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Kylar the Loner
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Dismissing Kylar, otherwise known as the Kylar dismissal event, is an unlockable quest within Degrees of Lewdity. It is one of three dismissal events in the game.

As other personal quests, the outcome of this quest is determinant on player choice.


As a consequence of the player's actions, Kylar has something in store for them. What they have planned is not pretty.


Maxing out Kylar's Jealousy stat is necessary to unlock this quest. This is done by denying their advances, spending lunch breaks with either Robin or Sydney, or having high sexual fame (leading to Kylar discovering what they dub "doctored photos" of the player's lewd antics), among other things. The player's social tab needs to indicate that "Kylar is hysterical".


Kylar's behaviour will not be very different from their usual self when Jealousy maxes out. However, Kylar will have a rather sinister plan for the player should they faint anywhere in town from high stress or whenever the player chooses to have lunch with Kylar.

Forced Marriage

If the player loses consciousness in town or eats lunch with a hysterical Kylar, they will wake up to find themselves abducted by Kylar. Kylar would have either taken the player's unconscious self on the street, or drugged their lunch at the school.

After either scenario, the player awakens in a basement room, bound to a chair and unable to move. After a while, Kylar enters the room while carrying a large object hidden by a white sheet. Seeing the player awake, Kylar (now with even messier hair and crazy eyes) gets excited and says that "everything is ready". Players are then given the option to plead, get angry or remain silent. Pleading or getting angry results in Kylar pulling out a knife, saying they were only grouchy from being apart for so long and proceeding to tape the players mouth. However, they still continue talking to the player and pull out a laptop. On it, they have recordings of the player's voice, "each word [having] a different tone, recorded in different places and stitched together." With those cuts, they pretend to hold a conversation with the player, having "them" say that they are feeling better and that they love Kylar. Remaining silent will not have Kylar pull out the computer and talk to it, but will still talk to the player as if they were having an exchange, which is not the case.

Afterwards, they reveal that the large object is, in fact, a giant wedding cake. After informing the player that the vicar will soon be here, they ask if it is alright to get a "head start" on their "honeymoon." Here, the player can only remain silent.

If the player had previously chosen to stay silent (thus not getting taped), the scene skips to the cake reveal and now the player can choose to plead, get angry or stay silent again. However, pleading or getting angry now only repeats the previous mouth taping scene.

In any case, using the laptop, a delusional Kylar makes the player say that they will ride them all night. Kylar laughs, saying they're powerless, that the player is "s-so assertive" and can do with them whatever they like. They lean in and kiss the player's neck, saying they're "all mine."

This then results in a non-consensual encounter with Kylar. If fought off, they will stagger back and say that the player is very kinky, asking not to be so rough next time. The player is still unable to escape, however. Making Kylar orgasm will result in them moaning and falling limp on the player, before gently rubbing their noses together and telling them that they will be "doing this every day".

No matter the outcome, Kylar, still naked, will walk across the room to grab a fire axe from the wall and telling the player that once they are their husband/wife, they will protect them and crack open "every whore who's ever looked at" the player. Here, if the player has previously remained silent, they will again have the option to plead, get angry or stay silent (otherwise they can only stay silent). Again, pleading or getting angry will get them taped.

Later, an apparently drunk person in a vicar's robe enters the cellar, telling them to make it quick before proceeding to read marriage rites. If the player has stayed silent until now, they have the option to remain silent or protest. Silence leads to the "vicar" asking the player, if they wish to marry Kylar (who then aggressively pokes them with the axe). Protesting will have Kylar ask the player to please not make a fuss. The vicar, thinking this is some sort of fetish play, merely shrugs and says he doesn't really mind the player's predicament, however he can't proceed if they "aren't into it." He then tries to leave, but Kylar throws the axe into the staircase behind him and demands to proceed with the ceremony.

No matter the choice, there are loud noises and the police crash into the room, accompanied by another person calling Kylar the cake thief. Clutching the axe, the police tell them to drop the toy and that they recognise them. Kylar had already been arrested for breaking into a chemical plant and similar crimes that have been committed and that the police know that they will "find plenty of dirt once we get leave to snoop around [their] home." Crying, Kylar drops the weapon.

Now, the player has the chance to either:

  • Save Kylar (Crime)
  • Remain silent.

Saving Kylar

Upon choosing to save Kylar, the player will claim that they stole the cake and although the accuser seems unconvinced, they tell the police to arrest the player instead, leading to a huge loss of Suspicion from Kylar while they weep even harder as the player is being led away. From here, a regular arresting scene will proceed, as if the player had been arrested by the police in a normal manner, including the options of serving their time, bribing the officers, or offering their body for freedom.

If saved, this event can be repeated as long as the player keeps max Jealousy with Kylar and refuses to let them get taken away. The event will play out in the same way, however, giving the player the chance to have Kylar removed at a later point in time, if they so wish.

Staying Silent

Choosing to stay silent instead will watch as the police arrest Kylar, leading them away to imprisonment. The player is untied and let go, while they find out they were being held in the school's basement. Upon being sat in the police car, Kylar waves at the player one final time as they drive away.

From this point onwards, Kylar and any other event involving them can no longer be triggered by the player, essentially removing them from the game entirely.


  • Losing the ability to interact with Kylar for the rest of the playthrough, essentially removing them from the game.
  • Losing the option to choose Kylar as a potential love interest.
  • If saving Kylar was the chosen option, this will cause a massive reduction to Kylar's total Jealousy stat.


  • It should be noted that this quest does not invoke a character behavioural change to Kylar, regardless of the player's choices. Their attitude and obsession towards the player will remain akin to what it was like before the player's rescue.
  • While it was previously assumed that Kylar is sent to Prison for their crimes, the prison itself did not make an appearance until Version 0.3.4, when it is at last introduced.
  • Version 0.3.4 also introduced a way of escape of the prison taking Kylar together with the player, which makes them the first love interest who can be reintroduced in the game after being previously dismissed.

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