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The Danube Street jobs are a series of short, repeatable quests accessible by knocking on doors on Danube Street. They allow players to find honest work serving the affluent residents of Danube Street.


Players looking to pay off their debt may find themselves drawn to the extravagant mansions on Danube Street. With their surplus of wealth, their residents are certain to pay handsomely for services rendered. And with their refined lifestyles, surely they won't have the same perverse proclivities as the rest of the town...


The player may knock on doors on Danube Street any time between 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM in search of work.

Note that the player won't always receive an answer, and they will be wholly unable to work at night. For the player's options in these scenarios, see Danube Street Burglary.


There are several potential jobs the player may receive from the Danube Street residents, all of which are listed below. The homeowner's opening line to the player can indicate what job they'll offer. Some jobs can increase the player's Housekeeping skill up to C.

There's also a small chance that whenever the player asks for work, the homeowner will simply shut the door in their face. The player's only options in this scenario are to return to Danube Street or to try another house.

Tutoring Job

A man/woman answers the door. "Can I help you?" he/she asks.

The owner will ask the player to tutor their child in a given subject for an hour. The player will be tested on any of their four school subjects - Science, Maths, English or History - with the amount of money earned dependent on how knowledgeable the player is regarding the subject in question.

  • If the player's grade is a C or lower, they will receive a mere £20 for their service, alongside mockery from the dismayed parent.
  • With a B, they'll be given £50.
  • If the player has an A, they'll be paid a respectable £120.
  • Finally, with a grade of A*, they'll be rewarded the full £150 for their tutoring prowess.

An hour passes, and the player is given their payment before being sent on their way. This is one of the few odd jobs on Danube Street that has no possible lewd outcomes whatsoever; it will always be a simple tutoring gig.

Gardening Job

A man/woman answers the door. "My master/mistress does not like being disturbed," he/she says. "Out with it."

The person informs the player of a weed problem in their garden, offering £100 for four hours work (+ Tending | + Fatigue). The player will get to work weeding the garden. Sometimes, they'll spot a figure peering down at them from a mansion window (+ Stress), but they'll manage to finish without issue.

Once finished, the player will receive their payment alongside minor improvements to their Physique.

Garden Tendrils

Note: This scene requires a toggle to be enabled - Tentacles.

There's a chance while working for the player's arm to be abruptly restrained by green tendrils. They can attempt to soothe the tendrils (Tending) or struggle. Trying to soothe them will prove challenging; even an S rank in Tending won't guarantee success. If the player does manage to placate them, however, the tendrils will leave the player be; failing to soothe or choosing to struggle, however, will initiate an encounter with six tentacles.

Whether the player soothes the tentacles or is forced to endure their assault, they'll return to work, taking extra caution around the denser foliage of the garden.


When the player begins their task, their employer may advise against slacking off, as "Brutus" will be watching them. They point to a kennel littered with bones to emphasize the point.

Sure enough, while working, there's a chance that the player may feel something probe their behind, unable to turn around in time to stop the hound from mounting them.

The only way to end the ensuing encounter is by placating the dog, via orgasm or violence. In any case, the hound will return to its kennel and the player will hastily wrap up their work, receiving their pay as per usual.

Brutus' Bitch

If the player accepts the job offer while their arms are bound, their employer will take note, telling the player with exasperation that they're in no condition to work. Occasionally, they'll simply undo the player's binds and set them to work.

More often than not, however, they'll angrily attempt to force the player out, only to be stopped by the mansion's master/mistress. The two will have a brief, hushed argument for a moment, before turning back to the player. "Since you're being paid to work, the Lord/Lady of the House has thought of one job you're perfectly equipped for."

They'll drag the player back to the garden and force them to the ground before beckoning for Brutus, triggering a nonconsensual encounter. The two onlookers will jeer and mock the player throughout the fight. If the player's Bestiality Fame is at least Recognised, they may even mention the player's reputation as an "animal-lover."

