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The Mer Street Docks is one of several locations in Degrees of Lewdity. It is a location where the player can find work, as well as find potential loot via means of Skulduggery.

How to Enter

The docks are accessible from the Beach and Mer Street.

First Steps

The player may visit the docks on Mer street. When they enter the docks, provided they do so before 7PM, they may ask for work. A dock worker will then tell them that they are allowed to work starting at 7AM and ending 12 hours later on weekends and school breaks.


The docks can be visited anytime before 7PM to ask for work, however, the player will only be able to work on weekends (as they are still in school) or during school breaks. If the player show the dock manager a Fake ID during 7-8AM, they will be allowed to work during school days.

It also plays a key role in Robin's Quest, where the player can search for them here, and eventually rescue them.

The player can break into it at night, and steal from the containers a range of valuable items that you can sell to the Black Market. They also have a small chance to find and unlock the Catsuit. Further details can be found in Docks Infiltration.


Similarly to the Old Sewers, the Docks - when infiltrating at night - can be difficult to navigate. Tread carefully to avoid danger.

Map of the Docks at night

Getting Started

Once the player inquires on a job, they will learn the details:

  • Unlike other jobs in the game, the player's shift will be grueling labour - lasting 12 hours at £10 an hour, starting between 7 and 8AM (coming later will make the player unable to work for that day). Shifts will not end upon each action, instead progressing by each hour as time goes on. Furthermore, the player will only receive payment at the end of said shift, leaving even one hour early means the player will have worked for free/nothing.
    • On top of that, since the work requires hard manual labour, it gives the player a good workout at the cost of fatigue. Keep in mind that maxing out fatigue means the player then begins taking + Stress, making it very easy for a player who isn't paying attention to end up passing out during work. While working, the player can also raise their Status among the other dock hands and at a high status, they can go bar-hopping with them.
  • The player's wage starts out at £10 per hour. This can be increased by asking for a Raise before going to work, increasing the player's hourly wage by £1 each time at the cost of 40 status (- - Trauma, - - Stress). The wage caps out at £20 per hour. This means the player can make a maximum of £240 per day. A weak source of money if the player has literally nothing else, but the long time period needed to build up to such a mediocre amount of money and the time commitment per day to maintain it means the player is often better looking for other sources of revenue.

While working on the docks, the player can always choose to either work hard (+ Fatigue), leave, or slack off (- Status). At Promiscuity 5 or higher, they can even strip and work naked (+ Status). Leaving is not advised unless the player is on the verge of passing out from Stress since it means that they will not be paid at all for the hours of work they already put in.


Unique to the Docks is the Docks Status which can be checked in the Social tab. This affects how the docks workers view the player and the player's work ethnic. The Status reads as such:

  • 0-9 Status: The other workers view you with contempt.
  • 10-29 Status: The other workers view you with suspicion.
  • 30-79 Status: The other workers tolerate you.
  • 80-99 Status: The other workers accept you.
  • 100 Status: The other workers respect you.

The player starts off with 10 Status and has to work to increase it. Or they can choose not to, but there isn't any benefit to having low dock status while there are a few to having high dock status.

When the player reaches 80 Status, they are able to both ask for a raise and be invited to a pub crawl with their coworkers. As warned above, asking for a raise makes the other dockworkers jealous, lowering the player's dock status by 40. The player then has to raise their status back up to ask for another raise or be invited to the pub crawl once again.


Dockworker Events

A multitude of things can happen while the player is at work, making the day a bit less monotonous with each action.

Dock Slave

(Note: This is a one-time event! After choosing to do anything but ignore this event, it will be replaced with the Torn Packaging event. The player also needs to have at least £120 on them in order to see this event, otherwise they'll once again get the Torn Packaging event. Also note that the event is rare, with the player first having to get an RNG roll of 91 or higher and then getting another RNG roll of 81 or more, so if the player does not get it again for a small while after passing it up, this is not terribly surprising.)

The player is tasked with inspecting contents of containers lifted from the deck. They hear muffled crying from one of them, but when they attempt to use their keycode, it doesn't work. They are warned by a coworker that, due to the initials printed on the door, they don't touch that container. If the player has at least a C in Skulduggery, they can break in anyway or they can choose to ignore it. Be advised that breaking into the container ends the player's work day. If the player really needs the money, it isn't advised to continue this event.

