client leaves and gives the player their tip. The client may however grasp the player's chest - the player may endure (+ Stress | + Arousal) or tell them to stop.
        • Telling them to stop has an 80% chance for the client to stop, give their tip to the player and leave. However, 20% of the time, they will attempt to rape the player. If the player pleasures their client, they will still receive the tip, however, if they end the encounter in any other way, the client will simply leave.
        • Accepting once again has a 50/50 chance of the encounter either ending or the client asking for more - this time, sex. The player may allow this (Promiscuity 5) of refuse.
          • Refusing has the same consequences as telling them to stop one step earlier.
          • Accepting leads to a consensual encounter with a table as a prop. The player will be tipped extra, depending on their skill with their genitals. They will only receive money if the encounter ends by beating up the client, pleasuring them or screaming and being rescued.
  • Polite people will simply lie down and give the player a tiny tip. However, when they attempt to leave, the player can attempt to seduce them for more (Promiscuity 3). Successfully doing so requires an S rank in overall seduction.
    • Failing leads to the client simply leaving.
    • Succeeding has two possible outcomes - if the player does not know about the soup kitchen, the client will tell them about it, otherwise, they will try to push past. Here, the player can beg (+ Stress) or let them leave.
      • If left to leave, the client will do exactly that.
      • If the player begs their client, provided they have the Submissive trait or they are suffering from dissociation, they will be moved, giving the player 100£ before leaving. Otherwise, there is a 10% chance of receiving 100£, 20% for 60£, 20% for 30£, 20% for 10£ and a 30% chance for them to break free and leave.

Robbing Clients

There is a 50% chance that the client will be wearing a gold necklace/chain (80£), a 48% chance of a gold ring (50£) and a 2% chance of a watch (3000£). The player can keep working, increasing their hands skill, take a break, reducing stress and tiredness or try to rob the client (60% chance of success at F+ skulduggery, success guaranteed at C+). Note that these options do not affect the tip size.

For the first time the player succeeds at robbing a client, they will gain the feat "Idle Hands". If they fail, there are no repercussions, as the client will simply fall asleep again.

Revealing Body Parts

If asked to do this, the player can refuse, show, or ask for money (not refusing requires Exhibitionism 4 for breasts and Exhibitionism 5 for crotch).

  • Refusing has a 20% chance of making the person lunge for the player in an attempt to remove their clothing (see below), a 40% chance of the person asking to negotiate, which the player can refuse again and a 40% chance of them accepting and leaving.
    • Negotiating will not provide any extra tip, simply showing what the player would have gotten anyway. The player can accept the offer, stripping for their client, who then peacefully leaves, or refuse. Refusing has a 40% chance of the client leaving and a 60% chance of making them lunge for the player's clothes
    • Refusing again has a 40% chance of the client leaving and a 60% chance of making them lunge for the player's clothes
  • Showing will simply have the player strip. The client will leave in peace (not giving any extra tip).
  • Asking for money can make the person lunge for the player (40%), or the player can negotiate an extra medium (for breasts) or large (for crotch) tip (not skill dependant).
    • Refusing this has a 40% chance of the client leaving and a 60% chance of making them lunge for the player.
    • Accepting has the player strip and the person leave in peace.

Lunging for the Player's Clothes

Some NPCs will lunge for the player's clothes in an attempt to remove them. The dancing skill can save the player, though not even an S rank guarantees success. Should they dodge the attempt anyway, they may slap the customer or politely ask them to leave, both of which have the same effect of making the client leave. Should the customer succeed, what can happen is complicated:

  • If they went for the player's top:
    • If the player's top is open, one part of a broken outfit or below 20 durability, it will be removed from the player. If not, the client will be made to leave. If they succeed and the player is not wearing underwear, they will have a look and leave. If they are, the client will attempt to remove it in a similar fashion as well, succeeding only under the same conditions.
      • To see what clothing is considered open, see the compact lists on the pages Tops and Under Tops.
  • If they went for the player's crotch:
    • This will work the same as the above situation, but with the player's Bottom and Under Bottom pieces of clothing. Interestingly, this also checks if the clothing is "open" and it does not matter if, for example, the piece of clothing is a skirt or pants.

