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If the player increases their delinquency in any way, they will be obliged to attend after school Detention in Leighton’s office. There, they may be subject to punishments that vary in severity based on the player’s Detention stat.


Any action that increases Delinquency will also increase Detention by at least 10 points, which is also the minimum amount needed to attend. The Detention stat can be viewed in the “Extra Stats” section of the Stats tab.


There are many different punishments that correspond to each level of the Detention stat. They increase in severity as the Detention stat increases. Some levels of the stat have different possible punishments that are chosen based on either RNG or Delinquency.

All current punishments and the stat level they occur at are listed below:

  • 10: Minor Infringement
  • 20: Repetitive Writing
  • 30: Repetitive Writing 2/Witnessing Spanking
    • Decided by RNG
  • 40: Car Wash/Punisher Player
    • Decided by RNG
  • 50/60: Spanking/Paddle Spanking
    • Paddle Spanking has a chance of occuring in place of Spanking if the player’s Delinquency is at least 1. This chance increases as Delinquency increases.
  • 70: Drug Inspection/Spanking Witnessed
    • Just like the past level, Drug Inspection will usually occur, unless the player’s Delinquency is high enough to instead trigger Spanking Witnessed.
  • 80+: Spanking With An Audience + Extra Credit
    • Extra Credit will only happen if the anal toggle is enabled, and the player is not wearing a chastity belt with an anal shield.


Minor Infringement

Two possibilities, which are decided by RNG. Both take 10 minutes.

In the first, the player will just stay at a small desk in the corner while Leighton sits at their computer and “seemingly forgets about them.” Ten minutes later, Leighton allows the player to leave.

The second has some variance based on the player’s Delinquency. If it’s less than 400 (“You are considered a delinquent by the teachers”), Leighton will be surprised to see them, saying, “You? What did you do to end up here?" but if it’s 400 or higher, they’ll be resigned, and say, "Everyday the same faces. So what now?"

In either case, they check their computer and see that it had only been a minor infringement. Leighton decides to have the player deliver some notes to staff, and after they do, Leighton simply nods and gestures for them to leave.

Repetitive Writing

The player enters the office to see another student standing in the corner. Leighton has both of them write ‘I will obey the rules’ on the whiteboard until they tell them to stop. Shortly after the player starts writing, they feel the other student groping their butt. They then have two options:

  1. Endure it (0:30) | + Trauma | + Stress | + Arousal
    • The player decides not to make a fuss and allows the student to grope them. The student is careful not to be blatant, and 30 minutes later they leave the office.
  2. Tell Leighton
    • The player yelps and jumps away while clutching their backside to clearly indicate to Leighton what had happened. With low delinquency, Leighton will allow the player to leave early, and as they walk down the hall, they “think they hear a muffled cry” from the office. However, with high delinquency (at least 400; “You are considered a delinquent by the teachers”), Leighton will think the player is tricking them. They tell the other student to leave, then pull the player over their knee, starting a spanking encounter.

Witnessing Spanking

The player enters the office to see Leighton at their desk, lecturing a student sitting opposite of them, “looking sorry for themself”. Upon seeing the player, Leighton will pause their lecture, and tell them that they will now get to see what happens to those who break the rules. Leighton then stands, and tells the student to pull down their shorts/lift up their skirt and bend over the desk. The student does so, and is visibly uncomfortable with the player watching. Leighton retrieves a large wooden paddle from their desk drawer and raises it, about to spank the student. The player has the following options:

  1. Masturbate | Exhibitionism 5
  2. Do nothing | + Stress | + Trauma | + Arousal
  3. Intervene | + Status | + Delinquency

The player begins to surreptitiously masturbate as Leighton spanks the student. Afterward, regardless of if they come or if they stop before 20 turns pass, Leighton gives the student one last spank before setting down the paddle, looking flustered from the effort. They tell the now teary-eyed student to leave, which they do immediately after fixing their clothing. Leighton then turns to the player with a smirk and says, "I'm glad you enjoyed the show. I know I did." They knowingly wink at the player before letting them leave.

