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The Demon transformation, otherwise referred to as the "Demon TF" is one of several transformations within Degrees of Lewdity.

Transformations are split into two separate categories, this transformation falls under the "Divine" category, and can be combined with another transformation from the alternative "Animal" category.

The demon transformation in-game.


Note: The name of the transformation will vary depending on the player's sex. How the player's transformation is identified as is listed below:

  • As an incubus for male PCs.
  • As a succubus for female PCs.


  • Incubus/Succubus - "You are devoid of purity. You lose trauma when something cums inside of you, or you cum in something else. Tentacles reduce stress and pain instead of trauma. Beware, ending a day with anything but the minimum purity will be very stressful."
  • Dark Horns - Headbutts deal twice as much damage.
  • Wings - Can glide from high locations.

If the player also has the cow transformation

  • Compound Horns - "Your headbutts are vicious. Headbutts are four times as powerful, and no longer hurt you."


  • Obtaining, and then maintaining, minimum Purity for an extended time. A single point of Demonicness is received every time the player ends the day with zero purity, with the full transformation requiring 30 Demonicness.
  • Alternatively, reaching zero Purity after obtaining the Fallen Angel transformation will instantly bump the player to stage six of the Demon transformation.

Maintaining the transformation may sound difficult, but it will be much easier to manage should the player already live a promiscuous lifestyle. Lose at least a single point of purity every day to succeed - done via daily sex acts. Make sure lewd encounters end with the player ejaculating inside someone, or them inside the player. Masturbating or drinking breast milk will also lower Purity to ease things further.

Make sure to cap off a day at zero Purity to avoid potential negative effects.

The same trait recommended to increase Purity - "Holy" - can also be used to the player's advantage to potentially decrease Purity as well, as it doubles purity gains AND losses. As such, masturbating in the Temple will have the player feel defiled afterwards.

Transformation Progress

Progress will start after obtaining 5 points of Demonicness, with each stage taking another 5 points to reach.

  1. "Your scalp itches."
  2. "Horns sprout from your scalp."
  3. "Your bottom itches."
  4. "A tail sprouts from your lower back."
  5. "You feel a burning sensation in your back."
  6. "You feel lighter. Your new wings caress your face."
    • (If you have Fallen Angel at minimum Purity) "Your blackened wings turn blacker still. Your shattered halo fades. Horns sprout from your scalp and a tail sprouts from your lower back. Your sense of loss is replaced with a desire for revenge." Immediately taking you to level 6)


  • Stage 2: The player receives demon horns.
  • Stage 4: The player receives a demon tail.
  • Stage 6: The player receives demon wings. The transformation is now complete.

It will take up to a minimum of 30 days to obtain the full transformation in this way, as the player can only get a single point of demonicness per day.


A demon player concealing/flaunting herself
  • Unlocks the option to absorb lewd fluids, otherwise known as "absorption" - if the player is ejaculated inside of, this will lower Trauma.
  • Lewd fluids absorbed from Tentacle encounters will reduce Stress and Pain instead of Trauma.
  • Grants the player a pair of Wings. Unlike the Strong Wings of a harpy, these will not allow the player to fly in areas such as the moor, but they can glide down from the following locations:
  • Grants the player Dark Horns doubling headbutt damage. If the player also receives Sturdy Horns from the cow transformation, the traits will combine into Compound Horns quadrupling headbutt damage, with the player receiving no damage from the headbutt.
  • At 90 Demonicness or above, grants the player the ability to Force Impregnation in encounters. This option will not appear if the NPC is infertile.
    • If the player's penis is enveloped by a vagina, the option appears when the player is at very high arousal (at least 9000).
    • If the player's vagina is penetrated by a penis, the option appears when the other party's arousal status is "Ejaculation imminent."

However, there are also negative effects:

  • This transformation requires minimum Purity to obtain and maintain, which functions as the complete opposite to the angel transformation. Maintaining the transformation points to a good number will not be enough, it must remain at the minimum possible amount by midnight.
    • Failure to do this will result in the following prompt: "You feel a terrible light sear through you."
      • Massively increases Stress, to insane levels. Should this occur again, the player is sure to pass out from overwhelming stress.
      • The player will receive a small increase to their Purity every day. As Demon transformations do not want this, this must be prevented - this can be done by initiating combat involving penetration at least once a day.


Some key events can be unlocked as a result of gaining this transformation. An overview is provided below, with a full description as its own section.


  • Unlocks a new option while at the Tentacle Plains - "Admire". This action makes the player immune from passing out from Stress as a result of the tentacles. While there is no intervention from outside sources like other transformations, this will make things easier when finding the escape route as the player will not need to worry about Stress increases.

Tentacle Admiration

The player is almost hypnotised by the movements of the tentacles, enjoying the view. They begin to sway around as well, while being touched by tentacles - decreasing Trauma and Stress, but increasing Arousal.

Demons may only use Admire twice before offering themselves to the tentacles for a consensual encounter with tentacles regardless of Deviancy stats.

Domus Street Window Preying

Unlock a new opportunity while at Domus street during the night (from 21.00 PM to 06.00 AM). The player can climb through a house window, leading to several events exclusive to demon transformations. This event have several variants :

  • The PC emerges in a room warmed by a purple light, in which an NPC is delivering a blow to a boy/girl from the orphanage.

(this event is essential for earning the feat "The Value of Pain" in which the PC has to rescue an orphan from inside the house)

  • You come face-to-face with a naked NPC, the NPC screams. The PC can demand money or seduce
  • If dog person or bestiality toggle is enabled, the PC will come face-to-face with an animal.
  • You peer through a window, and see an NPC asleep in bed or couple NPC asleep.

The PC can seduce or for the latter can choose to seduce the first or the second asleep NPC.

  • Several candles sit on two bedside cabinets, lighting the room. Between them is an NPC, bound, blindfolded, and tied to the bed.

The PC can seduce, this leads to one of the few consensual encounters in which the partner is submissive, hence promiscuity requirements will be ignored.


The "Classic" and "Pink" forms.
  • This transformation has six (cosmetic) alternate forms: "Classic" (horns and tail), "Pink", "Blue", "Lime", "Red" and "Yellow" (all horns, wings and tail). These alternate appearances can be selected from any Mirror, under the "Examine your inner self" section.

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