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The Oxford Street School, otherwise referred to as simply the "school", is one of several places of interest the player can visit. It's a key area within the game, serving as the local school the player must attend Monday through Friday, and also serves as an opportunity to interact with classmates and improve skills in academic courses plus school performance, among some helpful events.

The game will inform the player of when the school term begins at the start of the game, list the player's current class while they're attending it, and notify them when lessons start.

For more information on the school timetable, refer to the "Schedule" section below.

First Steps

Multiple students attend classes here on weekdays, and while attending these classes, the player can increase their various School Grades. School is officially in session between 8AM and 4PM, but it is possible to linger about before or after-hours.

There are several NPCs to be found in this location. A list is provided below:


There are several things to note while the player attends school that affect different encounters.

Attending Class

The player is expected to attend five classes throughout the school day with each class lasting one hour. Arriving at class more than five minutes late raises the player's Delinquency, but if they completely miss a class, no Delinquency will be added, meaning that missing a class altogether may be preferable to coming in late in some circumstances. During lunch break, the player is free to spend their time however they please between 12 AM and 1 PM, including leaving the campus entirely.

If the player doesn't show up for a lesson at all, it's counted as a skipped lesson. For each lesson they do attend, one skipped lesson is forgiven. Skipping a lesson is indicated by the prompt: "You missed a lesson yesterday." Skipping multiple lessons is indicated by the prompt: "You missed [X] lessons yesterday." Both of these are displayed at midnight.

Skipping classes on a Friday will prevent the player from taking School Exams, meaning they miss out on potential increases to School Grades. It's advised to attend classes, even just for this one day alone, as school grades will come in handy in other places around the game's world - not just in combat, but through other mechanics such as increased tip earnings and improved speaking actions.

Skipping Class

The player is free to skip classes, and may leave school during the school day any time they are not actively in class. However, the game keeps track of how many classes the player misses via a counter that increases by 1 each time the player misses a lesson, and decreases by 2 each time the player attends. This allows the player to "bank" attendances, as the counter is able to go into negatives. If the counter reaches 25 however, a prompt will appear to the player: "You've missed many lessons. Your reputation has taken a hit." This will be displayed at midnight, and as evident by the prompt, the player's delinquency and detention will increase (200 and 500 points respectively), while their school status will drop by 5 points. From then on, every consecutive day of skipping school will result in an the same reduction. Returning to school will temporarily mitigate the effects of missing too many lessons and allow to player to work off the accumulated detention and delinquency. Skipping school again while still have many missed lessons, however, will once again incur the penalties.


It's important to keep note of reputation at school as this will impact how others see the player greatly, not only among other students but also in much of the overworld as a whole.

Note that while it is difficult to remain popular at school and endear yourself to the teachers at the same time, it's definitely possible.


To increase Status, the player has to act "cool". This can include bullying others when given the chance, hanging around peers after school at the Forest Lake, playing volleyball at the Beach, joining weekend beach parties after dark, and socializing with other classmates during class. Clothing with the "Fashionable" trait (such as the beanie or any pair of sunglasses) increase status gains, but teachers may take issue if the player wears them at School. While playing volleyball, not wearing underwear and having your lower garments pulled down can gain more status, and attending beach parties will be easier if the player shows up wearing said "Fashionable" clothing.

Lowering Status can be caused by falling victim to pranks around classmates, making certain decisions in class, or being seen defending or showing affection for Kylar in any way. Note that the lower your Status is, the more likely you are to be picked on and receive a Status hit, so it can be difficult to climb out of a bad situation. Conversely, if you're popular, you'll find students will be constantly making your life easier and boosting your status with random events.

The fastest way to quickly increase Status is the buy a bunch of cool clothing and attend a late night beach party. At ten minutes per increase you can get over one hundred points in an evening, assuming you've rested up beforehand. The fastest way to drop Status is to stop attending school - this will also make you a delinquent.