Do nothing

Leighton spanks the student, causing them to cry out in pain. They look at the player and plead with them, begging for help, but their words are eventually drowned out by their yelps of pain. Leighton continues spanking them, then pauses to pull the student’s underwear up. They take a moment to admire the redness now covering the student’s bottom, then says, "I think that should be enough, don't you?" The player has two options:

  1. Nod
    • Leighton sets down the paddle and gives the student one last smack with their hand before telling them and the player to leave. The student gives the player a grateful smile as they both head out to the hall. | - Stress | - Trauma
  2. Harder | + Control | + Arousal | - Status
    • The student glares at the player as Leighton raises the paddle again. They try to stand, but Leighton leans their weight onto them and says, "You're not getting off that easy. I'm going to give you six more. Count them!" As the student counts each hit, Leighton glances at the player to try to gauge their reaction. Once the final blow is delivered, Leighton releases them and puts away the paddle. The student then stumbles out of the room without looking at the player. Leighton turns to the player and tells them to take this experience as a warning, before sending them out into the hallway.

The player stops Leighton before they can strike.

  • Defiant: Leighton raises the paddle to strike, but you grab his/her arm, daring him/her to try something. "Do your worst," you spit. "I'll hit back twice as hard."
  • Neutral: Leighton raises the paddle to strike, but you stand up and put your arm out, stopping him/her. "Stop!" you shout. "You can't do this!"
  • Submissive: Leighton raises the paddle to strike, but you throw yourself between him/her and the student. "Just because you're the headmaster/headmistress doesn't give you the right to pick on us," you say with as much bravery as you can muster.

Leighton glares at the player, and tells them that if they don’t want to watch, then they can join them. The student gives the player a commiserating look, but seems grateful nonetheless. Leighton then grabs the player by the neck, pushes them over the desk, and raises the paddle to spank both the player and the student. This starts a spanking encounter.

Punisher Player

The player enters to see Leighton lecturing a student. They pause once they see the player, then tell them that they will be helping “teach this troublemaker a lesson.” Leighton then stands and tells the student to pull down their shorts/lift up their skirt. Once they do, Leighton pushes them over the desk, then retrieves their wooden paddle and hands it to the player. The player then has the following options:

  1. Paddle hard | + Arousal | - Status
  2. Pretend to paddle | Skulduggery: (B or higher to guarantee success)
  3. Pull their underwear down | Promiscuity 3
  4. Refuse | + Delinquency | + Status
Paddle hard

The player spanks the student hard, causing them to look back at the player in betrayal. The player feels a twinge of guilt (or arousal if they have any of the Sadist traits), but Leighton forces the student’s head down into the desk, snapping them out of it. They continue to beat the student while Leighton encourages them. If the player has any Sadist trait and their arousal reaches at least 8000 (A heat rises within), they will become visibly erect/wet, but Leighton is too focused on the student to notice. The student is sobbing by the end of it, and clinging to the desk for support. Leighton then takes the paddle back and praises the player. If their Combat fame is at least 400 (Recognised), Leighton will also mention that the rumours they’ve heard are true, that the player “doesn’t hold back.” The student then gives the player a scornful glare as they fix their clothes and leave. This also increases Leighton’s love by 1.

Pretend to paddle

The player swings the paddle towards the student’s bum, but stops just shy of hitting them. The student flinches, but then turns to the player with relief. The player swings again, and the student cries out, but they both know they’re not really in pain.

If the player succeeds in their skulduggery, Leighton will be impressed. They grab their camera to take pictures as the player “beats” their classmate. The student pretends to cry and beg for the player to stop, and the player continues to pretend to hit them until Leighton is satisfied. Leighton allows both of them to leave, and the student gives the player a grateful smile on the way out.

If the player fails, Leighton will notice, and take the paddle back. They push the player against the desk next to the student, and pull down their bottoms/lift up their skirt, starting a spanking encounter.

Pull their underwear down

Essentially the same result as if the player chose to paddle hard, except the player pulls the student’s underwear down, causing the student’s bum to be red and covered in welts at the end. Also, Leighton’s love increases by 3, and status is not affected.

  • Defiant: "This is fucked up," you scoff, shoving the paddle back into Leighton's hands. "Find someone else to do your dirty work, you old creep."
  • Neutral: "This is sick," you say, handing the paddle back to Leighton. "I want no part in it."
  • Submissive: You stare into the student's pleading eyes, and you're overcome with guilt. "N-no," you say, gently laying the paddle on the desk. "This is wrong."

