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Whitney the Bully
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Dismissing Whitney, otherwise known as the Whitney dismissal event, is an unlockable quest within Degrees of Lewdity. It is one of three dismissal events in the game.

As with other personal quests, the outcome of this quest is determinant on player choice.


As a consequence of the player's actions, Whitney has something in store for them. What they have planned is not pretty.


Unlocking this quest requires the player to have lowered Whitney's Dominance stat down to zero. This is done any time the player successfully manages to fight back against Whitney's sexual advances during combat. This may take some time. It is generally recommended to have pepper spray on hand if the PC does choose to go down this path.

Warning: Unlike most quests in the game, this quest can become permanently unavailable to the player. If Whitney's Love becomes high enough for them to be considered a possible love interest, the player will be unable to dismiss them. As such, keeping Whitney's Love from getting too high is a must for players who intend to dismiss them.


This event is fairly straight-forward once triggered.

Sweet Revenge

Upon reducing Whitney's Dominance stat down to zero, there is a chance that if the player passes out somewhere in the midst of the town, they will awaken to Whitney towering over them. The player notices that their arms are bound, and that they lay in an unfamiliar alleyway.

Whitney will state how their friends "don't respect them anymore" because of the player, more specifically how they have been waiting until the player passed out to get their revenge. As Whitney tells this to the player, a van stops at the end of the alleyway. They drag the player back up to their feet, before firmly stating to the player that they are going to "disappear", even stating they may potentially make money from it.

When the planned kidnappers step out of the van and towards the player and Whitney, with Whitney mentioning that they have kept their word, bringing the kidnappers "one slut" as promised. Unfortunately, Whitney's plan of selling the player does not go as planned. It seems that they are in fact more interested in Whitney, instead of the player - claiming that Whitney is "just the boss' type." At this point, Whitney demands the kidnappers to release them, trying their best to get them to take the player instead, but to no avail.

"Your days of making decisions are over."

The pair will start to drag Whitney towards the van as they struggle and scream in protest. They also begin to sob. The player will then be given two options:

  • Intervene
  • Stay out of it


Choosing to intervene will cause the player to scramble up to their feet again, charging at one of the kidnappers. Despite their bound arms, this will prove to be successful as the player catches them off-guard as they charge into them, causing them to be knocked to the ground. Whitney struggles free out of the kidnapper's grasp. With an opportunity to escape open, the two make their escape from the alleyway.

Upon reaching safety, Whitney will pant through their sobbing and stare at the player with a conflicted expression on their face before running away.

After saving them, if the player encounters Whitney in the park on a rainy/snowy day and asks them what's wrong, they'll receive a unique scene in which a distressed, shell-shocked Whitney demands to know why the player bothered saving them after everything they'd done, arguing that any sane person would've simply left them to their fate. They'll tell the player, "You don't make any fucking sense," and the player will receive a substantial boost to Whitney's Love.

Note that saving Whitney will grant a small amount of kindness fame.

Staying Out of It

Choosing to stay out of it will have the player watch as the kidnappers shove a crying Whitney into their van before driving away.

From this point onwards, Whitney and any other event involving them can no longer be triggered by the player, essentially removing them from the game entirely.

As days pass, the player may spot one of Whitney's friends putting up missing posters for them. When they spot the player, they avoid eye contact - believing the player to be at fault as they were seen last with Whitney. How this looks in-game is shown in the image below.

Underground Brothel

It turns out that the location the kidnappers (and by extension, Whitney) had planned to take their victim is the Underground Brothel. The player can discover this for themselves when they manage to find themselves trapped there. This is the fourth and final punishment from Bailey should the player either refuse to pay or be unable to.

As such, Whitney will make a brief cameo there. They make a brief cameo if the player successfully manages to open the cell door - requiring an S rank in Skulduggery. When the player makes their escape from the dangerous area, on their way out they spot Whitney on the theatre stage as one of the performers being, as the game describes, "brutally fucked" while a crowd watches.


  • Losing the ability to interact with Whitney for the rest of the playthrough, essentially removing them from the game.
  • Losing the option to choose Whitney as a potential love interest.


  • It should be noted that this quest does not invoke a character behavioural change to Whitney, regardless of the player's choices. Their attitude towards the player will remain akin to what it was like before the player's rescue.

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