Status progresses as such:

  • 400 (maximum): Your fellow students aspire to be seen with you.
  • ≥ 240: Your fellow students think you're very cool.
  • ≥ 160: Your fellow students think you're cool.
  • ≥ 120: Your fellow students think you're ok.
  • ≥ 80: Your fellow students think you're dorky.
  • ≥ 40: Your fellow students think you're odd.
  • ≥ 0 (minimum): Your fellow students avoid you.
Effects of Status

A higher Status will make students much more friendly towards the player, thus allowing them to take charge of the situation. More favourable events open up to the player as well: seduction attempts within school are more successful, students may greet the player, and in certain situations ask for sexual favours if the player acts lewd towards them first. It will even allow them to stand up to Leighton during a breast inspection event in Science class, leading to their classmates to follow suit in heckling Leighton until they storm out of the room.

On the other hand, lower Status leads to the students taking the wrong kind of interest in the player, i.e. trying to molest them during class or in the hallways, much like high Allure. Additionally, the player will be bullied relentlessly, such as getting left behind in dangerous locations such as the Forest.


Delinquency is increased by acting out against teachers or breaking school rules. This includes running away from Leighton during Science class inspection events, showing up late for class, entering the wrong class, and making mocking comments towards the teacher, as well as get caught masturbating or hitting other students.

Doing anything public that'd increase Delinquency only nets the player time in detention, forcing them to stay in Leighton's office after school with their punishment scaling off of the delinquent act in question; minor infractions (ex: slapping another student) will only require they stay for ten minutes or clean the whiteboard, whereas more serious individual violations (ex: punching Leighton) or accruing multiple in one day leads to getting severely paddled/spanked.

Delinquency decreases by itself, decaying by one point each day plus one additional point for every teacher that the player has at least 10% love with. However, if the player misses any lessons that day, delinquency will decay half as much as it normally would have. Note that staying on the teachers' good side and being a model student doesn't actually help decrease Delinquency faster, only stopping it from growing further. Being considered an "ideal student" by the teachers (as seen below) will not affect Delinquency decay. One option of actively decreasing delinquency is to participate in and win any of the school projects. Winning distinctions on tests will also decrease delinquency by a small amount.

Delinquency progresses as such:

  • ≥ 0 (minimum): You are considered an ideal student by the teachers.
  • ≥ 10: You are considered a normal student by the teachers.
  • ≥ 200: You are considered a bad student by the teachers.
  • ≥ 400: You are considered a delinquent by the teachers.
  • ≥ 600: You are considered a delinquent by the teachers.
  • ≥ 800: You are considered a delinquent by the teachers.
  • 1000 (maximum): You are considered a terror by the teachers.

This stat determines all teachers' view of the player, including Leighton. If the player is considered worse than a ‘’Bad student” (400 or more delinquency), screaming during encounters won't be effective at getting the teachers to help, and they'll be far less likely to take their side if they've been falsely accused of acting up. Skulduggery may also be harder to pull off during specific encounters regardless of how high one's Skulduggery skill actually is (ex: trying to frame Whitney to redirect Leighton's ire).

The school's janitors can catch the player prostituting themselves. Their treatment towards the player is influenced by Sex fame, as well as overall Delinquency.

School Projects

There are three school projects the player can participate in: one for Science, one for Math, and one for English. These come with their own rewards should the player manage to win when it's time to present their project.

It's not necessarily required to participate in a school project, but it is recommended to do so since winning offers fairly good rewards.

For more information, visit this page: School Projects.


If the player accumulates Delinquency at any point, they'll have to attend detention at the end of the school day and be forced to spend time in Leighton's office for a while. Leighton may make them do various tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Write the same message over and over on a board
  • Have the player wash their car
  • "Inspect" the player for drugs

The player can skip going to detention by using their History grade to unlock secret tunnels from the School into the Park and Drain Systems. This is a good way of avoiding Leighton at the school gate. Otherwise, the player may choose to run away from them at the cost of increasing Delinquency.

The higher the Detention score, the worse the punishment will be, with the worst option being stripped naked and beaten in front of other students, causing a big hit to Status. The Apologize action will drastically reduce the duration of such an encounter. A single attended Detention will zero out the Detention score no matter how much trouble the player has gotten into since their last detention.


It's expected that the player attend all of their classes from Monday through Friday, unless it's a school holiday (spring break, Christmas break). Near the top of the sidebar, text will appear with one of two prompts telling the player whether or not it is a school day.