Pleasuring with Hands

Some NPCs may ask the player for a "Happy ending". The player can refuse or negotiate (Promiscuity 3 or scared by Bailey into prostitution).

  • Refusing has the client leave. The player will only receive a small hand-based tip.
  • Negotiating will allow the player to gain an additional medium hand-based tip, should they get to work (start pleasuring the client with their hands). They can also refuse.
    • Refusing simply has the client leave.
    • Getting to work allows the player to either finish their client, making them orgasm and leave, or they can demand more money. Doing so with the hands skill at rank B or more will add up to 15£. With less skill, there's a 70% chance they will orgasm anyway, not giving any extra money, or they might lose control, entering into a non-consensual encounter with the player.
      • The player can demand more money two more times, each time increasing the hand skill required - for the second time, an A rank guarantees success, while for the third time, even an S rank only gives a 91% chance of success. At this point, the client will attempt to bring themselves to orgasm, which the player may allow or try to prevent by holding their hands down.
        • Allowing it simply has them orgasm and leave.
        • Holding their hands down will always succeed, but the player will now have to use something else for stimulating the client - either their ass or thighs, both of which will require a skill of at least C for guaranteed success.
          • Whichever the player chooses, this will again allow the player to either finishing them or demand a higher tip, which is again more difficult and if failed, will result in rape. However, if this is successful again, the player will decide to finally finish the client, letting them orgasm and leave.
    • Even if the player ends up being raped, the client will still pay, often even apologising.

Receiving a Massage

Some NPCs may offer the player to massage them instead. The player may accept or refuse.

  • Refusing will lead to the client quietly obeying the player but leaving only a tiny tip (hands) when leaving.
  • Accepting gives the player the option to lie down or strip first (Exhibitionism 5).
    • If the player lies down, the client will give them a massage (- Stress), feeling around a bit more than necessary (+ 600 arousal), but otherwise, they will not try anything. They will even give the player a very large tip (hands) in the end.
    • If the player strips first, 50% of the time, it will play out as above. However, 50% of the time, they will try to get more intimate with the player.
      • Choosing to endure this will not lead to penetration and after a bit of lewd play, they will stop and give the player an exceptionally large tip (hands), even more so if the player climaxed during this massage.
      • Asking to stop has two possible outcomes - if the player reaches orgasm, they will not be able to get their words out and the outcome will be as above. If they do not orgasm and get their words out properly, the client will respect their wished, still giving them a large tip (hands).


There is a 1/5 chance for a party event to happen here. This will be indicated by the prompt: "The spring is packed with bodies, and loud music plays. Someone's hired the venue for a party" when the player enters the spa.

The main (and only) effect of this is that should the player scream for help during encounters here, no one will hear them over the sounds of the party.

Tanning Salon

A sign will read that tanning beds are available, indicating that the session's cost may vary depending on the season. During Winter the session costs £60. It will last an hour if the player chooses to use it, plus greatly increasing the tan level.

If the player continuously tans at the spa or during summer time, it will take up to a minimum of sixteen sessions to get a full tan - excluding how tanning degrades each night.


Traditional methods of tanning may prove to be futile during the winter season, as those methods will be much less effective due to the harsh cold weather. As such, it is recommended to turn to the tanning salon to get a tan.

This salon allows the player to get a tan regardless of the time of year, season and weather - meaning the player can still get themselves a tan at any possible time of the year. It is highly recommended to spend time here, as it will always be as effective as tanning in the summer would otherwise be using the usual methods. The cold of winter will not prevent the player from getting a tan here.

It will also come in handy if the player is struggling to obtain a tan via the methods required to do so.

However, it may be expensive to afford - as such, should the player find the spa to be too expensive they must either find means of making money, or wait until the winter is over. Alternatively, they can wait until summer arrives for the tanning effectiveness increase.

