Danube Street Burglary

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The Danube Street burglary events are a series of short, repeatable quests the player can access by breaking into the mansions on Danube Street.


Players looking to pay off their debt may immediately find themselves drawn to the extravagant mansions on Danube Street. Their residents are certainly better off than the rest of the town; would they really miss a few of their useless-yet-pricey trinkets?


A D+ or higher in Skulduggery is necessary to pick the locks to the mansions.

The player may sneak into homes at any time of the day, though it's recommended the player do this at night (between 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM), otherwise there's a chance the homes' owners will simply answer the door.


Several possible scenes can occur when the player breaks into a home, all of which are listed below. These outcomes are random; there's no way to know what the player will find in a given home until they enter.


While sneaking around a mansion, the player alerts the owner's cat. The player can either run, (Athletics) fight (initiates encounter), or - if their Deviancy is at least 2, try to calm it (initiates consensual sex).

  • Attempting to run and succeeding has the player escape the house, gaining a bit of Stress in the process. If they fail, the cat pounces upon the player and pulls them to the ground, forcing a fight.
  • Fighting or making it cum causes the cat to keel over in pain or satisfaction, respectively, giving the player an opportunity to escape.
  • Alternatively, if the player possesses the full Cat Transformation, they can meow at the cat, causing it to ease up and allowing the player to leave without a fight.

Should the player choose to Scream during any encounter with the cat, they will awaken the owner. They will proceed to either sit back and watch as their pet continues to molest the player, or they'll call it off and take matters into their own hands. All outcomes of the subsequent encounter result in the player being forced back onto Danube Street.

In any case where the cat is pacified without alerting the owner, the player has the option of looting its collar (worth £100).

Mistaken Identity

While burglarizing houses between 9:00 PM and midnight, they may end up stumbling upon a house party already in progress. An inebriated individual staggers through a door and regards the player before they have a chance to hide. Fortunately for the player, the partygoer will be far too intoxicated to recognise them as an intruder, rather mistaking them for a pizza delivery boy/girl. Alternatively, if the player is in a state of undress (at least down to their underwear), the drunkard will instead mistake them for a stripper.

Regardless, they'll ask the player if they've been paid yet. The player can reassure them and leave, or they can play along and ask for "their payment" (+Crime). They'll receive £60, or £80 if they're believed to be a stripper.

Party Aftermath

Two other variants of this scene can occur, depending on the time of day.

If the player breaks in between midnight and 6:00 AM, they'll find the party in its dying throes, the home littered in detritus and unconscious bodies. Poking around, the player manages to find a table of drug paraphernalia, worth a total of £50. Since the drugs are illegal, the player won't receive any Crime fame for stealing them as they can't be reported stolen.

Yet another variation of the scene happens between 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM. In this instance, the party has long since died down and the house is completely empty, save for discarded leftover pizza boxes and beer cans. Once again, the player will find a table of drugs. In this case they'll only total up to £25 worth of drugs, though the player is still able to lift them without consequence.

Ornate Fountain

The player searches a fountain in a mansion's hall for valuables. Before they can find anything, however, they hear footsteps approach. With nowhere to run, they can either hide in the fountain (Swimming) or bluff their way out (Skulduggery).

  • Staying underwater will require an A or higher in Swimming to guarantee success. If the player manages to hold their breath successfully, the person will eventually get up and depart, leaving an expensive bottle of wine worth £30 behind.
    • Failing to hold their breath, the player will be forced to make a decision: dive through the drain or come up for air. Coming up for air has the homeowner react predictably. They'll scream for someone to call the police, giving the player an opportunity to escape, though not without a slight increase to their Crime history. Diving will avoid the encounter, instead depositing the player into the Residential Drain System.
  • A Skulduggery skill of B or higher will guarantee success. The player will dunk themselves in the fountain before the person reaches them, then begin spinning a tale about how they fell down a drain and ended up there. Mortified, the individual will comfort the player wrapping the player in an expensive dressing gown. Once they're certain the player is okay, they'll lead them outside, allowing them to keep the gown (worth £60). If the player fails, they'll attempt to disarm the owner with one of three unconvincing lies.
    • Defiant: "I'm the spirit of the fountain, here to punish you for your sins," you say.
    • Neutral: "I seem to have taken a wrong turn and become lost," you say.
    • Submissive: "I-I'm the fairy of the fountain. I'm here to grant you a wish," you say.

As with failing to hold their breath, failing their bluff will end with the player being chased back onto Danube Street with a fair bit of Crime fame.

Note that, aside from a successful bluff, all outcomes of this event end with the player's clothes getting soaked.

An Alleged Victim

The player searches a seemingly empty, seemingly barren home until they come across a one room, wide open and brightly lit. Inside, they're greeted with the sight of a person naked, gagged, and bound to a bed. With low Awareness, the player will be taken aback by the sight:

  • You feel like crying. This town is hard - you know this already - but coming face to face with a helpless victim of kidnapping or trafficking and such fresh sexual abuse fills you with horror. | +Stress

The player has the option to help this poor victim. The player removes the gag from the prisoner's mouth, only to be met with screaming and demands that the player get out of their house. Shocked, the player surveys the room and notices the array of BDSM paraphernalia, bewildered that people could be into such things. | +Awareness

If the player's Awareness is at 3/7, they'll instead recognise the scene before them as S&M play, circumventing the Stress and Awareness gains.

Regardless of the player's Awareness, they'll then be given the option to rob the person of their high-end sex toys, erotic art, and anything else of value. Their state of bondage means they can do little else but impotently struggle as the player robs them blind.

  • With low Awareness, the person will threaten the player with several forms of violent sexual assault as they fight against their binds (+Stress). Their struggles prove fruitless, however, and the player leaves with £80 worth of smutty findings.
  • With high Awareness, the player will be savvy enough to leave the "prisoner's" gag in, though they will take note of how their penis/breasts sway with their writhing (+Arousal). An Aware player will also have a keener eye for erotic goods, managing to uncover £120 of elicit material.

In both instances, the player leaves the person bound, smiling to themselves at the absurdity of the situation. | -Stress


  • The player comes across an ancient-looking door with a complex locking mechanism, with Skulduggery B+ is required to guarantee success. Opening the door unveils a wine cellar, allowing the player to pilfer expensive bottles worth £200. Failing to pick the lock forces the player to leave empty-handed.
  • The player finds a safe with a combination lock. With Skulduggery B or higher, they can open it and obtain a random amount of money, or more rarely, an piece of expensive jewelry worth £200.
  • The player finds a person dozing on a sofa, either holding a tablet computer or wearing expensive jewelry (both worth £80). By passing a Skulduggery check (C or higher needed to guarantee success) the player manages to pilfer the goods.
    • Getting caught by failing the Skulduggery attempt causes the sleeping homeowner to stir. The player manages to escape empty-handed, at the cost of a bit of Crime fame.
  • The player finds one of several possible stolen goods:
    • A random amount of money
    • A nice-looking brooch worth £10
    • A necklace worth £20
    • A set of silverware worth £30
    • A pair of cufflinks worth £40


  • Money
  • Various stolen goods, which can be fenced to Landry

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