  • "It's a school day."
  • "You have school tomorrow."

The danger represented by going to class is closely tied to the player's Status and Delinquency. With low Status the player is constantly harassed during class, and if the teacher were to step out of the room at any time, there's a risk of the situation being escalated into a nonconsensual encounter. With high delinquency, the teachers will no longer trust the player and won't interfere should they get attacked. The headteacher, Leighton, will also be more likely to choose harsher punishments if the player ends up in detention.

Class Schedule

The timetable listed below shows what a day at the school will entail:

  • 7:00AM - School opens
  • 9:00AM to 10:00AM - Science with Sirris
  • 10:00AM to 11:00AM - Maths with River, with Whitney as a classmate
  • 11:00AM to 12:00PM - English with Doren, with Kylar as a classmate
  • 12:00PM to 1:00PM - Lunch break
  • 1:00PM to 2:00PM - History with Winter, with Robin as a classmate
  • 2:00PM to 3:00PM - Swimming with Mason
  • 5:00PM - School closes

School Holidays

Each school term lasts three months. Afterwards, the school holidays will ensue. School holidays start on the first Monday of December, April and August, respectively. The player will be unable to attend classes until school resumes after the one month long holiday passes.

  • 1st term - September to November
  • 2nd term - January to March
  • 3rd term - May to June

Each school term resumes on the first Monday of its initial month, so it's best to keep track of the date in-game.

School Grounds

Within the school grounds are various sub-locations which the player can visit to pass time. Additionally, there are the various classrooms the player must visit to attend each class.


While the school is open, at any time within the school hallways, the player has the option of going to the lockers and breaking into them. This has the lowest Skulduggery requirements in the game (can be done with no skill at all) and is therefore a viable area for raising this stat.

If the school is closed, there won't be anything of value within the lockers and the option to pick them won't appear to begin with.

As it takes 30 minutes of in-game time to break into a single locker, stealing from lockers is a good way to grind Skulduggery, but it an inefficient way of gaining money.

Small amounts of money can be found inside, but the player will be at risk of being confronted by the locker's owner. Should this happen, there are a few ways of how the player can deal with the situation:

  • Apologize (- Status)
  • Lie about what the player is doing (+ Delinquency)
  • Fight the locker's owner

Front Courtyard

The front playground is the main entrance to the school. From here the player can exit on to Oxford Street, enter the school itself, or go around the school to the rear playground. Whitney will often be waiting for the player near the gates. If the player remains in the front playground after school is closed, there is a chance they may be attacked by a dog.

Rear Courtyard

The rear playground is an area in which the player can relax in-between classes. It can be used to sneak into and out of the school, should the player not want to deal with potential issues going through the front entrance like Whitney or Leighton.

  • Relax on a stump (0:10) | - Fatigue | - Stress (Lunch only)
  • Look for the underwear thief (0:10) (Lunch only, Requires having met the Underwear Thief)
  • Enter the school (0:01)
  • Front Courtyard (0:02)
  • Climb over the fence to the Industrial district (0:02) (*This action has a chance to damage the player's bottom clothing. Full Cat Transformation nullifies it, or if player has high Athletics [Must have had hopped fences often, 95% success]) The player can hop the fence naked:
    • Success: Hopping the fence while naked results in shivering + Stress
      • If PC has Exhibitionism 2+, it results in + Arousal.
    • Failure: PC fails to hop the fence while completely naked results and gets scratched + Pain

Kylar can be found during 12:10-1:00 at this location if the player has encountered them before. The player spots them sitting on a stump, and the option to interact with Kylar will be available to the player. If it is a rainy day, Kylar will head to the school library instead.

Wealthy, advanced players may improve the school rear courtyard at the Mayor's Office. This adds a new option to socialize on the green (0:10) - Fatigue | - Stress | + Status (Lunch only) with a range of positive random interactions.


The school canteen is where the player can have lunch and interact with their peers. Between 12PM and 1PM, they can choose to eat lunch here (once per day). They can eat alone (- Stress) or with someone (Robin, Kylar or Sydney). Depending on the player's Status, they may get additional bonuses to their stats.