Breaking into the container has the player pick the lock while their coworker loudly states they will not be assisting since they need their job. Inside, the player finds a bound and gagged person with bruising around their eye hidden behind sacks of potatoes (+ Stress). The player can attempt to get help or comfort and untie the victim themselves. Getting help is useless as the closest person is the coworker who has already stayed they will refuse to assist, so the player will have to go back and untie the slave themselves. As the player lifts them to their feet, they'll notice both the victim is wearing a warn school uniform and that they are very thin. The player will then leave, stopping to clothe themselves if they were working naked, security doing nothing to stop them. The player then has the choice of going straight to the train station (1:00) or getting the victim some food first (£20, 1:00, +1 Kindness fame).

Choosing to feed the victim has the player bring them to the café, the player ordering a burger for the victim and themselves. The player attempts to ask basic questions, but become unsure if the victim speaks English. The victim then eats the player's burger after giving it a longing look and the player surrenders it.

The player takes the victim to a train station on Harvest Street. The victim points at a particular town and the player notices that it matches the name beneath their uniform's logo. Assuming this to be the victim's home, they buy the victim a ticket there (£100). The player then has the option to give the victim £100, £300, £1000, or nothing.

  • Giving nothing still results in +5 Kindness fame
  • £100 gives the player +10 Kindness fame
  • £300 results in +30 Kindness fame
  • £1000 is +50 Kindness fame

Either way, the victim is grateful, giving the player a hug and departing.

At 51 potential points, this the single greatest source of Kindness fame currently in the game. It is not repeatable, however, so the player only has one opportunity to take advantage of this fact. It's advised to have at least £1120 to spare before attempting this event. The player should also be aware that, despite the break in saying things will only take an hour, it is possible to take 2 hours if they go to the café first. If the player is worried about the time, they should manage it accordingly.

Torn Packaging

(Much like the Dock Slave event above, this event is rare. The player first has to get an RNG roll of 91 or higher and then get another RNG roll of 81 or more).

The player is tasked with inspecting the contents of container lifted from the deck. Many of them have goods ordered by private citizens and one of them is torn, showing something shiny inside. The player can then steal the contents (£60 in stolen goods, +60 Crime) and mark the watch down as missing or choose not to steal and mark the package down as damage.

If the player fails the second RNG roll needed to get this event, then they will merely find a lot of machinery. They don't understand what it's for, but it's tagged properly so the player moves on.

Vessel Request

A vessel requests help making it to the dock. The player and 2 other people are tasked with helping out and board a small boat to meet the vessel. The player then immediately makes an allure roll. Failing has one of the dockworkers cut the engine and then branish a length of rope. They demand to have some fun with the player. The player can nod and accept their fate, fight, or purposefully capsize the boat.

  • Nodding throws the player into a nonconsensual 2 person molestation event where the player has their arms bound. Fighting back at this point is possible, but potentially difficult depending on the player's stats. Especially given the player can't Scream for help. If the player isn't certain of themselves, it may be best to merely attempt to end things without being penetrated rather than fight back.
  • Fighting has the player enter a nonconsensual 2 person event with the enemy already angry and having lowered trust. On the flip side, the player can fight back with everything they have, including pepper spray, making this fight a lot more bearable than nodding. Just keep in mind the player is unable to Scream for help since they're in the middle of the ocean.
  • Purposefully capsizing the boat ends the event, throwing everyone on the boat into the water. If the player is wearing clothes, they will all be soaked and the player will lose 1 Dock Status since most of their coworkers will believe it was an accident, but a few will believe the potential molestors when they say the player did it on purpose.

If choosing not to capsize the boat the player will finish the task, either with their molestors (if the player made them cum) or by themselves (if the player fought them off). If the player was naked, either prior to the assault or because of it, they will be given a towel before they finish the event.

Tourist Vessel

A tourist vessel cuts across the docks, delaying other ships' launch. They don't respond to hails, so the player is sent in a small boat to deliver a message. If the player is exposed in any way when they do this, other passages will begin muttering about them and the captain will drop their glass when they see the player. Otherwise, they push their way through and find the captain flirting. The player can then return to the dock empty handed and indeed must in most cases. A player with Promiscuity 4 can seduce the captain to get them to change their course and a Defiant player can scare them into it instead.