For more information on tanning as well as the mentioned methods on getting a tan, see here: Player Customization


The player will enter a small room dominated by a tanning bed. There's a large window covered by a curtain. The options will be given to:

  • Strip to underwear
  • Strip naked | Exhibitionism 1
  • Strip naked and open the curtains | Exhibitionism 5

Leaving the underwear on will leave tan lines on the player's skin, while stripping naked will not. Either way, the session will proceed without a hitch. However, choosing to strip and open the curtains will expose the player to the clients who are lounging in the pools outside. This may result in someone stealing the player's clothes. After which, the options will be to:

  • Chase the culprit | Athletics
  • Ask for help
  • Look for towels | Skulduggery

Chasing the culprit will be difficult, but if it is achieved, the player will be able to knock them over. The culprit will be very amused despite this. The player can slap them for a decrease in Trauma or simply walk away. If the pursuit is unsuccessful, the player will have the initial two options again, or try to follow the clothes thief. Following the clothes thief will lead to a compromising situation: A tentacled monster will be attacking the thief! The player may take the clothes and run away, or help the thief escape. Helping the thief will be very difficult even for players with max Athletics. If successful, the player will receive assistance by monks and nuns holding whips, making the monster loosen its grip on the clothes thief. Interestingly, one of the monks or nuns will remark to the player that "you are not ready for this" but that "you handled yourself well". The player will recover their clothes and get back to Danube Street.

When asking for help, the player will slink out into the corridor and approach a few members of staff. They may help the player, but there is a possibility they will take advantage of the situation and initiate a non-consensual threesome.

If the player chooses to look for towels, they will sneak out of the tanning room and take a towel away from an unsuspecting client. The stolen clothes will not be recovered.


Currently there are no items to be obtained here.

There are two feats associated with this location/area, these are listed below.

Feat name Hint Description Requirements Notes Rank
Idle Hands "Skilled hands have many uses." "Robbed a client while working as a masseur." Use Skulduggery to steal from a client while working at the Danube Street spa. -
Negotiator "Rake it in." "Made over £500 from a single tip." Gain a total of £500 from a single tip when working at places such as the Strip Club. The "Serving" clothing trait will come in handy, but only when working as a server/bartender. It is recommended to wear a set and/or different pieces of clothing that all have this trait.

When working in the spa, choose to act "alluring." While working here, it is recommended to have a good amount in the Hand skill. There is a chance that the player will get to grope the customer they are tending to, and if Seduction is high enough (requires an A rank) the player can give them a "happy ending." This scene involves the use of orgasm denial, in which the player is able to keep denying their orgasm, causing them to offer up more and more money to the player until they eventually orgasm.

Please note that RNG will determine the tip. It is not guaranteed that the total tip amount will get to the £500 point. Additionally, being "alluring" in general (as in the player has high Allure) will also increase tips.


  • Prior to Version 0.2.18, this location was completely inaccessible, but was mentioned in an event. During this unrepeatable event, the player is instructed to handle a package with a message. Then they are meant to go to Danube Street at the "oak behind the spa". The player then removes their clothes and some pictures are taken of them. The player is rewarded with an envelope with money in it. This event has expanded from a single task into four stages of continuous tasks in Version 0.4.0. Due to technical issues, this event is unable to trigger the stage 3 event and make the stage 1 and stage 2 event repeatable.
  • This is the only location in the game that takes specific stats into consideration when trying to gain access for the first time. If the player does not have the right stats, they will not be allowed to work here.
  • This is one of few locations which can increase individual sexual skills without actually engaging in a sexual encounter. Other examples include dancing at the Dance Studio (increases "Feet") and taking riding lessons at the Riding School (increases "Thighs"). In addition sexual skills can be increased in the tentacle forest.
  • The Spa did not originally include a tanning room. It was added in Version 0.2.20.
  • If you do not have a job here, the receptionist will be rude and disrespectful, however if the player has a job at the spa, the receptionist will be more kind and not as rude


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