If it isn't lunch time but school is still taking place, the player has the option to flirt with a group of classmates here. Flirting is a Promiscuity 1 action. With Promiscuity 2, they can continue the interaction and initiate a consensual sexual encounter with a single classmate. Note that this can only be done once each day. How the classmates react to the player is determined by their Status, and they may not agree to the player's terms if it is too low.

Robin, Kylar and Sydney (before 12:15) make appearances here, sitting at their own tables. The player can choose to eat lunch with either one of them. Eating with Kylar will increase their Love stat and lower their Jealousy. Eating with Robin will decrease Trauma and Stress, and eating with Sydney will increase their Love stat and decrease Stress, but Kylar's Jealousy may rise if they are around. Once Kylar has reached a certain point in their stats, they may try to sit between the player and Robin or Sydney. Eating with Kylar if the player has built up a relationship with Whitney may trigger a fight between the two.

If the player is in a relationship with Robin, it is possible to have sex with Robin during lunch. This event can be initiated by teasing Robin under the table. If Robin has high lust, the player can tease them even more. If the player teases Robin enough (a total of 4 times within the lunch period), this will result in Robin leading the player to the bathroom, and initiate consensual sex.


The school pool is where the player attends their swimming classes. It is managed by Mason.

The player can enter the pool room from the changing rooms at any time. It will usually be empty if swimming class is not in session, allowing no interaction. Another swimming class will be in session before the player's, with Mason wondering why the player ended up there.

The player can sneak into the pool with opposite sex swimwear if they are lucky, and with Exhibitionism 5, they may enter the pool nude. Humorous dialogue may ensue if the player does choose to participate in the swimming class nude, with Mason feeling embarrassed by it. They will also do their best to try to give the player some privacy. If the player attends nude five times, some other students will also be naked. After the tenth time, Leighton will force the rest of the class, including Mason, to attend the class naked. Note that wearing swimwear will not have any consequences, making being nude voluntary, but it will not reverse Leighton's order either.

Swimming in the pool will slowly wash away lewd liquids, but it will not remove bodywriting or maggot parasites.

Attending swimming classes raises Physique and swimming skill. However, it is a waste of time after reaching max Physique and S Rank in Swimming skill, it does not increase athletics. The only reason why you would want to attend it is to upkeep your physique or get harassed. You're better off skipping this class unless you want a perfect record.

Changing Rooms

On the way to the Pool, the player must pass through one of the two changing rooms. These are split by gender. A locker is found within the changing rooms, which the player can use to access their wardrobe and any clothing within it. It is very useful if the player ends up with missing items of clothing or wants to change their clothing at school.

Entering the changing rooms of the opposite sex will have the player feel naughty doing so if no one is around. If the player has crossdresser fame, the player can swap the boy's and girl's outfits using Skulduggery, reducing their own crossdresser fame level by one at the cost of Delinquency.

For the first ten minutes of swimming classes, students can be found changing within their respective dressing rooms. Entering the changing room of a gender opposite from what the player appears to be will increase Delinquency. This may also happen if the player changes into opposite sex clothing after entering the appropriate changing room - the player will get chased out. If the player chooses to re-enter before the students have left, a new event may occur with the boys/girls in the changing rooms, detailed below:

Changing Room Seduction

The Changing Room event begins with a student accusing the player of being a pervert. This will add Delinquency. In response, the player has several options:

  • Try to escape
  • Flirt with the boys/girls (Promiscuity 1)
  • Apologise

Failing to escape the changing rooms will have the event continue as if the player apologizes, with the boys/girls not believing a word that the player says. Regardless of how the player tries to deal with the situation, the accuser demands that the player strips - this is to make things even. There are two options on how to deal with this:

  • Accepting the demand (+ Trauma | + Stress) - the accuser demands that the player bend over. They whip the player with a float that the younger swimmers use, increasing the player's Pain and Exhibitionism fame.
  • Refusing - the accuser begin to molest the player as the others in the room watch, before pushing the now-nude player out a window and onto Oxford Street.

If the player tries to flirt and manages to pass the Seduction check, there is an additional option at high Promiscuity that has the player demand that the accuser strip as well. If the player is lucky, the accuser will give in to their demands and a consensual encounter will begin. Once the encounter is over, the player leaves the changing rooms just as Mason is about to check up on the class, with the player feeling the boys'/girls' horny gazes on their back as they leave, with the accuser left panting on the floor.