The student will be relieved, and Leighton will get angry, stating that if they don’t want to spank them, they can join them. Leighton grabs them and shoves them against the desk next to the student, starting a spanking encounter.

Car Wash

Leighton tells the player that their car needs a wash. “I left everything you'll need out there, I'll keep an eye on you from here. You'll want to strip down to your underwear for this job, no sense getting your clothes wet and dirty." They chuckle at the player’s incredulous look and reassure them that it’s an enclosed area so no one will see them. If the player is not wearing underwear, they will say so, but Leighton tells them they still need to wash their car. The player has two options:

  1. Strip and wash the car (0:40) | + Trauma | + Stress | + Arousal
    • The player walks out the office and undresses right before exiting the building. They take a sponge and begin washing the car while Leighton watches them with a blank expression. When the player is close to finishing, Leighton opens the window to tell them they missed a spot, and points next to the player’s thighs. The player has the following options:
      • Crouch
        • The player crouches, and once they’ve cleaned the spot, Leighton tells them they can leave, before shutting the window.
      • Bend over | Exhibitionism 3 (Exhibitionism 5 if the player is not wearing underwear)
        • The player bends over and sticks their bum out as they clean. Leighton gets flustered, and tells the player they can leave before shutting the window. If the player isn’t wearing underwear, Leighton will become too embarrassed to watch the player finish cleaning, and closes the window. The player spends another minute cleaning the spot, making sure to wiggle their hips in case Leighton is secretly still watching.
  2. Refuse | + Delinquency
    • The player walks out of the office, but instead of going to the car, they head for the exit. This has the same effect as running away from Leighton at the front gate, increasing Delinquency and Detention.


The player enters to see Leighton sitting at their desk. They beckon the player closer, then grab them by the arms and bend them over their knee, starting a spanking encounter.

Paddle Spanking

The player enters to see Leighton tapping their wooden paddle against their palm. They tell the player to take off their bottom clothing. If the player is not wearing underwear, Leighton will comment on it, calling the player naughty for “showing off to their headmaster/headmistress like this.” They then grab the player and push them against the desk, starting a spanking encounter.

Drug Inspection

Leighton instructs the player to lock the door behind them when they enter. They then tell the player to remove all their clothes so they can “be inspected for drugs.” The player initially only hands over their upper and lower clothes, before Leighton tells them to hand over their underclothes as well. Leighton examines them and claims they smell drugs on them, resulting in the player’s underclothes being confiscated “for drug testing.” The player may avoid their clothes being confiscated by attending detention without wearing underwear. Leighton then sits back at their desk and bends the player over their knee, starting a spanking encounter.

Spanking Witnessed

The player enters to see Leighton at their desk with a student sitting opposite. They stop their lecture upon seeing the player, then tell the student that they will now observe what happens to those who break the rules. Leighton tells the player to undress, which they do with the student watching them the entire time. Once they’re nude, Leighton stands and pulls out their wooden paddle from their desk, then pushes the player against it, starting a spanking encounter.

Lowering Leighton’s anger has two different outcomes depending on the player’s Pain stat at the end of the encounter. If the player’s Pain is lower than 60 (You are crying), Leighton will simply let them go while the student taunts them. If their Pain is 60 or higher, Leighton will take pity on the player and pull out a tube of numbing cream from their desk. "If you promise to be a good girl/boy, I'll make you feel better. How does that sound?" The player then has two options:

  1. Agree | - - - Pain | + Stress | + + Arousal
  2. Refuse

If the player refuses, Leighton will sigh and put the numbing cream away before telling them to leave. If the player accepts, Leighton will start to massage the cream into the player’s skin, soothing the pain. The player hears a moan from behind them, and they look over their shoulder to see the student shamelessly masturbating to them | + Stress. Eventually Leighton finishes applying the cream and allows the player to get dressed and leave.

Spanking With An Audience

The player enters Leighton’s office to see them lecturing three students. They stop once they see the player, then tell the students it’s “their lucky day.” Leighton tells the player to undress, then place their hands on the desk. The player does so as the other three students stare at them. Once they are in position, Leighton stands and shoves them down against the desk. They tell the others that they will observe what happens to those who break the rules, then raise their paddle, starting a spanking encounter.