  • Returning empty handed has the manager brush the failure off, saying tourists never listen anyway
  • Choosing to seduce the captain results in the player slipping under a table and unzipping the captain's pants. They then have a rank B difficulty seduction check. Success sees them in a consensual sex scene with the captain, their genitals already near the player's mouth. Making the captain cum makes them agree to change course, giving the player +3 Dock Status. Either failing the seduction check or fighting the captain or screaming after success causes the captain to refuse, basically making it the same as returning to the docks empty handed
  • Intimidating the tourists has the player state to the crowd at large that they're about to collide with another ship and need to change course or be prepared to swim to shore. The tourist vessel turns after the player leaves the ship, giving the player +3 Dock Status

Strange Uniforms

The player is tasked with unloading a lorry and notices another vehicle being unloaded nearby. The workers are wearing a strange uniform. The player is warned off of the strangers by a coworker, being told they handle their own shipments. The player can then sneak closer for a look or ignore it.

Sneaking closer has the player hide under a parked vehicle, but a crate quickly blocks their view. A crack in the crate lets a sweet, heady smell leak out (- Stress, + Aphrodisiacs). A player with at least Rank C Skulduggery will note that the contents of the crate must be valuable and make a mental note of its location. The player can then pick up aphrodisiacs if they return to the docks at night and pick them up.

Recording Cargo

The player must record cargo information into a computer. While working, they notice an inconsistency. The player can choose to examine it (+ Stress) or to ignore it. A player with at least Rank C Skulduggery also has the option to instead note the location of valuable goods.

  • Examining the inconsistency leads to a Maths skill check that can be as low as 1 and as high as 1000, so anyone can pass the check, but only a S in Maths assures success. Failing has them find nothing wrong, but success gives +1 Dock Status as they notice valuable cargo has disappeared between arrival and departure and was covered up. The player reports it to a manager.
  • Choosing to mark out valuables will instead have the player make a skulduggery check. A C+ is necessary to guarantee success. Succeeding sees the player make a mental note of what's inside and where. The container can hold a gold bar, something special (aphrodisiacs), electronics, fertiliser (if the player has Rank C in Tending), or specialist equipment (the catsuit). It's also possible for the player to find nothing in that location, which can be just as valuable to know. Failure has their supervisor slap them on the back. There's no sign the player was up to no good, but they realize they're going to be made fun of regardless (-1 Dock Status). Note, that if the player discovers the gold from this event and then breaks into the Docks later to take it, they'll earn the feat "Employee Benefits"

Cleaning the Pier

The player has to clean the pier. 60% of the time, that will be it and nothing will happen. The other 40% of the time, the player will notice a pink shape in the water in front of an approaching ship. The player can either examine it or ignore it. Examining it gives the player a History skill check. Any player can pass it but, like the Maths skill check above in Strange Uniforms, only a Rank S in History guarantees success. Succeeding has the player recognise the shape as part of a coral reef. They tell a manager who tells the captain of the ship in time to sheer clear of the reef (+1 Dock Status). Failure or ignoring the problem has the ship collide with the reef with a metallic tearing sound. The ship makes it to the dock, but workers have to assess it for damage.

Loading Crates

The player is told to move some crates so they can be loaded on to a vehicle. The supervisor says the player will need a forklift and goes to get it. A large body player with 6/6 Physique (and a half technically since the gauge must be half full) will instead lift all the crates to where they need to go by the time the supervisor returns (+1 Dock Status). Anyone else must wait for the forklift, but otherwise complete the task without issue.

Untying a Moored Ship

The player must untie a moored ship from the pier. They're in a hurry because another ship needs the space. The player will make it regardless, but a player that has their feet bound will suffer a bit for it (+ Fatigue). A player with any sort of bind after this event will have a coworker offer to unbind them.

Lubing Machinery

(Note: This event requires the player to have some kind of clothing on their lower body to activate. Being naked causes this event to never happen)

The player is tasked with lubricating machinery. A player with at least 30 Dock Status will have no problem completing the assignment. Anyone else will find themselves yanked upwards by a crane hook embedded in their lower clothing. A player with clothing that has less than 10 integrity left will find themselves suddenly free of said piece of clothing and caught from their fall by a coworker (+ Trauma, + Stress, + Arousal). They then run away to find something to cover themselves up with as their coworker ogle their nudity. They find a towel and use that.

A player with tough enough clothes will instead have it damaged and squirm free of the coworker who catches them. The player can walk away, which ends the encounter, or get angry with their coworkers for messing around instead of working (- Stress, +1 Dock Status). The dock workers try to justify it as people like the player not sticking around for long anyway.

Lifting Crates

The player has to lift crates from a moored ship and drop them off on the dock. It's a smaller load, but heavier.

