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Avery the Businessperson

Dismissing Avery is one of three unlockable dismissal events in Degrees of Lewdity.


As a consequence of the player's actions, Avery has become overtaken with rage and has decided to distance themselves from the player. The outcome of this quest determines whether their precarious relationship is mended or broken beyond repair.


This quest will not initiate until Avery's Rage stat has gotten incredibly high (>95). Avery's Rage increases from being repeatedly turned down by the player; see their page for more detailed information.


Once Avery is sufficiently enraged, their social tab will display: "Avery has given up on you." The event will then occur on the following Saturday, in place of the usual date with Avery.

Two-Timing Avery

When walking the streets on Saturday, the player may find Avery driving around town, as usual. The player will be looking around warily until they see Avery's car, at which point they are given the option to hide in an alleyway or stay put. Both options have the same result: Avery drives by the player without a second glance. They have a passenger with them - a boy or girl - and the player will note that they're driving towards Harvest Street.

If the player ignores Avery, then the event will repeat next week, indefinitely. Otherwise, the player may pursue the pair to Harvest Street, where they'll find Avery's car parked outside the Pub. The player continues to stalk Avery and their date into the pub. They immediately spot the two of them. At this point, the player recognizes Avery's date from the orphanage.

The player continues to watch as Avery begins groping the orphan, who tenses in response and excuses themselves to the restroom. The player may now either follow the orphan or confront Avery.

To the Restrooms

The player follows the orphan into the restroom, finding them in front of the sink. They recognize the player and greet them kindly. The player is then given three options:

  • Encourage date | + Trauma | + Stress | + Hope
  • Warn about Avery | - - Trauma | - - Stress | - Hope
  • Threaten | + Stress | - Rebelliousness


  • Defiant: "You're behind on Bailey's payments, right?" you ask. "I bet that man/woman pays well. Really well."
  • Neutral: "Who's the cutie with you?" you lie, "Seems like quite the catch! I'm jealous."
  • Submissive: "Are you nervous about your date outside?" you ask. "Don't be. I think you two will look good together."

The player's support inspires newfound confidence in the orphan, who returns to their date with a spring in their step. The player watches the two for a moment, noting that they look happy, hoping that Avery will treat the orphan better than they'd been treated. For the aftermath, see Moving On below for more details.


  • Defiant: "There are easier targets out there than Avery," you say. "That rich sleaze? Not worth it."
  • Neutral: "Be careful," you say, "Avery's not as charming as he/she looks."
  • Submissive: "Avery is dangerous," you plead. "Please don't continue this. He/She will hurt you."

The player proceeds to tell them that Avery is not to be trusted, going into detail about their dates and the consequences for refusing Avery's advances, even showing off bruises given to them by a furious Avery. The orphan is shocked and disheartened, and asks the player what they should do. The player offers to distract Avery whilst the orphan leaves the pub. The orphan agrees, then departs.

Returning to the bar, the player walks up to Avery, telling them how they've spoiled their date:

  • Defiant: "He/She's not coming back," you proudly announce. "I hate being a snitch, but your ugly face deserves it."
  • Neutral: "He/She's not coming back," you announce. "I warned him/her about your little rage issues."
  • Submissive: "I warned him/her about you," you say. "You won't hurt any more people."

The player then attempts to retreat but is thrown to the ground by Avery (+ + Trauma | + Pain). This initiates a non-consensual encounter. There are several ways to end the encounter, but they all result in the same outcome. See Moving On below.


  • Defiant: You walk up to the orphan and order, "Avery is mine. Stay away from him/her!"
  • Neutral: "I wouldn't continue this date of yours," you say. "if you know what's best for you."
  • Submissive: "You should stop talking to the man/woman outside," you say with determination. "I insist."

The perturbed orphan quickly scurries out of the pub, leaving the player to deal with Avery on their own. The event then proceeds as if the player had gone straight to Avery earlier - see Confronting Avery below.

Confronting Avery

The player slides into the orphan's abandoned seat. Avery regards them with contempt but otherwise doesn't react. The player suspects they'd be acting different if the two of them were alone.

  • Defiant: "How could you?" you spit in anger. "How dare you see another boy/girl behind my back?"
  • Neutral: "I know we aren't exactly exclusive," you try for a joke, "But surely I'm enough of a handful for you?"
  • Submissive: The two of you sit in silence for a while. You have no idea how to proceed, now that he/she's right next to you.

"I thought this was what you wanted," Avery responds, "For me to leave you alone." Avery grips their glass of wine tightly but maintains a professional air. The player is given three options.