Just like with Spanking Witnessed, ending the encounter with a Pain stat of less than 60 results in Leighton letting the player go while the students taunt them, while a Pain stat of at least 60 results in Leighton pulling out the tube of numbing cream and offering to soothe the player’s pain. The player has the same choices of either accepting or refusing the offer. Refusing has the exact same outcome, while accepting can have a notable difference.

If the player accepts, Leighton will massage the numbing cream into the player’s skin. Two of the students continue to mock them while the third is notably silent. If the anal toggle is disabled, or if the player is wearing a chastity belt with an anal shield, the punishment will end here, as Leighton finishes applying the cream and allows the player to get dressed and leave.

Extra Credit

If the needed requirements are met, the scene plays out a bit differently. As Leighton massages the player’s bum, their fingers start to prod at the player’s anus. The student that had been silent while the others jeered suddenly cries out, "Y-yes! Finger his/her asshole!" Their face then turns red and they stare down in shame. The other two are shocked for a moment before they start to make fun of them. Leighton briefly stops fondling the player to turn to the student. They tell the other two to leave, while their friend stays behind for “some special discipline.” As the two exit, they cast a worried glance toward their friend as Leighton locks the door behind them.

Both the player and the student expect Leighton to reprimand them, but are shocked when Leighton instead offers the tube of numbing cream to them. "If you're so eager, perhaps you'd like to help us out?" he/she asks. "For a little... extra credit?" The student takes a moment to come to their senses, then eagerly agrees, taking the tube. As they rub the cream into their hands, Leighton momentarily disappears before returning with a camera. The student’s hands hover near the player’s bum, but don’t make contact. They express their uncertainty, having lost their nerve, but ultimately start to massage the player’s bottom when Leighton threatens them. The player then has the following options:

  1. Enjoy it | Promiscuity 3 | + + Arousal
  2. Let it happen | + Stress | + Trauma | + Arousal
  3. Ask to stop
Enjoy it

The player lets out a contented sigh and spreads their legs to allow easier access. The student is still hesitant, and Leighton takes notice. "You can do better than that," he/she tuts. "I certainly wouldn't want to punish you for your lack of enthusiasm." The student takes a deep breath, then presses their hand against the player’s bum. If the student has a vagina, a consensual encounter starts, with their hand caressing the player’s anus. If the student has a penis, Leighton will urge them further, telling them to go “all the way.” The player encourages them by pressing their butt against their groin, where they can feel them already erect. The student flinches away, then after a moment of silence, takes out their penis and presses it to the player’s anus, starting a consensual encounter. Afterwards, the student’s nerves will be completely gone, and they’ll then address the player. Their response differs based on the player’s status.

  • High status: "Th-that was amazing!" they pant, their nervousness all but gone. "I've wanted to do that for a while. I've always had a bit of a crush..." they trail off, staring at their feet and giggling.
  • Mid status: "Th-that was amazing!" they pant, their nervousness all but gone. They stare at you and licks their lips. "Bet he/she enjoyed it, too."
  • Low status: "Th-that was amazing!" they pant, their nervousness all but gone. They give you a smug look. "You're welcome, by the way. I doubt your sorry ass gets much attention." | + Trauma

Regardless, Leighton will scroll through the pictures on their camera before addressing them both. "I hope you've both learnt a valuable lesson," he/she says. He/She holds up his/her camera and smiles. "A lesson I'd suggest you keep to yourselves." They then lead the two out of their office, and the student winks at the player before heading down the hallway.

Let it happen

This essentially has the same result as enjoying it, except the player is uncomfortable with the student’s touch, and the following encounter is non-consensual. Making the student come has the same result as if the player chose to enjoy it: with the student now being relaxed and winking at the player as they both leave.

Ask to stop

The player will say they feel better and are ready to leave, to which the student backs away, both disappointed and relieved. The player starts to get up, but Leighton forces them back down. They glare at the student and say, "I told you to do as you're told, or else. There are far worse punishments than a paddling, you know." After a heavy silence, the student places their hands back upon the player’s bum. "’Sorry,’" you hear them quietly whimper.” | + Stress | + Trauma. The encounter is again non-consensual. Making them come results in the student staring down at their feet as they and the player get dressed. Leighton smirks and holds up their camera, "Let's keep this between us, shall we?" The student and player both nod wordlessly. They then leave the office, unable to meet each other’s gaze.