If the player subdues Brutus through violence, the owner will force the player back onto Danube Street. "Seems you're not even any good for that," they'll remark. The player will receive no compensation for their troubles, nor will their employer bother to undo their binds. If the player instead brings the dog to orgasm, their employer will be satisfied with their work, paying them £240 and freeing their arms before sending them back on the streets.

Attic Search

A man/woman answers the door. "I do not like being disturbed. Speak," he/she says.

The haughty individual tells the player they have a family heirloom stashed in the attic, offering to pay the player to find it. Searching the attic will take 1 hour and yield £25 if the player is successful.

Should the player find the painting, they'll bring it back to the homeowner, who pays the player for their service and ushers them out of the house. Typically, however, the player will be unable to locate the painting, forced to return downstairs empty-handed.

Should the player fail to recover the painting (or if the player chooses to Abandon their task - see below), their disappointed employer will shoo them away without pay. The player can either leave quietly or demand payment. Usually, the owner will comply with the player's demand; however, there is a chance that they'll be enraged by the player's insolence, triggering a nonconsensual encounter. Regardless of how the encounter ends - whether through making the aggressor cum, beating them, or calming them via apology - the player well end up back Danube Street without their pay.

Attic Spiders

Note: This scene requires certain toggles to be enabled - Swarms and Spiders.

With the appropriate toggles enabled, rather than giving up upon failing to uncover the painting, the player will instead be prompted to search a remote corner of the attic. Said corner is dominated by a giant cobweb, with twitching egg sacs dangling overhead. The player is given the option to either abandon their task or break through the web. Attempting the latter invariably results in the player becoming entangled in the web; their attempt to struggle free dislodges one of the egg sacs, sending thousands of tiny spiders scuttling towards them.

The player's only option will be to endure the swarm as an old wooden beam creaks overhead. As the encounter progresses, the beam steadily grows more unstable, until it finally crashes down, scaring away the spiders and allowing the player to retrieve the painting uncontested. The homeowner will pay the player the usual £25, paying no heed to the property damage or the infestation in their attic.

Cocktail Party

A man/woman answers the door. "You aren't who we were expecting," he/she says.

The person tells the player that they're in the middle of hosting a party, and that their hired help has yet to arrive. After sizing up the player, the host/hostess offers them the job instead, promising £60 for two hours work, or - should the player wear a skimpy waist apron - £150.

If the player's arms are bound when they accept the job, the host/hostess will free them, stating that "it's not that kind of party."

Without the Apron

The player will keep their clothes on and serve drinks normally, the guests paying their underexposed state little mind. On occasion, one guest will take interest in the player and begin groping and fondling them. The player can endure (+ Stress | + Trauma | + Submissiveness) or struggle (- Stress | - Trauma | + Defiance) in response to the advances.

If the player endures the assault, the atmosphere of the party will grow uncomfortable as the partygoers nervously observe the spectacle. Eventually, the host/hostess will intervene, pulling the player aside and sending them on their way with a little extra - £90 in total, to be exact.

If the player struggles, they'll stomp down on the molester's foot, eliciting laughter and support from the surrounding guests. The host/hostess will be unimpressed, however, and proceeds to kick the player out without any compensation.

With the Apron

The player accepts the proffered garment, enters a pantry and begins stripping all of their clothes, save for the apron. The partygoers will be fixated on the player; one guest even drops their glass, to which the player nonchalantly offers them another one in response.

If the party proceeds without incident, the player will receive £150 as promised. Sometimes, however, one of the guests will slap the tray out of the player's hands, spilling its contents all over them and drawing the attention of the room. They'll offer an apology before offering to help the player out of the soiled apron.

A nonconsensual encounter with an audience will commence. Ending the encounter through violence causes them to back off, noting the player's "feistiness" as the host/hostess drags the player back to the pantry. They'll give the player their £150 before sending them on their way. Otherwise, if the player allows their attacker to have their way with them, the host/hostess praises the player for being a "good sport" and pays them double, for a total of £300.