If the player walks in nude at any point, with Promiscuity 5, they can give up their body to the boys/girls, flirting with them by saying they can do whatever they want to the player - this initiates a gangbang encounter.

Changing Room Thievery

If the player has already received a request from a stranger outside the school, they have the option of raiding their classmates' lockers in search of underwear. Much like the lockers in the hallway, this allows players a way to raise their Skulduggery skill without any prior experience, although unlike the hallway lockers, the changing rooms can only be pillaged when a class is in session.

For more information, see the Locker Raid page.


The school library is where the player has the option to increase their various School Skills outside of their scheduled classes. It can also be a good way to pass time while waiting for a class to start if the player arrived too early. The library also contains a clothing shop where the player can also buy school clothes, albeit at a higher price compared to the shopping centre, and a bookshop where they can rent books.

At any given time, there is an option to study any of the school subjects (0:20). If wearing glasses, the player gains a boost to their studying. In addition to this, when school is closed, they have the option to study nude. This will also give a study boost.

While studying naked, an event causing the player to drop a book while putting it back on the shelf could happen. This will cause a security guard to arrive, giving the player the option to either stay hidden or let the guard see them. The latter option will cause the guard to ask the player to follow them; the player can then choose to comply or refuse. Complying will make the guard lead the player outside the gates and hand them a towel to cover themselves with; refusing will take 20 minutes, but will let the player stay inside the library.

Kylar will also end up in the Library if it is raining during lunch break, although any interactions with them will remain the same as other locations.

Upon the player's English skill increasing, they may become interested in a book. It is described as a medium-sized scarlet book, titled "Raul and Janet". Initially, the player will read this book in twenty minute segments, with their English improving each time they do so.

The higher the player's English grade, the further they can investigate the book:

  • Grade D: The player will first notice the book and display no interest in reading it.
  • Grade C: The player will be able to begin reading the book, but after twenty minutes, they will no longer be interested.
  • Grade B: The player is able to read it twice in a row to learn more about the characters of Raul and Janet.
  • Grade A: After reading it twice in a row, the player can continue one more time (- Stress | ++ Arousal). At this point, the book can be read indefinitely, but the English skill increase will be smaller.
  • Grade A*: In addition to the previous changes, the player has the option of imagining themselves as the character Janet. This begins the "Raul and Janet" event. Alternatively, at Exhibitionism 3, the player can masturbate to the book instead of continuing to read and/or initiating the Raul and Janet event.

During the winter months there will be a different book in the basket. It is described as an olive-coloured book, titled "How Mr. Pinch Groped Christmas". The player can read this book in twenty minute segments, with their English skill improving each time they do so.

The higher the player's English grade, the further they can investigate the book:

  • Grade D: The player will be able to begin reading the book, but after twenty minutes, they will no longer be interested.
  • Grade C: The player is able to read it twice in a row to learn more about the tale of Ms. Pinch and Lew.
  • Grade B: After reading it twice in a row, the player can continue one more time (- Stress | ++ Arousal). After reading several pages the player can choose to either imagine themselves as Lew or read on ahead. Reading on will give the player a chance to imagine themself in Mr. Pinch's too-tight shoes or continue reading like before. Finishing the book will grant the player + Arousal

Sydney's Counter

At certain times of the day, Sydney will be present here, operating a counter where the player can rent textbooks and purchase school-sanctioned clothing. See Sydney's Counter for more details.

Student Conversations

When studying at the library at school hours, the player may eavesdrop on a conversation between students. These conversations may range from simple flavor text to subtle hints and information in-game.

Head's Office

The Head's office is where the player can find the headteacher Leighton while school is in session. Entering the office will have Leighton ask how they can help the player. Entering multiple times within the same day will have the headteacher reprimand the player for wasting their time, increasing Delinquency.