  • A player with 15000 or more Physique (meaning they must have a large body at close to max Physique) will have no problem, going even while the other dock workers stop to rest (+1 Dock Status)
  • A player with 5000-14999 Physique will get the job done, keeping up with other dockworkers
  • A player with 4999 Physique or less or with bound arms causes them to be unable to keep up, making only one trip while the dockworkers take care of the rest. The player's coworkers look down on them for the slow work (-1 Dock Status). The dockworkers will offer to unbind the player if they have any kind of arm/leg bind on them afterwards, though.

Passing Out

Because it is fairly easy to max out Fatigue and end up taking on Stress because of it, the player can end up passing out due to overwork. The player then makes an allure check. Passing it means they'll be loaded onto an ambulance and taken to the Hospital, ending their work day.

Failing will find the player naked with their arms tied to a chair. There's a dart board resting on their knees and leaning against their chest, giving some cover for their nudity. They can't move an inch and the walls suggest they're inside a cargo container. They aren't alone, however. 3 people are in the crate, playing darts with the board on the player's body with the winner getting the right to violate the player. The player can insult them (+1 Defiance, - Trauma), plead with them (+1 Submissiveness, - Stress) or remain silent. Either way, the player will face a nonconsensual encounter where they can only use their legs and their mouth. Screaming won't work because of the thick walls of the crate the player finds themselves in, so they must either make their molestor cum or fight them off. Either way will result in the player making their escape, their arms still bound. The player can pick up their clothes if they went to work naked, but otherwise their work day is finished. It should be noted that working naked is almost guaranteed to make the player fail their allure check, so the player should be very careful to avoid passing out if they don't want to be molested.

Pub Crawl

After getting the other dockers to accept the player (80 Dock Status or higher), they will be invited to a Pub Crawl at the end of the work day (~7PM). If the player does not work until pay time, they will not be around to have this offer made. Each round will cost £5 and last 1 hour (+ Status, - Stress). At around 3AM, everyone goes home, although the player can leave at any time. If the player doesn't have to money to continue the pub crawl, they will be forced to leave. The dockworkers make a circuit between High Street, Harvest Street, Connudatus Street, Barb Street, and Mer Street, doing a round in each place (+ + Alcohol). If the player makes it all the way to 3AM, they'll earn +5 Dock Status.

During the pub crawl, several events can occur:

Pub Quiz

The player and their coworkers make their way to a pub on Mer Street. There's a Pub quiz going on in a few minutes and a nearby group of 6 sailors challenge the dockworkers to see who answers the most questions correctly. The player can either put in a £60 bet, bet their body (Promiscuity 3 required, +1 Dock Status), refuse to bet, or refuse to take part at all. If the player doesn't take part, the dockworkers will automatically lose. If the player bets their body, they must pass a Difficulty C Seduction check. Passing it allows the deal to go through and make the player's coworkers happy since they don't have to pony up any of their money while failing means the player either has to ante up the money or not bet anything at all.

If the player does choose to take part, the quiz will come from Science, Maths, English, History, or Lovemaking, each requiring a different stat in order to get right. The school subjects are self-explanatory and lovemaking tests the player's Promiscuity skill.. If player can then Let their Collegues answer, answer it themselves, or give the wrong answer on purpose.

  • Letting the dockworkers answer is a 50/50 chance of getting the question right. There is no way to change these odds, so this option should only be chosen if the player is unconfident in their ability to answer the question. If they get it right, the dockworkers earn 1 point (- Stress).
  • Answering the question themselves causes a skill check to occur. Anyone can succeed since the chances can be as low as 1, but guaranteed success requires a S Rank in school subjects and a maxed out 6/6 in Promiscuity. If the player gets it right, the dockworkers earn 1 point (- Stress).
  • The player purposefully answers wrong. This should really only be used if the player has bet their body and is interested in the results as the dockworkers will be unable to earn a single point as long as the player does this.

At the same time, the Sailors will also be answering questions. There is a 50/50 chance of them getting any given answer correct. There will be 5 questions and the team with the most correct answers win. Winning the quiz awards the feat "Pub Crawl Victors", - Stress, and, if the player bet money, £60. If the player bet their body, they have the option of either taking the winnings for themselves after reminding everyone their butt was on the line (£360, -1 Dock Status) or Split it up (£60, +1 Dock Status). A player who didn't bet earns no money.

It is also possible to end in a draw, in which cause no one earns any money and the player who bets merely gets their money back. Since there will always be an element of chance to this, it's entirely possible for the player to draw even if they answer every question perfectly.

