Difficulty Settings

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Degrees of Lewdity offers a few Difficulty Modes to enhance the players' experience.

Note that these are always experimental and may be changed in the future.

Difficulty settings as seen in the game

Normal Mode

Normal Mode is the standard difficulty mode.

Stats will increase and decay at the standard rate.

Soft Mode

This mode turns all non-consensual encounters into consensual. As a result it makes the game much easier, since nearly every negative effect from encounters is removed.

The pain stat never increases and cannot be cheated to increase in the cheat menu, and it doesn't even appear in the sidebar. See the image below for what Current Condition looks like in Soft Mode.

Your stats in soft mode

As it is consensual, all encounters work like they would during consensual ones on other Difficulty modes. When an encounter starts the player can simply say they want to stop and the attacker will always stops at the player's demand. Defiant Acts and pain inflicted upon the player is non-existent here, and only acts such as Submissive, Neutral and Bratty are present.

However, asking people to stop is is considered a 'Defiant' act in this Mode and they recoil in pain away from the player.

The player cannot earn feats while this mode is active.

Hard Mode

Hard Mode is the very opposite of Soft Mode. Lewd stats do not decay at all, making trauma and control much more difficult to manage. It is not recommended for new players to play this mode.

This mode can only be selected at the start of a new game and cannot be cheated into at a later date, if the player ends up in the Asylum the game will automatically go back to normal mode and can not be switched back, forcing the player to reload a save or restart the game if they wish to continue playing in hard mode. Consider it a "single life" game mode.

Ironman Mode

Ironman Mode is technically not a difficulty but an extra setting, and can be selected along with any of the difficulties above.

In Ironman Mode, saving the game will bring the player back to the main menu, and loading that save will delete it. The game will also not autosave whenever the player sleeps anymore, and instead create an autosave every 4-8 days in-game. This makes it nearly impossible for the player to load a previous save to avoid negative consequences.

Save file with Ironman difficulty activated.

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