Spanking Encounter Outcomes

Most of the punishments involve getting spanked by Leighton. Since some of the punishments are more or less just variants of each other, the outcomes of their encounters are very similar, if not the same. They are listed here in their own section to avoid too much redundancy.

There are three ways to end a spanking encounter (See Combat for more info on how to do these successfully):

  1. Lowering Leighton's anger to 0
  2. Fighting them off
  3. Making them come
    • Grants the “Leighton’s Nightmare” feat if successful

Lowering anger

  • Repetitive Writing 2, Spanking, Paddle Spanking
    • Leighton releases the player and states that they “took no pleasure in that.”
  • Witnessing Spanking, Punisher Player
    • Leighton sets down the paddle, satisfied. They give the student one last smack, then allow both them and the player to leave.


  • Repetitive Writing 2, Spanking, Paddle Spanking
    • The player escapes from Leighton’s grip and runs out of the office, and Leighton shouts after them that they’ve “made things much worse for themself.” (Despite this threat, there doesn’t seem to be any consequence to doing this, as neither Delinquency or Detention increase.)
  • Witnessing Spanking, Punisher Player
    • The player runs out of the office, leaving the student behind with Leighton.
  • Drug Inspection, Spanking Witnessed, Spanking With An Audience, Extra Credit
    • The player runs out, but is unable to retrieve their clothes, leaving them naked in the hallway. Spanking Witnessed and Spanking With An Audience give an increase to status, as the students will be impressed by the player’s audacity.

Making them come

  • Repetitive Writing 2, Spanking, Paddle Spanking, Drug Inspection
    • Leighton further beats the player in anger. Once they realise what happened, they tell the player, "Don't breathe a word of this to anyone. Leave."
  • Witnessing Spanking, Punisher Player
    • Leighton angrily beats the player before dropping the paddle and steadying themself against the desk. Once they realise what happened, they quickly stand and pick up the paddle. "Don't breathe a word of this to anyone," he/she says through laboured breaths. "That goes for both of you." The player nods while the student sobs with their face down against the desk, making the player wonder if they even noticed what had happened.
  • Spanking Witnessed
    • Leighton angrily beats the player while the student is left stunned. Leighton notices their staring and says, "Don't even think about telling anyone about this, or it'll be your ass up here next time. Understood?" The student nods, then Leighton turns to the player and tells them to leave.
  • Spanking With An Audience
    • Leighton beats the player in anger while the other students laugh. Leighton smacks the paddle against the desk, promptly shutting them up. "If any of you little shits breathe a word about this to anyone," they growl through laboured breaths, "It'll be your asses up here next time. Understood?" The students nod, then Leighton turns back to the player and tells them to get out, which they do after getting dressed.

Avoiding Detention

If the player wishes to avoid attending detention, they can either just leave the building, or blackmail Leighton for no detention.

Attempting to leave through the front playground will result in the following prompt: You see the head guarding the gate. You're meant to be in detention, so if you leave that way, you'll be apprehended.” If the player tries to leave anyway, Leighton will stop them and try to steer them back inside. The player can either:

  1. Go to detention
  2. Run away | + Delinquency

Going to detention has the same result as if the player had just gone there in the first place, while running away will increase both Delinquency and Detention.

In order to leave without increasing the aforementioned stats, the player must take one of the alternate exits:

  • The rear playground’s fence to the industrial alleyways (damages lower clothing)
  • The rear playground’s secret tunnel to the Park (requires C in History)
  • The toilet’s secret tunnel to the drain system (requires B in History)

Blackmailing Leighton for no detention permanently renders detention as optional and allows the player to come and go regardless if they increased delinquency. For more information, see Blackmailing Leighton


  • Detention stat resets to 0 (unless the player refused to wash Leighton's car)
  • The feat "Leighton's Nightmare" if the player made them come while being spanked


  • If Sydney’s love is high enough for the player to invite them somewhere after school, they will decline if the player has detention, even if they have high love/are dating the player/are corrupt. Similarly, if the player chats/flirts near closing time, they’ll leave on their own instead of inviting the player to the Temple with them. “The headmaster/headmistress said you're not allowed to leave the premises until you serve your detention at the end of the day. Sorry." (They will accept the player’s invitations again if Leighton is blackmailed, though.)
    • Oddly enough, they’ll still invite the player to walk to Sirris’ adult shop on Fridays. They don’t mention the player’s detention though, so this is likely either a bug or an oversight.