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Darryl the club owner owns the lively Strip Club, located on Connudatus Street.


Darryl's description varies on what sex they are determined as. However, regardless of sex, Darryl will be described as being a classy, attractive person in their mid-thirties, wearing a professional black outfit with a set of glasses.

  • If male: His shapely behind and dark trousers wiggle as he searches a lower shelf. He turns to face you, revealing an attractive face in its mid-thirties. He wears a professional black outfit and a pair of glasses rest on top of his short brown hair.
  • If female: Her shapely behind and long black skirt wiggle as she searches a lower shelf. She turns to face you, revealing an attractive face in its mid-thirties. She wears a professional black outfit and a pair of glasses rest on top of her brown hair, which is tied into a neat bun.

First Meeting

After the player gets a Fake ID from the Brothel and enters the Strip Club, they will be introduced to Darryl inside their personal office, with shelves overflowing with books lining the walls. Upon noticing the player, they will introduce themself as the owner of the establishment. They will then tell the player more about the jobs offered in the Strip Club, depending on what the player chose to inquire on. Darryl will be pleased should the player want to work as a dancer, stating how the stages the player might have seen upon entering the strip club were empty and that the security of the staff is taken very seriously.

After job inquiries are over, Darryl will ask the player to keep an eye out for a pair of spectacles laying around, as they seem to have misplaced them. In reality, they are on Darryl's head. Should the player choose to tell this to Darryl, they will feel around for them on their head, finding them. They will feel relieved, but still embarrassed - their face turning red. They will say to keep it a secret before fixing the lenses into place and reading a book. The player may also choose to not say anything, deciding to save Darryl the embarrassment as they will no doubt find them soon on their own.

Seeing as the player has only had the opportunity to ask about one of the jobs offered, they will now be able to ask about the other one at any time while in the Club. This produces the same result as if the player chose to ask about it first, with the only difference being that this time, Darryl will not 'misplace' their glasses.


Darryl can be encountered at the Strip Club from 6 PM to 6 AM. Their personal office will always be open during this time, meaning the player can come and go as they please.

They have a chance of appearing at the bar should the player be working as a bartender there.


Darryl's relationship with the player will generally be kind. However, the player can leave a much larger impact on them - depending on their choices.

After a certain event, Darryl has the option to open up to the player. They say how grateful they are for the player being there for them, and thanks them for it. Darryl also states how they will not forget what the player has done for them. Their opinion of the player will ramp up instantly to the highest degree - delightful.

Note that it is currently impossible to initiate a lewd encounter with Darryl.


Note: The following events are not to be considered as a full, comprehensive list of Darryl's interactions in the game - but more rather their most notable interactions. As such, minor events may not be listed below. However, more interactions will be listed below as the character remains in development.

As Darryl is primarily found at the strip club, they will make many appearances there. They will serve as the player's manager while working there, remaining in the background usually. There are limited interaction windows with Darryl, all if not most of which involve the player working as a bartender - in which Darryl will take up a stool and order a drink.

Dangerous Customers

When the player seeks info while bartending in the Club, they may overhear people talking about their lecherous plans. One variant is that they hear people talking about someone dancing on a nearby stage while leering at them. They first talk about buying them, but their conversation turns to planning to assault the dancer when they try to leave the club. The other variant is that the player overhears people discussing another patron. They realise with a sinking feeling that the patron they are talking about is a person who harassed them earlier. They will say “Apparently... someone upset him/her. Now they’re out for blood. Want to set up an ambush for the poor fucker. Trying to rope others in...” The player realises that they are the ones being talked about.

Regardless of which variant has happened, the player has two options - to tell Darryl or to not tell anyone. Should they choose to tell Darryl, they will walk into their office and explain the situation. The threatened individual (the player or the dancer) will be given a temporary bodyguard, who will wait for them at the exit of the Club and walk them home, just in case. Choosing not to tell anyone will simply have the player keep what they heard to themselves.

Darryl at the Bar - Struggling Inside (Part 1)

While the player works as a bartender (normally or trying to attract VIPs), there is a 1 in 10 chance that Darryl will take a seat at the bar and order a drink. The player will notice they look dispirited. They can either focus on working or try to talk to them.

If they choose the former, they will take Darryl's order and leave them be. After a bit, they will wordlessly stand and leave the player with a small tip.