Wearing the apron increases the player's Exhibitionism Fame by 30, regardless of whether or not they avoid the encounter.

Tea and a Chat

A man/woman answers the door. He/she examines you head to feet before speaking. "Such a fine young thing," he/she says. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

The older man/woman offers the player £25 to join them for tea, stating it should take an hour. The player agrees, following them to their garden, where tea and biscuits await.

While eating, a brief scene may occur, depending on the player's current condition. These only serve as flavour text and will not change the outcome of the event at all.

  • If the player has a noticeable amount of semen on their face, mouth, or hair, the person will take notice, innocently chiding the player's clumsiness. The player wipes the fluid with a napkin without bothering to correct their company's mistake.
  • If the player's Deviancy is 3 or higher, they may be approached by the person's cat. They compliment the player's way with animals as they pet the feline. Both the cat and the player feel relaxed by the end. (- Stress)
  • If the player's overall Fame is high, the person will remark that the player looks familiar. The player tenses and feigns ignorance. (+ Stress)

An hour passes, and they thank the player for their company, giving them £25 before sending them on their way.

Lonely Widow

At thirty minutes in, there's a chance that the person will trail off and inch closer to the player. "I've been so lonely since my husband/wife died," he/she says, now uncomfortably close. "I've almost forgotten what it feels like."

With a Promiscuity stat of 2 or higher, the player can either accept their advances or barter for more payment (requires a Seduction rating of A to succeed). Otherwise, the player's only option is to push them away.

If rebuked, the widow/widower will typically back off in shame, paying the player and stating that they need to be alone. There's an odd chance, however, that they will not relent and instead attempt to molest the player. Failing to seduce will also lead to molestation. If the player allows them to continue or passes the Seduction check, the encounter will instead be consensual.

Even if the encounter is nonconsensual, the person will pay the player £25 (plus however much they promised if the player offered themselves for money) if the player makes them cum. Fighting them off has the player escape the property unpaid.

The player can also simply refuse after passing the Seduction check, in which case the person will urge them to leave with their £25, stating "I didn't realise I let such a whore in." As with pushing them away, however, this also has a chance of angering the individual and triggering a nonconsensual encounter.

Tea Party

A boy/girl answers the door. He/she opens it slightly and peeks through the gap. He/she doesn't say anything.

The boy/girl tells the player they're having a tea party, offering £25 to fill in a spare seat for 40 minutes. If the player accepts, they lead them to their bedroom, where a party of toys circles a small table. The boy/girl introduces the player as their friend from abroad, and invites them to take a seat.

Eventually, they'll tell their "guests" that their friend has business elsewhere, handing over their promised money and bidding them farewell.

Strange Foreign Customs

After twenty minutes, the boy/girl may address the table with a devious grin. "Did I mention that where my friend is from, they take tea in their underwear?" they'll claim, urging the player to go along with it. Whether or not the player can comply depends on their Exhibitionism level and their current state of dress.

  • If the player is male (or appears to be), only Exhibitionism 2 is needed to remove their clothes, assuming they aren't naked underneath.
  • If the player is female (or appears to be), or if their breasts are small or larger (regardless of gender), Exhibitionism 4 is required to strip.
  • If the player isn't wearing any underwear, Exhibitionism 5 is required to strip.

Choosing to play along will garner a unique response, depending on the circumstances. If the player strips completely nude and is wearing a chastity device, for example, the boy/girl will comment on their "exotic underwear". Regardless, if the player goes along with the request, they'll receive a total of £50 afterwards.

If the player's Exhibitionism stat isn't high enough, their only choice will be to refuse. The boy/girl will typically understand, though it's noted they seem disappointed at the player's refusal.

