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The official wiki for the aforementioned text-based game. Much like the game itself, this is a work in progress and it will be updated to match the most recent version of the game when necessary.

An extra set of hands is always welcome!

If you're unsure on anything to do, please feel free to ask one of the administrators that manage this site.

Thanks to all that have contributed so far to the wiki. I appreciate it, even if it's as small as a simple typo fix. I'd appreciate if people could continue to pitch in here and there and add in what's missing from the wiki. Please do let me know if there are any broken and/or missing images/links. Thanks!

On Vrel's behalf: I'd also like to thank you for not only supporting and contributing to the wiki, but supporting the game in general. Suggestions for the games, reporting bugs, even fan-art! We wouldn't be here otherwise without your support. The community is what really shaped DoL to the thing that it is today. Thanks again.