If the player enters a classroom without the appropriate school uniform, or wearing restrictive clothing such as arm bindings they will be sent here. Leighton may give them a replacement, a school top and a school bottom respectively. It works similarly to a "lost-and-found" clothing pile, with the uniform having seen obvious use. If the player is unlucky, Leighton will instead give them a uniform not meant for the player's sex. At this point they have two options:

  • The player refuses to wear the outfit, increasing Delinquency. They run out of the room.
  • They wear the outfit reluctantly, but the player will now be crossdressing as the opposite sex.

Leighton will untie the player's arm bindings if they are caught with them.

A few other events may occur if the player is sent to the head's office for detention. A few examples include:

  • Leighton inspecting the player for "drugs"
  • A strip tease car wash with Leighton watching
  • The player having to constantly write something on a board

They may also bend the player over their knee, initiating a non-consensual spanking encounter.


The player can use the infirmary to sleep for 30 minutes before school or during lunch, sleeping is not an option after school hours or if a class starts within 30 minutes. The player can ask the nurse for painkillers but will only be given them if the player's pain is high enough, also note that these pills increase fatigue. After school hours the player can steal these pills for money.


The player can use the school toilets to undress, as well as masturbate to release arousal. Using them at night proves risky, for large cats will be lurking here. Entering the toilet that does not correspond to the player's gender appearance can have the player be confronted by three uncertain students. The player has the options of apologizing and leaving, or choosing to flirt with the students. Flirting leads to a consensual encounter with the three of them and allows the player access to the toilet afterwards.

Additionally, Whitney may have the player use the toilets of the opposite sex to humiliate them.

Gloryholes similar to the ones at the Brothel may be set up in this location. They will require Promiscuity 2 or higher to arrange, and are only available if the player has already seen the ones at the Brothel. The player has the option of charging £5, £10 or £20, and each wait period take 10 in-game minutes.

The player may wash their face here to remove any lewd fluids and writing. Rinsing their mouth will remove lewd fluids from their mouth instead.

Note: With a high History grade, a secret tunnel to the sewer can be found to escape from The Janitor or for easy access when needed.


The four classrooms relating to the respective subjects all function in a similar manner. When class is in session, a prompt will appear at the top of the available options that tells the player which class they need to be in to attend their scheduled lesson.

If the player enters the wrong class when school is in session, they may get scolded by the teacher for interrupting their class, increasing Stress. However, they may flip things on the teacher should they meet the right requirements, and mock them in front of their own class. Choosing to interrupt the class again in the same day will increase Delinquency.

When the player visits the classroom early, new options may appear:

  • From 7AM to 9AM, the player can choose to use the extra time to study in the science classroom. This increases Stress, but increases the player's Science knowledge.
  • From 12PM to 1PM, the player can do the same action in the history classroom, increasing History instead of Science.

Note that both of these actions will pass in-game time automatically until the corresponding class begins.


  • The scarlet book found in the library named "Raul and Janet" is a clear parody of "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare.
    • The player only has the option to fantasize as Janet. Even if the player is a male character (or has masculine features/crossdresses as one), they cannot choose to fantasize as Raul instead.
    • Despite the event among Raul and Janet being fantasized by the player, the encounter strangely runs like a real encounter: It is possible to steal from Raul if the player is sufficiently skilled in Skulduggery (and the amount stolen will be added as real money to the player), and humorously even pepper spray him.
      • Originally, the semen Raul shoots would have stayed on (or inside) the player after the event. Additionally, the clothes Janet was wearing (a randomly coloured evening gown, lace panties and fishnet stockings) would have appeared in the player's wardrobe - making it a free way of acquiring formal clothing early in the game for dates with Avery.
      • However, this was changed as these two tidbits of info were bugs, and have since been fixed. These issues arose due to the way the event is coded. "Janet" still counts as the player, and is merely an appearance swap - not a separate character entirely, meaning that all actions taken during the event would otherwise carry over to the "real" world. While these issues have been fixed, "Janet" still functions as a normal player character otherwise would.
    • If the player didn't beat up Raul in the nonconsensual encounter in the event, a prompt will appear stating that it went a different way than what the player had imagined.
  • This is one of few locations where several NPCs will gather, including several love interests. Other locations include places such as the Orphanage.
  • This is the only area that features exclusive fame stats - more specifically, hermaphrodite fame.


In the Winter


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