If they choose the latter, they will ask Darryl what is wrong. Darryl will be surprised when they look at the player, but ultimately, they will try to keep their internal struggle hidden and just say it is nothing. They will still leave the player a small tip like before.

Darryl at the Bar - Sexual Harassment (Part 2)

Darryl will once again take a seat at the bar and order a drink. Like before, they will look dispirited and the player can either continue to focus on working or try to find out the problem. Darryl will still leave a small tip.

However, regardless of what the player picks, just as Darryl tries to leave, a person sat next to them will start groping them. Security will be too busy dealing with a fight that broke out on the other side of the club. Darryl will be distraught but can only let out a faint whisper: "Please, no."

The player has three choices - Do nothing, seduce the assailant to save Darryl or hit the assailant over the head to save Darryl.

  • Do nothing: The assailant will continue to fondle Darryl. Darryl shuts their eyes and remains still, not putting up any sort of resistance. The harasser becomes bolder and starts to grope around Darryl's crotch area, making them jolt slightly. Security quickly comes to the rescue when this happens, throwing them out immediately. Afterwards they will immediately head back to their office, refusing eye contact with the player.
  • Seduce the assailant to save Darryl | Promiscuity 3: The player sprawls on the counter and bites their lower lip, looking the assailant in the eyes. It has the effect they hope for, initiating a consensual scene.
  • Hit the assailant over the head: This option spirals into several others.

The player will grab a nearby glass and smash it over the assailant's head hard. As it shatters, it causes the harasser to drop Darryl, but it seems it wasn't strong enough, as the assailant remains conscious and turns their attention to the player, furiously lunging over the counter and knocking them on to the ground, initiating combat. They will strangle the player's throat, gripping it tightly, and the player will find it difficult to breathe. If the player is naked, the assailant will instantly go for their genitals, for example pressing their pussy against the player's penis and trying to envelop it.

If the player fights the assailant off, they will manage to knock them away, quickly retreating into safety while the assailant is detained by security. Alternatively, if the player makes them orgasm, they will lose themselves in their orgasm and temporarily almost forget where they were. They will begin to stagger off, but security quickly intervenes and restrains them.

When the assailant has been dealt with, no matter whether it was achieved by seducing them or hitting them with a bottle, Darryl will rush over to the player, their hair in a tangled mess, asking if they are alright before saying they tried to get security here as soon as they could. The player is once again granted with two choices:

  • Be strong | + Stress
  • Let your tears flow | - Trauma | - Stress

Choosing the former will cause the player to say it was nothing and try to hide their feelings just like Darryl did before. Darryl will say the player saved them and thanks them for it. Their voice will go noticeably quiet as they say how they "just froze up" before continuing with saying how horrible it was. They will lean against the player and quietly sob to themselves.

The player will guide Darryl back to their office and comfort them for the rest of the shift.

Choosing the latter will reverse the roles and instead, they will embrace the player, crying into on Darryl's shoulder. While about to cry, Darryl mentions how the player saved them and how "they won't forget it."

Darryl brings the player back to their office and comforts them for the rest of the shift. After this event ends, Darryl's opinion of the player will instantly ramp up very highly (delightful), as they think highly of the player for saving them.


  • Darryl is one of several people of interest to exist since the initial release of the game. A full list is provided on the Named Non-Playable Characters page.
  • When the player breaks into Leighton's computer in their office when school is not in session, they will get the following dialogue:
    • "You find nothing at first, just boring spreadsheets, until you find a folder simply titled "D". It contains thousands of images of a girl/boy with black hair in various states of undress. She/he looks distressed in some of the pictures but her/his expression is blank in others. The pictures are arranged in order of date and appear to be from several years ago. Whatever was happening went on for many months. Leighton makes an appearance in the later pictures, sometimes posing with her/him, but other times groping and fondling. From her/his outfit, it looks like she/he was a student here."
      • This implies that the person in the pictures is Darryl, and indicates that Darryl has a past history with Leighton. This would explain many things:
        • Why Darryl does not try to resist when under the threat of being sexually harassed, instead freeze up - only managing to let out a faint whisper. It is implied that they are heavily damaged from long standing trauma from Leighton, resulting in harassment coming their way.
        • Darryl may have a history of being victim of sexual abuse and blackmail.
        • Why Darryl thinks very highly of the player should they intervene. It is possible that no one has done that before for them.
      • The game's code explicitly confirms the connection between Darryl and Leighton:To put things simply, the game checks for Darryl's gender and applies it to the description of the student.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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