In the event that they do not, however, a nonconsensual encounter will occur in which they attempt to forcibly remove the player's clothes. If they are successful, the player will be forced to join them for the remainder of their tea party, until they eventually return the player's clothes and pay them £25. Driving them to orgasm has them apologizing for their rudeness, handing the player £25 before asking them to leave. Beating them has the player escape without payment.

Breastfeeding Job

Note: This scene requires a toggle to be enabled - Lactation.

A woman answers the door. She's wearing nothing but a shirt and panties. "Can I help you?" she asks.

The woman observes that the player looks thirsty and tells them that her breasts are heavy, offering £5 to "take the burden off." If the player's awareness is low, the woman will clarify further: "I want you to suckle from my breast."

Accepting the woman's offer requires Promiscuity 3, and doing so will yield a small penalty to Purity. The task takes 15 minutes to complete; afterwards, the woman will offer the player to do the other one (+ Arousal | - Purity), to which they can accept or refuse. Refusing allows the player to leave with their promised £5. Accepting will take another 15 minutes, and the woman will fondle the player's genitals as they suckle. After that, they'll receive an extra £5 for a total of £10.

Note that aside from requiring Lactation to be enabled, this scene will only occur if the setting "Percentage of people attracted to you that are male" is below 100.

Cat Watching

A man/woman answers the door. "Oh, hello. What can I do for you?"

(Alternate response if the player's Bestiality fame is Recognised) A man/woman answers the door. His/her eyes light up when he/she sees you. "Oh, I know you. You've a talent for animal care, haven't you?"

The cat owner has to go out and fetch some things for their three cats. They ask the player to look after the cats for 1.5 hours and offer to pay the player £35, maybe more if the cats like the player. They also tell the player there is no need to feed the cats as they have already had their meal.

If bestiality and monsterpeople are disabled, nothing eventful happens as the cats remain skittish and hide from the player. The cat owner pays the player and comments the cats are usually quite social.

Otherwise, the cats will indeed interact with the player. After half an hour has passed, the cats paw at the bag of cat food and demand to be fed.

  • With Deviancy 3, the player can satisfy a different appetite. The player adopt a suggestive pose and starts a consensual encounter.
  • If the player tells them no, the cats will slink away in disappointment. There is also a chance the cats will hiss back and pounce on the player, starting a non-consensual encounter. After the encounter ends, the player has the option to flee, or continue the job for the sake of money.
  • If the player feeds them, an impatient cat pounces before the player opens the bag of cat food. Around D+ in Dancing is enough to guarantee the player to dodge out of the way. It the player failed to dodge, the cat will slam into them, causing cat food to spill everywhere ( + + Pain | + Stress).

Another hour passes, and as the player waits for the cat owner's return, a cat creeps close and is about to claw at the player (+ Stress).

  • With Deviancy 2, the player can seduce the cat, starting a consensual encounter.
  • If the player attempts to soothe the cat ( D+ in Tending guarantees success), they stretch out their hand out to the cat to make contact. If successful, the cat licks the player's hand (- Stress), if failed the cat bites the player's hand ( + + Pain | + Stress).
  • If the player attempts to dodge (around D+ in Dancing guarantees success), they leap away if successful (- Stress), or they get scratched by the cat if failed ( + Pain | + Stress).

How much the cat owner will pay the player is determined by the cats' happiness. Sexually satisfying a cat, consensually or not, adds 1 to happiness. Beating up a cat detracts 1 from their happiness.

  • If the cats' happiness is at least 1, they would purr in happiness when the cat owner comes back. The cat owner pays the player an extra £15 for every happiness points they've earned.
  • If the cats' happiness is at 0, they would mewl impatiently. The cat owner pays the player and quickly tends to the cats.
  • If the cats' happiness is lower than 0, they would howl and hiss. The cat owner glares at the player and throws the player out. For every point lower than 0, £15 is detracted from the player's pay.


  • Oddly, the dog's name in the gardening job will always be Brutus, even if it's a girl.

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