A player who loses will lose the £60 they bet if they bet money (-1 Dock Status). A player who bet their body will see the sailors call the debt due. The player can refuse (-1 Dock Status) and there is an 80% chance of their coworkers forming a protection wall around the player and that being the end of that. In that remaining 20% chance, the sailors will refuse to take no for an answer and things will devolve into an all-out bar fight. The player can join in (+1 Defiance, - Stress, + Pain, +50 Crime, +1 Dock Status) the brawl until security separates everyone or attempt to calm everyone down (-1 Dock Status). Attempting to calm everyone down requires a Physique of 12000 (meaning the player must at least have a Normal body type to even have a chance) as they stand in the middle of everything, holding people back. Success or failure both results in the same, security gets involved and everyone is thrown out. If the player allows the debt for their body to go through, then they will be thrown into a 6-person consensual gangbang. Letting the sailors cum will give the player 30 Prostitution fame and the gratitute of their coworkers since they lost no money. Screaming to end the encounter causes the dockworkers to put the player to their feet and get out of the pub (-1 Dock Status). Fighting them off (which isn't really advised since it would be a 6-person nonconsensual encounter after the player starts fighting) results in a pub fight breaking out and the player and their coworkers slipping out in the chaos.


The player and the dockworkers end up in a pub on Harvest Street where they're immediately eyed up by some rough patrons. The player will then have an allure check. Success means they have their drinks with the dockworkers and leave without issue. Failure means a person sits beside the player and asks if they want to disappear together for a few minutes. The player must have at least Promiscuity 1 to accept. Accepting sees the player having a consensual encounter in the bathroom. Refusing makes the person attempt to force themselves on the player. A Defiant player will take care of things themselves (+1 Dock Status), but otherwise a coworker will see what's going on and break a bottle over the offender's head. The player and their coworkers are then kicked out of the pub.

Drinking Contest

The dockworkers end up in a pub on Barb Street. The player immediately has an allure check. Passing it allows everyone to have a few drinks and move on without issue. Failure has one of the dock workers question the player's ability to drink. The player can challenge this person to a drinking contest (+1 Dock Status) or remain silent (-1 Dock Status). Challenging the coworker will result in a set of 4 rounds. Giving in at any time except round 4 will result in the player losing (-1 Dock Status). As the player doesn't seem to be cut off at any point, there really isn't a reason to stop unless the player doesn't want to deal with the ~17 hours it would take to purge a maxed out alcohol gauge from their system.

Round 1 is simply scotch, the bartender wanting to start things off easy (+180 Alcohol)

Round 2 is Vodka, but stronger than the bartender thinks the player is used to (+180 Alcohol)

Round 3 is Absinthe, made locally and illegal up until recently (+120 Alcohol, +120 Hallucinogen)

The last round is simply described as a local special that isn't on the menu (+120 Alcohol, +120 Aphrodisiac, + + Arousal). Stopping the contest on this round will cause a draw as the opponent says they swore never to drink this particular drink again and push it away.

Making it all the way to the end has the player declared the winner (+1 Dock Status) and earns the "Under the Table" feat. If the last drink caused the player's arousal to max out, then they also have an orgasm. Otherwise, everyone leaves the pub without further incident.

Eye on the Prize

The player and crew go to a pub on Connudatus Street. A docker colleague may eye up another person at the pub and the player can encourage them or ignore it. Encouraging either ends with the docker having a pleasant chat with the person before getting a drink spilled in their face, or with them leaving with the other person, thankfully smiling at the player (+1 Dock Status). There's a 50/50 shot of either outcome happening and the player has no influence on that chance. Ignoring does nothing.


The posse arrives in a pub on High Street. The player immediately makes an allure check and if they pass, they are left alone. Otherwise, other patrons may try to flirt with the player. They can reciprocate by flirting back (Promiscuity 1 required, +1 Dock Status, £5) which gets themselves and their coworkers free drinks, tease (Exhibitionism 1 required, player must also have some type of skirt) to which the player gets stopped by another docker because they don't want to lose teeth protecting them from riled up patrons or ignore them altogether, which, has no consequences.

Night Infiltration

When visiting the Docks between 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM, the player may sneak in, provided their Skulduggery skill is at least C. For more information, see Docks Infiltration.


  • The player can unlock and acquire the Catsuit by breaking into the Docks at night, should the skullduggery skill be high enough and be lucky while searching through the containers populating the area.
  • The feats "Employee Benefits", "Pub Crawl Victors", and "Under the Table"


  • Prior to Version 0.2.21, the docks was inaccessible at night.
  • The dockworking job remains the only job in the game where the player has to work/remain there the entire time to be paid in full.


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