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(DISCLAIMER: This page will contain spoilers! Reader discretion is advised.)

As the player can improve or advance their relationship with select NPCs, so too can they fall out of favour with them. In certain cases, if an NPC reaches their breaking point, the player may dismiss them, drastically diminishing their presence in the world - if not removing them entirely.


The dismissal function offers a way for the player to more or less remove certain NPCs from their current game. Getting the option to dismiss an NPC isn't always easy and generally involves raising one of their negative stats - such as Kylar's Jealousy - to an extremely high level. For more information on triggering each dismissal event, see Prerequisites and each NPC's specific page below.

Currently, only potential Love Interests are able to be dismissed, though that doesn't necessarily mean the player has to reach the point where they are considered a Love Interest to dismiss them. The NPCs that are currently eligible for dismissal are:

Disclaimer: Dismissed NPCs will have their events removed from the town completely. However, the player has a chance to reverse this by rescuing them from their place of dismissal.


In order to access an NPC's unique dismissal event, the player must have:

  • a) already encountered them
  • b) sabotage their relationship with the player

Achieving the latter will vary depending on the NPC in question. Increasing (or decreasing) one of the NPC's given stats will eventually lead down the path to dismissal, though the stat in question various depending on the NPC.

The requirements for each dismissal candidate are as follows.

  • Whitney: Reduce their Dominance to 0.
  • Kylar: Raise their Jealousy to 95% or higher. Their status should read: "Kylar is hysterical."
  • Avery: Raise their Rage to 95% or higher. Their status should read: "Avery has given up on you."

Warning: While Avery and Kylar's events can be triggered at any point in their relationship provided the requirements are met, Whitney's will not be accessible once their love is high enough to be considered a possible Love Interest. Currently, this is the only way to get locked out of a dismissal route.


The dismissal system allows players to effectively eliminate "undesirable" NPCs from the game's overworld. Doing this will subsequently remove any further interactions with them in the town. The player would otherwise not be able to encounter them in the town at all. NPCs will be aware of their disappearance, with an example including one of Whitney's friends putting up a missing person poster of Whitney.

However, their story continues, even if they are dismissed. They will make further appearances in the game's underworld, in places such as the prison. If the player wishes to see them in the town once again, they must be rescued from their place of dismissal first!

Kylar in Prison

If Kylar gets imprisoned via the Dismissing Kylar quest, the player can meet them inside the prison. Kylar reappears again in an attendance at 6:00 after the player slept in prison overnight. They'll appear as a newcomer that the veteran guard has escorted. The player will immediately recognize this as Kylar, and Kylar will recognize them back with bewilderment. The player will be given a choice to:

  • Apologise | - - - Jealousy | - Respect
  • Be polite | - - Jealousy
  • Dismiss | + + + Jealousy | + Respect

If the player chooses to apologize to Kylar, they'll drop to their knees and bow their heads to the player and the other prisoners will give them both funny looks as Kylar said that the whole incident that happened in their dismissal event was a mistake and that it has gotten to their head over and over, and that Kylar will look after them in prison as they hold on to the player.

If the player chooses to be polite, the player will say:

  • Defiant: "Thank fuck I'm not alone in here," you say.
  • Neutral: "I'm glad to see you," you say. "It's good to have someone familiar around."
  • Submissive: "I-It's good to see a familiar face," you say.

Kylar will nod in enthusiasm and say that they'll look after the player in prison.

If the player dismisses Kylar, they'll say:

  • Defiant: "You're the last thing I need," you say, walking by. "Stay the fuck away from me."
  • Neutral: "I don't need you," you say, walking by. "Please leave me alone."
  • Submissive: "Pl-please stay away from me," you say, walking by. "I don't need you."

Kylar won't respond after this but instead would disappear out of the blue.

Kylar's Prison Aid

As mentioned by Kylar, they will try to look after the player in different kinds of ways, allowing them to aid the player during their escapeades in the prison.

One: Passive protection from "Attention Events". If the player is unprotected when the veteran guard accosts them, and Kylar is in prison, they can call for Kylar for help to deal with the veteran guard. Kylar will try and tranquilize the veteran guard and unfortunately gets caught by them before the tranquilizers start to kick in.

After this, Kylar won't be available for awhile as they are in isolation and will reappear after sometime. This can serve as a safer alternative from the scarred inmate or confronting the guard directly, at the cost of robbing the player of interactions with Kylar that day.

Two: As an additional way of gaining shark's teeth. If the player interacts with Kylar on their free time at 19:00, Kylar will give them shark's teeth in return, decreasing their lust.


To dismiss an NPC, the player must go out of their way to deliberately provoke them, typically by refusing their requests.

As a warning, if the player plans on dismissing a certain NPC by raising their negative stats, the NPC in question will pose a much greater threat to the player's wellbeing. Specifically, Avery and Kylar will actively seek out the player at high Rage and Jealousy respectively, badgering them for affection - and they won't take no for an answer. On the plus side, their Rage/Jealousy will increase much faster once the player has sufficiently drawn their ire, as the player will be given more opportunities to defy them.

Each NPC's dismissal event is unique to them; so are the conditions in which the event is triggered. For more information, refer to the individual pages for each dismissal quest.

The Great Escape

When the player comes up with the decision to escape their soft bad-end situation, they can also help the dismissed NPC escape as well. Succeeding with this will award the player with the return of all of their events in the town once more, as well as other interactions that was made inaccessible after the dismissal sequence.

This section will cover what the player needs to do to help the NPC escape dismissal. Currently only Kylar can be rescued.

Escaping with Kylar

To escape the prison with Kylar, the player must complete their tasks of acquiring names for Wren and the player can choose to bring Kylar along with them. The player will invite Kylar to come with them to leave prison. They'll agree and start to pack a rucksack to take with them.

When the player brings Kylar, Wren will recognize them but gets cut off by Kylar as they're climbing aboard. Kylar will cling to the player's arm and the player can choose to kiss (+ + + Love) or hug (+ + Love) Kylar, or to stay still. Regardless, Wren will be able to steer around just fine and go pass the mist. The player and Kylar will be back at the docks while Wren will go back to the water. After landing at the docks, Kylar will thank the player and make excuses to leave. The player can ask if they'll be okay with the police or just nod. If the player asks, Kylar will tell them that they'll be fine, and the police just surprised them the last time, before leaving.


  • NPCs will not make any further meaningful appearances after their dismissal, nor will the player will be able to interact with them. However, the ability to rescue certain dismissed NPCs has cropped up as a possibility. Quote from Vrelnir:
    • "Whitney could be rescued from the dungeon, and Kylar from the prison, should they end up there. They would be pretty involved routes to add, but I'm considering them."
  • Once dismissed, NPCs previously would not return, rendering any content/further appearances with them inaccessible for the affected save file - the player will be unable to encounter them at all - the exception being Whitney, who will make one brief appearance post-dismissal, in which the player cannot interact with them.
    • This was changed in Version 0.3.4 to account for Kylar being rescuable from the prison once dismissed.

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