  • Apologise
  • Break-up with Avery
  • Throw the drink in Avery's face (- - Trauma | - - Stress)


  • Defiant: "Come on, give me a second chance?" you say.
  • Neutral: "Maybe we can try and talk it out. I still want to fix this," you say.
  • Submissive: "I'm sorry for being bad," you apologise, looking down at the floor shamefully. "Really, I... I didn't mean for this to happen..."

Despite the player's apology, Avery refuses to forgive them, stating, "I had given you plenty of chances to fix your behaviour, and yet you never did. Why should I stay with an insolent boy/girl like you?" The conversation loops back to the previous options, except this time the Apologise choice is now replaced with Get on your knees and beg. (+ Trauma | + Stress | + + Love | - - - Rage)

Choosing the latter option will lead the player to make a scene in the pub, attracting the attention of the bar's patrons as they desperately attempt to appeal to Avery. The success of this option depends on Avery's Love stat prior to starting the event. If their Love is at 30% or lower, the player's appeal will fail, and Avery will leave the pub without another word, increasing Stress and removing them as a potential love interest.

"You stay kneeling, hoping that that he/she will return, hoping that you haven't seen the last of him/her. The bartender eventually comes over and asks you to leave."

With higher love, however, Avery will be pleased with the player's repentance. "How can I refuse such a devoted gesture?" he/she says, "But you're embarrassing yourself. There are better ways to show how sorry you are. Come with me." Avery takes the player by the hand, leading them into the back seat of their car and initiating a consensual encounter. Avery starts with max suspicion, making it difficult to do anything short of passively accepting their advances. Asking them to stop will be Impossible.

If the encounter becomes non-consensual and the player manages to fend off Avery, they'll angrily kick the player out of their car and drive away. This will result in Avery moving on. Otherwise, Avery will forgive the player, holding them close while they cum.

  • Defiant: "I missed this. I really did," you grudgingly admit.
  • Neutral: "I wish we had never fought," you finally say.
  • Submissive: "I will never make you angry again," you promise.

Avery drives the player back to the orphanage and waves goodbye, and the player anticipates their next date. The message "He/She's forgiven you, for now. It'd be best to not make him/her angry again." appears; however, this appears to be simple flavor text, as the dismissal event will repeat without any change should Avery's Rage peak again. After being forgiven, the player's relationship with Avery will resume from where it left off.

Break Up

  • Defiant: "Finally!" you reply. "You're someone else's problem now. See you never!"
  • Neutral: "Good," you reply. "I'm glad that you can take the hint."
  • Submissive: "Okay," you say. "It's for the best. I hope you treat him/her better than you treated me. Goodbye."

The player willingly breaks things off with Avery, granting a massive decrease to Stress and Trauma. Avery allows them to leave without a fight, and the player remarks that they'll likely never see Avery again.

Throw Drink

The player wordlessly throws the orphan's abandoned beverage in Avery's face, satisfied despite knowing that provoking Avery is a bad idea. This leads to the same encounter as if the player had warned the orphan about Avery; as with that encounter, all outcomes of the fight will result in Avery breaking up with the player.

Moving On

If the quest concludes with any outcome but a successful apology, the player will receive the prompt "Avery has moved on." The same message will also appear under Avery's social tab. As a result, Avery will effectively disappear from the player's current game. They'll no longer seek out the player in the streets on Saturdays, nor will they make an appearance at the Ocean Breeze Cafe's re-opening.

If the player spoke with the orphan in the restrooms and didn't threaten them, they may be encountered on Domus Street on Avery's usual date night.

  • If the player encouraged their date, they'll see the orphan standing outside the orphanage, clad in a suit or gown. A familiar car pulls up. The orphan gives Avery a kiss, and the new couple departs for their date.
  • If the player warned the orphan, they'll bump into each other. The orphan mentions that, had the player not informed them of Avery's true self, they would've been on a date then. They give the player their thanks and a hug before they leave. | -Stress


  • Losing the ability to interact with Avery for the rest of the playthrough, essentially removing them from the game.
  • Losing the option to choose Avery as a potential love interest.
  • Depending on the player's choices, possible increases/decreases to Stress, Trauma, or Orphanage Hope/Rebelliousness. It may also affect Avery's Love/Rage values, although they will no longer be relevant.

It's worth noting that, unlike the other existing dismissals, Avery can be brought back into the game via cheats. Manually lowering their Rage stat below the dismissal prerequisite will return their behavior to normal, as if the dismissal sequence never occurred. The player will need to repeat the dismissal sequence if they wish to dismiss Avery again.

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